Nightmare Market

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  1. Tom Byrne says:

    can’t load Nightmare first time using lost in Wall ST now I try this first purchase got me jittery easier too do run though on pissant 20 somethimgs 22 in the leg and take what they got than these markets a good thing is going bad no The pirate resorted too what he did opr is accussed of

  2. ProfRecipes says:

    Dear Nightmare Team,

    i used to be seller at WSM (WallStreetMarkt). Now, it is down and my moneythe good comments and the market feel.
    I have read in a forum, that you guy’s, would take comments and if i start by you.

    The market feel i must ney sell, or?

  3. Disalusioned says:

    No service for 24 hours now seems which is very upsetting and disappointing especially with how the market was set up the speed with which mods got back too you and of the actual market starting too fear the worst

    • Sadie says:

      Yea market has been down for a couple days… starting to not look so good it was fantastic when working

  4. ultimatebulb says:

    hoping its being migrated, very volatile area.

  5. ash says:

    looks like another exit scam people

    • Anonymous says:

      Why do you feel the need to post this shit, you’re probably a paid user by the competitor markets, nightmare works fine on the verified link, all deposits go through easily in under 1 hour and I’ve not had a single issue buying and receiving products, even the staff support is very fast and settled a dispute in my favour, so you are just a lying twat,

      No market will ever replace DM but nightmare sure comes close

      • Anonymous says:


      • zach says:

        I hate when people say sh** like that because it defeats the entire purpose of the marketplace, you dont know who to trust. I am just getting into nightmare and it seems to be legit so far.

      • rabid says:

        Ive had a shit ton of issues outta nightmare. Lost 375$ to a verified link and I literally watched when the btc address changed after it got my trans but no money, and they said its not their wallet so fuck. Secondly either nlwizzard or superboss has compromised my mail cause shits been not commin in for over a week . bout to fly

    • Ravinath says:

      fuck you john the market is legit. i have orders many of thing and it arrived my door house.

  6. BHV says:

    The mirrors here are working for me, specifically the 2nd one down. Im in!

  7. herego420 says:

    Offline for more than 24 hours…… Market gone?

  8. david says:

    whats happening with NMM..?cant load any links

  9. BlackoutTeam says:

    It’s a DDOS attack guys, be patient

  10. Jangli says:

    Absolutely crap down all day. Which is a better market for xanax?

    • Drew Marty says:

      my man, china is cracking down on alprazaolam, it just became illegal, my main source cant even get any good quailty powder, its ALL Etizolam of sketchy chemicals, unless you pay that crazy 4-7$ price, witch i cant flip. the struggle.

  11. autoboy says:

    has night mare gone????

  12. Whyiseveryonesoselfish says:

    Exit scam by the mods of WSM. Lame

  13. 420ptsmoker says:

    very good communication from the staff even in these difficult times.

    I like the market

  14. carlEd says:

    seems to be back online now.

  15. sad panda says:

    Came over to wall street from dream, now they’re gone and I can’t even open nightmare. is this site down and gone forever also? Is there any other alternatives?

  16. mrgoodthangz says:

    Any working link ?

  17. Piet says:

    Link please?

  18. rusty trombone says:

    Anyone got a link please?!

  19. anon says:

    Wallstreet market admins got busted in Germany, check the news. Not a classical exit scam.

    NMM: its a great market, lets hope they get back soon. I can access a link now but super slow. probably beeing DDOSed.

  20. Martin says:

    They are under DDoS Attack, but it’s the most reliable and stable market at the moment, they’re doing great work against DDoS attacks, I love this so much and it will get to the stable work soon

  21. vendor7 says:

    Okay buddies, it seems online but some links are not
    Couldn’t you please to share with me an actual mirror link list?
    Thanks very much to all

  22. angler says:

    good, online 🙂

  23. Onionman says:


  24. MethGala says:

    Pretty decent marketplace and a place to leave your offers and products on

  25. Laurent says:

    It seems that you got phished all the same, because I was having many deals with this markets and everything is OK

  26. flask says:

    the market is ok, seems decent one

  27. DRUGDEALER says:

    seems good place to go

  28. TreatGood says:

    Best Market

  29. NoFBI says:

    Man all the DDOS attacks going on is some B.S, let us do our thang man we arent hurting anyone. 2019 has been a bad year

  30. DNMnewedg says:

    Thanks bro!

  31. Anonymous says:

    is any market working today or?

  32. fuqddos says:

    anyone else keep getting a 504 gateway time-out message on all mirrors?

  33. Sun says:

    It’s temporary, just DDoS attacks
    Will come back soon
    Since Empire exit-scammed is the only place to go for vendors

  34. good says:


  35. yeah says:

    ok I got on, there are some working mirrors

  36. woundedghost says:

    the last mirror on the list is currently working.

  37. woundedghost says:

    and now it is not working. ddos or server?

  38. JUFREY says:

    DDOS attack
    no server can skip that

  39. x says:

    all DEALERS go on the street and FUCK

  40. Anonymous says:

    ive bought successfully (canada to canada) no problem … safe alternate urls working now

  41. NoScam says:

    fake messages, fuck you lol. I’m a vendor there since long time and did many deals for a thousands of dollars
    there are actually 4k active vendors and it’s true

  42. markus7 says:

    i adore it, really good market

    • zach says:

      It appears to be really user friendly so far, I don’t have to much experiance with all of them but it seems to be straight forward and I like the way the set up is. Makes everything pretty smooth. I don’t know if the older markets where like this but its cool how there is an option to auto encrypt with the vendors pgp. Still getting used to the whole pgp thing, does anyone on here know of a good way to practice using it? any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  43. Prada says:

    best market I have ever knew

  44. BigPlayer says:

    good deals and money to be made

  45. littt says:


  46. Lucerne says:

    please stop posts fake review, pathetic admin of empireshitmarket who can’t do nothing literally with online
    you just a liar
    I just have deposited 4k$ without any problem

  47. bestest says:

    overload because of new vendors and buyers are coming 😛
    will be fixed shortly.

  48. DDl3 says:

    Still no working Link. Since Dream Market closed no reliable Shop available..

  49. chap says:

    too many connections?

  50. thankstoall says:

    its too much users come, it will be solved in one day just wait

  51. 616Power says:

    Legend market, good job

  52. Anonymous says:

    good market

  53. Messiah says:

    Love, so much money

  54. Anonymous says:

    Bitcoin System error camt deposit? anyone else have this

  55. Anonymous says:

    try now deposit everything is good

  56. lucid dreamer says:

    0.03065309 coins missing friend after 10 confirmation also some scam is happening be careful when u deposit,,

    watch out folks

  57. lucid dreamer says:

    some error my btc missing after deposit still in pending status be aware wen u make big deposit something fishy

  58. lu says:

    my btc wallet address in NM is not changing after 2 deposit success n my 3 rd deposit on same wallet address in pending after many confirmations in block chain. raised an issue to support team lets c ,, status in NM says still in pending will i get the btc to my wallet something wrong here

  59. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know what are you talking about boys, I actually haven’t any problem with this depositing 2BTC

  60. lucid dreamer says:

    heavy DDOS ATTACK still on friends , u are lucky but the support team is working on it ,, will update once the issue is fixed .

