Silk Road 3.1

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Is it offline?

  2. Anthony says:

    I need your services badly

  3. Anonymous says:

    ANyone Know if ItS LeGiT? \1337

  4. Anonymous says:

    Where can I find the link to silk?

  5. wikilick says:

    don’t buy on silkroad 3.1, made 4 orders, just 1 arrived and with poor quality. its a scam!!!

    • The guy I’m replying to is dumb says:

      First of all it’s a market with many TRUSTED VENDORS on it if you knew about TOR and the markets you would know the common most trustworthy names on their saying Silk Road as a whole is a scam is idiotic considering you ordered from 1-4 vendors out of thousands on there next time be sure to order small from vendor and then after receiving order bulk or whatever amount you’d want. Also most importantly there is a rating next to everyone’s user name make sure that rating is good with over700 sales and. A good amount of positive reviews

  6. abe99 says:

    After i sent money,,there always came a new pay address waiting for payment.
    Support ticket not possible due to not activated order!
    No response on request for help!
    I think its a spam…at least a selective one

    • S.Helve says:

      The exact same thing has happened to me and others i know!

      No response from the admins on these matters.

      Can’t stress enough how dodgy this is by essentially forcing you to move your money to their onsite wallet rather than perform direct transfers.

      My advice is to avoid!

  7. Me says:

    It’s definitely NO SCAM! In case you didn’t receive stuff then it depends on the vendor but if you chosen escrow then there shouldn’t be a problem at all coz you will be refunded.
    Did 3 orders from 3 different vendors, all for some hundred $ by escrow – 2 were international and 1 within Germany: all received after max. 5 working days, all GREAT stuff at unbeatable prices. Just find the correct vendors and you will be happy with Silkroad 3.1 – the stuff all together is worth more then 2k sold so good profit possible

    • John says:

      Ahh tu me rassure j’ai effectué une commande mais après j ai vu que tous le monde disaient que c était une arnaque je l ai prit en Escrow ca fait 3jours même si il disais 1 à 2jours car même pays sais peut être juste un retard je pensais m être fait arnaquer

      • Anonymous says:


        • Axam says:

          Très fiable même. Il suffit de choisir un vendeur réputer qui offre un service sécuriser (Escrow)! Le plus d’achat sous le nom d’un vendeur, le plus fiable.

    • Anonymous says:

      it is a scam. just lost 0.02btc — deposited into my account’s wallet and instantly my account was deleted. the site is exit scamming or something. made sure it was the right url.

  8. flen says:

    Used 10 people now, all but 1 arrived, bash kings and diazipan UK are great

  9. VC9i3chVq says:

    yeah, same here. 3 orders paid, 100+confirmations by now on blockchain and all 3 orders were still ‘waiting for payment’. now 24 hours later and orders are gone and no way to contact anyone as I have no active order. No support ticket and no chat.
    Now ordered at nightmareocykhgs and empire all went well

  10. 3v3rlast88 says:

    Bitcoin didn’t arrive to Wallet, new bitcoin address for wallet when I check back, what’s going on?!?

  11. 3v3rlast88 says:

    How can I contact support as I dind’t receive my bitcoin to make a purchase ?

    • VC9i3chVq says:

      via SR > Inbox you can send an email to support.
      Came out that I had used silkroad[redacted].onion which is a fishing site. Bitcoins lost.. 🙁

      • 3v3rlast88 says:

        What was the fishing site? Any silk road link i use i can log into my account so i dont think i used a fishing site. But i dont see an option for support?

        • 3v3rlast88 says:

          Hi, but this isn’t the link I used. I used another link and set up an account via this link. So it should have been ‘legit’ so to speak. Bitcoin still not there, and it was quite a lot of money, is there anything I can do to figure this out?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the link to silk?

  13. wan says:

    hello, please any legit site where i can buy prepaid cc details?

  14. z says:

    Hi i need someone to help me make money

  15. raider says:

    Need usd any good place I can’t get them

  16. BIG JOX says:


  17. SamsonSimpson says:

    Silk Road 3.1 is scam. Used the official url. Payment wasn’t recognised and no way to contact support. In spite of escrow service I think the money was rinsed threw the toilette

  18. mnkimitl says:


  19. Jen says:

    Silkroal3.1 scammed I semt 150.00 us currency and sent 4 notices to the person who got the order as well 4 to the administraters no responce back.They suck I would like to bust the fuckers they been popped and shut down before

  20. Thelodger says:

    Its no scam find the vendors and you will not lose anything , these c***suckers saying it scam must be trying new vendors or cards or some shit like that. The drugs are great on SR. Escrow protect you, if you want try FE then do so at your own risk. Have bought many times from SR not 1 problem like 40-50 times and I agree with ME what they have said correct information ME.

  21. Tosabo says:

    Offline ?

  22. DojoSmallz says:

    I’ve had 2 successful orders thus far.

  23. Anonymous says:

    fucking scam Empire is the only legit market atm

  24. Anonymous says:

    try to login , successfull , then shows page “/” thats it

  25. Anonymous says:

    I was a vendor on Silk Road 3.1 until they slow fucked $3000 out of me so shut ya face TheLodger, ya know nuttin!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Silk Road is the Best

  27. bubbles says:

    I cant access? I havent been on in about 2 weeks though, did it move again?

  28. Marrack says:

    When I sent bitcoin to the silk road address it never came through so silk road has essentially just stolen my money. Am I right? Is it an exit scam or have I made a mistake and can get my money back

  29. bluegalgal says:

    hi any1 on here know of a GOOD ealible source xno scam no messing about x

  30. Orion says:

    i dont get it they give there PGP SIGNATURE along with alt url to avoid pushing but i cant font there public keys anywhere?…….anyone?

  31. Lance says:

    Tried to open the market and first site I landed on was called “bka seizure” as the name of the tab and some “site not reachable” (don’t remember exactly) as the page content. Tried again and everything worked as it should, no problem to log in. Now I am deeply confused if its still safe, as BKA is a german police unit. Couldn’t find anything about a SR seizure on the net though.

  32. Anonymous says:

    what do u lot buy on it

  33. leondeikal says:

    Can’t login. Asks for CAPTCHA but when I type it in, the page times out. Anyone having similar issues? If so pls post mirror links.

    • mister MR says:

      Same here any updates?
      I had a few orders I was still finalizing and now I can’t get past captcha.. I hope it’s not another ddos attack.. I still have all the other links but none work either

      • Golden says:

        I’m having that issue today won’t let me log in at all says wrong password I have the correct link ??‍♂️

  34. Drac says:

    Keep getting a 504 gateway timeout when trying to enter capcha anybody no whats up?

  35. tupac says:

    fuck you all you motherfuckers tupac

  36. dont like it says:

    ya my link is tiiming out and saying its a bad gateway what the fuck

  37. Mpatch says:

    Can someone put on new link please ta!!

  38. dark alley says:

    Stolen £150 off me in Bitcoin with it generating the same code for every purchase and no response from support. I changed my account twice and it still did the same thing changed it to something totally different and that worked i have placed an order well I want my money back.

  39. EVIL88 says:

    Definetly not a scam use it all the time, the only issue is some parts of the day it wont let me connect to the site like its blocked it keeps running but doesnt connect then server times out, make sure you you are only on this address all others are fishers or .com at the end this is the only address you should see when logging onto the silk road 3.1 (silkroad7rn2puhjdotonion) always make shure cause there are alot of simmular addresses but they are cloned sites that you should not be directed to the site I wrote down is the correct silkroad site. Happy shopping everyone and remember always go with vendors that take escrow, your coins are safe there other wise you are not protected by the system if you dont.

  40. j says:

    anyone recommend a good vendor for WU transfers, Cards, Passports and Fake Bills? Wickr cls22 only using escrow though

  41. hdjsns says:

    Yo, having an issue logging in. Any updates?

    • Anonymous says:

      Haven’t been able to log in ether for a couple hours you have any luck yet

      • hdjsns says:

        No idea what’s going on, still can’t loggin. Damn, the DW markets are becoming unreachable one by one. Think I’m gonna try SamSara next.

  42. EVIL88 says:

    Try silkroad they have a section for what you are requesting.

  43. glizzy45 says:

    who got good cpns hmu asap

  44. Debf says:

    Is silkroad down? Get 504 error After captcha

  45. EVIL88 says:

    This shit is fucked always working on site especially frustrating when u put $1300 order in and you can’t log on the next day it his has been go in on since Sunday morning it has done this before what a stress full issue the site is down some parts was working yesterday for Mabe 1 HR enough to check my messages and orders some folks need and rely on this sire. It’s a reliable trust site when it’s WORKING I check constantly marking it seem like it’s my devise not theirs.

  46. Anonymous says:

    HI all, the site is back up again this morning, I’ve just been able to place an order, I got kicked off a couple of times, but then was able to log back in and finalise the order. All looks good now.

  47. Anonymous says:

    bullshit its not up and running. a few days ago i could do captcha to a 504 gateway, and now its going straight to a 404 server not found.

  48. Anonymous says:

    deadass this shit took my money

  49. Anonymous says:

    yeah im having the same problem, cannot get onto silkroad at all.

  50. Anonymous says:

    where else can i find legit benzos?

  51. Anonymous says:

    Current message when attempting to access SR3.1

    We are performing upgrades and data migration to improve availability and functionality.
    The first stage of this will require the marketplace to be offline for an undetermined period of time. We will be back as soon as possible and all user funds are safe.

    We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience and will provide further updates within the next 48 hours.

  52. EVIL88 says:

    Thats bullshit the Road is a legit site, You probobly got address wrong any type o can cause your order to be lost, always double check before you hit send, I order frequently and never a issue and I orderfrom 5 different vendors, also order from someone inside your country not outside, U have customs ripping open everything, not safe route, All my vendors are always spot on.

  53. 666 says:

    Help!what market work now?

  54. Anonymous says:

    What is going on with SR 3.1?????

  55. Anonymous says:

    SR 3.1 wtf is going on???????????

  56. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully it comes back. I had about 400AUD worth of BTC on there from a recent refund. I was going to withdraw it the night before too, but I couldnt see straight to login to I left it till the next day, only to be greeted with this. Oh well, if it comes back it comes back, if its gone for good its gone for good. Can’t do much either way but hope.

  57. Anonymous says:

    It feels like wallstreet market

  58. Anonymous says:

    damn that shit gone for real. litterally 4 hours after i bought something. can i get a god damn f in chat

  59. Queenfredmerc says:

    are they like not coming back? i have orders on there still and funds…..i have the vendors other online market now but i prefer SR being as i can protect my funds…..can you guys let me know any news or what this does sound like…

  60. RD says:

    Is silk road closed for good? If so which is best market to join? Empire never works for me

  61. 666 says:


  62. EVIL88 says:

    This is nothing new I also Had over 1300 worth of orders on SR and it goes down, They say our funds are safe I have trust in them, The only issue is before you make adjustments to a site they should freeze only the ones who have not any active orders in and let them and the vendors take care of their buisness then freeze the site for adjustments, not have folks worry in limbo about their funds being held, They will eventually come back on, they were once compromised and then they built the 3.1 site and refunded the vendors and the buyers that had their funds hacked, what I think they are doing is making more security adjustments for the saftey of their vendors and customers and their funds as well, always make sure that this is the site you are on because there are links on here that look simular but are not the real road this is the correct link silkroad7rn2puhj.onion always make sure its showing this in your window. They will be back, when not sure but it wont be longer than a few days. They have done this before and always came through.

