Versus Market

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  1. diesel says:

    Again, another scam, Apollon is gone?? Dream, Silk, Berlusconi, Grey….what next? Where to go, Empire is slow? I hope Empire works.

    DON’T GO TO VERSUS, the same shithead as Apollon has it.

    I hope DARK MARKET is good market, I’m giving it a chance, it looks good, I just made first order. Guys, go to ONION LIVE and look for links, don’t get phished!

    Always use ESCROW when you can, don’t be fools.

    If you wanna, use my referal code for Dark market when sign up (20% of transaction fees): VB4IJX

    Good luck and stay safe!

    • Mapplex says:

      does it work

    • j says:

      You’ve posted this comment everywhere!

    • Nico says:

      diesel and when you order escrow and like apollon they do an exit scam you are the first who will cry that he have not received his order. My opinion, work with a vendor who you can trust. Then you can send your money without fees/comission or whatever. Better for you and for vendor. You can also aggree with him to pay half/half. So you will be both have risk. Diesel I think you are new in this darkworld. Play this game fair!

  2. d3stiny1339 says:

    This is the same group which did exit scam on Nightmare, Cryptonia & Apollon. This Market will be the next exit scam. Dont use! Use Empire!!!

  3. acsc says:

    has anyone tried this market ?

  4. David Sinito says:

    Empire is scam too

  5. diesel says:

    It’s shit. There’s no market as Empire. I think they will exitscam also (versus)

  6. awssss says:

    scam market, another appllon, they will say they got scammed on appolon as well and want to deal with you through myescrow, eventuallu they will disappear as well. don’t trust money transfer

  7. yipapper57 says:

    somebody needs to create a new market all these markets are scams

  8. surprise says:

    VERSUS is scammer. I had lost 350€ in one order. The order I can´t open a dispute and I lost my bitcoins

    • James says:

      Had a similar problem. Got selectively scammed for a similar amount and Edgar Allan Poe handed my money to the scammer. I had no opportunity to give bad feedback.

  9. cassady33 says:

    FUCKING JOKE . dont hook up with .

  10. jdoe1 says:

    any good market pls?

  11. rob says:

    elite market is a scam as well
    took my money will not reply at all

  12. gunship says:

    FUCK VERSUS. I have lose over 350€. And the TIME to write a dispute. Go to HELL VERSUS and you fuck your own mother

  13. jaguar says:

    anyone have referal link for bitbazar shop

  14. Craig David says:

    SCAM dont use

  15. darkabam says:

    This market it’s good ? I have make a command, now statut it’s shipped but from this statut , i have no more answer from vendor, and i wait a tracking
    Please give me info

  16. Rich says:

    So far I have been Fucker over by, BitBazaar, Versus, BItBazaar. Just to name a few who have good to excellent ratings. So whoever says your an idiot for buying from then, FUCK YOU! I did my research not just on this site but other forums. If your so smart to comment about the dude who lost over a grand, why don’t you do something positive like recommending a legit site??? I`m out about $650 and it sucks, it’s for Ketamine to help with my severe depression, yea there is Spravado but it’s $2400 a pop here. So why not help people instead of just assuming their a idiot. This idiot that’s writing this may have been the one that had your back in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq to name a few. I hope you all get what you need…….

  17. Anonymous says:

    Rich.. wish i had depression

  18. mxrtr27 says:

    Hello, is this market reliable to date?

  19. onion says:

    @rich what happened? Bitazaar also? For Ket, I have good vendor, direct to Telegram, he gives 10% more via T.
    Also I use Dark market, I just made 2 orders on this market, for 400e 💪🏻 let’s give it a shot. It’s easy to use.. now let’s wait 🙂
    My referral code if you wanna: IZMBWN

    One question, what kind of wallets do yo use? I use one local wallet, but I wanna try something new.

  20. scammusito says:

    Scam site also.

  21. xwher says:

    Dark Market big big Scammer ; i have been there before

  22. Harri Gonzalez says:

    I have used this market quite a lot, and it works fine for me

  23. Lei says:

    I got ripped off but in the end I found a good seller, very satisfied everyone

  24. harri gonzalez says:

    I find this is a good market tbh

  25. help says:

    Any good sites? Reading nothing good

  26. bliss says:

    I cant seem to open the page with these links i guess the sites down can someone help

  27. robbobrob says:

    I have use it and it worked very well – maybe some people in the comments got phished?

  28. fefefe says:

    “You are a really naughty boy/girl!”