  61. anonymous2 says:

    is the wallet address changing after u deposit BTC in NM or still the same ?

  62. Cheerful says:

    I also deposited a fair amount of bitcoins on my Nightmare’s bitcoin wallet, and after 100+ confirmations and nearly 20 hours my transaction still shows as “pending” on my account.
    I deposited a couple of time with no issues so this is not normal.
    I’m worried about another exit scam

    • NM is best says:

      No exit-scam NM, pussy boys are just trashtalking for nothing, they’re unsuccessful competitors of this incredible market
      I have never got any problem with it

  63. Walla says:

    “I’m worried about another exit scam”

    Look at all the shill comments for this market on Empire’s page on this site, either they’re trying to take advantage and take over or just get as many people to deposit and then fuck off with your money. Strange times.

    • Hermes says:

      And what? They are always offline, no one worried about this defective “Empire” market
      Nightmare market the best

  64. warrior says:

    500 dollars stuck with night mare due to bitcoin address wallet issue ,, support help plz,,

  65. new generation says:

    look like DDOS EXIT SCAM BE READY FRIENDS TO face one more market is getting ready to shut down ,,

  66. Cheerful says:

    Yep. I’m sure most of the deposits are getting stolen right now. Strange thing one vendor asked me to finalize an order earlier due to unreliable market. Lost trust in the online source.

  67. lighter says:

    exit scam be aware

  68. lucid says:

    issue resolved thanks NM support is awesome n so quick

  69. Anonymous says:

    Nightmare best

  70. Good says:

    Those people above are mostly trashtalking for nothing since they’re just competitors
    It’s highload on this market right now but everything will be solved in hours, market is currently online
    No deposit problems, no withdraw problems, I have deposited more than 1BTC and it’s good

    • ShawDeckert says:

      Sorry reported your comment mistakenly i deposited btc in my nm wallet yesterday but still after 50 confirmation its not showing in my wallet

  71. Anonymous says:

    most decent market at the moment

  72. SomeJokez says:

    it is rumored that the nightmare market is the best, or it is not rumor?

  73. Cheerful says:

    I’m not a f*cking competitor. The Bitcoins still didn’t get deposited into my account, over 100 quid lost.

    • supporter says:

      Okay bro, but tell me, is there some point to admins of the market where placed more than 3k vendors to scam you for 100 pounds?
      I think not
      There’s might be a bug probably
      Just kindly and patiently open a ticket in the support system and wait

  74. gor says:

    real powerful and solid market AAA+

  75. krombopulos says:

    market is booting up and functioning well. i’ve spotted and verified one phenomenal vendor i sought. not a lot of activity in the terms of sales established yet overall. Seems like it has the potential to become a powerhouse of a market if it’s legit. These transitional periods are shady though. Tread carefully.

  76. Cheerful says:

    I’ve raised a ticket and it got escalated but this thing is going on for more than 24 hours and still got no help from the support team. How could that not make me a bit paranoid ? Considering users reported similar issue with the deposits.

    • Val says:

      There are huge income of traffic on the market, please wait, 5k users arrived a day
      It will be a great place to make business in the future
      Will be bigger than any market in the world, for sure.

  77. Andrew says:

    I try to Open the Site since 10 days several times a day. Ive tried all the different links here, but always the message “problem Loading page”.
    In April Ive ordered some times, and i actually like this shop.
    I see some users have no Problem to visit the Site, so i dont really understand why it does Not Work for me..

  78. Anonymous says:

    who needs empire mirrors fuckers? shut the fuck up

  79. lucid dreamer says:

    all works fine no scam NM is the best n top of all market now. Trust for NM . after d ticket is open dey resolved my issue in no matter of time. support is awesome. overall dey are the best n top market.. too advance in security n user friendly. expect ddos NM is awesome to use n buy.

  80. Hermes says:

    Don’t post shit Empire links here, scum
    It doesn’t deserve to be posted on a Elite reviews page

  81. lucid dreamer says:

    be lil patience all the issue will be fixed NM is fighting for us to buy n use the site n fix the ddos mother fuckers for ever. NM is too advanced den any other markets as of now. cheers

  82. :P says:

    Nightmare is the one market available market at the moment

  83. Anonymous says:

    stop posting offline empire mirrors, you dumbass, empire is dead and will not come alive I promise you lil nigga 🙂

  84. fuckyou says:

    what go? Why you post fake mirrors? All are offline.

  85. pullup says:

    nightmare the one

  86. yeahbaby says:

    woow, nightmare has 3k+ users just in two days!
    all vendors go to the right place, which is called the Nightmare Market of course
    Do not go these links, they aren’t Nightmare

    List of nightmare official mirrors:
    nightmareocykhgs dot onion

  87. Lucerne says:

    Nightmare links brothers.

  88. Anonymous says:


  89. Anonymous says:

    don’t post shitmarket

  90. bern says:

    Nightmare is up, these links you’ve posted aren’t working at all and under exit-scam, this Empire don’t worth our time including our pain

  91. RichMarket says:

    Some of the actual Nightmare Market mirrors:
    nightmareocykhgs dot onion

  92. Anonymous says:

    shit, dont working, empireshitmarket useless

  93. Bestest says:

    Some of the actual Nightmare Market mirrors:
    nightmareocykhgs dot onion

  94. carl says:

    nightmare really good

  95. Anonymous says:

    Shine on Nightmare

  96. FuckYou says:

    shit links, don’t visit them will get scammed by this shitempiremarket

  97. shutTheFuckUp says:

    we don’t need your ref, go fuck kiddo

  98. ok says:

    it’s ok but no one needs Empire no more since there is Nightmare existing

  99. RightMirrors says:

    Do not go these links, they aren’t Nightmare

    List of nightmare official mirrors:
    nightmareocykhgs dot onion

  100. Anonymous says:

    fuck your mother spammer, dont go these links are shit

  101. fuckyou says:

    fuck your mother spammer, dont go these links are shit

  102. Mirrors says:

    Some of the actual Nightmare Market mirrors:
    nightmareocykhgs dot onion

  103. vendor says:

    nightmare is best!
    spammers of empire are shit!

  104. Anonymous says:

    get the fuck out scammer empire

  105. Good says:

    Some of the actual Nightmare Market mirrors:
    nightmareocykhgs dot onion

  106. Loollz says:

    fucking pleb offering us a discount code on a shitmarket called “empire” haha, why they claim itself as an empire, they just wounded shit

  107. Anonymous says:

    when life was easy, we smoke weed in the backseat of your car

  108. Mirrors says:

    Some of the actual Nightmare Market mirrors:
    nightmareocykhgs dot onion

  109. Cheerful says:

    The issue with coins deposit on Nightmare still persisting after more than 24hrs with the support team not helping at all, receiving no answers for the escalated ticket. Hope it’s just a bug.

