Berlusconi Market

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  1. Lokoshepherd says:

    This is a god market but now its have problem i hope soon be fixed

  2. nn says:


  3. wizardf says:

    Not Yet is still working at least today, but very very very slow in last week, its very difficult to connect I manage to connect 2 time only in a week 🙁

  4. anon says:

    Today when I tried to log in some odd page came up and said bka seizure banner which is used by the german criminal police. I guess the site is under the control of the police so be carefull

  5. gnmsarrt says:

    what the phuck is going on with all these markets :/ i think i just lost 300 on empire

  6. allvendorsgo says:

    Where to go?
    NNM? Canazon?

  7. Franchesko says:

    shit italian poops market
    all move to the Nightmare Market
    empire’s are shit down too

  8. Weedim says:

    market is down ?

  9. d says:


  10. pieceofshit says:

    it worked for a brief moment today. just long enough for me to put in an order and send btc and then it died very sad. dont know if my order went through

  11. lankyboy says:

    so the site went down right after i paid for a 5000usd order. am i screwed or will the escrow time out and will i be refunded?

  12. lexiGurl says:

    @lankyboy if u can find the same seller on one of the other markets and message them they might send u ur order anyway.
    same thing happened to me and i found the same guy on a diff market. msged him and he helped me out. turns out he still got paid even though they down. weird.

  13. lankyboy says:

    omg really? edit: thx so much it worked. moving to nightmare

  14. NightmareBest says:

    I propose to all vendors and buyers support my flow and move to the Nightmare Market!
    nightmareocykhgs dot onion
    Admins doing greatest work.

  15. DappaD says:

    nightmare market is rubbish..i put £44 into the bitcoin address that nightmare market give the address did not work and next to the bitcoin address there’s another a (Legacy) address that i managed to put the money into £44 the money has now disapierd iv spoken to the people that work at nightmare markewt but they are very slow at getting back to me…not sure if i can trust this site..i deposited the money yesterday and its not showed up yet…and there response none

  16. Anonymous says:


  17. SOFTasFUCK says:

    Can someone please update Berlusconi Urls Dont wana go Nightmare or any other shit i love Berlusconi market BEST market ever experienced on my 8 years of dark browsing !

  18. xcezz says:

    not running :c

  19. eghes says:

    When I type my username and pass then the page is refreshing. I can easily log in with a new account

  20. Anonymous says:

    berlusconi are italian law enforcement

  21. JohnnyBr4vo says:

    Berlusconi Market down?

  22. JohnnyBr4vo says:

    Hi Berlusconi Admin,

    How long is the maintenance on the Berlusconi Market still going on?

    MfG JohnnyBr4vo ?

  23. SpLiFFsToRe says:


  24. Anonymous says:

    mhh berlusconi next exit/seized market?

  25. Ceros says:

    when will the maintenance be ready dude??

  26. SAGILI says:

    what is with berlusconi?????

  27. I Love Berlusconi Market says:

    The admin from the Berlusconi Market, could ever auses. I do not find sry

  28. Anonymous says:

    Its gone and not coming back. No word from admin? What other market places are legit?

  29. Anonymous says:

    they just hold it for like an hour and then it’s available

  30. Anonymous says:

    I have just made 2 deposits to Nightmare and both went through fine

  31. Anonymous says:

    is Vendor Dr.summer anywher
    please answer

  32. Anonymous says:

    anyone know how to reach vendor poundpound?

  33. SAGILI says:

    ok and why you know this??? want to know everyone tells different

  34. HALIHALO says:

    what happend with berlusconi market?????

  35. SAGILI says:


  36. HALILHALO says:


  37. endorfinen says:

    Berlus isnt fucking back, no sign of coming back either. all my cash lost.. moterfuckers

  38. thelast says:

    impossible to connect to the server …

  39. Peter the pussybeater says:

    Thank the Lord and Thank silvio

  40. anonymous says:

    I’ve used BM for a while now, and thought that I had been screwed after waiting 3 days for my deposit to arrive. And it has this morning, Graci senior Macron 🙂

    All is working fine, what a relief

  41. Waxy201 says:

    When I choose bitcoin it says I have not got enough bitcoin I usually pay through the coinbase app when they prompt the address. Do I need to link my account to berlancosi or a wallet or something? Thanks

  42. Coldfire says:

    How do I access the berlusconi site?

  43. Peter Pan says:

    Thanks Hman.
    Does somebody know how i can get coins on my Berlusconi Account?

  44. BERLU says:


  45. Anonymous says:

    seized ?

  46. Berlusconi says:

    I highly recommend Berlusconi the site has been around for several years

  47. Hermes says:

    Since all markets being very unstable I invite all vendors to join the 1 market Nightmare

  48. Anonymous says:

    berlusconi market is down for temporary or seized ?

  49. Mister says:

    Do anybody Knows how to log into Berlusconi Market. After entering the Captcha, the site does not want to load itself. Thanks

  50. ALBRONY78 says:


    • Grn0phidian says:

      VIRUSMJ tried the same scam on me. Asked to take transaction off market and then asked for insurance money and that was where I shut him down. This sammer should be removed from the DNMs. Dude is untrustorwthy these days. Good vendor gone bad…

  51. Anonymous says:

    What’s the bitcoin address on berlusconi market?