  63. queenfredmerc says:

    wow really this again? this is bullshit “oh updates within 48 hours” havent given us any updates since meanwhile vendors on the market won’t even answer me now when i have multiple orders through them., what is it with these people demanding more and more respect from buyers when it should be the other way around WERE the ones trusting THEM with our money…..

  64. BEN ZO says:

    Hey now Im in the US……….Ill check my inbox latter this evening lets talk.

  65. bymer says:

    like they said updates would be given for 48 hours and they havent said aword…..if anyone knows whats going on please do post a reply and does anyone else know reliable markets that dont act like nightmare market or other shitty ones? i created an account on there and deposited 604 dollars worth of bitcoin and the link WAS safe posted by them on DREAD and my funds didnt even show up and got phished and i told them and they said its not their fault when i used a fucking link they provided and said was safe …… i don’t understand why it’s so fucking hard to give people updates especially when they have funds on there ….ridiculous we need ROSS ulbricht back

  66. bymer says:

    if anyone has an idea whats goin on please answer and idk why they havent updated it’s been 48 hours and they said they would

  67. james says:

    is it possible to send a message to the staff of silkroad and ask whats going on ?

  68. Anonymous says:

    whats they new go to makret boys?

  69. anya says:

    How can i finalize payment for a package i got from a vendor. Does the payment automatically go through to the vendor after a couple of days? Last status was shipped and i haven’t been able to log back in to change the status to release the funds.

  70. ananymous says:

    Do the payments get automatically released to the vendor after a couple of days? Last order i got from vendor was left at shipped status and i haven’t been able to log back in to change the status and release the funds to them.

  71. bigpapadons says:

    Anyone know vendors with legit jungleboyz or dispensary packaged stuff? i need it sent to AUS

  72. Anonymous says:

    yeah after 14 days the payments automatically release to the vendor

  73. queenfredmerc says:

    i trust in them too but there is no reason why they shouldn’t be able to give updatees,

  74. Anin says:

    504 after captcha, whats going on 3 days?

  75. 666 says:

    Helpppp!!!what markets wprk now????

  76. big fat ballz says:

    Whoever is still not on empire is fucking retarded

  77. BEN ZO says:

    Simon I forgot to add 88 its privateservers88
    LMK I can get something out to you today, sorry for the hicup.

  78. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know about the updates of Silk Road? Any idea when the site will be online again?

  79. Paul says:

    So no one knows whats going on? How can we contact the staff?

  80. realzlife says:

    satri4bb5r56y253.onion/ Is the SR forum. Get on that and you’ll understand what is going I

  81. Anonymous says:

    Don’t use any old links

  82. Anonymous says:

    The forum

  83. Anonymous says:

    28 Aug Status – One Silk Road 3.1 admin claimed the other admins had stolen user funds in an exit scam. Another Silk Road 3.1 admin chimed in and claimed that the exit scam rumors were false. Instead, the second admin said, the original announcement came from the alleged scammer–a former admin who had recently been fired for stealing deposits. The truth is more complicated than it seems. Further Information

    Darknetlive for updates

  84. Anonymous says:

    I have made and received a new order from the link that is attached to the forum satri4bb5r56y253.onion/
    The walrus and trovi are the trustworthy ones. It’s the only link running right now so is sometimes slow and unable to get onto it.

    • WTF says:

      This is the hoax do not believe these guys, The real silkroad3.1 will be back up this weekend all funds are safe you will not loose any money you had on orders or in your accounts you will be able to replace your orders again.
      This is the only link that is real
      silkroad7rn2puhj.onion if you are not on thei link you will be scammed follow this link and you will get your cash back this weekend it was just having matinence done for security reasons…..Again do not believe these links from walrus and his partner the satri forum is also bogus stay away unless u want to be scammed, anyone whos recently lost their funds go after walrus and trovi they are the ones who were the moles……

  85. ASF1234 says:

    This is from the walrus (SR admin)


    Post by TheWalrus » Yesterday, 2:09 am
    Hash: SHA512


    We are setting up to bring the market back to you and fight the ddos attacks, and we will return to normal. Staff will be here to answer your questions while we get things set up, and after this we will be secured and will face no further interruptions.

    Daray/Xonnek/Cobalt has confirmed through a 3rd party he will try to bring an old database online with the V2 URLs and has outsourced someone to set the server up for them and will turn this into a phishing site, please consider this your warning.

    Our main URL will begin to be yepxc2ikci67ohca7n5vwkzdpji46brh … bsqd.onion and we hope that we do not need to change the current V3 onions but there is the chance that we will.

    We have had no contact with HugBunter past him giving his jabber to add. He has stated he is inclined to believe our side given we have provided transaction IDs and are working to keep the market online. He has claimed he is not partnering with Daray to bring the V2 server online with an old database but his silence is speaking louder than words. Any DDoS on our market comes directly from Daray.

    Stay safe,


  86. Anonymous Noob says:

    Please Guys Help me out!!! I bought a cc from a vendor called Loyal4royal62 is he a scam?? I can’t cash out the credit card…..The card got declined when shopping items online what do I do………………………………….Is there anyone who can help with a cash out tutorial???

  87. Carb0n says:

    Silkroad is on its way back online they had to change servers and urls to protect everyone’s funds.

  88. patience says:

    Dont believe the WALRUS he’s full of shit 🙂 wait for the regular links to work as usuall, have patience

  89. Anonymous says:

    Short and simple version:
    – ————————
    – – A admin was terminated for not following the agreements that was placed when the position was given and for ultimately stealing a large amount of BTC
    This admin ran the main market server and database, and so we was forced to shut down the market as we setup on new servers.
    – – Since the termination the admin has and is still attempting to spread FUD and lies to hurt the market.
    As well, he is attempting to setup on different URLS to steal more funds.

    We apologize sincerely to every body for this situation, and ensure that it will never happen again.

    A few other things to know

    – -The market will be back up within 48 hours

    – -We have a copy of the database right before we took the market offline, so no data will be lost.

    – -We are NOT changing our onion URL, we have been on the same onion for years, and this will never change.

  90. Anonymous says:

    Message jinzu da god on ig legit

  91. Anonymous says:

    Anyone know why Satriales’ Forum is now closed?

    • 88 says:

      Because the dude that was stealing folks coins on the main site Thats why and the one that stole the coins is keeping the forum active still giving both URLs being one is fake so when you go on the ghost site and place the orders you will be generated a address to send the coins to but its not going into escrow it was going straight to the thief’s address, not giving you anything thinking that the site robbed you, The only real URL is the one you see here silkroad7rn2puhj.onion any other URL is fake when I first started using SR3.1 I did a quick URL search and hit the link for not knowing or checking it directed me to what I thought was the Road so I placed a order with my normal vendor and sent coins, I logged out later next day I logged back in but under this link and I had no orders in, I complained no response, Then When I did Make sure u are not on a fishing site so I checked what URL I was on on that date and it was not this URL so they said if its not this one then you got fished……After that I always make sure I am on this URL before I place any orders or send any coins all I can say is be careful and make sure you are on the right link.

  92. Anonymous says:

    Heres hoping that it comes back.

    If not, press F in chat.


  93. Paul says:

    The other admins informed HugBunter that the the opposite of Walrus’ warning is the actual truth. Other admins fired Walrus after he had stolen user funds. Then, after the other admins had fired him, he still had access to the server but not the main URL. The “working mirrors” are in fact Walrus’ own creations.

    An Official update on the Silk Road subdread:

    We closed the market to make an upgrades and are working on it still… celeste will be here shortly to sign a message (head admin).

    During this, former Admin (Walrus) has stolen all user funds and move the platform onto another onion address. This is firstly a warning, if you use this cloned platform you will lose your funds! Walrus is attempting to exit scam by doing this and also made a post here earlier suggesting the Admins are exiting but this is a false.

    The market will be online again when we are complete. This situation is far from ideal now but all stolen funds he has stolen have already been replaced from cold storage so your money deposited before the maintenance is completely safe.

    For updates continue to follow the /d/silkroad post.

    In a private conversation with Darknetlive, a post on Dread, and several posts on the Silk Road 3.1 forums, the administrator known as “Walrus” warned users that two (now former) administrators of the marketplace had “hijacked” the market’s v2 and v3 addresses, stolen roughly two Bitcoin, and accessed an out-of-date database used “to run phishing sites.”

    With little information to go on right now, this post serves primarily as a warning that something out of the ordinary is happening with the marketplace’s administration. Darknetlive is relaying the warnings provided by Walrus, a Silk Road 3.1 administrator. The admin signed all messages and posts with his official key. The rogue admins allegedly attempted to sell the market to the admins of Nightmare Market and the admin of Empire Market. Darknetlive cannot confirm this with the Nightmare Market admin and has not confirmed this with the Empire Market admin.

    This is the update for now

  94. kkk says:

    You can’t even acess /d/silkroad anymore

  95. premiumcake says:

    I have script ones I’m vendor premium cake on silk

  96. Tf says:

    It says closed for maintenance

  97. AnOnYmOuS says:

    Aproxemetly when will the marked back online again ?

  98. Chr3zZ says:

    Anyone knows when SR 3.1 is open again? We’re all waiting a long time. I hope we can access Silk as soon as possible. Walrus must be fired! Always that f*cking scammers…we are all family. We must work together.

    Greetings to the SR Team

  99. Anonymous says:

    Forums are also closed…when an if site returns i am sure someone will post the new platform URL…I still believe in this sites administrators…exit scammers do not apologize and say they are working to restore users faith in them!!!

  100. queenfredmerc says:

    I don’t think its gonna be open again theres no reason why it should have taken this long without even an update im sure they exit scammed, weather it was walrus or not they haven’t even bothered to throw us an update ever since that guy commented saying Celeste would be leaving a comment with his sig. or whatever he said, i had to switch to empire market which i had issues with right away with depositing , ANYONE looking to switch there be careful and have second thoughts because you have to generate a new address everytime you deposit, i deposited a small amount to make sure it was not a phishing link and it worked so i deposited again over 900$ and it didn’t show up luckily they fixed it but the support staff is notorious for not being there aswell they can take up to 2 months to answer a fuckin support ticket so i would think about going toanother market or just sticking with the vendor you do trust, i am waiting for SR again if it ever shows back up i don’t thin so but who knows just have faith in the mean time i only do must needed orders on empire.