    • supporter says:

      hello bro, please be patient since there’s big migration from exit-scammed markets to this one
      +5k users a day which is very big
      your issue will be solved, thank you

  110. king67 says:

    Can i please get working link for nightmare I haven’t been in there yet

  111. rickid says:

    Every nightmare link posted seems to b not working

  112. Anonymous says:


  113. keipjfr says:

    Can somebody tell what is with RollsRoyce ? on DM the delivery took 1 day and was my favourite vendor and now i want to buy something and get nothing, even i got my money back

  114. keipjfr says:

    at least i got my money back *

  115. trust says:

    nightmare is a pretty good one market

  116. DappaD says:

    nightmare market is rubbish..i put £44 into the bitcoin address that nightmare market give the address did not work and next to the bitcoin address there’s another a (Legacy) address that i managed to put the money into £44 the money has now disapierd iv spoken to the people that work at nightmare markewt but they are very slow at getting back to me…not sure if i can trust this site..i deposited the money yesterday and its not showed up yet…and there response none

  117. NM says:

    Temporary DDoS, will be fixed next hours, don’t panic

  118. Anonymous says:

    going up soon

  119. yep says:

    its up

  120. Gucci says:

    ddos is over, lets all go make some deals

  121. rgggbg says:

    pill-cosby please join nightmare or cryptonia

  122. John de Mol says:

    ppffffff how long before the site will works fast. Each url is fucking slow!!! Does somebody knows how long this will takes????

    • WithLove says:

      Calm down buddy, there are huge DDoS attacks on every market at the moment, and during this time Nightmare was the only reliable one, just wait one day. It will be fixed ASAP

  123. Anonymous says:

    I was worried about using this site after all the scam warnings and reviews and all the ddos attacks but after a while of persisting with the ddos i deposited bitcoin fine and placed an order fine this site works just dont get phished 🙂

  124. bitch says:


  125. Goy says:

    Why you post Empire’s mirrors at the Nightmare Market page, are you rat?
    They are all down anyways, fuck this shit “empire”

  126. Anonymous says:

    Fuck empire

  127. AA says:

    After DM, Nightmare is my favorite new market.
    Ive bought there a lot of times and never had a Problem. I can recommend it!

  128. lucky says:

    Fuck that Empire market, only nightmare is trustful at the moment!

  129. Anonymous says:

    Im wondering why i cant Open any of the links on my mobilephone with Orbot/Orfox.
    With my Notebook and Tor the links are working very well.
    Can anybody help me?

    • Answer says:

      Brothers there’s a huge DDoS from competitors, it will be solved these days and the market will be really stable, there’s big migration also, thank you for your patience

  130. WhiteMeat says:

    I know Nightmare market is run by the TradeRoute admins so prepare for an exit scam from them soon.

    • rapedbitch says:

      How do you know that? I can claim that you’re a murderer that killed 9 children and raped after
      NM is most honest administration, you don’t know shit and keep talking, I am really confident since I know a coder

  131. NM says:

    or take updated mirrors on

  132. Anonymous says:

    whats doin my probably multicultural agoraphobic drug feinding friends this link is curretly working for nightmare

  133. em says:

    Shut the fuck up kid, nightmare way better

  134. shitted says:

    Fuck you scum! By this you showing that empire are truly fucking scammers! you rat

  135. Anonymous says:

    five year old kid, stop spamming these links for 5$

  136. Anonymous says:

    they are always offline anyways, nightmare bestest

  137. Any says:

    nightmare is the best market

  138. boem says:

    no single orders get’s accepted. or doesnt get shipped. I heard some problems with the vendors and their btc?

  139. drugg says:

    decent market enough

  140. Aqua says:

    ddos seems to be solved

  141. Anonymous says:

    hardly…all 20 linx dwn

  142. Anonymous says:

    any working links?

  143. good says:

    tried now is ok

  144. Eazy$ says:

    bestest market <3

  145. Anonymous says:

    that’d be probably one of the markets right now

  146. Wd420 says:

    Any working links?

  147. DrkDTox says:

    Been sketchy as over past week or so, mirrors seem pointless too, 18th was fine for like 3 hours now gone awol again. Anyone got any updates on NM?

  148. bus says:

    i deposited on NM. how do confirmations work?

  149. Anonymous says:

    don’t deposit anything in the market wallet people i deposited some money no joke.10 hours later still 0 in my wallet.shit scam market

    • ShutUp says:

      It’s not a scam, everyone knows you’re just a competitor and your point is meaningless and you probably broke

  150. Andre Hazes says:

    another DDossAttack, somebody knows? And is there 1 link that works’???

  151. Anonymous says:

    dont deposit money its a scam

    • ShutUp says:

      It’s not a scam, everyone knows you’re just a competitor and your point is meaningless and you probably broke

  152. celes says:

    I got on yesterday, managed to place several orders but 0 luck today to check on them. Deposit of bitcoin went well. All seemed fine, a tad slow though. Hopefully everything will be resolved soon. Keep trying i guess!

  153. Niklop says:

    Nope, still 405 error too.

  154. Anonymous says:

    Same problem 405 error 🙁

  155. anonymous says:

    It appears all of the links are now working in the sense you can get to DDoS screen but no further. Earlier on only maybe 1 link would do this for me. I don’t know if this is improvement but i would guess it is. On Nightmares designated forum site admins have said they are working to fix this. At 2:30 today they said around 2 hours till it’s fixed – taking a little bit longer but i would say everything is fine. Give it time.

  156. 6 says:

    Good, deposits work

  157. Niklop says:

    Working now

  158. Aaron says:

    I’ve heard something about new design, and why your site is slow sometimes? I mean it’s ok to open different mirrors for me, but to figure out with these two things

  159. KR says:

    Dont deposit XMR. My money didnt arrived, no answers from support, dont risck

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s all about DDoS, everyone’s deposits will arrive once DDoS is completely solved don’t worry buddy

  160. C dizz says:

    Can anyone get on?

  161. shadow says:

    Seriously is it legit or not? The dream market webpage took me to this partner company and I wanna know if this Nightmare webpage is legit any trusted vendor?

  162. Luigi says:

    I sent bitcoins before 3 hours, nothing arrived to “deposits” in nighmare…I can not open technical problem ticket, I tested 3 times….WTF

  163. Luigi says:

    +I can not create support ticket…i fill subject and comment of the ticket and i click send but no ticket is created and I get the homepahe of nihjtmare…So I am really desperate now

  164. Shadow8080 says:

    Guys I wanna know if Nightmare webpage is legit or if it is a scam!
    the thing is that I have gotten good experience with some other websites such as the old dream market and wall street to mention some of them on the other hand I wanna know if this is legit!

