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  1. ThisOneLooksPromising says:

    Haven’t attempted to make a purchase as of yet, but this market looks promising. I would say give it 3 months and it will be booming.
    However I did see the usual wickerme bs, but I’ve come to expect that on any market now adays.
    If you know how to shop then you should be safe from scammers/cops getting address info and alt coins.

  2. kujui says:

    thank u bitbazaar first market that I can buy without account and thank u COMBI, loved this market and this vendor expect bitbazaar be the new empire or first one market

  3. NewBestMarket says:

    Best marketplace ever

  4. donalf says:

    Remain some vendors but I’m loving to trade there, will raise soon

  5. boobs4life says:

    Really good DNM for Weed uk2uk

  6. buterin says:

    best alternative to Apollon, 5 stars!!

  7. jimbob47 says:

    BETTER THAN APOLLON!!!, needs to be the top market listed really perhaps needs more vendors but have made several orders from Europe with no problems or delays 🙂

  8. dowi says:

    Shit I lost money in Apollon, expect it not happen with BitBazaar

  9. bhdt says:


  10. Landon says:

    I’m new to shopping on the deep web. Can I get some advice on safety/common red flags in these markets?

  11. Number1 says:

    First rule : any one who asks for help is a cop.

    • black says:

      no realy men im here bc im fucking try find a good $ market idk everywhere in this place is scam idk where to find a serius venderos i take a day just make make research

  12. Father says:

    Slick 5*****

  13. Sean says:

    Nothing happens when I click on register to try to open a ticket. My order status says expired but funds were sent from my wallet in time and they are definitely gone from my account. I tried to find the support on bit bazaar page to no avail. Thanks

  14. Dick ig says:

    Is this next best market

  15. Mike says:

    Have a question hoping someone can PLEASE answer asap!
    Ordered from a certain vendor and did so as a ‘guest’ [not a registered member] Above the box where address, is to be filled in, a caption reads that the “vendor’s PGP automatically” encrypts the address you enter during the process of making a purchase.
    I made a small purchase [$40] and once i filled out the purchase page [address and such] I was given an invoice that included an address for a BTC wallet that the money owed for purchase was to be deposited to. After transferring the amount necessary to that wallet, I was informed the transaction had been confirmed and the ESCROW had received the payment.
    Now my question/dilemma comes after i had re-read the Vendor’s ‘terms’. Keep in mind this is a Vendor that’s [or was if the market mentioned was shut down] been active on Empire/Apollon and 3 or 4 more big DNM’s, with STELLAR reviews, and so far a highly revered Vendor on BB with TONS of positive feedback, and zero negative feedback.
    While reading the ‘terms’ they say that ‘if I’m reading this, I must update my PGP” because they can’t “decrypt” my address [or something close to that affect].
    My question is, beings my Transacting was confirmed, and Escrow has my money…. should i be worried that my transaction indeed did NOT go through?? Or maybe these “terms” were just copy and pasted from every other market they vend on?
    Because either way, my money has been deposited to the correct address, and I dont have my money any longer. So, if everything is kosher, my order should be good, and received in a week, or so.
    Anyone have any insight?

    • mike says:

      hello bro,

      I think that the better way is to pm the vendor directly

      • Mike says:

        Can I? Even as a guest? Because I couldn’t find anything to do so. But my BTC was accepted, and my order was confirmed by the admin. I just figured since the page where i had to pay for purchase, included [in parenthesis] ‘Vendor’s PGP will automatically encrypt your address”, that all was good. What’s your personal opinion? Wouldn’t I receive the money back from Escrow if Vendor declined my order?

        • Drkwebreviews says:

          Mike… So what happened with everything you were concerned about in your posts Feb 9 2020…? Did everything work out ok for you… Or didn’t it…? Please do tell us 😕

        • mike says:

          No you right, you must register now to PM a vendor, but don’t worried, just register an account, the PM the vendor and explain the problem. For me BitBazaar is legit, I ordered on it, I don’t receive the product yet but I got the tracking, and everytime I ask and question I got an answer, so just register and then explain your problem to the vendor

          • Mike says:

            Everything worked out great. Stick with lvl 1 [or above] and you’ll be good. Also make sure its “Escrow”. But hands down, the best!

  16. Anonymous says:

    What do I do for where it says pincode format when registering? I’ve tried putting a 4 digit code and it says follow format?

  17. Nez0 says:

    What do I need to follow the format on the pincode? I’ve tried a 4 digit code and it still won’t work? Any one help me? Many thanks

  18. TheHelp says:

    you have to put 8 digit code 😉

  19. Malaba says:

    COMBI is he a trusted seller for you ?
    because he is the the biggest seller on this market but do not know if it’s fake reviews or not….
    Futhermore, he looks on “vacation” on DarkMarket

  20. Anonymous says:

    When I try sending from my wallet to place an order I get this message, anyone help?

    The server returned an error when broadcasting the transaction.
    Consider trying to connect to a different server, or updating Electrum.

