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  1. Bobby Brown says:

    Hi, anyone know a coke for cash dealer round Weybridge, Surrey? Or where to find one online. Thanks

  2. Marc says:

    Norco_King Rocks!! He’s the best vendor I’ve done business with.

  3. Anonymous says:

    No Sales here

  4. Jon Revis says:

    I am looking for a good tutor/mentor to help me in the ways of the dark web, specifically how to best make some money with cards, accts, etc

  5. Jon Revis says:

    Hello – I have two scam artists pretending to be legitimate business ppl selling medications that I need to report so others won’t lose their money to them! PLease let me know the best places to spread word of their untrustworthy nature – for one, I just have an email, the other a website. Neither are Dark Web vendors per se, but still are to be avoided at all costs. Please help me help others to avoid them!J

  6. AnUbis says:

    Watch out for fishing links on empire adress changes after depositing funds!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Anybody know where to get some good heroin for a good price

  8. CB says:

    ELI5 I need Tramadol

  9. Themoane says:

    Hi I need a contact for shorestore it’s a vendor. ,
    Thanks or a valid market , too many exit scam

  10. Iyana Owens says:

    Does anyone know the dark web website? If you do…. tell me please.

    • DULIKEISH says:

      your technique on it but if you want more access to the dark web(other than the markets so you can get to stuff like a Hitman) you have to download the TOR.onion app

  11. Bankdrops says:


  12. yogi says:

    How do you start selling your products here?

    Does any of the sites allow you to sell your products there or do you need to create your own site. How does it work?

  13. William says:

    Anyone in austraila need cc mdma or ritlian

  14. tommy says:

    anyone know of a good CC vendor, tried and tried
    if anyone does please let me know

  15. Anonymous says:

    How to make heroin out of chemicals

  16. helen says:

    thanks for the information

  17. A regular user says:

    Do NOT order from Cryptmedsrx.com

    They are now scamming customers of BTC.

    I ordered from them regularly on various markets but looks like they’re doing an exit scam.

    Shame cos they had good product.

  18. Noobsquare says:

    Please does anyone know where i can get a good spammer that can spam office365 logs?

  19. jay says:

    need a good “Her o i n link. s

  20. Cris says:

    Hy guy, I search a good man that is able to hack a facebook profile.

  21. daniel daniel says:

    hy guys.i have no idea where i can buy something?the sites that i know are closed,and the other sites are unseriously.
    next week i have birthday,please,can someone help me?
    thank you

  22. victhim says:

    im in the same situation here, no trusted market anymore!! i need to buy strong acid!!! 350ug ++ anyone can help me?

  23. Reever says:

    Im looking for a software that can remove or unlock an icloud account

  24. Anonymous says:

    empire market

  25. GIF says:

    Can anyone point me to opium poppy seeds but not on empire due to the scamming/exit scam.

    • lisa says:

      In sure you got suggestions and this comes too late however, you don’t need to buy poppy seeds through a dark market. From my experience it’s legal, at least in the U.S. We were able to order them online. I can’t remember which company we found cheapest, but it was a couple pounds. I’d thought there must be specific poppy seeds that were opium ones, but the majority of information seemed to corroborate MOST poppy seeds contain about the same amounts of the same alkaloids. It probably makes it stronger by the methods of preparing. Some people have overdosed, although I don’t believe it’s been many.

  26. Andre says:

    PM if you need help.

  27. anonymous says:

    is dread down ? i can’t seem to access it.

  28. Anonymous says:

    is dread down ? I can’t seem to access it anymore.

  29. theBrink says:

    Haven’t been able to access for days? Is there a new link or something else amiss?

  30. Anonymous says:

    I cannot access either it seems to be down

  31. Anonymous says:

    looking for Carrier unlocking services

  32. Anonymous says:

    Anyone know of any sellers in Australia with LOUD things ?

  33. Letmeguess says:

    And you wanna use wickr to communicate right?

  34. nobody says:

    Where did dread go??? I haven’t been able to get on it for days

  35. jedds says:

    Servers are down obviously ..

  36. Jedds says:

    Since DREAD is down, what is a backup forum to use!?!!

  37. Billpuller says:

    I am new to this site and I want to find a forum about credit. What do I do

  38. confused says:

    Anyone know anything about this website? [redated] it came up in my search for eutylone.

  39. OBAAT says:

    Need benzos find me on Empire – onebaratatime – Was a Silk Road League vendor with 100% feedback and since silk f**ked everyone I am over there now. VALIUM AND XANS OF ALL KINDS : ) OBAAT

  40. J says:


  41. J says:


  42. gratefuldead200 says:


  43. neo says:

    any one knew vendor legitwhite?

  44. Anonymous says:

    guys does some one know US vendor with best quality?

    • ifuckedurmommastitsholmes says:

      sure all over the usa is full of shit the vendors are all in my cellphone 🤣🤣🤣👍👍 im sober so i dont need them i just blaze thc but really homie use bitbazzar get tor get you a vpn then use ur gannys pc and copy them link to ur left get you some bitcoins then get u some afhgahani fiiiyah

  45. fungi says:

    hello can some one give me us vendor with good weed?

  46. 2Legit says:

    I’ll give it a shot budd

  47. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know of a vendor coco underground, they were on Valhalla market

  48. Robert says:

    where can i get some forget-me pills, la rocha?