  165. Shadow8080 says:

    Silk Road 3.1 seems to be a legit place I have bought some hackerism stuff and they sent immediately on the other hand I ordered some LSD and because the vendor was run out of the stuff refunded me the money I got it one day after I created a ticket for my case! On the other hand I wanna tell you that not all is legit there are some rats pretending being hackers or carders and they are just scammers! of course a hacker or a carder will not provide you any whatsapp or email client contact come one people can establish SMTP and find their anemic assses! One asshole called GustasGustas was banned for the admins in order to prevent another scam! So keep an eye opened on this SOB!

    however till now I am still doubting about Nightmare cuz seems to be the same some scam some legit but if they have escrow the good thing is that they will refund you !

  166. PhntomLancer says:

    May 26 / may 27. Night mare market is working i made an account. But im afraid to deposit or do any deals at that market. First of all Some Vendors are Unavailable. Or have like 15 Deals. I deposited like 100$ us on Empire Market made and in 2 days it was Unenviable on all links.
    + there are Vendors that have Dream Market Sells and Reviews. i dont know if the are Legit. So Any one know is it safe? or it will be seized in a next couple of days?

  167. C dizz says:

    I’m still having no success getting in. Anyone else or is it just me?

  168. dinotag says:

    I agree with above comments that Nightmare is a possible SCAM – i also deposited my BTC – nothing there after a week, however i submitted support ticket and they’re apparently investigating and seemed quite helpful….I have never had this issue in 4 years of using DW.

  169. PhantomLancer says:

    Yeah i deposited 0.003 Bitcoin its deposited in 20 min its there no problem.
    But when i try to contact support Create a TICKET .
    I type my question write everything down but when i click ok it trows me back to home page.
    And when i click on my ticket it says You have no tickets created. Wierd !!
    I wont deposit more or buy anything i till i get a hold of support.

  170. Hello says:

    Open ticket, be aware of phishing, wait quietly

  171. Anonymous says:

    Big migration, be patient, thank you

  172. hector says:

    Still waiting on a BTC deposit – thats 48hrs since its been cleared by block chain ? caution

  173. phantomLancer says:

    502 Bad Gateway on all links….
    DDoS? good thing i didnt make a purchase

  174. srvn7 says:

    Guys you all are login into pishing sites and making deposits. The orginal links of all markets you can find here they are updating it every minutes. Don’t try any other links, these are the trusted and legit ones 🙂
    Hope you find it helpful.

  175. srvn7 says:

    Thank you folks

  176. Stevo says:

    Sent BTC into Nightmare wallet 12 hours ago and still nothing has arrived.

  177. Anonymous says:

    Becareful guys are scam… please dont do any deal on there, because you will get blocked after depositing coin..
    be safe Guys..

  178. Rick Flare says:

    I like this Nightmare Market. User friendly although the sorting function doesn’t work so you have to thumb through a lot. It’s slow as fuck. But you don’t have to learn PGP like on Wall Street. Pictures are big, what to do and how to order is laid out logically. Now if they just stay open and don’t exit scam it will be all good. Lot’s of the Dream vendors on there too so I’m happy

  179. Ynona says:

    I deposited btc at NmM yesterday. Still nothing. From what i understand is the btc address that they give you changes every deposit (please correct me if im wrong) it changed twice for me, and yes, i deposited two seperate btc amounts. At first I wasnt able to create a ticket, but was able to say the least. I ask them about my deposit and the btc changes. He only answered the btc address change and said it changes every 7 days and didnt say anything about my deposit. Will let you know if it went through and please tell me if anyone has the same situation , whoelse are waiting and got their funds in?

    • Phantomlancer says:

      Yeah well they using different method called bit coin mixer so when you deposit it goes in to the mixer some sort and then it goes to your wallet. I deposit 0.003 bitcoin and it was there in 20 min. I only have 2 problem I can’t create a TICKEY or contact the admin. And I registered on forums and can’t write a post either. Also in forums I found out that allot of people have these problem with deposits. Also if you read on info. Nightmare is using 3d party Multisig bitcoin program so they can’t exit scam … they say.

      • Ynona says:

        Btc still not in my balance. Already 552 confirmations. With the tickets its more like blind luck, i was able to create anticket but then i could not reply to it. It just redirects me to the home page. This is so frustrating and its been 4 days.

  180. Anonymous says:

    Nightmare not working. All links seem fine. but after i submit the ddos challnge it loads into a blank screen….

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes that is happening with me also.

      • Anonymous says:

        You just have to go to the url and delete the “/favicon” or whatever it is after it and hit enter, it will load you right into the site. Same thing is happening to me and thats all i did and it worked find

  181. Matthew Jones says:

    Could anyone advise me on which marketplace that sell physeptone or methadone? please, as I can’t get on Nightmare marketplace..

  182. tulpe77 says:

    Worked fine for me
    deposit arrived after 2 hours, found 1 vendor from DM that gives me a better feeling. Testet another Vendor for some candys, all good for me atm.

  183. Tina says:

    Hi, does anyone know where I can find Vendor Cerberus? Thank you 🙂

  184. ButterflyAfterMorning says:

    someone know how to mnemonic create? 2 months before I started learn that but cannot create on site… help please???

  185. Anonymous says:

    ThebarkingUK DO NOT TRUST HIM sent me fakes complete duds

  186. Bob says:

    deposited bitcoins. they are not there !!!! SCAM!!!!

  187. Anonymous says:

    U suck

  188. TheUnknown says:

    Is NM offline? All links I have appear to be down. Anyone post me the latest and greatest, thanks : )

  189. Cruz says:

    Deposited bitcoins few hours ago, still not there. How.long does it usually take?.

    • Ta Da says:

      Same thing happened to me. Let us know if it goes to your wallet.

      • bettspagett says:

        I deposited a large amount 5 days ago and nothing. i raised a ticket and they said sorry but all the deposit and withdrawals have been processed and just closed the ticket. i then did a small (minimum) deposit just to see if it would work (probably a silly thing to do) and no, that was nearly 24hrs ago and it’s still not there or even pending either. sad, this has never happened to me in 8 years or using markets. i have no hope of recovering my money now, but i guess 🙁

      • Cruz says:

        Nothing yet… You?

  190. Anonymous says:

    I deposited 0.0252 BTC but nothing arrived so far… I hope it will otherwise I am very upset

  191. Tritium says:

    Nightmare is the best market for me right now. 98% of the time link works, deposited bitcoin in less than 30 minutes. Purchase made. Everything looks perfect.

  192. father grail says:

    God_eyes!…wow!..good team.. Saw them on Agartha. He uses third party escrow. The team spread out risk. Did my job within 26hrs. I will recommend you guys anywhere any time.

  193. kenn says:

    Does anyone no good site for a oil?

  194. mart says:

    @ANON i never deposit over $30 or $40 at a time and always spread out big deposits. that way in case something happens you aren’t out ALL of what you wanted to deposit. nightmare is super fast, so it’s easy to do. for 0.0252 i would have deposited $50 xs 4

  195. acidcore says:

    does not work dude
    this works fine

  196. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know a good vendor for Western Union Transfer? Need a quick one.