  52. Anonymous says:

    er berlusca

  53. Silvio Macron says:

    Found the adress for payment. Its automatical connection with ur Profile

  54. Barberella says:

    Grazie Silvio, i was wondering where i can pay for my account :** i need my stuff

  55. anonymous1 says:

    anyone know of LEGIT western union transfer/ PayPal transfer/ prepaid card service

  56. ironhorse says:

    Those CRACKERS420 venders are scammers and thieves. Sent them my Bitcoin then said u had to order more or they can’t send my order. Whatcha out for them thieves

  57. bhog says:

    Why won’t berlusconi let me buy anything says haven’t enough bit coins when I do wtf

  58. Kleines1311 says:

    Davidmueller mad transaction via Wickr and when the Payment is on his wallet he tell the Buyer about Problems with the insurance for the Delivery. If I told him, that I woudn´t pay 600$ for an insurance, there is no Deal any longer and he don´t refund the Money.

    • Anonymous says:

      Classic scam. Never go outside of market and never ever use wickr etc. If more funds are requested insurance, special permit etc. It is a scam.

  59. Patrick. K says:

    Thanks for the supply.

  60. WorriedGuy says:

    Deposit not arriving after a couple hours and transaction confirmed multiple times. I’m getting worried.

  61. bhg says:

    Can someone please help me with why berlusconi keeps saying that I have no BTC when I do so can’t get anything. Why would this be happing?

  62. ironhorse says:

    kestraking, Legitvendors, and CRACKERS420 are all thieves asking buyers to deal off market and through wickr then stealing their money do nmot buy from these thieves giving good venders a bad name

  63. albrony78 says:

    any good trusty market these days?? most of them are scams except nightmare. And nightmare doesnt have what I’m looking for. Looking for Spacemonkey meds Tins

  64. milesjoe11 says:

    how to get a pgp and become a vendor

  65. mike says:

    Berlusconi Market

  66. mike says:

    is Berlusconi Market down ?

  67. thislife says:

    market dont load after captcha for me

  68. Uk says:

    Hello is the website legit

  69. Gehbredikus says:

    BM isnt reachable since yesterday.

  70. losmatzo says:

    Market don’t load after captcha.

  71. wil says:

    Market works for me now

  72. Mastodon says:

    How to add btc? Put wallet address in, saying not enough funds

  73. Anonymous says:

    What about?

  74. Jarrsshh says:

    Super confused as to how to transfer funds into my wallet on this market I simply just can not find my wallet ID to put the funds on my bloody account any help would be appreciated

  75. Anonymous says:

    does anybody alse has the problem to only get to the anti ddos site and then its time out ?

  76. Anonymous says:

    Yes, same here…

  77. Anonymous says:

    same shit here, someone pls let us know when service is back

  78. Anonymous says:

    Site down?

  79. gfhdfyfd says:

    Site down

  80. acrobat says:

    Yes for me too, site down…

  81. hakuna says:

    was ist loswarum wieder down

  82. dddd says:

    what is why down?

  83. goldeneye says:

    anyone know why is berlusconi down?

  84. Anonymous says:


  85. kaushi says:

    site still down

  86. Bbb says:

    Site down from 2 days. Exit scam?

  87. Anonymous says:

    man I hope they fix their shit…

  88. Saguaroc99 says:

    down from 2 days? no yesterday was working…

  89. Anonymous says:

    still down…

  90. Foo says:

    Site was online yesterday made 5 orders, sadly down today

  91. Nemo Knowbody says:

    Ever fucking think that maybe just maybe because they are removing some sections from the site that it may be down to do that and perhaps a little extra maintainance before making live again? not 100% sure, but fucking have a think cunts

  92. hidden name says:

    i think site is down bc of no weapons/explosives update

  93. Warius says:

    Yesterday was all good, now no server connection after DDoS Protection.
    Hopefully just temporary maintenance

  94. GG says:

    Seite ist seit gestern Abend down, hatte noch BTC für einen Großeikauf überwiesen… Hoffentlich kommt sie wieder on

  95. gV33r5 says:

    landing page works for market, but after DDOS CAPTCHA entry, redirects to 404 error

  96. Anonymous says:

    WAs das LOS

  97. foo says:

    back online!

  98. faraday says:

    Down again?

  99. Bomber says:

    For me, all good till now

  100. Henk says:

    Down for me

  101. TT says:

    Down too, not getting past anti ddos

  102. Josef says:

    Dont trust these people its not a exit scam YET there just sucking everybody joining fees and Ive had my best friends father who works in IT for the defense force check it he said there the FBI gathering intelligence on cartels and drug networks. My honest advice to all you good people out there , Go Nightmare or AGartha . Berlusconi is running a server called ” canine lockem up ” Count your losses you make it back

  103. FrankyBoy says:

    Havent been paid for a kilogram of cocaine . The Mexicans took my rolex car jetski and harley .These guys are not going to make you a nickel

  104. Jimmy says:

    Tell the FBI i want a nice website with guns and ammo so i can hunt cocaine mobsters ??

  105. lalalal says:

    don’t load after captcha.

  106. hghgh says:

    Site down.

  107. Anonymous says:

    The Website is down ? I can’t login

  108. Anonymous says:

    schon wieder down

  109. analratte says:

    schon wieder down

  110. Fritz says:


  111. Mecrusky says:

    Same here. Website does not exist past the capcha. Please DW God, tell us it’s just temporary (they’re under DDoS attack maybe…) and not ANOTHER exit scam

  112. Anonymous says:

    yeah site’s down, does anyone know if this happens frequently?