  101. queenfredmerc says:

    Premiumcake are u gonna ship to me now or let me order last time i ordered you canceled my order and wouldn’t let me order for some reason.

  102. ezbreezey says:

    Still can’t get on SR- Any one know of reliable snow dealers?

  103. jon says:

    its still not back, and there’s nothing i can see on the dark or otherwise to tell when SR 3.1 might be back online. What’s going on, it looks like there’s no one reasonable source who is maintaining the pages to make sure it’s safe to store our money with it. I’ve got bitcoin on the website I can’t access and can’t spend either.

  104. Chickenfood says:

    Bullshit, the silk road team has exit scam and no more nothing. All founds stolen. Simple!

  105. Anonymous says:

    sr is up.. check forum for new mirrrs!!

    • OBAAT says:

      I wish I could believe this please put up the link if you have it. I am losing hope and it is sad, great market and now I am losing out on this months profits which pay the bills… screwed any suggestions for a vendor on which marketplace is good…started with dream went to SR3 now back to being f***ed.

  106. Anonymous says:

    New mirrors?

  107. RIP SR3.1 says:

    Leave F in chat to pay respects for our fallen market.


  108. Anonymous says:

    Are there new links?

  109. hobo1369 says:

    Anyone know a market with goods that ship from Australia. I had a reliable snow delivery on 3.1

  110. WTF says:

    Does anyone use Empire? I have placed 3 orders with 2 different vendors spending over $1000 in total but it states processing order vendor has 3 days to ship, Well 3 days go by on all my orders money goes back into my balance on empire, Is this a dummy sit were you put cash into your balance and you place orders that will never be fulfilled because there are no vendors, This site is just feeding on your coin intrest? does any other buyer have the same issues buying on this site? I need a supply and since Silk was consistant, I have yet to find another legit site to purchase off, WTF all this shit with silk and everyones cash and orders in limbo I gues the darkwb has finally went to crap which Im hoping is not the case, Sucks when you rely on The web for your go to for years and then this crap happens, LMK if anyone has been deal
    ling with simular issues, You also can not even get a return message from the ADMIN or vendors on this site Empire either.

  111. ezbreezey64 says:

    with SR still down, looking for alternative. anyone use Cocaine Market? is it ligit?

  112. ezbreezey64 says:

    With SR down, looking for alternative, anyone used Cocaine Market? it is legit?

  113. GudDeus says:

    Does anyone know how to contact Samspade2?
    Old Dreammarket vendor, He was mah man.

  114. ezbreezey64 says:

    Looking for a connection to SR vendor – White Horse- was the best on SR!!!

  115. joe says:

    alternate mirror site for sr 3.1 up ? you say? where is the link my friend?

  116. ezbreezey64 says:

    Looking for SR vendor – White Horse…was the best on SR! LMK if anyone has contact info. Thanks!

  117. stanfan87 says:

    if ANYONE has any positive experiences with any other markets, please share..
    Theres alot of links to the left but never heard of them..

  118. Top says:

    Empire is the best chance at finding vendors from SR 3.1
    LIKE SR, you have to do your due diligence on who you opt to deal with. Look at only rated vendors with sales that are up to date.
    You’ll find many on empire that were on SR, so use the right Url and good luck.
    Look at reviews from buyers and let’s all remember to take the time to review so others can feel they know what they can expect as well. It helps all of us keep the market in good order and the bad vendors at bay.
    Party on,

  119. stanfan87 says:

    SR’s overrated.. I just checked out Empire and they seem legit.. There’s always gonna be scammers from SR to EBay.. just pick the right vendor and check reviews..
    I’ll prob give it a test run.. wish me luck

    • Anonymous says:

      empire is good, there are few things wrong with it but few things with every one, its deffinately got more listings than SR but the support staff is notorious for no help and not responding

  120. Anonymous says:

    SR3 is back up, but… is anyone else not able to make an account to log in??

    • Fkers says:

      It’s not real, it’s just one of the assholes screwing with us all. Try it and see what it spits out. Proof it’s been exited to me, your login is toast meaning so is your wallet.

    • Anonymous says:

      I tried three times and tried to register and it just seems like it’s not going through or they are gathering information

  121. Anonymous says:

    SR3 est une arnaque
    Pas moyen de login. Je parie sur une récupération des login avec cette page de merde

  122. Anonymous says:

    Samsara Market is the new dream, tried out a couple orders, bot came super quick and legit for great prices.

  123. EVIL88 says:

    Just tryed to relog onto forum it cuts me out, then try to re register to only the same, is this all a hoax to steal all our cake?

  124. OBAAT says:

    Says will be back up this weekend how about some positivity. I accept it already if it’s over on SR3 but if they were gonna take the money and run (exit scam) they wouldn’t be wasting there time getting the forum back online (it won’t let me register but I think it is just not working ATM, you can see at the bottom different people registering and you may need an invite. I am a vendor and am going to stay positivie on this one.

    Exact words from SR3 URL

    NB! Silk Road 3.1 Marketplace will open it’s doors again THIS WEEKEND! Funds are SAFE! Everything will continue as normal as it was left off at 26th of August! Be cautious of phishing sites such as Satriales’ Market and other clones!

    Optimistic. Gives me more hope than the none I had. SR3 this weekend PLEASE and THANK YOU

  125. SR31 says:

    The SR on mirrors aka Satriales is a scam, don’t withdraw from there wait for SR3.1 to be online

  126. Anonymous says:

    awwwww yeah im soo happy i could kiss you… come here!

  127. -top says:

    I think it’s a phishing site getting your login and passwords. Now they can get your wallets.
    I wouldn’t trust this to be legit.

  128. fkers says:

    All I’d say is this. Think like a con scam and this all makes sense.
    Shut the site. Thousands of wallets. Getting logins are no problem, but you need the password.
    Make up a forum, the people think it’s legit. Now get them to login with the old login and password for SR. Wah la. Your now gotten.
    I’d stay away

  129. Anonymous says:

    who is stupid enough to log on without making a new name?

    • Anonymous says:

      thats y i have 2FA on Empire market.. site seems legit.. just pick the right vendors.. be patient cuz that may take some time

  130. Mazze86 says:

    I cant login

  131. stanfan87 says:

    yea i just had some in escrow which i accepted as a loss already.. i never put money in their wallets so it’s whatever.. if they put the same amount of effort into something legit, they’d make something of themselves.. but that’s so much time and energy just to steal peoples money lol.. thats y this world has long been screwed cuz of people like that

  132. stanfan87 says:

    lol they say all funds in wallets and escrow are safe lol.. yeeeaaa okay.. pigs are flying now btw

    • WTF says:

      Now the Forum srforumz25medsp7.onion, and silkroad7rn2puhj.onion the links cannot be found wtf huh, one issue after another fucking funds are safe, who holds up peoples funds for over 2 weeks, Alot of people rely on these sites to put food on the table and for the site to be so ignorant and hold everyones funds is crazy, they have everyones puplic keys they should give everyone messages asking for a address to forward their funds to not hold everyones shit up.

  133. Mdikbal says:

    Main Paisa ke liye kuchh bhi kar sakta hun

  134. Anonymous says:

    what happen with silk road 3.1 is it better to wait ?

  135. Anonymous says:

    funds are lost??

  136. premiumcake says:


  137. Anonymous says:

    The whole thing seems like a scam…

  138. Anonymous says:

    its uo

  139. Ghislain says:


  140. jo says:

    When I try go on there says server not found.

  141. Anonymous says:

    Funds are lost

  142. Brandon says:

    I use empire now its legit and works fine you just have to buy from the right vendors

  143. D says:

    Its up and my wallet is alive. Now to see if vendors come back other than to get their funds out.

  144. pzzadlr says:

    I’m still getting maintenance, will be back shortly

  145. Anonymous says:

    yeah me too getting be back shortly mantaince so where you go that u see the web site up

  146. Adam says:

    Is this site safe

  147. Anonymous says:

    the main link doesn’t work for me… but the mirror does?? it’s suppose to be the offical mirror but everythings so shady lately i’m afraid to login..
    silkroad4n7fwsrw.onion <<< is this a safe mirror to use???

  148. perry says:

    just lost 600+ on an order, think it was a phishing link 🙁

    • Anonymous says:

      On silkroad 3.1?

    • Anonymous says:

      I lost 150. Don’t use it. Try Berlusconi instaed

      • Anonymous says:

        dude, I lost 40$, when you order something you get directed to the bitcoin adress and the amount of bitcoins you should send, as usually. But when you send you Bitcoins and later go on you “orders” tab and open there your order, it says you an other Adress where you should send your bitcoins.
        I believe this site has become scam, not the Vendors, but the site owners.

    • Anonymous says:

      dude silkroad7rn2puhj.onion is the old link were I ordered the last 6 months successfully, now after a pause of nearly 2 months I wanted to order again, but only that one link worked, the mirror links doesnt worked anymore which made me only a little bit suspecious.
      However, now I’ve lost 40$.

    • badpeter says:

      I checked my wallet today, i lost 80usd which should be in my account. silkroad7rn2puhj.onion/ this web is scam!!! it must be hacked, so do not use it anymore, i just wanna buy some cc but i dont know where can i buy it.

  149. Dave Brown says:

    where can i get link to new silk road 3 site please?

  150. OK says:

    Was it a fishinglink from I just found this site..

  151. Rich says:

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  155. Sakura says:

    Where is Amish Mafia?!?!

  156. Anonymous says:

    is the new silk back up and running ?

  157. Anonymous says:


  158. warload says:

    nose beers

  159. Laura Mallon says:

    How do I order Adderall ?

  160. Anonymous says:

    Is SR still working properly? Got done over on a FE order…payment never confirmed. Is it normal for the BTC payment address to already have a significant amount of transactions and BTC?

  161. Folk Nation says:

    The Plug?

  162. Anonymous says:

    No good boys lost 500 then they took the forum down

  163. Anonymous says:

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  164. vendetta says:

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  165. Shoemeister says:

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  166. GoldenEyeSpy says:

    I need some PP Money. Who can help?

  167. tedex says:

    I need gift cards

  168. snace says:

    usagear won’t make good on a wrong purchase sent. Heed the warning. I have never had issues with him until I did. Don’t trust anyone who is capable of effing one of their customers even once.

  169. Juicem says:

    Kan I get directed to Legit profiles first name last ssn and id numbers legit only

  170. Rysn says:

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  171. Fordcar99 says:

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  172. Khaki36 says:

    Someone hmu. I need the high purity molly Asap

  173. ChampSonar says:

    have 2x money on silkroad 3.1. lost. the btc address given in the deal was different the next day. contact to the support not possible! ATTENTION SCAM!

  174. Hans says:

    I sent money to seller-next time site doesn’t let me in/”no such user”-fucking scammers

  175. ivanivan says:

    Methadone, where to find? Help guys.ty

  176. goa says:

    Is vendor theSimpsons trustworthy ?