    WTF ?

  29. hobnobbob says:

    I’ve not had a single problem – not sure what all the comments about scamming are about

  30. Anonymous says:

    Be aware that versus does not refund 4% transaction fees if order getting rejected or canceled

  31. Three says:

    Be aware that versus not refunds 4% transaction fees if order gets declined, missed or canceled

  32. phil says:


  33. opm east says:

    i got scammed by hidden market and empire keeps throwing me out i made 1 buy and cant buy no more dose anyone know a good vender for counterfeit money for the uk and cards with pin uk and

  34. Sapper_72 says:

    I have been active on the DW for over a year and a half and been scammed more than once. Versus has been great. No vendor can insist on FE. Your bitcoin is held in escrow until you finalize. I had a scam vendor and disputed. Unlike nearly every other market, the admin actually RESPONDED! Imagine that! They looked into it and my money was refunded promptly.
    Basically, if you get scammed by a vendor it’s your own fault. Look at the feedback. Are there 8 in a row from the same “customer”? Usually on the same day? They do that to hide the negative comments on the next page. Read the feedback. If it sounds like some haji rag head typed it, one probably did. Message the vendor with some mundane question that only a drug dealer would know and if they do respond, read it and determine if it sounds like an intelligent person or some Pakistani that makes telemarketing scam phone calls about the student loan you never had expiring soon.

  35. dons says:

    how to contact the admin of market? btc are sent, order is expired so i cant opet dispute and vendor is not responding. Is there anything i can do or did i just lost 1200$?

  36. zoon says:

    same for me…

  37. Anonymous says:

    vendor what is you pgp?

  38. basslineee says:

    Same probleme than Dons. I wait an response from the admin… I’ll update if I have one

  39. basslineee says:

    as promised here is my update. I sent a message to the admin and, on of them AldousHuxley answered me clearly and cordially.

  40. User says:

    One order went through. One expired and never got my money back. I wouldn’t move any significant amount of money there.

  41. Anonymous says:

    URL Doesn’t work

  42. Anonymous says:

    Can you update Url please ? the links doesn’t work

  43. jon999 says:

    where can I find the seller combi

  44. CCLKS2020 says:

    Use onion live to get there.

  45. NONAME says:


  46. thatguy says:

    Have had good luck with combi

  47. darkfairy says:

    How did they scam you? I’ve been buying from there & was also refunded for a sell that didn’t go thru on 4/12

  48. Versus Fans says:

    They got IP leaked once, a security driven market fail to secure their server and blame on middleware server. Never use a market have ip leaked. Maybe they got flagged by LE

  49. Anonymous says:

    it’s not scam. it’s a very good market.

  50. vendor says:

    can someone drop the updated link onion live is down

  51. anon says:

    site down for past 2 days

  52. alex says:

    i dont understand why everyt single market in the dark web in last 2 years is just a good example of piece of shit? I dont even see a hope anymore

  53. Anonymous says:

    I m also looking for him haha

  54. north94 says:

    Hello there, i have been trying to access versus for a month now but no luck. all their links and mirrors every where failed. can someone help me please?

  55. eyeysisi says:

    do you know if this market is a crook? Some of the dealers seem to be reliable to me.

  56. LongJohnSilver says:

    Never heard of Venus Market but if you mean VERSUS they are up and running and my favorite market so far in a looooong loooooooong time. Keep up the good work guys and don’t give a shit about the hater.

  57. C0mbi says:

    Exit is coming, Expired orders doesn’t get refunded anymore. Shame on you.

  58. maximize says:

    Looks like it. I guess today is the day. While trying to access the site, I get a page where it says “I am a teapot”. The rest is blank.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Both URLs are down, maybe the Guy is running with our money? Or the Cops has crash the side.

  60. Anonymous says:

    seems its gone

  61. Anonymous says:

    Work or not ?

  62. Ethan Hall says:

    Can anyone help me? I used the vendor pgp key to encrypt my info and placed an order, then I sent btc from my wallet to the vendor address but it still says unpaid on the order but paid for the invoice. Did I do something wrong?

  63. Anonymous says:

    Scammer market

  64. Anonymous says:

    Wait 30 mins after payment…

  65. Arista says:

    Canadian Flavour is a scam, DO NOT DIRECT DEAL WITH HIM.

    Always ESCROW.

    For those who want photo evidence of his scam, i am free to share my evidence.

    Really an idiot i swear, i’ve been looking forward for next order but he decided to scam off a lil money and stop future transaction.