  113. frazzlerock says:

    been down for approx 4hrs now.

  114. Mecrusky says:

    Looking at older comments, it’s not the first time the site downs and goes back running, Hope this is the case here, and not the last and definitive dissappearance… Got $120 in wallet and escrow there

  115. FederalPrincess says:

    end game for feds would be ddos all but one market…be in control of last (and best) market. then BAM. ENDGAME

  116. Kim Young Un says:

    It’s not the first time that this site is down for a few hours. Happened several times and BM always came back online. Just be patient, I’m sure it will be online again soon.

  117. Hansel says:

    Antidos is online but the next Site is offline..
    Things is really Bad for us… damn

  118. King Young Un says:

    They often do updates without announcing them so don’t worry and just wait.

  119. anon says:

    Does anyone know the last time they were down for this long? I also have about 100 in escrow :/. I’m sure they will be back to making money soon though

  120. Anonymous says:

    How Long is the Market down

  121. Anonymous says:

    Site is back.

  122. anon2 says:

    seems like it might be back up now! 😀

  123. Anonymous says:

    It’s working

  124. Abdullah says:

    everything working normally…

  125. Mecrusky says:

    The site’s back on track ! Yepeee

  126. cls22 says:

    looking for loaded credit cards, every vendor i speak to wants to either deal outside market or to finalize early. i just want a trusted vendor to deal with if anyone can recommend someone, thanks.

  127. mokona says:

    BM is still down for me. ddos page works, bot next page is down. For you too?

  128. mokona says:

    BM is working ok now for me, nice

  129. BmwM28 says:


    Berlusconi Market

  130. keflar says:

    Did any of you hear of ONE weapons vendor that was legit (when the weapons section was still online) – and if “yes” what vendor? Thanks.

  131. Anonymous says:

    is it down right now? cant pass the captcha

  132. Anonymous says:


  133. Tweedy122 says:

    How do I make a purchase I have bitcoins but how do I transfer my bitcoins so I can make an purchase please

  134. THEVITHAN says:


  135. sharnace says:

    There is a wallet listed under balance. Deposit there. Once you have enough coins, you can use them for a purchase. Pretty simple.

  136. Anonymous says:

    на данный момент все работает, странно что сразу 2 рынка NM и Emperia стали Аферами и пидарасами…
    Админ Берлучи ты сейчас получишь много клиентов и продавцов , пожалуйста не будь Аферистом это принесет свои плоды!!!!! не будь как все …надеюсь все будет отлично

  137. RealPlugRealFriend says:

    sketchy ass market. Do not buy until dread is back up online to let us know which markets are safe. Until then everyone is a risk, and no one is trustworthy. Especially empire. Dont trust Samsara, until they have proven their worth. Right now their listings are sketchy. Ive done my research and been in the drug game for a while. HEED MY WORDS.

  138. attiontion says:

    ATTENTION, READ AND UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You don’t get it! Nightmare links lead you to Empire-Market? No! The Nightmare operators have created phishing websites that look exactly like Empire-market. That’s why you don’t get BTC because you use the fake Empire-Market websites of Nightmare-Market. fucking use the site Or http://onionlivewcbrawa.onion/
    The Nightmare operators are doing the biggest exit scam in history. People know that Nightmare makes an exit scam, so they go to the other markets. The operators of Nightmare know that, so they made copies of the other markets and get more and more money from you. You have to use the right verified links from the markets, not the pinishing websites. Copy the message so everyone sees it!

    Verified Links: Or http://onionlivewcbrawa.onion/

  139. BlackArrow1979 says:

    Are @milburn and @blackmart from BM legit? anyone dealed with them? thnak you for replying ASAP

  140. sarkozy says:

    no no no BlackArrow

  141. mike says:

    i cant get past the captcha after i ordered yesterday

  142. redline2216 says:

    looking for a good shop
    can someone help me ??

    does anyone know the nightmare vendor team sonic?

  143. redline2216 says:

    hi all

    looking for a good shop

    can someone help me ??

    does anyone know the nightmare vendor team sonic?

  144. Nagmet says:

    Bull crap..can’t get past captcha just brings it to start again..anyone else gettin the same??

  145. ClaudiaCatcher says:

    everytime i order something, its berlusconi and agartha.
    berlusconi there a alot of ppl, a big company
    agartha is kinda new and till now i dont got problems
    seems both nice

  146. redline2216 says:

    thx claudiacatcher

  147. thevithan says:

    Has some one gotten some financial product? Does western union transfer work? Can I trust on them?

  148. bioshock says:

    is site down at the moment? unable to load onion links.

  149. Ukisit says:

    Website’s down ??

  150. Gotvereb says:

    Warum warum warum.why why why down. Shit market

    • Anonymous says:

      denkst du es ist wieder ein exit scam?
      aber zum jetzigen zeitpunkt ist es ja eher unwahrscheihnlich weil sie hätten die chance viel mehr abzugreifen, wenn sie erstmal größer werden. man kann keinem markt mehr vertrauen.

      • Rob says:

        Vor allem wenn sie einen Exit Scam durchführen würden, wäre es doch wahrscheinlich das sie es wie nightmare machen. Die Seite weiter online lassen, die Leute weiter depositen lassen und dann einfach nicht mehr withdrawn. Ich hoffe einfach das es Maintance oder ne Ddos Attacke ist. Habe schon bei Nightmare 300€ verloren und keine Lust noch mal 200€ zu verlieren.