  177. Papawoody says:

    Ice pls?

  178. Puffinbrain says:

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  179. jake says:

    anyone with some acid? hit me up!!

  180. [email protected] says:

    Vebdor:AmazingPharmacy77 is a scammer , do not send btc

  181. Scam victim says:

    Total scam. Deposited btc then logged in a few hours later expecting the tranaction to be cleared. They’d changed my deposit address and lost funds. Use a different site

  182. TomCollins says:

    Hi All can anyone suggest a good lsd source..

  183. John00 says:

    Can anyone suggest me someone reliable for lsd tabs, too many scams around and dont want to risk

  184. Dime says:

    Coinbase transfers aren’t working. Anyone else having success?

  185. Anonymous says:

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  186. Anonymous says:

    BTC Adresses in Deals change and Deal stays in “awaiting payment”. Definetly exit scamming!

  187. yoyo says:

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  188. Ray8 says:

    Xanax 2mg (50 pills) for $90 btc

  189. Dean says:

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  190. OgCarl says:

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  191. webfool says:

    FUCKING SCAMMERS!!! They change the BTC address after the order and nobody answer for the assistance.

  192. Anonymous says:


  193. Carx says:

    Got scammed on silk road 3.1

  194. Brian says:

    Who has xandss

  195. vishnu says:


  196. Anonymous says:

    does any one know what happens if you deposit money to your wallet on silk road and while the bitcoins are being confirmed, before they get deposited, the deposit address changes? i deposited 750 usd worth of BTC and they never showed up even tho they say they were confirmed from the wallet i sent them from. i checked and the address for deposit had changed! i checked it before i sent the money as i always do, copy and paste it but i also write it to make sure its right. where is my money?

  197. mano says:

    they are scammers for sure, do not send your money to this site, they have disabled the forum and buyer chat when people began to expose them and they are not responding to anyone on support, they stole my monero too.

  198. Jay says:

    Searching for fish scale. Highest quality only. Opium as well. Thanks no BS here.

  199. Anonim says:

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  200. Toon says:


  201. Anonymous says:

    it’s a scam!!!

  202. Simba says:

    I’ve tried 3 times to deposit money. The BTC address has not changed but no money has arrived in my wallet. I contacted support but I’ve heard nothing back in days. I smell a fucking SCAM!!!!!!!

  203. Pokemon says:

    EXIT SCAM !!!

    Be careful !! DON’T DEPOSIT bitcoins, they will never arrive in ur wallet & their forum is offline !!

  204. Damo says:

    I been conned as well, anyone hook me up with some DMT

  205. Anonymous says:

    SCAM lost 300$

  206. Anonymous says:

    yes ladies and gents silkroad 3.1 is nothing more than highway robbery

  207. luckyOne says:

    the weirdest thing happened to me))
    Had 3$ in my wallet. Woke up on Saturday and they became 400$)
    Bought 280$ worth of goods and tried to withdraw the rest)
    210$ are on the way and 70$ were cancelled (never showed up in my wallet)
    My withdrawal is not processing))
    All up, i am 210$ positive LOL

  208. Jecpas says:

    Etes vous certains que c un exit scam ??? Je vien de deposé 550€ btc sans regarder les commentaires avant…. je vien de me faire prendre 900€ sur berlusconi….. quel market reste valable ??????????????????????

  209. Anonymous says:


  210. Shaun says:

    SCAM! Careful! Don’t send your money to this site.
    I lost all my bitcoins, they never appeared to my wallet

  211. Caterpillar Pete says:

    Credit cards ? $5000-$10,000 credit

  212. Jay ruga says:

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  213. Jay ruga says:

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  214. Mrredeyefox says:


  215. Genius says:

    Had the same problem like anonymous. Do any now what is the problem right now?

  216. Hp says:

    Need dump cards

  217. Doe says:

    Used silk road 3.1 for over a year now never had no problems and latest order was 25/09/19 and received it within a week, also for people saying the deposited money doesn’t show in wallet, never had that problem last deposit 07/10/2019 took around 2 hours to show.

  218. AnonymousUser says:

    Well i put 300 into my wallet nothing showing copied and pasted the address admins wont reply to support tickets EXIT SCAM do NOT use these clowns

  219. joejoe says:

    damn, just bought some pills. first the payment was done, but had to be verified by the blockchain. Now it says no payment has been done, while the transaction was actually succesfull. Seems like an exit scamm

  220. fucking great says:

    Strange, I smell scam too, I had this issue on 6th October, Mod said to me my wallet address was linked too 2 accounts, and the money i sent to what i thought was my wallent, ended up in some other guys account (luckyone* says he got +$400) I only deposit $100, but maybe this a genuine issue?
    Although i did make a new account and deposit $2 but it didnt show up, so maybe they seen the site was fucked, then decided exit scam?

  221. A Customer says:

    Silk road has embarked on a most spiteful and deceitful fraud against buyers and vendors alike. They refuse to investigate disappearing BTC, citing phishing or account hacking when it is the moderators themselves who have systematically helped themselves to funds.

  222. Anonymous says:

    I’ve got .12BTC stuck in withdrawal. I made a purchase and was messaged by the vendor saying he will refund me as he has been unable to process any withdrawals and has had no support from the market.

    He refunded me, I put through a withdrawal to my external wallet, and it has been sitting in no mans land for almost 72 hours. It just says payment processing/pending.

    I opened a support ticket asking what the go is and when it will be withdrawn, and an admin replied after about 30 hours saying “The withdrawal will be processed when we are able to”

    I fear an exit scam. I am hopeful, but signs do not look good. Vendors are running away, forums are down, and withdrawals are not working for a lot of people.

  223. another lost customer says:

    Still waiting for a refund from an expired order…support ticket opened days ago and is about to time out. Also tested a small BTC deposit to my ‘current’ wallet…has been over 12 hours and is still a no show. Surprise surprise!

  224. Anon says:

    I suspect that they lost a lot of customers a month ago when all that drama went down. They hoped to get it back online, but people had already moved over to other markets, so they decided to take the money and run. Forums are down so people cant talk about all the issues, and in another few days/a week, while still allowing deposits but not allowing withdrawals, they will shut it all down and take off with whatever BTC holdings are left in the market.


    F in chat.

  225. povsquad says:

    WTF IS HAPPENING TO DNMs… first nightmare, now this? tell me some good dnm

    • rolando says:

      Empire and Grey Market have worked successfully for me in the past couple of weeks. I have BTC in refund limbo on silk road 3.1

  226. bujakajamajka says:

    I ordered today on fe . Vendor say its everything OK. He had money and shipped order.

  227. jim says:

    First deposit… never arrived.. used localbitcoins and sent from there. Was i not supposed to do that? :S

  228. AnonymousUser says:

    From what I can see it’s an problem with the wallets and the money going into different people’s wallets I have been told to contact a specific admin with my payment info. So guess I’ll update you when I get more answers.

    • Ajuk says:

      Any update on that??

    • Anonymous says:

      can you share what admin you are supposed to contact? ive lots over 850 dollars which translates to.. i donno still a lot of BTC from depositing money into my deposit wallet, never got the money and my wallet address majically changed!

  229. Anonymous says:

    twice now I’ve made a purchase, the funds confirmed, and then the Bitcoin address I was supposed to send it to changed, cancelling the order as it timed out because it was still “waiting payment.” Pretty sure it’s just done.

  230. Nobody says:

    They are doing an exit scan, stop sending them money!

  231. Nobody says:

    They are doing an exit scan! Stop sending money!

  232. everyy says:

    Does anyone know of a good website market where you can get legit steroids. Silk Road has not many options

  233. Katia24 says:

    I have sent my bitcoins 3 days ago but I not receive my funds on my account ! Is it a scam ?
    What’s happen ? On blockain , I look that my funds have been sent on other adress ! It seems a scam ! So , please explain me now because SK don’t answer on the support !
    What’s the exit scan ? Does SK refund le soon ?

  234. no one says:

    TO anyone who is having deposit problems like myself DO NO DEPOSIT YOU WILL LOSE YOUR COINS the admins never got back to me and its been 48 hours with nothing resolved I have lost plenty over the past few days thinking it was a glitch but it wasn’t.

  235. Unhappy says:

    Probable Exit Scam. Stop sending money to SR3.1 for the time being. Until they show themselves as honest and they allow everybody to withdraw their money, assume the worst.

    ive got $1500 withdrawal sitting on “pending/processing payment” for the last 96 hours. Opened support ticket and they said “We will process payment as soon as we are able”

  236. bidder says:

    i sent Bitcoin to SilkRoad wallet but didn’t received but the transaction is completed. They haven’t solve my ticket yet, already 5+ hours

  237. Cloudhead says:

    Silk Road 3.1 not refunding cancelled orders, vendors having trouble getting money out and forum is down 🙁 No way to contact support re cancelled orders. I smell an exit scam coming

  238. Anonymous says:


  239. Ajuk says:

    I haven’t seen this feed and sent some btc to my wallet on SL last night and still nothing in the wallet. And now they came up with this fucking maintenance? What the fuck! These were my last money and I want my stuff!!

  240. lost btc says:

    exit scamming

  241. jose says:

    The irony of these people doing exactly what our government does… fuck the people who support them.

  242. Anonymous says:

    i thought my computer was hacked, now i find everyone is losing their bitcoins when depositing.. i would really like my 850 dollars!

  243. ShiningStryke says:

    Meine Auszahlung wird nicht bearbeitet, bestellungen verschwinden und die coins sind auch weg, refund wird nicht wieder auf die wallet zurück geschickt! Was soll der ganze scheiß hier??? No response from the Support or the Vendors !!! SCAMMER Markt ???

  244. goethe says:

    i have no access as vendor! i get failure “maintenance”
    a new buyer account is full free, you can use all the pages, make orders!
    absolutely EXIT SCAM !!!

  245. Anonymous says:

    I’m pretty sure we all got hustled.
    @vendors: messaging on orders still works. Attempt buyer retention on your own terms.
    @buyers: message your favorite vendors.
    Maybe we can decentralize the market.
    Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  246. twins7979 says:

    silk road 3.1 steal my bitcoin they give me an adress and the bitcoin never arrive i think it s the moderator because they never answer me

  247. Jack says:

    Same as twins 7979 !

    I made several purchase on SR 3.1 but the last one , the bitcoin withdrawal never appear on my wallet, no answer from support and now….site down.

    SR was admin scam at the end 🙁

    • COAJ says:

      Same thing happen to me last week i contacted the support admins and nothing came from it sent them the proof and never got back to me. My Support memver was tavion anyone else ?

  248. makhmood says:

    is silkroad down? or im the only one experiencing this iisue?