    I never knew canadian were like these.

  66. Anonymous says:

    Scammed on wiki and on empire. $1200 lost. im done

  67. Anonymous says:

    Versus is still going good just only use top rated vendors with good feedback

  68. zb says:

    Versus is still good just use top vendors with good feedback

  69. Anonymous2 says:

    So anyone still looking?

  70. ado2509 says:

    versus market not funkt.

  71. ado2509 says:

    Mister X is not good Vendor

  72. Pablo says:

    does anyone know a good side that it is not fake and that you can buy cloned credit cards ?

  73. helpme says:

    i have paid order but nothing happent,
    status: The invoice must be confirmed for the vendor to see the order. If you want to contact the vendor, send him a message.

    somboede help me?

  74. ojo says:

    does anyone know why is Versus OFF..??

  75. Anonymous says:

    why is it offline?

  76. Anonymous says:

    …why its offline, please does anybody know::??

  77. Anonymous says:

    why is market off, please can somebody tell me..?? What is going on?

  78. ojap says:

    will be market working? Is it of now? anybody know something why links doesnt work???

  79. oja says:

    why is market turn OFF. Someone know why??

  80. alchemy says:

    We are alchemy-cd, which market is real now? (Not a liar market)

  81. Lily says:

    April 23, 2020 at 4:16 pm

    it’s not scam. it’s a very good market.

    What is the site Who is a very good market?

  82. jkizzle2020 says:

    Does anyone have a legit market where i can get xanax bars that’s all I need thanks

  83. Hatefullone says:

    Need guns were do i go ?

  84. Ziggy says:

    versus market is not loading anu of the url’s i tru wont load does anyone have a url that is currently working?

  85. th4 says:

    Versus is hacked. Admins took it down to patch the issue.

  86. th4 says:

    Versus is hacked. Admins took it down to patch the issue.

  87. Yo mama says:

    I really hope they get it back soon. I just placed an order and then it went away. Btc is gone and no way to contact seller

  88. Joserip says:

    What’s happen with versus market?? 1 week ago I can’t entry. I have some orders incompleted

  89. Anonymous says:

    Its back up, it seems all the vendors listings have been erased tho.

  90. Gabriel says:

    Do anyone know where I can find real fixed match source

  91. viainmt says:

    the Elite market is scam market be carfule

  92. SuperFleks says:

    !!!!!WE ARE BACK!!!!!

    SuperFleks from DE

    Come and visit our shop at Versus Market for HQ Ketamine S Crystals

  93. For your replica banknotes, Euro,Usd,CAD and RMB Available…

  94. John says:


  95. Casual says:

    I just got scammed 400 from expressdocuments it’s to the same name but @gmail after so I sent the money and a couple days later a cargo insurance person I contact cuz it showed on hold online so I email him and he messaged me saying I need to pay 500 for insurance now before the customs catches it but don’t worry the post man will refund my cash when he drops off the package. Doesn’t even try to seem legit they’re pieces of shit bad business

  96. Xander says:

    i purchased 30$ worth of some stuff and now i am blocked out of the website im so upset 🙁

  97. ScarFace24 says:

    Anyone have a good percocet vender or oxycodone, even oxy powder ,? Would be much aprreciated,
    i see too much amazing reviews from a vender , and then horrible ones that say scam from the same venders,

  98. darknet99 says:

    soy nuevo en esto algun mercado confiable

  99. Tipy says:

    Don’t use this market – Scam and payment kept even if transaction fail

  100. Charlie says:

    anyone know of trusted market in Australia

  101. chaching says:

    I have been refuneded from an order and been 24s no funds wrote support they said i have to sign refund to be refunded no where on whole site to sign refund help please

    • HornyPorny says:

      Have you Read the USER-MANUAL for Paying and Get it Back???!!! Get in Order and Pay for PayBack this is NOT WORKING… You Have to do couple Things to make it Working… That Sux Realy Sux for a 08/15 user better make a Copy “User-M” and make Sure you make Everything 100% ride!!!!
      And I Think: TEST IT BEFOR YOU INVEST BILLIONS $$$…. I dont now LOOK Seap Pay 1$$ give the Vendor a Call and Hope He is Cool and let the Order “Failing” back to you!!!
      WORKING???!!! Yes you See Good or Bad Money is her or net!!! When you so Clever thing is the Payment is under 30$$$ and you can !!!Shit of it!!! But Big Money maybe you Fucked!!!