  197. Anonymous says:

    This ist for Empire ?‍♂️

  198. Mr 542 says:

    Nightmare down ???

  199. UP says:


  200. UP says:


  201. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone give a beginner a reliable link or point me in the right direction, tried dream market it said they would be moving to weroidjkazxqds2l.onion in April but hasn’t worked.

  202. yIp says:

    @anon go to youll find verified links there

  203. Anonymous says:

    Thanks ylp

  204. jimny says:

    I suspect its systematic ripoffs by the site owners ive made a ticket ill keep this updated,,i don’t like my chances though,,6 confirmation and 0 bitcoin another $220 down the drain,,,its funny how the main link stops working,,on the top website and then you need another link,,i think they rotate rip offs

  205. jimny says:

    jumped on the forum all necessary checks people are saying btc never arrives stay clear people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  206. jimny says:

    A few deposits will work no problem and then bam,,they rip you,, probably do it on a certain day everyweek until they exit scam,,its probably the same assholes with every market

  207. jimny says:

    exactly my position now!

  208. jonatan says:

    Nightmare is the best , im put a vendor sell on it btc arrive soon , all good, no shit

  209. database says:

    i hate all the hassles of markets urls not working or markets being shut down all the fucking time, then there is the problem or deposit btc and not have access to market place account because of phishing. just need 1 vendor that sells stuffs i need regularly that i can trust and simply find a secure way to contact each other directly. i cant keep going days and weeks without my tools.

  210. jimny says:

    made a ticket gave thre guy the detail ,,,btc still not there,,im updating 10 sites daily if it costs them customers so be it,,,ill update everyday I just want my btc back,,simple!

    • pikey says:

      same here bro , deposited 12 hours ago , 75 confirmations and no btc on mmy account , btc address also changed today …

  211. jimny says:

    what country?

  212. Pikey says:

    Motherfucking scammers …

  213. LAMBERT says:


  214. lioness1 says:

    Same thing happened to me tryingvto withdrawal funds funds never made it to my account. Over $260.00 i lost. Hackers are substituting their bitcoin codes with ours.

  215. Roids says:

    Link don’t work. Anyone have link update? Please

  216. jimny says:

    still no btc and no answer

  217. Freddy says:

    Deposited coin 4 days ago, still not in my account. They replied to my originall ticket, saying be patient, large volume of traffic. Surely there is one legit market out there, a new version of dream. I wonder if all these markets aren’t FBI honeypots.

  218. Anonymous says:

    Nightmare is a scam market . dont deposit btc.

  219. jimny says:

    my tickets been escalated twice still no btc no answer

  220. Anonymous says:

    don’t be stupid ! nightmare market is a big scammer ! if you send btc to nightmare you lose ! so , don’t be stupid !

  221. Anonymous says:

    Fuck you NM ! Fuck you ! you ripped me ! Fuck youuuu !!!!!!!!!!

  222. Anonymous says:

    where is my btc nightmare ?!!! FUCK YOUUUU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  223. jimny says:

    I started with DM everything was great I got ripped 250 when a vendor did an exit scam,,my fault I wasn’t using escrow,,apart from that everything was great no issues,,then it closes down,,,,i go to wallst everything fine for a while then I get ripped 500 when they exit scam,,,went to empire everything was fine for a while, used the same link id always used to make deposits btc doesn’t arrive get told ive been phished bullshit! then I go to NM having high hopes after the first few orders,,used a link ive used before to make deposits boom doesn’t arrive 220 gone,,,,im finished with these markets it doesn’t matter if you take precautions,,i would only deposit using a link to the market where it had worked before,,,i always typed in the wrong password on the first attempt,,i did all the checks and I still got ripped,,,no more markets for me fuck it!

  224. jimny says:

    Something else needs to be developed these markets are all scamming DM was legit, rest are scamming

  225. jimny says:

    what country? im not doing international

  226. jimny says:

    just found an awesome vendor too,,why don’t they just be legit?? they make money ,,vendors make money we get what we want,,,they are fucking it up for everyone, this wont exist soon, because of this shit

  227. Anonymous says:

    Shut the fuck up all noobs and thards we talk about nightmare, its a legit and no scan site with all good market, im a vendor on that and its all good, SHUT THE FUCK UP ALL NOOBS WITH POST SHIT ABOUT THAT

    • Freddy says:

      Your Wright, it’s a scam, 622 confirmations
      4 days, no coin in account. All the markets seem to be sane way, need a new Dream, it was brilliant.

    • jimny says:

      ill stfu when I get the BTC I deposited into my wallet on NM

  228. Anonymous says:

    nightmare market change your name in SCAM MARKET

  229. Anonymous says:

    Nightmare legit, good, silk. Just close your eyes and don’t notice these kids, for example I ordered my 2k eur frames and no more see any fake commentoers so its easy for rich people not to notice fake reviews,ops.

  230. jimny says:

    I have no affiliation, no reason to lie,,i deposited $220 of BTC into my wallet on nightmare and its still not there, I used a link to nightmare I had used before for a deposit, so it wasn’t a phishing link,,i reported it and have a ticket with 2 msgs saying its been escalated, no answer and no BTC, this is the wallet address that was copied and pasted from my wallet, 3PE565zcdnYEBe1bMyAJdtD7sTQ3qJdLZS check it,,they seem to be doing very well,,,fucking pricks!

  231. jimny says:

    Again today no answer and no BTC

  232. Justjack says:

    Anyone having issues logging in?

  233. MatFR1982 says:

    Just got scammed of a couple XMR… I sent to adress and ID that was given, checked 100 times if I didn’t make a mistake, but nothing is credited to my account.

    The answer from the tech is “doesn’t work”…

    Stay away!!

  234. aonymous says:

    They sytole all the money. If some vendor is reading this, you loose 100EUR, i m gonna spend it on ypur drugs and the admins stole to me and you too. Go out of this shit.

  235. Lamia says:

    It s been 10 days since I deposited 0.00629146 BTC , Nightmare Market is SCAM , they stole many people`s money and no one from the staff can give answers. Also , when I opened a ticket , someone from the staff made me wait 48 hours and after that I couldn t reply to the ticket anymore or create a new one . DO NOT TRUST NIGHTMARE MARKET !!!!

  236. Anonymous says:

    Is the Empire Market legit

  237. freddy says:

    Is the Empire Market Legit

  238. Anonymous says:

    What’s up with that

  239. Anonymous says:

    I’m having that same issue.. I’m getting nervous

  240. Not an idiot says:

    I just used nightmare market and the transaction went as smooth as you like. I had been unable to access it for about a month using orfox on my phone so I installed the Tor browser instead. Got on straight away and my $30 balance was still intact. Topped it up with funds to buy what I needed, they appeared within 30 minutes and placed my order without trouble.
    Not sure what you people are doing, but ONLY use links from site or you will lose your cash. NEVER click any links from here or elsewhere.