    Transaction could not be broadcast due to dust outputs.

  21. anon says:

    The server returned an error when broadcasting the transaction.
    Consider trying to connect to a different server, or updating Electrum.

    Transaction could not be broadcast due to dust outputs.

  22. mistershrroms says:

    How long does it take for my btc to arrive on my wallet ? 30 Mins after the deposit and there is still no information and no btc in my wallet… 🙁

  23. How Long says:

    How long does it take for my btc to arrive on my wallet ? 30 Mins after the deposit and there is still no information and no btc in my wallet… 🙁

  24. mike says:

    lol bros, when I see your post, I have the feeling that just to order on Bitbazaar it’s like resolve a big maze. Guys, just try to do it correctly, It take me 20 minutes to do and order. Here is my way, first register on it, it take 5 min max, avoid to order without login on it, then choose a good vendor with good reputation on other market like apollon which is always alive to login for customers. then choose your quantity, your shipping method and send the BTC to the escrow adress. Avoid to send your BTC to the Bitbazaar adress, just in case… and you don’t have to so why do you do that?? .
    I hope my post will help some bro.
    See ya bra.

  25. paul says:

    i’m trying to register, what is a withdraw pincode?
    thanks for any help!

  26. mxrtr27 says:

    Hello , I placed an order and pay this order, have my give a key and a password to be able to have access to it but when I return it told me that it is incorporated after several tests!
    Should we wait?

  27. mxrtr27 says:

    hello , I placed an order and pay this order, have my give a key and a password to be able to have access to it but when I return it told me that it is incorporated after several tests!
    Should we wait?

  28. Johnny says:

    Ordered something from BB that says it was shipped a week ago today and it’s 4 day shipping max and still haven’t received it. Also ordered something else from a different vendor that says was shipped 3 days ago and it’s supposed to be overnight shipping so not sure what’s taking so long for these orders. Just contacted vendors earlier today but haven’t heard back yet

    • Anonymous says:

      it seems as alot of vendors will mark shipped and dont actually ship until the following day or two. This has happened to me before. Hopefully you received them by now

  29. jackfrost420 says:

    Bitbazaar is best market Ive used. I placed several orders since apollon went down and received all without any issues. Use this link and enjoy. Be safe. http://jcjbfbbyqhwmjslo.onion/?ref=S8tHEd33B

  30. gelu says:

    fake ass scam……as all of them, got tracking tho it looked promising, as I usualy only place small orders (1g or 1 tab to test vendors) never receivd anything Ordered from 5 different vendors, all scam….

  31. Fools says:

    They are not telling the truth about previous records of some vendors. For example some from Apollon, who were scamming hard for last two months and had plenty of negative comments now got 0 acccording to these records. WeAreAmsterdam is one of them. SCAM

  32. Reaperofhearts says:

    i just went to Bitbazar , this error came up “Front Servers are Overloaded by DDOS. Please wait for 1 minute and refresh this page.” what does that mean. whats another site with leget CVV’S & Cards. Every site is a damn scam. or ask for a email and im not using my gmail…… telegram me?

  33. pissed off dnm user says:

    i have sent four lots of btc to bb the fist two small amouts came through days later the other two sere sent on the same day both of them added up to 70usd i said to support they havent come through they asked for a invoice id but they were sent direct to the wallet on the site has anyone had this problem? htf does this happen

  34. Adolf says:

    Market is down

  35. lancashire says:

    great market and thank you sicario9 nice service tho i had to trust you without a review

  36. Anonymous says:

    Anyone else having issues accessing this marrket, used several times before.

  37. wavve says:

    Am I the only one who can’t connect?

  38. jackfrost says:

    Anyones havi g problems accessing this market? Used this many times and now keeps timing out

  39. Wumpastuff says:

    I ordered some notes a couple of days ago. Vendor marked as shipped but when I ask for tracking (posting says they give tracking) he says he will give tracking once “shipment is activated”. Radio silence since…. Do you think this means he hasn’t sent it yet?

  40. borrow says:

    I’ve got one paid order not shipping out yet after 1 week and another paid order going expire without shipping out at all. What’s wrong and what should I do!

  41. John says:

    Any update on this? I was checking them out and don’t want to get scammed like Apollon

  42. louis bloom says:

    Is this market still legit or is it an exit scam? I am planning to place a small order in 4-5 days and I don’t like surprises

  43. Johndoe says:

    I placed order and received so it’s working as of 03/03/

  44. Mike says:

    Bro SAME issue started happening to me. I just reached out to the Venors on dread and they asked for invoice passwords so hopefully ya kept those.

  45. golum says:

    This is shit. Also scam!!!
    Dark market is ok..and Empire when it works!

  46. Yo says:

    Looking for it

  47. bks3080 says:

    Great…I got my order in 8days

  48. JACYH says:

    please stay away friends, it is a 100% scam

  49. ggtehd says:

    please stay away , its a 100% SCAM

  50. FREDDIE says:

    Any vendors

  51. Joy says:

    Someone has some XTC or MDMA

  52. Anonymous says:

    I ordered last week and everything went great.

