Versus Market

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  1. diesel says:

    Again, another scam, Apollon is gone?? Dream, Silk, Berlusconi, Grey….what next? Where to go, Empire is slow? I hope Empire works.

    DON’T GO TO VERSUS, the same shithead as Apollon has it.

    I hope DARK MARKET is good market, I’m giving it a chance, it looks good, I just made first order. Guys, go to ONION LIVE and look for links, don’t get phished!

    Always use ESCROW when you can, don’t be fools.

    If you wanna, use my referal code for Dark market when sign up (20% of transaction fees): VB4IJX

    Good luck and stay safe!

    • Mapplex says:

      does it work

    • j says:

      You’ve posted this comment everywhere!

    • Nico says:

      diesel and when you order escrow and like apollon they do an exit scam you are the first who will cry that he have not received his order. My opinion, work with a vendor who you can trust. Then you can send your money without fees/comission or whatever. Better for you and for vendor. You can also aggree with him to pay half/half. So you will be both have risk. Diesel I think you are new in this darkworld. Play this game fair!

  2. d3stiny1339 says:

    This is the same group which did exit scam on Nightmare, Cryptonia & Apollon. This Market will be the next exit scam. Dont use! Use Empire!!!

  3. acsc says:

    has anyone tried this market ?

  4. David Sinito says:

    Empire is scam too

  5. diesel says:

    It’s shit. There’s no market as Empire. I think they will exitscam also (versus)

  6. awssss says:

    scam market, another appllon, they will say they got scammed on appolon as well and want to deal with you through myescrow, eventuallu they will disappear as well. don’t trust money transfer

  7. yipapper57 says:

    somebody needs to create a new market all these markets are scams

  8. surprise says:

    VERSUS is scammer. I had lost 350€ in one order. The order I can´t open a dispute and I lost my bitcoins

  9. cassady33 says:

    FUCKING JOKE . dont hook up with .

  10. jdoe1 says:

    any good market pls?

  11. rob says:

    elite market is a scam as well
    took my money will not reply at all

  12. gunship says:

    FUCK VERSUS. I have lose over 350€. And the TIME to write a dispute. Go to HELL VERSUS and you fuck your own mother

  13. jaguar says:

    anyone have referal link for bitbazar shop

  14. Craig David says:

    SCAM dont use

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