  151. Ukisit says:

    Holy shit guys tell me its going to work back I already lost money on Nightmare then went on Berlusconi pls don’t do that

  152. Ukisit says:

    I really need to get to the website… what’s going on guuys???? do you guys have any infos about that?

  153. Ukisit says:

    Can someone tell me what’s going on? I have some money on it I dont wanna loose it…

  154. Nick says:

    been trying to log on for three days – i’ve got an order not arrived and £150 in Escrow

  155. Anonymous says:

    maybe they updating

  156. Vincent says:

    same for me. seems like i got scammed

  157. O.W says:

    I have a question,i ordered in this market something,it was already send,i paid too ,but does the thing what i ordered come to me when the market is down?

  158. enzo says:

    perchè berlusconi market non si apre ?

  159. tondo82 says:

    SAME FOR ME!!!! £100 in Escrow and the Market is down!!!!

  160. CarlosBrown says:

    Same for me .. 50 € order this morning at 5h00am. And I see that Berlusconi is down at 14:00 pm … I still have money … Shit

  161. trolo says:

    Hi guys, do not worry, it’s probably maintenance, as in the month of July 😉

  162. Anonymous says:

    i hope so, i have 300 Euros in escrow

  163. marlx says:

    what do you think are the reasons

  164. marlx says:

    I hope so. I have lost allready money on nightmare and I have done a big purchase on berlusconi. which I cant handle financially.

  165. marlx says:

    scammed by the market?
    maybe they are only offline for maintence , to handle the bigger traffic which results of the exit scam from nightmare market.

  166. CRSIN says:

    Si fuese mantenimiento no lo hubiesen anunciado en algún sitio o algo?.. hace ya varios días les escribí con una duda y no me han respondido y la otra vez respondieron muy rápido.. me da mala sensación

    • trolo_es says:

      la última vez que acaban de anunciar la suspensión de la venta de armas pero sin anunciar un mantenimiento que cerraría el sitio;)

  167. Ukisit says:

    Man this puts me in a dangerous position… I ordered something in FE and Sunday the vendor accepted the order, Normally he should have sent it today… I hope so because I’m in deep shit if not.

  168. BlackArrow1979 says:

    /u/F0RHAL 1 points
    2 hours ago
    “We are sorry about your dispute, Market traffic increased and we still have to organize internal logistics. Anyway there is no issue about withdrawals. Be calm, Berlusconi Market doesn’t betray costumers since 2016.
    Best Regards”

    Here’s Last statemant from Berlusconi admin VladimirPutin.

  169. CarlosBrown says:

    Thank you BlackArrow1979
    You relieved my anguish 🙂

  170. Vladimirputin says:

    İs online

  171. JP says:

    Ya’ll are trippin. Berlusconi is working as of now

  172. Niki says:

    For real its online again!

  173. Anonymous says:

    It’s back online, everyone! 😀

  174. Anonymous says:

    back online

  175. Drone says:

    no work

  176. Anonymous says:

    does not work
    this market is goin down

  177. Anonymous says:

    It is up for me.
    The only question is if it going to exit scam as well. Is there any forum link for this market?

  178. Anonymous says:

    I bought a 30 Euro product, it has not been shipped yet, I have been waiting for 2 days.

  179. HugBunter says:

    Tons of tracking on this site

  180. Anonymous says:

    I paid last week around 50euro and it seems like they scammed me

  181. SexyLady says:

    Is support efficient in this market?
    I want to request a Western Union transfer
    But there is a lot of scammer.
    Please help me guys
    a kiss to all

  182. hustle says:

    Im looking for financial paper products… does anyone have a legit vendor?

  183. bb20191 says:

    Are here real vendors who can make real wu transfers, or sell prepaid cards? only using escrow though!

  184. realtag says:

    hello anyone know a good card provider

  185. snctym says:

    Got link to a fantastic market, trusted vendors, no scamming, escrow….
    I’ve been ordering for awhile with awesome results….
    My link.


  186. Anonymous says:

    dont trust snctym

  187. simonphil says:

    i need a good trusted vendor to do a long time business with for cc, wu transfers, bank transfer etc. hit me if you are here

  188. trigga says:

    wassup looking for a trusterd vendor wu transfer money gram and fake bill notes that pass pen test lets get rich loyalty over everything .

  189. xxx says:

    im looking for legit blue punishers vendor

  190. kingmartin says:

    I’m looking for x pills

  191. Mdub says:

    Anyone can help me with coke and weed in Italy?

  192. PabloMotherfuckinY says:

    Is this up and running? Since Alpha and Dream shut down it seems like the glory days of the DW markets are behind us. Desperately need a market for a vast range of products, will be buying long term (until the fuckin wheels come off)

  193. Diego says:

    Pounds of weed….pricing anyone

  194. Froppy says:

    Pretty legit so far, I came from Nightmare. Made an order successfully. Looking at some posts though, there could be some scammers. Just remember that if an offer is to good to be true, it probably is.

  195. noname says:

    best market

  196. jaxx says:

    can’t seem to get through the anti ddos screen

  197. DropmeLsd says:

    I need an lsd dealer in europe
    Fast pls
    Message me

  198. Shiba says:

    Need an Risomer K supplier

  199. ForrestDump says:

    Any success with this market recently

  200. Anonymous says:

    Je propose mes services de transport, colis, personnes etc. Parle plusieurs langues (très bien français, allemand, polonais, me débrouille en anglais, très peu espagnol et russe). Possible long trajet.