  249. Nobodie says:

    silk dead

  250. no1be4us says:

    haven’t got any problem to access

  251. Ajuk says:

    Yup, same fucking here, deposited on a friday night and nothing is there. Absolutely pricks, lost my last $50…. silk tiad admins are fucking cunts. Can’t trust anyone and how the fuck am I supposed to get my product? By trusting other markets? Sick and tired of this shit. Just legalise drugs already, you fucking morons……

  252. lisaJ says:

    i just logged in now, although i don’t trust this market anymore. They have simply lied every since they came back online. this market should be flagged everywhere

  253. barry says:

    they scammed everyone!!! alt coins still dont work after over a month and they stole everyones bitcoin

  254. Anonymous says:

    Temp down for maintenance, don’t worry

  255. bruh says:

    I just spent my last $50. I have no money now. Fuck this…

  256. Not a hacker says:

    Silk is fucking dead

  257. Anonymous says:

    they stole $200 from me this is not acceptable

  258. caydax says:

    is sr 3.1 gone then ? does anyione know of other markets I can use please

  259. katia24 says:


  260. Anonymous says:

    Some vendors have left public messages that their withdrawals are finally slowly being processed, so maybe there’s hope for us buyers too?

  261. anon says:

    I lost $1500.

    F in chat guys.

  262. DrFeelGood says:

    I have Liquid Morphine if interested. Pharm Grade. 20mg/5m…..400mg per bottle.

  263. Anonymous says:

    No refund. Do not use this market. October 15 2019

  264. Anonymous says:

    Still waiting on funds to show up in my wallet. Could be a maintenance issue but also an exit scam. id do no business with them until things are sorted out. Have done alot of good business with silk would hate to see them go.

  265. Anonymous says:

    over £800 stolen

  266. staroutlet says:

    as a vendor i was able to withdraw my btc and not scammed. I think the market will be online and working again soon.

  267. Fuck Silk Road says:

    I was stolen $ 450.

  268. Anonymous says:

    After a deposit of 180$ few days ago, still nothing available on my Silk account… Alert scamming

  269. tx48200 says:

    Stole my BTC DO NOT DEPOSIT!!!!

  270. anon says:

    I just used it they sent me my package

  271. lefrenchtoastmafia says:

    Have had successful transactions here before, but yesterday (October 14th) tried to deposit money and it never went through. Lost about $700

  272. Anonymous says:

    i want to learn hacking learning Anonymous please help

  273. Anonymous says:

    Do you guys have news ? My bitcoins are also not showing.

  274. Anonymous says:

    they scammed me and saying maintenance they stole my money

  275. Anonymous says:

    Their admin is fixing this open a support ticket

  276. Anonymous says:

    for guyers everything working for sellers if logg inn maintance

  277. Faris says:

    Yup I deposited 50 euros and it never went through. FUCKING FALSE.




  278. Faris says:

    Silkroad 3.1 is FALSE. They stole my money and will steal yours.


  279. Vendor says:

    Also showing maintenance page for me (vendor)

  280. ayy LMFAO says:

    reload the damn site if it shows maintenace…………….. i don’t know why people haven’t tried this but it’s pretty easy to do.

  281. paul says:

    still maintenance page for me (also vendor)

  282. Anonymous says:

    scammers taken $400 from me!!!:@

  283. non says:

    i saw the messages and tried withdrawing. since then had maintenance.

  284. goldfisha says:

    two orders of mine were “expired”, somehow btc were transferred but were never received by vendor?!? – support has ignored my 4 messages now – USD 250 gone into btc nirvana….

  285. anon says:

    any opdate on the site

  286. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes when i try login i get maintenance, but when i refresh page i can log straight in. I have left 6 support tickets since 6th october, but all have been left unanswered, so I doubt the admins are doing anything

  287. Good night and good luck says:

    Ive been using the DN in all its different fashions since the early 2000’s and my friends, the glory days are long gone. I have also fallen victim to this and lost money. Between the government agencies and the greed of cowards who hide behind a PC screen, they have managed to ruin a cottage industry that was enjoyed resposibly by many. Once again the actions of a few has ruined things for the many.

  288. FUCK SILK ROAD says:

    They scamming. Stole 50 bucks and I noticed that the deposit address for BTC was different this time. I should have known better FUCK SILK ROAD

  289. Anon says:

    Tried to deposit 15 bucks worth of btc and it says the transfer was successful and complete but it hasn’t appeared in my btc wallet on the site. Still waiting tho. I can’t raise a support ticket bc I have no transactions to flag.

  290. Anonymous says:

    works for me

  291. Nocando says:

    I have been using it and I trust my vendor but 2 orders now the payment address changes every time I log in and no1 is getting back to me neither. Extremely frustrating as I’ve actually paid for it and no1 is acknowledging the fact?!

  292. Anonymous says:

    They had some issues with their past admin, the new one is fixing everything but they have loads of open tickets just give it some time.

  293. Alex says:

    No trust in the SILK ROAD they steal my BTC around 80 USD last week:no answer no refund!!!!

  294. Seth says:

    I sent over $600 worth of Bitcoin to my SilkRoad wallet October 11, 2019 after a successful transaction the month before. Never showed up. No response from the admin. They are obviously stealing. Where do you go now??

  295. Anonymous says:

    so explain then why buyers can logg inn deposit and look everything..
    and seller log in see every time maintenance ????

  296. NON says:

    anyone have a working market?

  297. Anonymous says:

    scammers dont trust it

  298. han says:

    thet steal my my btc. I have send 1000$. this site is scam.

  299. warning says:

    Silk Road is doing a exit scam! Please avoid!

  300. laila says:

    exit scammers avoid them at all cost

  301. Anonymous says:

    I think they just had some issues but they are fixing them, hard to say its a scam when the admins is fixing peoples issues and sending funds out. Understand they have many support tickets open and it will take them a few days to respond to your tickets

  302. Anonymous says:

    no issues are being fixed the site came back online on 9th september altcoins are still disabld they disabled the forum and buyer chat they are exit scamming

  303. Katia24 says:

    NO they don’t answer at nothing support ticket !
    And ours bitcoins are arrived then they were sent on one other adress ! You understand : they steal our bitcoins on a few bitcoin adress ! ! !

    • trxpzero says:

      Same thing happened to me , they sum assholes all the way for that , i recommend using Samsara or Apollon , apollon is very new but very secure

  304. Avoid_SilkRoad says:

    EXIT SCAM! I ordered yesterday and today i got the info that the order is on the way. But i contacted the vendor at Empire Market and he told me that all vendors are blocked for logging in. So its a lie! SilkRoad 3.1 is only open for buyers to ripoff your money. Please avoid them! Please send out a official warning and remove SilkRoad from the list. I was stupid enough to not a better research before ordering at SilkRoad. Check always the Dread forum before you shop! Have a good day and watch out for all the scammers out there!


    Still having received my btc desposit after almost a month. No response from admins either. BTC DEPOSITS ARE NOT WORKING

  306. mike says:

    Everyone go to yellow brick road market its pretty much just like silk road but they dont scam . and i know a legit ❄️?

  307. Mike says:

    F*CKED RIGHT UP, Don’t even bother, they’ll take your money too!!!!!! Lost over £200, no-one is getting back to me on my support ticket, money just vanished and my address to my wallet has changed 3 times!!!!!!!

  308. Anonymous says:

    to the person saying go to yellow brick road market that is also a scam site

  309. Anonymous says:

    Nightmare market all over again

  310. D says:

    I’ve lost 500 on silk road just this week. Do not use nobody cares at SR bunch of thiefs

  311. Alf says:

    Did anyone elses wallet address change after you deposited money? That’s what happened to me and no-one is helping me!!

  312. Anonymous says:

    I have bought 750€ and no anwser and no packahe in my postbox ……

  313. blabla420 says:

    I ordered $ 4000 and they did not send any package
    no one is answering

    • Jimmytwoshoes says:

      I use Chinamanpharmac he has the best shit have used him for years from sr to empire to his website but now I direct message him never issues do try him! Msg him w his name here a protonmail

  314. Rolly69 says:

    I have good h, c and pharmaceuticals

  315. Theircoming says:

    LE has seized the servers, if you placed an order in the past 3 weeks LE not only has your money but they got your personal info start looking over your shoulders you have all been sold out

  316. Theirnotcoming says:

    LE have NOT seized the servers, just stop visiting that site, accept your losses and move on, they are doing an exit scam just like they did in the summer yet we were dumb enough to trust them

  317. Chinamanpharmac says:

    Hmu on protonmail for almost anything inquire

  318. Anonymous says:

    anyone got a wckr for 2CB

  319. roverto says:

    Necesito informacion de como consegir una droga en concreto por aqui

  320. jentere says:

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  322. Anonymous says:

    They blocked vendors. They only want buyers to continue to buy and they will keep the money.

  323. Anonymous says:


  324. Anonymous says:

    How can I make money starting with none

  325. John says:

    If you wanna buy any drugs, send us a message on Wickr
    SR is currently in exit scam mode. Do not trust them!

  326. Vendor - says:

    NO vendor is able to login anymore. Hope they die by cancer!

    • BarakOpana says:

      Why does it say that certain vendors have logged in today (10/24)?
      Obviously the movement of bitcoin in the blockchain confirms an exit scam.
      Are the moderators hacking vendor accounts and withdrawing funds?
      Trying to understand how this works.

  327. ron says:

    does anybody have weed for sale.. paypal?

  328. Anonymous says:

    DONT BUY OR DEPOSIT! Lost all my money there

  329. Anonymous says:

    Lost my money as a buyer! wired small amount to account SR3.1 wallet as test..Never Came!

  330. paul says:

    I list my money in their wallet….. no fucker replies back.

    I am from the UK…. need weed… any uk sellers about.?

  331. Anonymous says:

    If vendors are allegedly locked out, why does it say that many of their last log in dates have been today (10/24)?

  332. BBKING says:

    Why does it say that vendors have logged on today?

  333. BarakOpana says:

    If vendors are locked out, why have some of them been online today (10/24)? Also, is it typical that deposits go to a central address and then are redistributed to their accounts?

    I hear news of some sort of new exit scam every day, have been using SR for quite some time and never had issues. Anyone at all optimistic? Or are we surely fucked?

    • jj says:

      seems like admins are using vendors accounts to send mails linking them to ‘new profiles’ on other sites. These are SR admins trying to scam EVEN MORE. All vendors have been locked out for almost 2 weeks now, they stopped them because people were arranging trades off-site and organising different methods of transaction when SR went down. DO NOT TRUST SR, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY, THERE IS NO HOPE FOR THIS SITE.

  334. ivanxxx says:

    F** this.
    Just entered Empire, couse berlusconi doesn’t work, made my few first orders!

    Empire Market has an affiliate program where you can earn 20% of the profits every time your referral purchases anything on the market.

    My Referral Link: empiremktxgjovhm.onion/

    Send love. Regards and stay safe

  335. i love cocaina says:

    quiero 1 gr de coca

  336. Z says:

    Need connections

  337. Saz says:

    I was wondering what was going on. Placed an order last night and nothing. Order did not process but bitcoins deposited and confirmed. When checked the blockchain it got redestributed right away. Was only for $80 dollers and could of been a lot worse

  338. KAY says:


  339. staroutlet says:

    If you’re looking for a reliable vendor, send us a message markets.
    We are active on multiple markets like: Tochka, Empire and Cryptonia… unfortunatelely not on SilkRoad anymore..