  241. Not an idiot says:

    Ok sure. You continue to click phishing links. Have fun.

  242. Heineken says:

    Nightmare market is SCAM ! Stolen money when make you deposit

  243. BTS says:

    works for me, fuck these scam sites. been getting MDMA from dream market then closed and then empire before they ripped me off.

  244. jimny says:

    now u cant even log in

  245. UrbanDecay19 says:

    Anyone with legit links?

  246. h4vefaith says:

    was anyone able to deposit on this shit? My transactions still not showing. At least I sent only $10 to test it first…

  247. UrbanDecay19 says:

    NM looks like some shit. I really hope that all these folks that deposited money today, me being one of them…..and not just a small amount, gets this shit worked out. Thus is crazy and bad for business. Let’s have hope, good people!! Stuff is the Wild West West now. I’m hoping that this is a DDoS attack and the admins are on it. I know, the eternal optimist! Stay Safe out there!

  248. jimny says:

    I got some information apparently the vendors get pissed off when we complain about small losses we are supposed to take it in the ass, got to the point im like I have only lost $1000 I don’t want to make waves, and was told its not about the amount its the principal of it, owners think they have a license to steal vendors blame us when we complain about getting our money stolen what a shit system, they just returned a msg reply of simply “fool” to someone who knows way too much, I expect we will all get our btc back soon.

  249. jimny says:

    Some people have lost a lot of money, I don’t know how much the guilty parties of these markets trust their friends im not involved return my losses and ill stfu. ambival.

  250. Alfred says:

    if they were serious they would have given the money to all users back.
    That is why nightmare market is scam!!!!!

  251. Tom says:

    NM administrators steal the money of all users !!!! Is SCAM !!!! Do not send money to NM !!!!!

  252. zizi says:

    I was STOLEN by NM ! Do not send money to NM ! UGLY SCAM VERY UGLY !!!

  253. Jack says:

    NM is scam because when you want to make a deposit all money we ll be vanished …..Nighmare market stole all money……..

  254. Anonymous says:

    Just made a deposit and it worked. However i made a deposit last week and it never worked. I made the smallest deposit possible and this was after i raised a ticket. will keep you posted

    • Jack says:

      Just fuck you !!!! Shut the fuck up with fucking your liers !!!! You are from NM staff !!!! Fuck you LIER !!! People NM stole all money when you make a deposit !!!! Don’t RISK !!!! Is SCAM!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        I am not NM staff. I made a deposit over a wee ago and it never landed but i have made 2 today. Believe me or don’t believe me I don’t really give a fuck ive nothing to gain

  255. Unscammable says:

    Mate you probably clicked on a phishing link.
    Where did you get the link from?

  256. Jack says: is phish!? I dont’t think so!

  257. Jack says:

    Don’t believe NM because is scam and stole all the money when you make a deposit!!!!

  258. polly says:

    Ive used nightmare 3 times and never had any problems everything arrived on time

    from the uk

    • Jerry says:

      I used Nightmare successfully as well, however my last 2 deposits haven’t shown up in my account in over a week despite blockchain showing a successful transaction.

      I take every precaution not to get phished, this is clearly evolving into an exit scam.

  259. ohhh says:

    trashtalking pussyboy

  260. ahahh says:

    best market ever, don’t believe those trashtalkers pussys empire from empire slavery team who post fake reiews

    • Ali says:

      Shut the fuck up !!! Many many users was stolen by nm. Is scam !!!! Fuck you !!! You are a admin lier !!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        no money were stolen
        you can watch on dread everything is ok, no one complain
        it’s all because you are unsuccessful liar admin of empire either a scum of their slavery came here to post your shitposts

        • Jack says:

          I was stolen by nightmare…..admins from nightmare do not answer me….hundreds of users from NM crying for money… on NM forum…….is SCAM do not gane time NM

  261. Anonymous says:

    Ok I didn’t want to believe people saying they were scammed, cause i thank they had clicked on wrong links or so.
    But it happend to me. Deposit 70$ of XMR don’t show up on my account. Previous deposit happened with no problem (smaller amounts). I use 2FA, always use the same link, verify everything twice. I just get fucked.
    I miss Dream Market, we need a trustfully market, why are all of them shitting on us? …

  262. Martin420 says:

    Hey happen similar thing they own some of the sellers account and if you don t lose your coins you will lose your product because they will send u paper same time and they only do that to buyers with cheap orders I got my one stolen the coins 4 times in different accounts and got a few parcels with paper I just hope some stick the paper up there asshole and I hope it’s a full pack so will see if they shit the money they stole from us

  263. Martin420 says:

    Scam market the administration it’s all scammers they still your money and send you paper

  264. TRUTH says:


  265. Lenin says:

    Truth ! Why lie to us ? You are from nightmare staff? Now everybody knows that nightmare is SCAM !!!!

  266. Anonymous says:

    you are liar, any pussy can trashtalk here, stfu empire slavery

    • Lenin says:

      Only you stupid kid say something about another market ! I talk about only Nightmare because is SCAM !!!

      • Anonymous says:

        shut the fuck up kid, no one were scammed, you just doing trashtalk, I ADMIT THERE SOME PERSONS WITH THE REAL PROBLEMS, but they do not trashtalk on deeponion and go to dread make a complaint, shitty pussy bitch, fuck your baby


    This is clearly evolving into an exit scam. Maybe before no, but now, it scam. My transactions dosnt arrive too.

  268. Doesn’t matter says:

    Made a 100$ deposite and didn’t showed up people be aware this could be a scam

  269. Anonymous says:

    Deposited $300 earlier today just checked and it went thru just fine don’t know why y’all are saying it’s a scam always works good for me

  270. camden84 says:

    I received this reply from one the moedrators. It maybe worth noting if it is a genuine phising scam.

    “Nightmare does not generate bitcoin address beginning with 1, only with 3! You have been phished.
    Please locate safe links at:

    Then please create new account as your mnemonic and pin may be compromised if you registered on a phishing site!

    Regards, Godlike.”

    • camden84 says:

      worth adding I lost £100 to it but it it may well have been a phishing scam. Be careful with the links.

  271. micest says:

    nightmare market is not a scam. you all got fished. It worket for me perfect

  272. Anonymous says:

    Nightmare is “down for maintenance”…. have a feeling we wont be seeing it back online

    • Not an idiot says:

      Seems fine to me.
      At the end of the day, we are all buying drugs from dealers using criminal sites, you have to expect to lose some money sometimes.
      I’ve been using DN sites for 7 years now, since the early days of SR. I would say in all that time I’ve been scammed or lost around £300. Annoying yes but not catastrophic. Please people, don’t risk what you can’t afford to lose and be careful.

  273. Imyourpapa says:

    NM has new image !

  274. Imyourpapa says:

    Looks nice. NM is realy good Market. Thanks guys, u r doing great job. And u others shitheads talking all time about scam … fuck off.

  275. Bananaice420 says:

    I cant register on NM, whats the problem?

