Silk Road 3.1

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  1. JOHN says:


  2. JOHN says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Silk Road four better than Silk Road 3? Are some vendors good and some bad on SS4? It sounds like SS3 is a total scam but Information is all over the map?

  4. Linda says:

    really Scam Site Thanks Boss

  5. Kosner says:

    I need crédit card number

  6. stupidfucker says:

    Got scammed like an amateur. Fuck, just look the comments on the products, it’s all “2 days ago”, registration is a joke… JFL I shouldn’t try to order shit when I’m stoned

  7. JayDub974 says:

    Is ther a way to get my bitcoins out my wallet on SR? I just put 30$ dollars on it last night and it’s not crediting to my account? If not fuck it 30 dollars ain’t no big deal I’m just new and wondering what’s to do?

  8. Brandon says:

    Hello guys, can i sell blood/plasma on here? Can someone help please.. Thanks

  9. The Tor Goddess says:

    Hello! To anyone and all that have been scammed by these marketplaces. Of course all links that you can publicly find on the regular web will lead you to marketplaces full of mostly scammers. It is not the sites that scam, it is usually the vendor. I actually conduct business on a darkknet marketplace that is not even listed on here, its extra underground, usually only hackers can obtain the onion url link, they have escrow service, a star rating for all vendors, pgp encryption, reviews posted by buyers, and they show you the date the vendor started selling along with the number of sales and a percentage of trust(meaning the percent of sales that go through without any complaints) Of course, you must always do your homework first and always fuck with ESCROW. You need to know how to spot red flags and be wary of anyone still in Level 1, Level 2 or 3. They also categorize vendors under a Level System. The higher the level, the higher the trust meaning the higher number of good business they have conducted. This site also keeps many extra security policies, such as providing mirror urls so the site will never be down for your use. If one link is down, you just go ahead and copy n paste another mirror link. Beware! There are many scam sites pretending to be the marketplace I am promoting. Please email me privately so I can send you the link. I really should be selling this information but I am part of a referral program, so this site also offers a chance to be an affiliate for them paying the highest percentage per new client I have seen so far, that you refer with your own unique link. You get a unique link assigned after registration, if you are looking into making some type of residual income.

  10. Kk says:

    Same has happened me

  11. PigRoad says:

    Change the name to Pig Road, the market is and has been run by pigs since SR2 fallout. Call them pigs winney the pooh, cuz they love honey…..pots.

  12. Cashqueen says:

    Anyone know where I can get some of that edd money? Send me your info

  13. Smurfdewd says:

    I made a purchase from a well rated vendor (flako) and sent my bc to the right address… Receipt was confirmed through blockchain. This was 2 months ago and it still shows awaiting payment. Pms to vendor are not being answered and there is no way to submit a ticket. The support link just takes you to a mirror of the home page. Stay away!!!

    • tiago3274 says:

      hello you have order in silk road 4 ?
      because i order in silk road 4 in the shop of flako yesterday the 14 june 2021
      anynone buy in the new silk road an d is safe or scam please?
      thx for you reply

    • Autonomous says:

      SILK ROAD 3.1 is a fake dark web website.

  14. gammagablin says:


  15. SayWhat says:

    I fucked up; I transfered BTC to the wallet on SR3.1 not knowing it was an EXIT-SCAM. I am new to this and did not do my research. SR3.1 peeps, if you are reading this, make this right.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Scam , yesterday i send btc to my fkg wallet , im waiting all the night to recived but actualy indt sleep and i have to go to work but still waiting my btc in my wallet , be careful of this motha fucker

  17. gonzaka says:

    Es una estafa!!no metáis dinero en el wallet…

  18. gonzaka says:

    No llegan los ingresos al wallet…Estafa segura!!
    Estos monederos son corruptos.

  19. Mick says:

    Looking for H powder

  20. Anonymous says:

    waxthtazz = scammer

    • Allah says:

      bruhhhh I remember seeing his name on silk road like two years ago I bought something off him and it was fine I don’t remember what it was tho

  21. Gonzaka says:

    New fraud wallets Silk Road 3.1.Nueva cuenta estafa Silk Road 3.1 wallet.Don’t insert money in the wallet!!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Can someone recommend a trusted site to buy opioids pain killers, please.

  23. Anonymous says:

    True, the same happened to me Vendor Amsterdam2015, no change at the status, but changed the payment address

  24. annnnooonnn says:

    scammed by italianmafia – do not use this site or italianmafia … found same seller on another market and denied all knowledge. just lost £200

  25. Serious59 says:

    i very hungry
    because problem
    attention for xtc
    the scammer is

    i have paid to this adresss and this personne said
    not plaid
    so loook my transaction and look ce transaction to the account of the personn…

  26. Serious59 says:

    where this a support
    is not ok
    i have paid and si not ok
    help me plesae

  27. manny says:

    Need a hook on blues and black. The m30 mexi fentanyl pills. Near Seattle.

  28. tom says:

    Je pette les plombs !! je comprends pas pourquoi quand je vais sur silkroad 3 , je ne vois aucune photo des produits .. pk????

    Help me pleaaaze

  29. StickyIcky says:

    how to contact support? Never got my deposit

  30. pablo escobar says:

    i need tusted seller drugs delivery to turkey

  31. Anonymous says:

    Sucks. No response from a vendor and can’t raise a ticket.

  32. Anonymous says:


  33. Anonymous says:

    Silk Road 3.1 is SCAM!!!

  34. Anonymous says:

    hello! Can anyone contact this site’s support?
    My BTC disappeared during transfer..
    When I go to support, it just shows a blank page..

  35. her says:

    Same here no support, transferred BTC and nothing…

  36. tiago3274 says:

    please anynone test the silk road 4?
    is safe or is scam?

  37. tiago3274 says:

    please silk road 4 is a scam???

    • Rolex says:

      It is a scam dont belive the feed back, I’ve made an order from this famous vendor, and he didn’t reply any messages, so I’ve found him on another site and messaged him and he said silkroad 4 is a scam and he can’t access his vendor account so he can’t even see your order so how can he ship anything?

  38. Marsouin2014 says:

    Silk Road IS a scam… Ordering 2 times, no big deal, just some little prices, but never arrived, no response of any message. Don’t go there ! you’ll loose you time and money.

  39. xavier mciver says:

    Looking for low prices on lbs of hash or cannabis

  40. AccstoresHep says:

    Good choose, fast delivery time, average prices. All this words about this service. I am a customer of this service 1.5 years, like it

  41. becky spark says:

    where can i buy stuff from? any of these silk roads legit?

    • simo69au says:

      Me want to know as well looking for some really pure h legit hanging for some good shit cause wots in Oz is pretty crap at the moment pls can some bro help!!!!!!!can make it worth your time and effort

  42. anne says:

    Need help stuck living in fl and d man is locked up. Dont know anyone else

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