Agartha Market

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  1. Mr rightly says:

    Something seriously off with this site wickr me etc. Cloned listings galore. Bought coin. In account. Nothing of credit card wft?????

  2. staines22 says:

    Yeah there are very legitimate vendors here among the tens of thousands of scammers, Monoko, expresspharma etc – but you have to know them already I find. I find evidence in the reviews BUT It’s SO obvious when the reviews are made by the creator of the vendor account. Reviews like “yes mate thanks super good legit business mate will buy again mate top star” – clearly someone who doesn’t speak English – all on the same day “166 days ago”. Interface is okay though

  3. blackrain says:

    has anyone heard of “black market activities” ? its a carding market & seems legit but i sent 400 worth of btc & additional fees raised up my order then i contacted support but havent got any response

  4. gkmdxsfm says:

    I recommend prestigevendor to you guys

  5. akin says:

    Is Jimmyda a reliable seller? appears to be approved?

  6. Casper says:

    winterbird scammed me saying he can do western union. Theyre are all african scam artists. Bastads are robbing for fun!!! @Don and @BetteMidler have you found any legit vendors on any market. Im struggling here, sick of getting ripped off

  7. DDD says:

    ONLINEPHARMAR: Scam – Be aware

    not recieving coins i’ve sent anymore. got scammed big tmie by ONLINEPHARMAR

  8. Master6 says:

    this market all vendor scamer most bigger (Vendor: sixxzeros ) wickr (onionone) so b care this market is shit

  9. boncoeur2020 says:

    scammers !!!!! the guys try hack my account on other market…. jake is the aka of the scamers

  10. kial says:

    this market has been down for some time now .. anyone knows whats going on?

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. byiss says:

    Any update

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