  201. the bm buyer says:

    the vendor
    2 fast42 is unreliable

  202. Anonymous says:

    made a big deposit yesterday, a few minutes later the market logged me out and couldn´t log in again. so i used forgot password option to change password
    but after log in it sends me to a 2fa page to encrypt secret message.
    i tried, but it was not decrypted with my pgp key.
    today i checked my BM deposit wallet address at, and it´s empty.
    when i followed the transactions it was sent to different wallets with amounts of more than 20BTC.
    Strange thing was, right before i got logged out i had a conversation about a dispute with emmanuel macron from support

  203. Highsky says:

    Need fetty n dog food asap

  204. Anonymous says:


  205. ivanivan says:

    can’t seem to get through the anti ddos screen- me too.
    … Anyone else?

  206. Anonymous says:


  207. JOHN WICK says:


  208. Anonymous says:

    cannot get thru anti ddos screen either. Is this a site crash issue?

  209. yoyo says:

    been that way for a while now!!! glad i waited before making deposit!

  210. Anonymous says:

    Berlusconi carries out maintenance work on the payment system. Everyone has a little patience.

  211. afddgfvfdsgv says:

    What happen today with Berlusconi? can’t opent it do u know guys? blocked on antiddos chapta screen

  212. Anonymous says:

    They moved my money to another address, looks like a exit i knew something was up when they disabled withdrawal the other day and pgp wasn’t working i wrote a vendor they could see my message but i couldn’t open theirs with my pgp when it works fine and now you can’t log into their site.

  213. damnit says:

    still down!!!

  214. blue says:

    hello I can not access my account Berlusconi market when I write the code captcha his sending another code to write I had money on my cart is a hacking?thank

  215. Anony says:

    how long?

  216. MSSeller says:

    Anyone looking for Liquid Morphine?

  217. DrSeller says:

    Anyone looking for Prescription Grade Liquid Morphine? 400mg per bottle (20mg/5ml dosage).

  218. Anonymous says:

    When’s it gona b back online

  219. Potato says:

    • Can confirm that it’s not allowing me and MANY (I suspect all) others past the DDOS Captcha screen. This was not the case under 24hr ago.

    • Also the BTC (/Crypto) Withdrawal System has been ‘Temporarily’ Disabled for BUYERS ONLY – not Vendors – **since at least Thursday 26th last week**. Initially support stated a 12-24hr fix. Yet it’s obviously gone on a lot longer.

    •No idea if there’s a relationship between these two issues. It could be simply that maintenance is taking longer than expected. Berlusconi has been down, without notifying people before for this reason in the past.

    •Those saying exit scam, obviously with all markets this does seem risky, but considering they only blocked withdrawals for BUYERS, not VENDORS – vise verse would seem more logical for an exit scam (as I assume most buyers don’t keep much funds on market for long).

    •So I’d suggest waiting 24-48hrs before major panic. Plus a lot of professional vendors may have contact details in case this happens – and/or be on other markets if you need to order today.


  220. ANY says:

    New News?

  221. Killa says:

    I can’t get past antiDDOS captcha. What is going on? They gettin’ swarmed?

  222. herakk says:

    same here. let me know if it gets better

  223. stebven says:

    have the same problem

  224. Gbl says:


    I am looking for gbl from Germany. Thanks

  225. berlusconi fan says:

    man man man was ist da schon wieder los?
    scheisse hab die link vergessen wo der admin von bm cillt der vladimir putin.
    please update

  226. crack says:

    I ordered 100g amnesia haze the only thing that satisfie me is that the vendor accepted the order and was waighting for shipping. I dont think they exit scammed but the maintenace is taking real long now

  227. German gbl says:

    Hallo jungs

    Ich suche nach gbl Lieferant der von Deutschland aus sendet. Bitte um Email Adresse oder link. Danke

  228. dave says:

    I cant pass Doss either ,it sucks .

  229. halifax says:

    Same probölem,cant pass DDOD,fu**

  230. rainbowpony says:

    still can not get past the DDos captcha, i have orders i need finallized or my reviews might turn to snit.

    anyone have any info on what the situation is

  231. Cyril says:

    Can’t pass DDOS page, keeps refreshing! It’s down for now guys….

  232. dawei says:

    Everything down since yesterday. that can not be. and no message from admin vladimir putin. clearly exit scam or police

  233. nolies says:

    Exit scam Is started

  234. Froppy says:

    WARNING: this market is potentially exit scamming. Nobody can seem to get past the DDOS page. The site is either being attacked or it is gone for good. DO NOT CLICK ON ANY UNVERIFIED LINKS AND TYPE YOUR INFORMATION INTO THEM, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR ACCOUNT AND ALL YOUR COIN.

  235. hallo says:

    market down. Whats up?

  236. Hallo? says:


  237. ghallo?? says:


  238. hallo says:

    hello? when its up? Wtf

  239. Il cane says:

    There Are any news? Still I cannot pass captcha… someone know why?