    Staroutlet – Vendor

  340. Anonymous says:

    Most likely exit scam. Tried to make 2 deposits there in the last 2 weeks & neither arrived.

  341. Mr l says:

    Cheap side to buy smart phones

  342. James says:

    Yooo in Florida need oxycodone 30mg. Contact me ASAP cash in hand..

  343. Anonymous says:

    I’m pretty sure that this is an exit scam.

  344. ivanivanxxx says:

    F** this. Scams everywhere.
    Just entered Empire, made my few first orders!

    Empire Market has an affiliate program where you can earn 20% of the profits every time your referral purchases anything on the market.

    My Referral Link: empiremktxgjovhm.onion/
    Send love. Regards and stay safe

  345. ivan says:

    F** this. Scams everywhere.
    Just entered Empire, made my few first orders!

    Empire Market has an affiliate program where you can earn 20% of the profits every time your referral purchases anything on the market.

    My Referral Link: empiremktxgjovhm.onion/

    Send love. Regards and stay safe

  346. Proton Man says:

    looking for some good H. can anyone help?

  347. Crypto D says:

    silkroad4n7fwsrw.onion <<– ( This Link is up)

  348. scammed SR user says:

    SR3.1 is EXIT SCAM. Sent payments to orders but never registered as received. Not a peep to support tickets, request for support, or messaging an admin. STAY AWAY.

  349. Franz says:

    So, in 3-4 months I lost a lot of money. Nightmare, silk road and now it seems Berlusconi too.
    Wich is a good one

    • semtex says:

      Me too i lost 700€ in one month time!!!!
      I was only ordering from berlusconi market now its down.
      Please dont trust mazzeltof he was in the past very good and now you only got problems with him.
      I lost a lot of money to him.

    • ivanivan says:

      Me 2.
      Berlusconi the most money.

      I entered Empire, made my few first orders..everything ok. Apollon has some vendors that are not on Empire, but prices are better on Empire (in my opinion)…

      Empire Market has an affiliate program where you can earn 20% of the profits every time your referral purchases anything on the market.

      My Referral Link: empiremktxgjovhm.onion/

      I made around 16euro for now…
      Send love. Regards and stay safe

  350. Anonymous says:

    You guys r fucking idiots

  351. ablaze says:

    i want to learn hacking
    where i can learn it?

  352. gorden says:

    i think the markets all go under Attack .better we orgenize our self here

  353. chris says:

    Are you fucking kidding me? I went to the deep web link for 3.1 and I made a purchase. It says payment not received even though i sent it over 2 days ago. No email from seller nor support

    • Anonymous says:

      are you stupid? it clearly states here WARNING, STAY AWAY FROM THIS MARKET, yet you still visit the site, they are not allowing vendors on the site only buyers so you pay but you receive nothing because vendors are not able to get to the site, this is how they are stealing peoples money

      • chris says:

        I’m confused. This is the link I used: silkroad7rn2puhj.onion is this legit? Placed my order 6 days ago and havent gotten a confirmation on my payment. Says seller has been offline for 7+ days as of today and I requested for help on the page about 4 days ago. No response from admins. Any idea what’s going on..? Or was it just a scam link.

  354. dark_shadow says:

    i am looking for someone who’s able to sent physical card with good amount of balance

  355. Anonymous says:


  356. noname says:

    is there any famous Bulletin board used by many people in dark web?
    i want have some connection with them.

  357. anon says:

    is there is West Australia Vendors Here?

  358. Anonymous says:

    need a Coc SRC holla

  359. 1700949353 says:


    Seeking a dark net purchase one, paid! A true and valid identity passport is required

  360. Q1700949353 says:


  361. malveaux23 says:

    Looking for grade AAA weed

  362. IIIIIIIlllllllIIIIII says:

    yo i got you meet me at 1347 N 8th St, Fresno, CA 93703 and trust me i got the stuff

  363. Mr.Dic says:

    Looking to find a top shit.

  364. ivanxxxxxx says:

    Stay away from this market and forget your money.

    I entered Empire, made few orders..everything is great. Apollon has some vendors that are not on Empire, but prices are better on Empire (in my opinion)…

    Empire Market has an affiliate program where you can earn 20% of the profits every time your referral purchases anything on the market.

    My Referral Link: empiremktxgjovhm.onion/

    I made around 25 euro for now…

    Send love. Regards and stay safe & high.

  365. Anonymous says:

    true true

  366. shadyfan says:

    Is there a forum where we can discuss which Sellers to stay away from and darknet news and whatnot?

  367. phucksilkroad says:

    Empire seems to be fine for me.. I deposited money twice.. coins are still there after months.. They have a lottery and a referral system in place.. Here’s my referral code if u wanna give it a look see:
    There are many big trusted vendors from SR that are currently on Empire now

  368. josh says:

    empire isnt even working now

  369. fieldbaby says:

    wheres the links at to the weed sites?

  370. Boogeyman says:

    Empire is the way to go boys!

  371. RunByTheFeds says:

    Jackie2017 is le, that site has been busting vendors for years, and all with the help of Jackie2017 working both sides of the road.
    Getting paid and using the pay to make purchases and busts.

  372. Anonymous says:

    You can only get a card vendor through someone who the vendor knows directly, All this deepweb link are all scams!

  373. 💋 says:

    Looking for credit cards account

  374. gio says:

    does anybody at all know how to contact anybody tied to site? i requested a refund of funds that neither vendor nor myself had access to and support has just been mia from start. now i see the whole site may be down? I know its probably not possible but if so would like to recoup what i lost

  375. MrDear says:

    what happend to my stealth ordres ?

    Buyer please copy this order ID and key! You will need it to access your order later. Do not disclose the key to anyone.

  376. Stella says:

    How can I find a forum or list of connections for the dark wine to buy pills and other party favors? Need to know what’s legit-been ripped off 2x.

  377. meiert402 says:

    Hi please contact.

  378. Anonymous says:


  379. Announcement says:

    Looking for credit cards, accounts any thing money

  380. Announcement says:

    Please contact

  381. Anonymous says:

    need books

  382. Anonymous says:

    i saw a comment here about Jackie2017, he was part of the August 26th scam and this scam

  383. Infected says:

    They’ve been sending infected public keys to users, user accepts key, users ip and mac address now leak, now they know who they are talking to, user gets busted.

    And if you use wickr, it’s time to hang it up.

    Your devices imei number is now in the hands of jonny law.

  384. noname says:

    ive used empire several times since silk road shit the bed, isellcandy, triton, and jollysjellys — all sell fire mdma, fast shipping with great stealth.

  385. Lemons says:

    Where can I get speed?

  386. Buddy says:

    Empire…there’s a few good vedors from eu.

    Empire Market has an affiliate program where you can earn 20% of the profits every time your referral purchases anything on the market.

    I think it’s the best market, except support, there is none…if you finalize, you can’t open a dispute and you’re fucked… tickets are bullshit

  387. Anonymous says:

    Dax and Jackie2017 are scammers!!!

  388. Anonymous says:


  389. Pogo says:

    Site is online again… BTC price is not the right one though…
    Any1 knows if legit again ?

  390. kushpirate says:

    I sent bitcoin to a wallet on silk road 3.1 several days ago now, nothing has come in, Whats the go?
    is this whole market a scam?

  391. Sad says:

    It’s sad to read that they’re still making money off that site.
    Karma is a mofo.

  392. Anonymous says:

    How can I get on Silk Road

  393. Anonymous says:

    Where can i get promethazine codeine?

  394. Midget93 says:

    [email protected]

    I’ve got weed, hash, codeine, coke and molly of your looking for it.

  395. Jackie2017 says:

    We are here to bust you………..we have your info.

  396. PgpKEE says:

    can someon help me with the silk road wallet?
    i deposit btc to the wallet url, but it generates new url’s each time i refresh.

  397. Khan says:

    Any xanax bars available in bulk UK?

  398. majesticf says:

    Hey. Searching for ghostbusterz vendor. Any one know where he is?

  399. anonymous says:

    Silk Road is come back! Now its running again.

  400. NEO says:

    scammers alert agartha market vendors
    movingtrain wikr: movingtrain111
    blocked by vendor after sending coins. everybody beaware and stay away from these vendors..
    dream boss
    eniplugssupply lvl 8 scam artist
    wicker legit12
    wicker: vandot123
    wicker: vasto420

  401. Jackie2017 says:

    Yes come back we give refunds, just give us your wallet address so we can’t trace you.

  402. Anonymous says:

    Any decent secure and reliable marketplaces for Uk for sinola cocaine and weed for England

  403. NEO says:

    any active legit vendor?? kindly help

  404. apollonGuy says:

    I think apollon is great, you can cancel your orders (you can’t on empire), and it’s very fast..
    Just had few orders, many vendors from other exited markets and empire are there and they have promo/free addons on orders!

    If you want, you can use my referall link, thank you in advance.

    Be safe and stay high guys. Please write what do you think about these markets…

  405. Ludko says:

    Can any one send me some real vendor on silk road?
    Or maybe another market with real vendor?
    I was already scammed by dutch-christiana.

  406. buddy says:

    @neo, @ludko

    For what?

  407. wdym says:

    does anyone else experiencing delays on deposits on silkroad?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes. You mean vendors showing that they received funds? I sent mine 3 days ago and still not confirmation. But from what I’m reading here Silk is all SCAM at this point, which I can confirm.

  408. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been talking to some dude who lost everything by exit scam on SR3
    Where is a good place and safe to buy weed ?

  409. naz says:

    i need passport europe or visa shengen can any one help me

  410. Jackie2017 says:

    yes we stole all your money, haha!

  411. STAT says:

    where can i buy xanax and actually receive it ?

  412. cbow1231 says:

    Is SR 3.1 offline or gone?

    • littlefish2bigfish says:

      Wondering the same thing im looking for a specific vendor his name is StealthGod thats my homie i lost contact with him after going through alot of things myself with life. Someone please guide me to the right Silk road link?

      • littlefish2bigfish says:

        Im trying to reach out to him. I need silk road to possibly do that I really need to talk to him or her whichever. If someone can help me with the links you would be greatly appreciated by me if that means anything 🙁

  413. Mohsen says:

    I’m waiting for the top one to email me on silk road because I want to get the job done

  414. Mohsen says:

    Hello i want somebody to be fluent in internet and computer thanks

  415. Brew says:

    Any Aussie venders?

  416. Anonymous says:

    Hi! I want some weed! How to purchase that, guys? Is it a scam or what is it? Never done it b4

  417. Anonymous says:

    Looking for dpr

  418. Mohsen says:

    I want a person who is skillful and professional in IT and Internet and computer

  419. says:

    I want sex

  420. isuckatnames says:

    Looking for credit card vendors can anyone hook me up

  421. xanman says:

    Need xanax plug that can ship to Canada

  422. Anonymous says:

    Any reliable US to US Xanax vendors?