  276. camden84 says:

    Just an update from my previous post. After changing my password and ensuring the correct link I managed to deposit and process an order without issue. Check the links you use, setup 2FA and make sure the address starts with a ‘3’. Hope it helps.

  277. Camersto says:

    all markets have the latest connections and are constantly updated – only true –

  278. Berlusconi says:

    I highly recommend Berlusconi the site has been around for several years

    • Anonymous says:

      is shit public source vulnerable admins are scammers what else you need to know about this shitty site

  279. Anonymous says:

    new vendor on Empire come shop
    @reptar33 just search the name

  280. Lara says:

    NM still stole all money from usesr and gane time with change interface. No ticket solutions !!! But continue to lie !!! NM IS SCAMMMM

  281. Anonymous says:

    this ip a phishing for cadmen 88

  282. Anonymous says:


  283. borobu says:

    NM is SCAM. you will lose all money when you make a deposit !!!!!!!!

  284. borobu says:

    people ! read on nightmare forum if you don’t believe me ! nightmare is SCAM ! THOUSENDS of users lost money

  285. PhantomLancer says:

    USE Dont use working links any were else. only has good working links on all dark web markets. I deposited like 200$ US Bitcoins. And Withdraw 125$ after a weak no problem. Nightmare Not a scam and ive made 3 orders that came to me. Also i lost like 90$ case i went on phishing link. I thought its a scam thats why i did 3 small orders and then took all my money out. And everything went good

  286. SCAM says:

    There are more 16000 tickets!!!! NM stole all these deposits !!!!!

  287. Anonymous says:

    Nightmare stole my LTC

  288. Freddy says:

    Anyone used Empire. I recognise some vendors from dream on there, so wonder if it’s ok and not scale like nightmare

  289. Anonymous says:

    Really what happen?

  290. Anonymous says:

    This sucks you cant trust dealing directly with people and the market is scaming people i been scammed twice dealing directly and i wont deal directly anymore unless product is sent first

  291. Anonymous says:

    I need a reliable trust worthy smoke plug

  292. Anonymous says:

    i made 2 deposit to nightmare market 2 weeks ago. first time i thought it was my mistike, why there are no btc on my nightmare wallet, then i made a second deposit and both times they stolen my money!! after 5 supporttickets they told me, the wallet adress, where i send the bitcoins is not a nightmare wallet. EVERY time when i loged into my account on nightmare i used offficial links…. NM are fucking scammers

  293. Raul says:

    So nightmare is real market or is scam ? I’m afraid to make deposit after all these comments

  294. Anonymous says:

    fud detected

  295. Anonymous says:

    kid please stop spreading fud everytime empire going down xd

  296. Anonymous says:

    what is this shit we don’t need it

  297. Hermes says:

    also take attention that there are tons of fud going on now on the market and nightmare were never on exit-scam either stealing someone’s money it’s just liars spreading this fud

  298. Paco says:

    For me Nightmare is a LIAR and SCAM . They lie with phising links , lie with wallet with number 1 and 3 (both are from Nightmare) and they stole all money from wallet who start with 1 … SCAM……for me NM is BYE FOREVER ! SHAME ON YOU !

  299. Anonymous says:

    you are just trashtalker kid, they have never scammed I been a vendor there for 8 months kiddo

  300. Zack says:

    NM was start with scam and we’ll finish with scam !!! Do not trust NM !!! Stop with liars !!! Not all users are stupid !!!

  301. Anonymous says:

    Nm started with 2 * of wallet ! Wallet who start with 1 was for scam !!!! Fuck you NM !!!!

  302. Zaman says:

    I’m done with NM !!!! Is scammed me !!!

  303. Charlly says:

    there was no bullshit phishing. Nithmare market was starting like a scammer. Do not trusk ! Fuck you scam market !

  304. Adios NM says:

    Is true ! NM stolen our money and now lie to us with phishing links ! Is scam ! Do not send money to them because nightmare market is not serious !

  305. MikeM says:

    Deposited 40USD to My account. No issue. Made a purchase, and it’s waiting to be excepted. All at 2AM

  306. Kate says:

    How i can be trust in NM when they star with a scam? I migrate to another market !!!!

    • king says:

      Nightmare is full of bullshit ! Is good to migrate to another market because NM scammed many many people!!!!

  307. MikeM says:

    Well as of now my item shipped> I truly believe the people above stating they were ripped off by Nightmare were phished. I feel for your guys but so far its working for me. Ill keep ya posted on my items shipment

  308. Lime says:

    NM rise with stolen wallet and lie with phishing links. All wallet from may was stolen by NM

    • Jojo says:

      NM stole all my money in june and admins lie to me with phising ! I’m done with NM , i go to another morket because what start with scam will be finish the same

  309. Bruv says:

    Possible exit scam
    Deposits are vanishing into nothing!

  310. Cazza says:

    Sent coins here, suddenly disappeared and not on the site. Wallet started with a “3” if that’s any closure.
    Sent a support ticket, and thankfully they did respond, this is the message:
    Borislav: Hi,

    We are working on a solution to credit all lost deposits to accounts, including yours, if there are any.

    Please have a little more patience


    Guess I’ll wait and see, the other comments on here about being phished/scammed don’t exactly fill me with joy though, would be a bit crap to lose £30 worth of bitcoins, which where a pain to buy from LB as it is.

    • Dany says:

      Cazza you wi’ll be receive from NM staff ” the wallet where you send money it is not ours”. Nightmare is scam or selective scam

  311. Cancun says:

    I miss dream market !!!! Fuck you nightmare Scam !!!!

  312. MikeM says:

    Fuck all these people that say Nightmare is a scam. Used it for the first time, uploaded 40 buck of bit. An hour later it was in my account. Bought some LSD. Shipped the following day. I literally took the LSD 30 mins ago and I’m starting to trip. I think these guys are stilll getting Phished.

  313. anonymous1 says:

    anyone know of a LEGIt western union transfer/paypal transfer/ prepaid card service

  314. Albert says:

    Bro it is not an error !!! It is just a SCAM !!! They lie and gane time for ripped more people !!!

  315. Yessir says:

    Is the site down right now? Every link I try doesn’t work.

  316. bkpangalia says:

    I deposited BTC to my wallet address.
    There is no money in my wallet pending or confirmed balance after more than 100 confirmation.
    Also i cant submit ticket,this market place is a SCAM.

    • buyer says:

      I’m a little fed up with this topic. There is no cheating from the NM market. Simply that when you make a transaction of little money does NOT arrive, if it does not reach the minimum of 0.001 BTC. And he thinks that each transaction before arriving, takes many commissions in between,

    • Anonymous says:

      Whats youre bank acc number ill do it for you

    • Buh says:

      You probably got phished, check the link that you deposited on.

  317. Trak says:

    NM is selective scamer. Do not trust this market !!!! Yout deposit cand be vanished!