  240. TakeYouPills says:

    is anyone looking for gammagoblin LSD? Shipped from DE

  241. Anonymous says:

    Its getting on my nerves still cant bypass the ddos chalenge

  242. Anonymous says:

    Still cant get past the Captcha/DDOS page 🙁

  243. Karibele says:

    Relax Guys. Even when they are gone they can take my 200 Euro. Thank you for all But they will be back 🙂

  244. bomber says:

    Problems with the captcha I can not login ..
    always new captcha.
    please help

  245. medip says:


  246. 1969er says:

    Search for meth, sending to Austria…
    I am tired of this fucking markets…

  247. Dpesano says:

    anybody know how to contact market admin?

  248. bomber says:

    Kennt jemand neues Seiten oder links wo ich neu bestellen kann…
    Hittykitty wenn du es liest kannst dich gerne melden finden bestimmt weitere Wege…

  249. Alex says:

    i can’t connect to berlusconi market they always say me it’not the good capcha….It’s however the good…..Is someone know what to do ?

  250. Anonymous says:

    is exit scam

  251. wolffman says:

    I can’t go through the capcha for 2 days

  252. Anonymous says:

    when are u gona fucking fix it.

  253. anonymous says:

    Still cant pass the anti ddos chalenge its always like this on markets those vendor need wickr me for situations like this

  254. jo says:

    always reconnects from one mirror to another after entering captcha

  255. crack says:

    My package arrived 🙂

    • wesley says:

      Hey bro, I’m curious to what gender you went through. You dont have to reply back, but I’m looking for good xtc vender that does good job that does a good job packaging it, and not doing half-assed!

  256. Anon says:

    Site down? keep being diverted back to DDOS captcha screen

  257. Anonymous says:

    another one bites the dust.

  258. Anonymous says:

    ” Notice to Buyers of Berlusconi We would like to give notice to our buyers that we are updating Withdrawals System as we are doing some improvements for buyers. vendors can withdraw without any problems.Problem will be fixed in next 24h but we expect it to be fixed in 12h. “

  259. BillyBumbler says:

    THe maintnance answer is hard to believe, although it was mentioned on the market site on the 29th September 2019.
    What is more worrying is the number of markets going down in this way this year, Valhalla, Wall Street, Empire, how many more ? It is getting in the way

  260. cant reach it since 3 days. loop on anti-ddos says:

    cant reach it since 3 days. loop on anti-ddos

  261. asdasdasd says:

    deepweb-webhost has been busted. may to do with it?

  262. justme says:

    Looking for vendor moominman. Any different market?

  263. justme says:

    Looking for moominman. Where to find him

  264. Anonymous says:

    Hello everyone, I’ll just give you news about the market berlusconi. While I was in the forums, I came across a message from a berlusconi moderator who said, “Hello, we’re setting up the berlusconi marketplace platform, it should not take more than 24 hours
    So be patient and we will fix it as always. ”

    So there is usually no concern about it until tomorrow (or at worst a few days) the market will be accessible again ^^

  265. bolize says:

    My father is working at the BKA. Today he is telling me that 2 markets on the darknet where bustet from FBI and berlusconi was one of them. ?

  266. Rip says:

    Rip Berlusconi. Nice market. Thanks again.

  267. Anonymous says:

    And the other one?

  268. Polak says:

    Everybody needs to chill, there were multiple post here that is caused do to maintenace.
    I dont see an exit scam when the anti ddos is still in place. the v3 redirecting to v2, was seen often while maintenance. when its cause of the payment system that could take time if it is major. however exit scam seems less possible when you could withdraw as vendor. theres no sense in that for an ES imo. I dont know the forum link, may anybody have that?

  269. Anonymous says:

    fix the cpatcha bug

  270. Anonymous says:

    New message in dread:

    Please do not spread FUD as we had too many opportunities to exit scam we refunded 300.000€ from vendors who exit scammed and run away with money before 8 days,our OPSEC measure is that only highest admin has access to the server and this happend before for 7 days we were offline you all assumed it’s exit scam and it was not.We just need time please notice we are number one target of LE organizations and to keep ourselfs secure and you our customers we need to take care of some steps we will after this update make this kind of situation not tolerated becuse we are making hybrid system of taking and securing berlusconi online from perspective of moderator.Berlusconi has millions in escrow system these years we could pull the plug and say fuck you all. but we can guarantee every single euro and cent that is on escrow is safe and untouched if our admin does not contact us we will bring up Berlusconi from another server and active our cold storage admin secured for this kind of situation we know our monthly balance so we have 12 months of monthly balance in cold storage,so money will not be lost nothing will be lost.It is not easy task to manage largest marketplace for all these years we are not like other marketplaces who are here becuse of money. belive us without exit scam we have enought money to enjoy for the rest of our life. But that’s not us. we are here becuse of you and you only every customer and vendor we supported every project that become online on darknet becuse we love you you are our family who we would take care of.There was romours that Berlusconi Marketplace is hosted on CyberBunker no it is not! we can tell you straight away.Berlusconi servers are secure and online.captcha does not allow you to come to our V3 Becuse of OPSec measure.We will NOT allow to FUD and False accusations ruin our reputation we are building since 2016! We saw many people creating “Marketplaces” and saying they’re number one and will fight till last.We never putted that under your nose and said it to you! We proved it.there is no single worry that should affect you to create fear posts! Please wait Putin to come online and he will reconnect captcha with our servers it’s OPSEC measurement that we all need to proccess!

    Mikhail Kalashnikov

    • Mr. Knievel says:

      Thats a real comment. Even my 200 Euros in escrow i would give to you only for the Service. I will keep calm and hope my starbudz package will arrive. Its now ten days After shipment. Stay Safe and See you soon.
      Best regards

  271. Anonymous says:

    Looking for a good xanax supplier in Canada. Any ideas

  272. Anonymous says:

    When is the site going to work!