  49. Lammy101 says:

    why is Agartha down as a scam market as used it for ages with no issues

  50. Anonymous says:

    down as of rn

  51. Anonymous says:

    Anyone know a card company that wont scam me

  52. dindon says:

    cherche un forum francais qui marche

  53. Mischel44 says:

    Down :/ my heart is break Dread is my favorite forum .

    Exist only one relevant alternative for dread (DarkWay) ..


  54. hellallua says:

    this is insane ..every vendor and market cannit be trusted ..this is anthethesis of anonymonity ..people just remain the same ..gredy as hell with or without structure ..this is the worst time to buy now …chances of getting scammed are 90% +

  55. bodil says:

    is this forum still available? links dead

  56. Anonymous says:

    YOUR ballz stink DUDE and they always will!

  57. Simon says:

    Who has the best counterfeit money and is a trusted vendor

  58. Anonymous says:

    can anyone help fund my paypal plz.. i’m in debt…. please someone anyone

  59. Mandy says:

    Looking for google my business hack to remove negative reviews.

  60. Anonymous says:

    any kidney market? need to sell a kidney for cash

  61. AC says:

    Anyone have access Mandy?

  62. AC says:

    Also looking around for a
    Couple of things; message me. Please and thank you

  63. Hobbes.Caroline says:

    The wire saw is broken and the water drops are worn

  64. Leon Plumer says:


  65. Leon Plumer says:

    30inch rims

  66. Milfs says:

    anyone know the password for dread?

  67. Anonymous says:

    Please I’m new here how can I talk to someone here

  68. upyours says:

    cant even acces drread to find out whats happening woth empire cos of your fuckong captach the dots i could understand but trees clouds windmills? are you in legue with the. Fuck you

  69. anony johnny says:

    its an IQ test laddie, and you failed… so fuck you and have a nice day

  70. mactipo says:


    why doesnt work?

  71. mactipo says:

    Hello some one know why the site doesnt work ??

  72. mactipo says:

    ok now is work good

  73. Gianni707 says:

    Premium Cards123 are fucking scammers. They are nothing but shit and they will steal your money. The same goes for Ortegs Meds and Buy CC’S. All scammers!

  74. Gianni707 says:

    Can someone please shoot me good vendor for cloned cards? Someone who they can personally vouch for. I’m in the h ol le after getting robbed by bum vendors. Thanks.

  75. Anonymous says:

    Yes I’m
    New too

  76. Anonymous says:

    Anybody know if its possible to hack an iphone with only a phone number

  77. darkjoke says:

    Can someone show me a vendor who can offer discounted cash for bitcoins

  78. Anomous says:

    Hey anyone tell me where to check the cc in empire market i didn’t find any option for checking cc wheather its dead or live

  79. Addy says:

    How much Btc are you talking about? You do mean you have Btc, and you want Ca$h, right?

  80. Anonymous says:

    I need money, send me a message in exchange of my scandal.

  81. Craig barton says:

    Did you find a legit vendor by any chance for cloned cards ive hin scammed by sbt 6-7 different sites now begging to fink there all scams

  82. Anonymous says:

    I cant register and this site calls me “fucking spam”!!
    I can no longer stand!!!

  83. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, I can’t register…

  84. anonymous says:

    I can’t register.

  85. anonymous says:

    OMG! I can’t register and this site says me “Do to spam user registration is disabled”.
    I don’t know why…

  86. Jmoney1984 says:

    I cant crrat a account with dread do to spam?! My question is can I post a comment t on there

  87. Jmoney1984 says:

    I’m trying to basically give q shoul

  88. Anonymous says:

    Hey did you figure out how to leave messages on the home page?0⁰00

  89. FilthyFranksFeet says:

    I can’t register either. I’m also getting the “Do to spam user registration is disabled”. message. I thought the star pattern was supposed to fix the DDoS issue but I’m guessing it didn’t fix the spam issue. I guess I’ll keep trying, but if anyone has any idea how to get around that error message, I would love to hear it.

  90. roscoe1228 says:

    Is there a way to register for Dread or does anyone know if or when they will lift the ban on registrations?

  91. Anonymous says:

    So at least I’m not the only one getting the Bullshit Spam Cannot Register!!! I guess I’ll just keep checking back to see if anyone solves this BS

  92. Anonymous says:

    Any help w the Spam barrier at registration??

  93. Anonymous says:

    Any help w the Spam Problem?

  94. me says:

    BEWARE OF VENDOR “NeighborJimi” from the netherlands ….

    He takes video of him shipping your packages showing your full address etc as proof of shipment and 2 months after no package he posted the video as proof of shipment meaning he holds these videos. a major breech of security.. He posted a live link to a video with my address etc so i had to shut down my shipping address. Whats the point in encryption when a vendor stores your transaction on video?? SPREAD THE WORD!!! HE IS DOXXING PEOPLE AS PROOF OF SHIPMENT!!!

  95. Mrjony says:

    same here keep geting Do to spam user registation is disabled.
    ???????????? if anyone can help???

  96. Anonymous says:

    akhenaten sent me 7g of poison when i recently ordered

  97. deadInTheDark says:

    looking for a good data dump source for name/phones/addresses.. any leads?

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