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  1. inigo says:

    why dont any urls’ work for me? what am i doing wrong

  2. private_d says:

    I need a market where I can actually get live credit card to card with pls

  3. RonaldHak says:

    Black market goods divert revenue from important projects
    The public and private sector are working together to safeguard communities from scammers.

  4. Sattva says:

    Need to connect. Amy tips welcome

  5. Anonymous says:

    why these fucking sites are not working anyone know legit vendor paypal or CC Cards

  6. BillBob says:

    I am waiting. On order page says pending. If click view order, has accepted. So not sure if will be sent. I use XMR so I’m hoping I can get back if something doesn’t jive. I know how to sign I have to sign to get in with 2FA. Just hoping vendor sends

  7. Onecutefag says:

    Market is currently down, 502 gateway error

  8. kevinfox says:


    I don’t know how to connect to the site
    who can help me?


  9. Remo says:

    Hii hab ein Problem hab das erst mal versucht zu bestellen. Leider wurde die Bestellung storniert und ich hatte nur eine Temporäre Bitcoint Adresse. Kann ich das Geld noch zurück holen? Bei Hilfe biete ich 20 Euro als Dankeschön.

  10. liberati says:

    WARNING !!! .Versus Market is a Thief site. I sent my money by mistake without the multisig option on their bitcoin address. I specify that the signature of their BTC address has been verified. and that the funds have been transferred to this address. those bastard thieves never validated my order. I sent 6 messages to the support service which is supposed to protect my interests. I told them that I am a sick person and that I needed cannabis to calm my pain. but they never answered me. They closed all my tickets with no response!!! . they are bastards. never go to their site.

  11. bobi la d says:

    down or what

  12. benbenben says:

    is it down?

  13. jsindee says:

    Man site straight scam 89 percent of vendors are actually same that run3the site.

  14. Anonymous says:

    A working onion link for the market? I tried the alternative links provided by this website and none of them worked. Thanks

  15. Frank says:

    three times in a row i transferred BTC to the right adress of the vendor (i doublechecked it!!) but all orders stay on “unpaid”. Can someone tell me if there is a bug?? Already created a ticket and also contacted the vendors but no answer yet.

  16. weeener says:

    I’m having issues seeing anything after DDOS protection. It’s been refusing correct answers in the past but now it looks like the site is broken

  17. Pedro Pacas says:

    Anyone know where I can find some k2 synthetic weed liquid spray? Thanks in advance! Here in the U.S

  18. Honest says:

    VERSUS is a SCAM…. Do NOT purchase from here. Lost over $600 – even though paid through escrow multisig 2/3, paid in full (confirmed no phishing addresses), and my orders just expired. NO REFUND. CAN NOT OPEN A TICKET FOR HELP FROM MEDIATOR. There is no way to get hold of mediator. There is a tab that says “New Ticket,” but no matter how much you click on it, it does NOT work.

    Royal Market and World Market much more transparent and tustworthy

  19. Truthseeker says:

    VERSUS is a SCAM!!!! Do NOT purchase from here. Trust me. Go to WORLD MARKET or ROYAL MARKET – much more TRANSPARENT AND TRUSTWORTHY.


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