  53. James says:

    I bought stuff off bitbizaar i screenshotted copied and pasted the invoice keys and passowords it even confirmed i paid the BTC to them but when i try to check order it says invoice keys wrong help?

  54. bast says:

    Is this website a scam ? I made an account and placed an order, tried logging in afterwards and it said my account doesn’t exist. I made another account and when i tried logging in today it says that account doesn’t exist either. I’m very confused and don’t know how to check if my order was shipped or get a refund

  55. trooper941 says:

    great market – definetly the one to go too atm with all the attention focusing on empire with the ddos attacks; if you are a vendor i recomend hopping on here for cheaap before they hike up vendor bonds

  56. redmeat says:

    Yes, what do you need?

  57. Corona888 says:

    Thins it’s a scam. Can’t login anymore with the login I used yesterday.
    These bastards are probably getting a lot of money with this technique.

  58. CMONEY says:


  59. CMONEY says:


  60. Anonymous says:

    am new here let me know your worth

  61. Wonderer says:

    From now on you have to learn about and deal with ddos. This site is good i have had no problems. They may up and disappear someday but for now they have my trust. Just choose good vendors

  62. mama says:

    thank you support for helping me on my first dispute!!!

  63. Shallw says:

    I stopped using this market since the DDoS attacks on december but now I received good feedback from them and I back using it, no DDoS now it’s good

  64. Shallaw says:

    I stopped using this market since the DDoS attacks on december but now I received good feedback from them and I back using it, no DDoS now it’s good

  65. Anonymous says:

    There are trusted weed vendors??

  66. Enigm says:

    first ordered didn’t arrived but mods refunded me, good staff

  67. Westworld says:

    5 stars to mods and Bluemagicuk

  68. Mike says:

    @Borrow open a dispute immediately (you only have 14 days to do it) assuming you saved the invoice key# and invoice password and/or ID#. Ya got scammed but they will refund your coin ya just have to go to “Order Check” top of page and than type in the two aforementioned numbers, this will bring you to your invoice page, where at the bottom you can “Open Dispute”…. the in chat box explain, and moderator will ask for you walllet number

  69. BBvendor says:

    Everything works like a charm!

    I am a vendor there and have sold my product and received all my bitcoin. I def recommend them and I hope they will never close.

  70. Anonymous says:

    is it down, cant reach site ?

  71. JBL04 says:

    So is it still working ? Or it is e scammm ? Thks

  72. methhead says:

    trustable vendor on darkmarket [ xcandyshopx ]

  73. CCLKS says:

    CMoney how do you ship product can you ship to a PO box?

  74. CC2020 says:

    has anybody ordered from CMoney or Cokewave? Wondering if legit and if theyll ship to PO box.

  75. SeveralLuckyChance says:

    Anyone else not able to get into BitBazaar today? None of the mirrors are working for me either…

  76. frydaddy says:

    unfortunately cmoney’s coke is mostly all cut. The quality sucks

  77. Thuggedup says:

    Anyone know a leggit Carder? Need regular pre-paids. All scams so far

  78. Pup says:

    Anyone know if this is a scam or not ?

  79. Anonymous says:

    Como consigo entrar ala deep web nivel 7

  80. kingk says:

    SCAMMER MARKET – do not trust! i lost over $500 – i paid the transaction but is says unpaid. Admins will take your money! AVOID?

  81. guinness says:

    Trés bon market si vous aimiez silkroad ba c’est une bonne alternative

  82. Anonymous says:


  83. Cocalero says:

    I bet you were too stupid to enter the address correctly and sent your money straight into the middle of nowhere…

  84. Anonymous says:

    Is the marketplace down?

  85. no name says:

    go buy now then you see what others are leuta justifies such capo808 dar can make everything clear to you

  86. bla bla says:

    nooooo this market very nice

  87. hayku says:

    noo this nice

  88. mafia says:


  89. 808 says:

    you should find the right people

  90. market says:

    you should find the right people not SCAMMER MARKET

  91. Anonymous says:


  92. CMONEY says:


  93. Anonymous says:

    What one is legit?

  94. Jay says:

    I too lost over $500 and got nothing in return and days later they want to charge me extra for delivery which clearly was a total scam. Please avoid

  95. LongJohnSilver says:

    just search dread for bitbazaar and see how shady the market really is…

  96. phil says:

    thats not true i order from him was great
    cmoney345 is very good vendor

  97. Wregan says:

    Great market. I was desperately looking for a kg of coke and i was sorted out by “hovisteam”. he was referred to me by a friend. Received full brick with very good good quality, price and stealth. He is a good to go.

  98. Anonymous says:

    any opinions on CaliBrothers?

  99. Anonymous says:

    have been dealing with hovisteam for a very long time on aussie deals only. he push kg of coke like abc. with very good quality and stealth. He was on Berlusconi,Dream and alfa bay. Recommended!

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