  273. BillyBumbler says:

    Still not getting through captcha, using the URL shown as used in last 1 minute on deeponion live.
    Are these URLs working, not for me so far !

  274. Uesh says:

    Berlusconi market loops on captcha …

  275. Anonymous says:

    i got xanz

    • Anonymous says:

      What site and username?

    • Anonymous says:

      What’s your vendor name. And is it from Canada to Canada. I don’t​ that fuck with anything other than domestic shipping. I don’t want it from another country so I don’t have to deal with customs

  276. Vendor says:

    Everybody needs to chill, there were multiple post here that is caused do to maintenace.
    I dont see an exit scam when the anti ddos is still in place. the v3 redirecting to v2, was seen often while maintenance. when its cause of the payment system that could take time if it is major. however exit scam seems less possible when you could withdraw as vendor. theres no sense in that for an ES imo. I dont know the forum link, may anybody have that?

    • Froppy says:

      I hope your right, but I wouldn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up that it’s coming back. The “maintenance” is taking a very long time. And they never said anything about it taking even remotely this long. It’s best to let everyone know the market could be down so they don’t click any phishing links.

      It’s possible it’s and exit scam and the ddos loop makes to look like a glitch, or they could be experiencing an attack. I’ve heard some rumors going around about Empire market attacking smaller markets. But idk if that is yet to be verified.

  277. Anonymous says:

    I am really in need of contacting vendor on BM but site still not working. Anyone know milo from Dream and other markets?

  278. poiu says:

    Come on!

  279. Appbit says:

    Does someone know if I can find the vendor “Drugs2go” from Berlusconi at another market?

    • snace84 says:

      I thought I read on a market info site that he was busted ? You better check. I cannot remember the search engine I came across that name was on?

  280. silverstorm says:

    Hey anybody i m a vendor for very very good cocain on berlusconi you can contakt me =)

  281. poiu says:

    This is really screwing me over. Has anyone gotten on today?

  282. ivanivan says:

    On what market can you find methadone, please help guys.

  283. lucyrangrotti2k says:

    For all my buyers who are trying to reach me, U am on Empire Market until Berlusconi’s Market comes back up.

    -Xanax 2.5mg bars
    -Cartel Coke A+++ ($80g)
    -Mid Grade Coke ($35g)


  284. Anonymous says:

    Just want to send some luv 🙂

  285. Hhorse says:

    I would like to know if Shoestore available on other market? Vendor from Germany. THX!

  286. ivanivan says:

    Just entered empire, couse berlusconi doesn’t work, made my first order!

    Empire Market has an affiliate program where you can earn 20% of the profits every time your referral purchases anything on the market.

    My Referral Link: empiremktxgjovhm.onion/

  287. nobody says:

    Loop in ddos for how long?

  288. Anonymous says:

    i search contact weed vendor hindu kush 25g 100E

  289. Anonymous says:

    i search vendor weed hindu kush 25G 100euros

  290. Sad Panda says:

    Does someone know if I can find the vendor “Shoestore” from Berlusconi at another market?

  291. Pelin112 says:

    Does anyone know how i get from the X-men vendor?

  292. Anonymous says:

    Is the market down? I’m having problem entering here

  293. Anonymous says:

    does anybody knows the vendor al-fa is active on a other market?? thx

  294. Wizo says:

    Customers shouldn’t be afraid of their markets. Markets should be afraid of their customers.

  295. Drugsinc13 says:


    Dear all, I have had contact with X-MEN, who are online on Apollon, and they asked to give this info to all customers of them on Berlusconi, that they are online and store open on Apollon! After all the problems with berlusconi and them also waiting for it to hopefully go back online, they asked to let all know they can be found on Apollon

  296. Anonymous says:

    whats happened?

  297. Eamon Patterson says:

    Can someone help me get the wickr name for PleasureIsland??

  298. Anonymous says:

    I’m in need of contacting FlorDeVida vendor on BM but site still not working

  299. Anonymous says:

    i do not come thrue ddos

  300. Anon says:

    X- man vendor?

  301. ivanivan says:

    Where can I find insidethewhale

  302. ivanivan says:


  303. ivanivan says:

    Xmen on apollon:
    Friends of the X-Men Family,

    At the moment my confidence is gone in Berlusconi market, but as you are used to from me even after the big losses on NNM, DREAM and WallStr.
    I am happy to accept this new challenge. They won’t get us small!

    I’m currently starting this market full of confidence again.
    Here too I want and will become the number 1 vendor!
    I hope that you are behind me with all the love and respect that you guys have giving me on Berlusconi and that we as a team (You,Me,My Crew) can continue on this great tour!
    You can expect the same here as at Berlusconi.

    For people who do not know me yet, welcome, and enjoy all of our high quality products, fast settlement and service.
    I am currently filling this site, the complete range of Berlusconi will soon be available here!

  304. dread berlusconi pr information says:

    dear people, unfortunately this is true. and by information from the darknet. berlusconi markt made exit ripp. a big scam. Many people have noticed it before, because when certain people have pressed the large deposit suddenly the account was locked or was said that the password is wrong. I lost money now too. I am very sorry for the affected. Despite loss, I wish you a successful search for a new market. greeting berlusconi ex fan and friend from berlusconi pr admin. thanks

  305. alex says:

    can somebody pls tell me where mr. x is

  306. alex says:

    can somebody find the vendor mr x he has rly good xtc

  307. hallo says:

    hello? How long is this gonna take? Nice touch Berlusconi crew

  308. ivanivan says:

    F** this.
    Just entered Empire, couse berlusconi doesn’t work, made my few first orders!