  423. Kevin Murray says:

    Want to browse offers

  424. Honest Abe says:

    onebaratatime go on Empire one bar at a time they are outta massachusetts, they are fast and reliable real xanax not fake………

  425. Anonymous says:

    Hola legal barsa

  426. Anon says:

    ktoś moze mi pomoc jak mam oplacic zamowienie przy pomocy OnionWallet

  427. Anon says:

    Can you tell me how can i make payment from OnionWallet?

  428. ghost says:

    Yup no more silk road they ran off with all the money smh

  429. Rolloverme says:

    I’m new any us vendors can’t find my white girl or her pal Lucy

  430. Anonymous says:

    Who got numbers?

  431. Anonymous says:

    Or numbers for Edmond, okc area

  432. ItsBack says:

    They brought it back for a 3rd round to fuck everyone over.
    All the admin are the same person. They play games with our money every 6 months.
    I can’t wait to read about them getting busted.

  433. Anonymous says:

    Any heroin vendors and benzodiazepines

  434. J says:

    Any uk vendors

  435. Dsfookuthk says:

    Lookin for that 3 letter plug…. Hit me up…. Spending rolls. Daily…. Good product gets heavy pocket

  436. TheyAreScammers says:

    stay away from this place, they scammed us twice this in 2019, dont let them scam us again THEY ARE SCAMMERS

    • SameAdminFrom3YearsAgo says:

      There’s no they. It’s only one person, always has been always will be. Don’t believe the crap he says, he’s the admin stealing funds.
      The story of admin changing but going back to the old interface makes no sense.
      How does some new admin have access to an old interface from 3 years ago?

  437. hidden grape says:

    Any lsd vendors from US to us

  438. FunnyGuy123 says:

    Is there any legit market in deepweb left If yes pls send me URL or something.

    • GOODKARMA88 says:

      Go on empiremarket fk u will never get scammed go with vendors with quality ratings

      • Mapplex says:

        Can you send me the link

        • Blackcat5/ says:

          Can you send me link

        • GrammyAndie says:

          I’d love to agree with you, Goodkarma88, but I had Empire give me a wallet address, I sent the coins over from Coinbase, and they never showed up. $250 and after 3 months of sending support requests nearly daily, they sent me some form letter about why I might have lost my funds. Then, the guy I was buying from off of there REGULARLY, USAGEAR raised his prices because they wouldn’t approve his request to FE. He also claimed he is ONLY on Empire and Appollon – liar – put his name in a search on Silk Road…he’s even bigger on here and been here longer. I got four orders from him, two at Empire and two at Appollon, which were discounted because I FE’d, first order was an usual – over night, FedEx. Second order, again FE’d…..he messaged like he always done “shipping asap my friend” – he got my money, I never heard from him again! I’ve messaged him 10 times….he has himself in Vacation mode on Empire so I can’t message him thru there and I am TRYING to message him thru Silk Road to call him out on being a damned thieving liar!! Their stats don’t mean shit….at any time, they just take the money and run. All I want is someone I can trust to buy the Xanax I need for personal use. Is that asking SOOO much?? I’ve been ripped off so many times…ANYTIME I’ve purchased “pressed” Xanax it turned out to be fake – usually antihistamine. I’ve been screwed out of well over $1500 between Silk Road, Empire, and now, Appollon. Do not believe anyone who tells you they are selling you a 4mg Xanax….there is no such thing and they are presses. They usually sell them in bulk to dealers because they figure the dealers aren’t going to care as long as they can make money. It’s not like we can call the cops or anything like that! There needs to be some common respect and level of trust between Vendors and Buyers. But I guess if every market is going to have an exit scam, we have no where left to go.

          • Lancelot says:

            I have exact the same! I generate a BTC adress and I deposit on that adress. One hour later the BTC adress changed and my money never arrived on my account! I’m trying to get a refund from my deposit but did you got anything back in return?

          • LAncelot says:

            I exactly had the same! I deposit to the new generated BTC adress, and 1 hour later the adress changed and my money never arrived. Did you get it fixed with empiremarket or something?

  439. James says:

    Scammed on here by a vendor called uknextday

  440. MKUltra says:

    Any Silk Road Market after the take down of 2.0, has been run by LE.
    Wicker, was invented for one reason…..
    LE to get your IMEI number.
    Jackie2017 is a fed account, for years they had their private key posted below their public key on their profile.
    All you had to do was was scroll down past their public key, and bam there was their private key.
    Anyone could see this with a little patience.
    It doesn’t take much to get past a simple password once you had all that right in front of you.
    SR3.1 is a cross road for vendors to meet their demise.

  441. xoxo says:

    Any1 know where to get fast good tramadol and gabapentin?? Been searching for hours….😫

  442. Jaack Harvey says:

    Any credit and debit cards links here or a card for wish hmu

  443. gogo says:

    I use Apollon, never had problems with deposit, I always use ESCROW, and everything is fine for now! Apollon has affiliate program, to get 25% fee of referral transactions, just add this to SAFE Apollon link:
    ALWAYS find links on onion live, there’s bunch of phishing sites -be extra careful! I’ve been phished x2 and Apollon support helped me the same day! And guys, don’t use wicker vendors 🙁 Cheers!

  444. boboskjiji says:

    I confirm exit scam, probably federal take control of the site(my opinion)

  445. ANIO says:

    SILKROAD Is NO scam



  446. Rec says:

    Coca en lima por gramos ? 20 40 ó 50 gr

  447. Jesus says:

    scammed by Vendor called BlueMagic. 100% scam now.

  448. YouDeserveIt says:

    With all these new trusted markets out there, if you are still going to Silk Road 3.1, then you deserve to get scammed.
    It is no secret that this site has been scamming for a while.
    Get smart people, start using your brain.

  449. deadoneifnoLSD says:

    we need to adivse people more thats bullshit i bought lucy the vendor actually replied anmd said it was comin 1 month later i wrote a fucken worth less ticket 10 days ago they dont reply i start talking shit know i cant reach the web site omgthere fucken low lifes i have PTSD and i need this medicine i brought my wall beacuse of PTSD i bought from this site 2 time thats fucked up

  450. L12 says:

    So it’s down for everyone right? And no orders went through to the vendor? I was a first time user on the site buying from an apparently trusted vendor and couldn’t send a messsage to him. Also there was no response from either staff or the seller. My guess is that they kept all escrow money and didn’t send the sales through while also cutting all contact from buyer to seller.

  451. Blue says:

    I wouldn’t call it an exit scam because the site is still taking orders, but it’s definitely a scam now. The vendor won’t receive your coins and you won’t receive your product. Just lost $275 to the asshats because I placed an order from a trusted vendor one day before seeing this notice.

  452. pxxrmxhv says:

    Scammed by HeinekenExpress. I never got scammed by this vendor but he did it. Does anyone know a good vendor that ships to spain?

  453. Tore says:

    Can anyone recommend a vendor for acid

  454. Calvin J Richardson says:

    Can someone point me in the right direction for thc vape cartridges the real shit

  455. rayvolution says:

    Ordered goodies by StraightfromNL. Never got the goodies. Contact the vendor and the adm. Both never replied.


  456. JAMES says:


  457. Anonymous says:

    are people here stupid? Silk is a scam, there are NO VENDORS items are being marked as shipped by the admin (s) STAY AWAY you really must be stupid

  458. getbent says:

    I placed an order with PLABS over a month ago and got totally fucked. I’m not angry… just disappointed.

  459. Anonymous says:

    Do u guys know any codeine sellers legit

  460. Shannan Tippett says:

    Wilson, did you ever get your order?

  461. CHARLIEUK says:


  462. CHARLIEUK says:


  463. Pissed Off says:

    Scam no support when required and vendors dont send items so your money gets stuck in escrow and you need to keep resetting the time limit or the vendor will get your money.Ive just lost almost £500 and been trying for weeks to get it back but no joy so beware or you will lose your money.

  464. justinrolinger says:

    Is this website reliable if you use common sense

  465. TomTom says:

    If everyone receiving same result… We must all abandon this chips .. they making money and we not getting any positive outcomes..

  466. Anonymous says:

    Scam and more Scam run for your money, do never use this site for anything

  467. Nukethesite says:

    The site steals your names and addresses, and starts to monitor packages to those addresses. Then take out the vendors, then when you’re not receiving any more packages and you’re no longer help to them, you yourself gets the silver bracelets.

  468. Kanye says:

    Anybody have luck with Global Market l?

  469. Anonymous says:

    anyone got a website that actually works

  470. Mr. Unknown says:

    Dutchanonstore is a scam too.
    Got me for $180 don’t trust them

  471. IHATESILKROAD says:

    Bastard scammers. DO NOT USE THIS FUCKING MARKET. EXIT SCAM. I have messaged support regarding an order that has not been delivered. Nothing.

  472. lisaanne says:

    Are you people really so thick? there are NO VENDORS on this site anymore, just one admin stealing all your coins and marking your items as sent! how stupid can you be?

  473. WordsOfAdvise says:

    Hey guys just thought I would point out the (not so?) obvious : stop sending money to this market.
    It’s infested with feds, if you send your money and address you’re only going to get busted.

  474. bks3080 says:

    Best vendor for coca cola?

  475. Anonymous says:

    Got scammed by packflipper admins won’t respond to support tickets. Huge scam. Damn I feel dumb

  476. Anon says:

    Silkroad is a no go. Bought 5 different orders now and they all no shows.

  477. Anon says:

    Warning! Even if you put negative 5 feedback, the system will show positive 5!!

  478. CharlieUK says:


  479. Apraxis says:

    @Rec donde! Busco coca en Lima!

  480. com10101974 says:

    is there any good market at the moment?

  481. Anonymous says:

    moonshine is a scammer. No communications

  482. hi says:

    any bought from RealNarcotiks ?

  483. Goku says:

    Is straightfromNL legit or a scam

  484. Anonymous says:

    Russian Anonymous Marketplace

  485. yvette says:

    any one know where i can buy good credit card info online, been searching for a good forum or hacker who can and not a scam too

  486. lilly09 says:

    anyone know a good forum or link where i can buy credit card info, been searching for too long

  487. Gohan says:

    Entire deepweb is a scam, bunch of scammers from legos Nigeria eating sweet bread!!!!

  488. Gohan says:

    The entire dark web is one big scam, bunch of Nigerian con artist from.legos eating sweet bread!

  489. King Djay says:

    Need a good market to use

  490. Pierre Montreaux says:

    Scam. Lost money. AVOID

  491. Pierre 2.0 says:

    Scam. Lost money. STAY AWAY.

  492. Anonymous says:

    anyone here from tiktok

  493. monte carlo says:


  494. Anonymous says:

    Scam. Lost Money. Stay Away.