      Next Time Send the Vendor a Text befor you Order… Question is I Need —— Have you—— Order comes ASAP!!!

      LOOK IN THE RIDE WALLET “Big-BAG” Ready or from Outer Space (other Wallet)
      In the ORDNER “Order” is a little Klick Ding look in it “maybe there is a Option to Say PROBLEM”

  102. iamking says:

    I paid $407 ollars for an order the says expired, And have not been refunded.

    • HornyPorny says:

      This is a “FEE” Problem to short takes long Time a Higher Fee make it Faster.. I Hope it…. This is a Real Problem thats ride!!! !!!Panik Mode!!!
      In Payment in my Head make it from Changing Money direkt to that “Order Adress that goes Faster”!!! Done Deal!!! But it is a REAL FUCKING PROBLEM and more when this not Worked after 24 Hour who is this Adress gone goes to a other One “Hey a Happy new Guy” they have to Now Paying can take more as 24 Hour with “MARKED SAY TO DO IT”
      How Many Time you Wait?? This can Take view Days maybe… I dont now??!!!

      • Anonym says:

        ok versus admin go fukk yourself next time better create market with withdraw than youll earn more money from exit scam

  103. iamking9mm says:

    Something had to have happened to this site. Its turning into a rip off market! Be careful. Maby make smaller orders if your going to use versus. i lost $600

  104. doodle says:

    Read the damn helpdesk you fools. I always got my coin back when there is a problem. It is a MULTISIG market! You need to sign for a refund. Stupid kids stick to your shitmarkets with central escrow and get robbed.

    • iamking9mm says:

      where do you see a help desk? i see an overview option, and code of conduct.

    • iamking9mm says:

      literally all the comments are pointing to this market has been compromised by scammers. and all i can do is agree. So unless you can tell us wear to find thgis unicorn help setting you speak of. You are full of shit!

      • HornyPorny says:

        The Helpdesk look End of Site there you can find all you have to now…. Klick klick you have to look….

        • iamking9mm says:

          I am guessing you are an admin since you are on every comment where people are pissed they lost money. I am klick klick klicking. I don’t see shit. This site is NOT user friendly!

      • Banned says:

        They banned me for no reason they still owe me 190 bucks Still no explanation on why u banned me and im owed 190 dollars on a transaction that was refunded which I never received.
        Palate 14:16

        Still no explanation this is from a new account

      • IHateCommentSectionsTheyMakeMeWannaGoOutAndKill says:

        ON THE FOOTER YOU DUMBASS. Better stop doing drugs if your brain is so fucked up that you can’t find the damn helpdesk.

  105. wick says:

    Need a computer gig

  106. Robert says:

    Need a full IOS hack

  107. mongan parvine says:

    i got top strain of weed and carts got xanas,meths ,lsd,codine , coke , estasy

  108. Versus Market Bye bye says:

    Versus is in a Intelligent Scammer Modus !!

  109. HornyPorny says:

    What Versus Market Bye Bye says (Maybe He have a Own Market running or soooo)
    VERSUS IS NO SCAMMER (What Ever this means) your Coins are your Coins and on your own WALLET (NO ZAPZARAP) and BUYING WORKS 100% the Money Back Thing NOT TESTET BUT WILL SEE in the FUTURE!!!
    Empire and DreamM. have BIG POKETS with a lot of Coins!!! HERE NEVER CAN HAPPEND!!!!

  110. Screw says:

    Dear Palate

    We can’t change your refund address. Always make sure to have full control over the address you provide us with. Changing it on an ungoing order is not possible.

    Best regards,
    The Versus Team
    William Gibson 18:40
    What does that mean!!!!!!! I’m not gonna get a refund
    Palate 18:59
    I did change it in the settings
    Palate 19:00
    Cash app changed it I didnt….. why can’t u refund to my new address that makes no sense do u want proff
    Palate 19:02
    Palate 19:02
    This is garbage what is gonna happen to the money now
    Palate 19:06

    Versus won’t give me my refund cause my address was changed i told them the correct address they are trying to steal my money. Dont use this site

    • big man chris says:

      Dude, that is entirely your fault. Never use a coin account where you don’t control the address, is cashapp. Get an offline wallet.

    • Klaus i says:

      Omg its a fucking multisignature market, they can’t change your refund adress, because it’s written in the Bitcoin transaction that you have to sign with your damn private key.

      Versus has the beste tutorial oft all dw markets and still the most didn’t understand

  111. Fella Joe says:

    Site down 21:39 GMT

  112. Banned says:

    Dear Palate,

    You were banned for spamming over 20+ tickets. By the mod you requested.