    Empire Market has an affiliate program where you can earn 20% of the profits every time your referral purchases anything on the market.

    My Referral Link: empiremktxgjovhm.onion/

    Send love. Regards and stay safe

  309. jon8899 says:

    where can I find the supplier

  310. jon8899 says:

    where can I find the supplier combi

  311. jon88999 says:

    where i find it combi

  312. crack says:

    Exit scam 🙁 better like this then berlusconi is being seized i lost 55€ and x-men 450€ for amnesia haze 🙂 good weed but its no ammesia haze.

  313. J$ says:

    Officially exit scam — cannot even connect to their server anymore. Sad day to see reputable site like this do scam like that.

  314. dave says:

    How do I reach keranique

  315. ayelmaonigga says:

    what happened?

  316. Anonymous says:


  317. Anonymous says:

    I thing this is going to become a exit scam :-/

  318. Anonymous says:

    where can i find XTC pills by CP?

  319. Anonymous says:

    yo where is the seller SigmaOmicron I need to find him lmao

  320. Aiden says:

    Pls can evrybody Tell me where i can find the vendor drugsquality? Thx

  321. Anonymous says:

    Hi, a good market with everything, no scam? Thanks.

  322. yousuck says:


  323. Thankyou says:

    finally a decent market with nice interface, nice offers. BAM. few weeks. GONE. Thanks, for NOTHING again

  324. Anonymous says:

    looking for vendor : strainpirates

  325. wadwadwa says:

    is this market ok ?

  326. whoandk says:

    We have a problems in Chile, Help!

  327. King of the mountain says:

    Looking for a good vendor on BOI top shelf Dr feel good and Mr brownstone

  328. Jarek says:

    I wanna buy license to drive. Where Is a website soon I can buy .

  329. ivanxxxx says:

    F** this.
    Just entered Empire, couse berlusconi doesn’t work, made my few first orders!

    Empire Market has an affiliate program where you can earn 20% of the profits every time your referral purchases anything on the market.

    My Referral Link: empiremktxgjovhm.onion/

    Send love. Regards and stay safe

  330. bilal akgun says:

    what happend to berlusconi

  331. RIP berlusconi says:

    someone has an onion site that is not on this site thanks

  332. Ivansgay says:

    Ivan owns the site and is trying to get everyone to use his referral site to make money off of you. Fuck him and fuck this site.

  333. Looking for Vendor : GOLDEN CAMEL
    please send me an email

  334. Later says:

    LE in Italy confirmed take down.

  335. BigBossBo says:

    Looking for vendor Hezbollah from dream market.

  336. derangel says:

    What do I need to do just give you my address???

  337. Sarah says:

    Where to find card numbers?

  338. gayivan says:

    Nice one mate. I’m transparent. I make 20%, it’s all there. I made 25euro.. ty guys! It’s not my site, I wouldn’t write this 🙂 I’d make much more money that way.
    If someone knows better market, please, write! I’ve lost a lot of money, this is just a way to get something back… Sorry mate if I annoy you.

    Do you have some vendors for recomend?
    I’ve dealt with few, I have one for every single item I’m buyin. No problem except one -drugghub.

    Luckyy7 doesn’t allways answer on messages… That’s also not good.

    Tomandjerry are the fastest and the best in my opinion. And few others for coke…ukwhite…

    If someone has some good vendors for EU, shout!
    Apollon has some vendors that are not on Empire, but prices are better on Empire (in my opinion)…but, I’ve heard xmen is…

    Empire Market has an affiliate program where you can earn 20% of the profits every time your referral purchases anything on the market.

    My Referral Link: empiremktxgjovhm.onion/

    Send love. Regards and stay safe & high.

  339. faghunter says:

    fucking fags hope u get punished. we fuck you till you love us

  340. Buddy says:

    Empire Market has an affiliate program where you can earn 20% of the profits every time your referral purchases anything on the market.

    I think it’s the best market, except support, there is none…if you finalize, you can’t open a dispute and you’re fucked… tickets are bullshit.

    Good luck

  341. X-men says:

    X-men is back!!!!!

    during the day there is new information.

    stay safe

  342. DigitalMafia says:

    My Berlusconi customers.
    DigitalMafia can be found on Apollon Market


    For all your Vicodin, Xanax, & Cannabis needs.

  343. G-Unit says:

    Fuck the dark web all the reviews are of people who were scammed I’m gong to stick to the real web and buy my pills with a prepaid debit card at least if they try and rip you off you can get your money back from Walmart.

  344. gopro says:

    I lost money here, Admin fucked us, didn’t he?
    Empire was good, but disputes take a very long time to resolve.. you don’t have any support 🙁 I hope it get’s better..
    Now I use Apollon, always ESCROW, and everything is fine for now!
    Apollon has affiliate program to get 25% fee of referral transactions, just add this to safe Apollon link:

    And find links on onion live, there’s bunch of phishing sites -be careful!


  345. FREDDIE says:


  346. Jack reacher says:

    Where to get fake EU id?

  347. samir says:

    Friends, I am looking for a job, can you help me do anything

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