  495. Anonymous says:

    if you’re here from tiktok, id stay away, this isnt a place for kids

  496. Anonymous says:

    Is there any good french market ?

  497. Sam says:

    Anyone traded on silknet 3.1. Especially its escrow system.

  498. Phoebe says:

    Always buy from the same seller on here and not had a problem so far

  499. Mochie says:

    any1 looking for credit card infos… text me on wickr moochiebeats

  500. syco says:

    i want to sell account info

  501. Anonymous says:


  502. puca says:

    any complaints from the deep mart website? can you tell me if it’s safe?

  503. scammed says:

    Scammed stay away

  504. Anonymous says:

    any trusted vendors on SR?

  505. Anonymous says:

    CCleaner seller = scam

  506. jay says:

    contact me if you can sell credit card info

  507. Anonymous says:

    venus anonymous marketplace also exit scammed.

  508. Jm says:

    Anyone know where to buy real lean any brand ?

  509. anonymous says:

    I went a bit fast placing an order in April. Seemed legit but should have done research… Is anyone still receiving any order from SR? Just placed a nice order with Happymarket, any comments?

  510. Fra says:

    Silkroad 3.1 offline? Qualcuno riscontra sto problema??

  511. NONAME says:


  512. Anonymous says:


  513. Bj says:

    It was legit at one point! Best market place every untill they exit scammed. Website is Still up with all the sellers stuff but you cant message them. all the reviewes are frozen at where they where. And last 2 orders lost a ton there keeping it up now just to steal bitcoin. ONLY use empire!!! You can still purchase on silk 3.1 but you wont get nothing in return!.

  514. Riccardo 84 says:

    Scam 🙁

  515. kevin says:

    i cant buy

  516. Anonymous says:

    I did a order with happymarket its all bullshit go to empire I wish I would have seen this sooner

  517. Elkifir says:

    how to hack a facebook and Instagram account

  518. Zeyad says:

    اريد عاهره

  519. yamammy says:


  520. Anonymous says:

    site d’arnaque

  521. Faceoff says:

    I am dying to hack everyone

  522. WhenAnyOneAsks says:

    Don’t tell them what PGP program you use.

  523. WhyYouSay? says:

    Because they send you an infected public key, which when saved, leaks your IP Address.

  524. Indian says:

    I want to sell FB account.
    And I can make fake for you also.
    $1 per account

  525. jod says:

    they scamed you huh me too i want to kill the 2 times on silk road and instagram

  526. Jacob says:

    Is whitedoc on silkroad 3.1 still selling? I placed a order. Has anybody been scammed from him?

  527. Alf says:

    High end kitchen productions 1 or more tons of yeyo

  528. happaday says:

    Fuking web site

  529. notguilty91 says:

    Fuck, noob alert got scammed

  530. Silkroad=Scam says:

    DONT USE THIS- SILK ROAD HAS BEEN DOWN FOR THE PAST 2 DAYS< i SPENT 50 Pounds on 3 different vedors, nothing has arrived, and cannot get onto the site past the security capcha (i complete the capcha and then…. nothing happens, it just stayes on the captcha and gives an error after 2 minutes of waiting.) use Empire

    • manp says:

      empire is shit. i recenly have been scammed by emire they have selfmade review . they did not approve bad review . if you have any diubt then made order nd u will regret it ..

  531. lem10 says:

    i make an order from silk before 10days ago…im so waiting! lost my money?

  532. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know if I can get bitcoin back that was still in Escrow, sorry I’m very new to all this.

  533. Fox1 says:

    pm me

  534. braian says:

    quiciera comprar mdma por internet gracias

  535. braian says:

    no se bien como es el sistema

  536. Uknow says:

    Scam, tordrug

  537. Anonymous says:


  538. Abccor123 says:

    Es una estafa, yo compré 2 órdenes a vendedores distintos con buena reputación y tardó horas en aceptar el pago y enviarlo. Nunca lo envió.

    Hice los pedidos en Escrow y en el soporte no escribe nadie.

    Es una estafa en toda regla.

  539. Koba says:

    I’m New with tor and duck duck go Can you help me find sites where i Can but some good stuff

  540. sam says:

    which web is a good one to check out

  541. OWNER says:

    Is everyone good with everything??

  542. Rob says:

    I need weed

  543. Mw says:

    Where can I find adds?

  544. bangali says:

    I want to earn money

  545. anon says:

    Don’t even know how I have got here and don’t have a clue what I’m doing. I live in the UK. Dose anyone know who or where I can buy the prescription drug, remedeine forte from? I’ve searched everywhere and they no longer sell then on line. Somehow I’ve ended up here.

  546. Cantbreal says:

    Silk Road 4…..are they really trying another round of bend us over?

  547. Furius says:

    Silkroad 3.1 =scammer SILKROAD 4=scammer no buy in this market!!! SCAM ALERT!!!

  548. Gormitu says:

    Si muy cierto es una estafa en toda regla hice un par de pedidos y ninguno llegó en ese mercado solo hay estafadores una verdadera pena ya que siempre compré ahí

  549. HULK says:


  550. billy says:


  551. aryan says:

    can i just view silkroad site?

  552. darkdevil says:

    How to buy a drug

  553. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to know as well

  554. Charon says:

    Im not sure .
    This is scam market😂😂😂

  555. Dont think so says:

    If you buy 10 dolars thing It won’t be a scam cuz 10 dolars ain’t a thing If you get scammed

  556. Anonymous says:

    How do I get to silk rd 4.0

  557. Comm says:

    silkroad 4 is legit, just ordered on it from a legit vendor (bluemagic) and received my order. Support and message to vendor work fine

  558. JOHN says:


  559. JOHN says:


  560. Anonymous says:

    Silk Road four better than Silk Road 3? Are some vendors good and some bad on SS4? It sounds like SS3 is a total scam but Information is all over the map?

  561. Linda says:

    really Scam Site Thanks Boss

  562. Kosner says:

    I need crédit card number

  563. stupidfucker says:

    Got scammed like an amateur. Fuck, just look the comments on the products, it’s all “2 days ago”, registration is a joke… JFL I shouldn’t try to order shit when I’m stoned

  564. JayDub974 says:

    Is ther a way to get my bitcoins out my wallet on SR? I just put 30$ dollars on it last night and it’s not crediting to my account? If not fuck it 30 dollars ain’t no big deal I’m just new and wondering what’s to do?

  565. Brandon says:

    Hello guys, can i sell blood/plasma on here? Can someone help please.. Thanks

  566. The Tor Goddess says:

    Hello! To anyone and all that have been scammed by these marketplaces. Of course all links that you can publicly find on the regular web will lead you to marketplaces full of mostly scammers. It is not the sites that scam, it is usually the vendor. I actually conduct business on a darkknet marketplace that is not even listed on here, its extra underground, usually only hackers can obtain the onion url link, they have escrow service, a star rating for all vendors, pgp encryption, reviews posted by buyers, and they show you the date the vendor started selling along with the number of sales and a percentage of trust(meaning the percent of sales that go through without any complaints) Of course, you must always do your homework first and always fuck with ESCROW. You need to know how to spot red flags and be wary of anyone still in Level 1, Level 2 or 3. They also categorize vendors under a Level System. The higher the level, the higher the trust meaning the higher number of good business they have conducted. This site also keeps many extra security policies, such as providing mirror urls so the site will never be down for your use. If one link is down, you just go ahead and copy n paste another mirror link. Beware! There are many scam sites pretending to be the marketplace I am promoting. Please email me privately so I can send you the link. I really should be selling this information but I am part of a referral program, so this site also offers a chance to be an affiliate for them paying the highest percentage per new client I have seen so far, that you refer with your own unique link. You get a unique link assigned after registration, if you are looking into making some type of residual income.

  567. Kk says:

    Same has happened me

  568. PigRoad says:

    Change the name to Pig Road, the market is and has been run by pigs since SR2 fallout. Call them pigs winney the pooh, cuz they love honey…..pots.

  569. Cashqueen says:

    Anyone know where I can get some of that edd money? Send me your info

  570. Smurfdewd says:

    I made a purchase from a well rated vendor (flako) and sent my bc to the right address… Receipt was confirmed through blockchain. This was 2 months ago and it still shows awaiting payment. Pms to vendor are not being answered and there is no way to submit a ticket. The support link just takes you to a mirror of the home page. Stay away!!!

  571. gammagablin says:


  572. SayWhat says:

    I fucked up; I transfered BTC to the wallet on SR3.1 not knowing it was an EXIT-SCAM. I am new to this and did not do my research. SR3.1 peeps, if you are reading this, make this right.

  573. Anonymous says:

    Scam , yesterday i send btc to my fkg wallet , im waiting all the night to recived but actualy indt sleep and i have to go to work but still waiting my btc in my wallet , be careful of this motha fucker

  574. gonzaka says:

    Es una estafa!!no metáis dinero en el wallet…

  575. gonzaka says:

    No llegan los ingresos al wallet…Estafa segura!!
    Estos monederos son corruptos.

  576. Mick says:

    Looking for H powder

  577. Anonymous says:

    waxthtazz = scammer

    • Allah says:

      bruhhhh I remember seeing his name on silk road like two years ago I bought something off him and it was fine I don’t remember what it was tho

  578. Gonzaka says:

    New fraud wallets Silk Road 3.1.Nueva cuenta estafa Silk Road 3.1 wallet.Don’t insert money in the wallet!!

  579. Anonymous says:

    Can someone recommend a trusted site to buy opioids pain killers, please.

  580. Anonymous says:

    True, the same happened to me Vendor Amsterdam2015, no change at the status, but changed the payment address

  581. annnnooonnn says:

    scammed by italianmafia – do not use this site or italianmafia … found same seller on another market and denied all knowledge. just lost £200

  582. Serious59 says:

    i very hungry
    because problem
    attention for xtc
    the scammer is

    i have paid to this adresss and this personne said
    not plaid
    so loook my transaction and look ce transaction to the account of the personn…

  583. Serious59 says:

    where this a support
    is not ok
    i have paid and si not ok
    help me plesae

  584. manny says:

    Need a hook on blues and black. The m30 mexi fentanyl pills. Near Seattle.

  585. tom says:

    Je pette les plombs !! je comprends pas pourquoi quand je vais sur silkroad 3 , je ne vois aucune photo des produits .. pk????

    Help me pleaaaze

  586. StickyIcky says:

    how to contact support? Never got my deposit

  587. pablo escobar says:

    i need tusted seller drugs delivery to turkey

  588. Anonymous says:

    Sucks. No response from a vendor and can’t raise a ticket.

  589. Anonymous says:


  590. Anonymous says:

    Silk Road 3.1 is SCAM!!!

  591. Anonymous says:

    hello! Can anyone contact this site’s support?
    My BTC disappeared during transfer..
    When I go to support, it just shows a blank page..

  592. her says:

    Same here no support, transferred BTC and nothing…

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