    Best regards,
    The Versus Team
    Aldous Huxley 15:03

    This was their excuse for banning me I didn’t know you can ban me for writing tickets they never answered to. This is nonsense. I only sent 10 tickets. I woukd have only sent one if they answered. They still owe me $190 bucks which they haven’t released yet.

  113. vlada says:

    i need one weapon

  114. JustSteve says:

    Site down 15:26.
    Can anyone help set up my pgp I have several other DN acc and have never had a PGP issue 🙁
    Stay safe everyone

  115. Ba says:

    And no, it is not allowed to use WICKR. Read the TERMS OF SERVICE on this market. But I guess you do not read at all correct? You blindly order on any market like this?

    Best regards,
    The Versus Team
    Aldous Huxley 15:48
    Its impossible to speak with people like yourself. People that do not care at all to read how the market actually works. You will never learn or listen. 1 more time. WE DO NOT HAVE YOUR MONEY. IT IS A MULTISIGNATURE ONLY MARKET>

    Best regards,
    The Versus Team
    Aldous Huxley 15:49

    This is versus great customer service insulting their customers.

  116. Jack mahoffer says:

    And no, it is not allowed to use WICKR. Read the TERMS OF SERVICE on this market. But I guess you do not read at all correct? You blindly order on any market like this?

    Best regards,
    The Versus Team
    Aldous Huxley 15:48
    Its impossible to speak with people like yourself. People that do not care at all to read how the market actually works. You will never learn or listen. 1 more time. WE DO NOT HAVE YOUR MONEY. IT IS A MULTISIGNATURE ONLY MARKET>

    Best regards,
    The Versus Team
    Aldous Huxley 15:49

    This is versus great customer service insulting their customers.

  117. Palate says:

    Did anyone else get their money stolen by bwempire? Hes blaming versus for banning him but its multisignature meaning he can just release the money. He owes me $190 bucks and won’t release funds. I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem???

  118. Palate says:

    Is anyone having trouble with bwempire not releasing their funds and no package cause he hot banned??? Versus says he can still release the 190 bucks so I’m thinking he’s using the ban as an excuse for not releasing money.

  119. Screw says:

    Versus banned me again for insulting the operator after he called me dumb lol second time I got banned the first is bc I asked a question and got banned. They just ban anyone for no reason I did literally nothing

  120. fuckinVersus says:

    Versus is a fraudulent market, do not climb here … Here all deceivers …and do not try to order anything from the seller Coffeeshop…. you just give him your money and do not get anything in return

  121. Cheers says:

    Don’t use Versus, the prices are bigger than on DARK market, check for yourself, thank me later!

    If you wanna, use my referal code for DARK MARKET when sign up (20% of transaction fees): VB4IJX

    Good luck and stay safe

  122. Jan says:

    I am getting the message “I am a teapot” when trying to checkout/buy something. a new tor circuit doesnt solve the problem. any ideas?

  123. Anonymous says:

    Can’t loggin…anyone else having trouble?

  124. Lucas says:

    Site is not loading

  125. SCAMMED ON VERSUS says:


  126. spinovich says:

    hello everyone, can someone help me please in refund?
    This is my first time doing this and versus gave me a “key” to sign with
    how do i get a refund?
    kindly someone can explain to me in a few simple words?

  127. Pacho12 says:

    Versus Market is at least always down.What happen there.To much ddos?

  128. hansi says:

    i search a market which lot of sellers ar in germany, can you say me?
    but not versus. i have lost with verus money seller cancel and no money back

  129. jaymo says:

    i like versus. been doing all my shopping there for 3 years and its only place i aint been scammed out of 4 markets i tried.

  130. Vice says:

    Is the Versus market still up and running?

  131. I need says:

    Dammit have this been DDos-ed to oblivion ? Can someone send virtual mobile provider link with Non VOIP USA with selectable area codes ???

  132. stars says:

    They gone. Just like the OP said. £140 down

  133. Anonymous says:

    ^^ whats wrong with versus

  134. Fluffy says:

    Trouble getting on the site – anyone else?

  135. princess8152 says:

    is tthere anywhere to buy drugs right now? im aout to make a damm craits loist ad!

  136. WashedUp14 says:

    I have had no problems with Versus. Great site. Ive ordered multiple times without hiccup. It is down right now and has been for 24hrs and idk why. Anybody know?

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