  318. Cazza says:

    Log in and check your notifications, the NM admins left a message about the transaction issue,

    • Cazza says:

      Yeah just give it a few to several days and see what happens, over 711 confirmations for me on the blockchain and the coins aren’t there, so it’s not a local issue or an issue with the blockchain, they acknowledge it’s on their end. Problem is many users sent their coins to links that weren’t on , like me, so there’s a small chance some are phishing links, but at the same time it’s unlikely; someone would have said something sooner.

  319. zidane says:

    nightmare is taking peoples bitcoin and the admin is doing nothing about it , nightmare is a scam

  320. Sarah says:

    please call me , Sarah

  321. Moobs says:

    They don’t mind a few dirty tricks for getting away with holding onto money but mostly I think the delays are technical incompetence rather than malice. I had to wait many days for my BCH deposits to come through.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve made several order none went through canceled them all. tried communicating with support several times nothing in response. decided to withdraw my funds says pending for over two weeks. this site is at best a selective scam site. I doubt I;ll get my money out.

  322. MA says:

    I bought things for NM, so it’s working for me…

  323. ANON says:

    Anyone else not managing to load any links?

  324. Ed says:

    How do I get on the market

  325. anno says:

    yesterday everthing worked good today every link is down

  326. WhitePapi says:

    NM works fine if you understand the BTC deposit rules. There are minimums for the convenience of having a wallet to use thst provides escrow protections.

    Deposit the proper minimums and repsect the marketplace. Your bad experience is not indicitive of every experience.

    I have recieved all of my orders, and all BTC properly deposited has arrived to my wallet.

    Lets grow these marketplaces, not aid their struggle to survive the world trying to destroy them.

  327. Entheogen says:

    NM is down right now, was waiting for deposit to clear and then went down to maintenance!

  328. streethoes05 says:

    i have not made a successful transaction on NM yet i either get scammed or i never receive anything that i purchase

    • Ribbit says:

      1.) Only use escrow 2.) Never finalize early 3.) If it’s too good to be true than it’s a scam.

    • GMX6 says:

      I have the same problem, 5 orders, 2 cancelled, 2 in dispute one outstanding. The first one in dispute has been there for almost 2 months. The vendor has never responded and yet I haven’t had my money refunded. Very discouraged, are these the same people from Dream, I never had a single problem there.

  329. Zerki says:

    Nice , thanks man !

  330. Tot says:

    No links working for me today – Normally they are fine , Anyone else having issue with the links

  331. Toad says:

    Nightmare not operational…down for maintenance? Does this happen often?

  332. Toad says:

    Just placed an order last evening and all seemed to be going smoothly and now this??

  333. Anon says:

    Not working currently, seems like they are down for maintenance

  334. Ema Nymton says:

    This market is NOT (I REPEAT: N O T) a scam!!!

    I ordered about a month ago and everything worked fine!
    I even received twice the amount of goods I ordered. Though this has nothing to do with the management of the Nightmare Market itself, it’s still a great thing! 😀

    They seem to have troubles with their Monero system lately, though. But be aware that Nightmare has the biggest support for different cryptocoins there ever was on the DN. So instead of bitching and shouting “fraud” without good reason, keep cool, shut up and only complain when you really have a reason to. Street dealers would have smashed your pussys faces already if you talked so much shit about them!

  335. mazzy says:

    Gunit up in here

  336. Ribbit says:

    I agree that NM is not a scam. I’ve made plenty of orders here with no issue. The biggest thing that people don’t realize (even though it tells you fools in bold, red print) is that you MUST deposit AT LEAST .001 BTC. If you do not deposit at least .001 BTC (about 13$ USD) your coins will not show up in your wallet! And please,for the love of god, utilize escrow and do not finalize early.

  337. Noname54 says:

    Has anyone the same Problem wegen ordering Nothing happens wheter its accepted or denied it keeps in awaiting orders. Help pls

  338. azerty says:

    I deposited 450 € 2 weeks ago and still nothing I keep hope

  339. fraicheplush says:

    how long before you can use bitcoin again?

  340. coinking12345 says:

    Any word on why the bitcoin wallet end is disabled? Have a small amount in there and am trying to purchase using bitcoin but obviously cannot deposit/withdraw. Any ideas or news?

  341. JON DOUGH 510 says:

    It’s funny reading all of these complaints about a straight forward Market place like NM… I was super skeptical when I first began dealing with their vendors ( about a month ago)… But after utilizing the escrow, getting super swift responses from support, dealing with some down to earth vendors and receiving all of my BTC to my wallet… I really want to kick some you bitches in the balls 🙁
    In hopes you come to realize that running a straight forward marketplace in an ILLEGAL field is hard enough, with authorities trying to shut shit down… And now you clowns are throwing dirt on it’s name because you either can’t read the colorful highlights telling your dumb asses NOT TO FE unless you trust the vendor. OR deposit the right amount or lose your coins… OR to check that the onion links match up before you deposit…
    I’m running with Nightmare until it’s really over…
    So all of you conplaining morons, need to kick back, consider yourselves idiots and wait till they fix whatever bugs that have developed.

  342. Piggy says:

    What is the right onion site for NM?

  343. Anonymous says:

    How i can buy drugs?

    • jm8 says:

      Buy btc, create a profile on NM, deposit AT LEAST 0.002 BTC OR THEY WILL BE LOST! go to an offer you like, click buy, add your name and address as well as any other detail to the seller, make sure you click the encrypt box just in case, fill in the captcha and then click buy. That’s it! you need tor browser to access teh site

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey what products are you looking to buy?

  344. el says:

    I CANT GET TRHRU THE 12 PHASE word it wont accept it

  345. Nightmar3fan says:

    The deposit issue is fixed but my coins arnt showing 24 hours later. I have used before and had no bother. Im hoping its still teething problems from the same issue. Tickets arnt being sorted but i imagine there very busy! Anyone else having same issue.

  346. Tom says:

    Stop all the bullshit complaints! It’s hard enough for DNM to get established without all thi crap. So long as you deposit over the minimum you’re fine. Yes, tbh I was worried cos of deposit delay but it was all fine in the end and deposit confirmed within 24hours.

  347. jim says:

    why wouldnt we complain it has been over 30 hours now and my bitcoin has still not shown up and they are not replying to my tickets

  348. Phil says:

    I’ve registered looking to but but only currency is Escrow. Can you not use BitCoin??

  349. TJ says:

    What’s a good link to register on the nightmare market?

  350. C says:

    How do I order?

  351. Betsy says:

    Deposited BCH to account, and it got rerouted and put into a larger block. Never got my funds!!! Thousands of BCH all got rerouted and put into this block — qz8rzf9rzhw4604wexlj0f8spn6su09ccvly2j – then all put into larger one: qz8rzf9rzhw4604wexlj0f8spn6su09ccvl – address got cut off a bit at the end, but check the blockchain and you can see the last account is worth more than $83,0000. SCAM!!!!

  352. Kermit says:

    I’ve been waiting for my bitcoins since last Thursday. Something is wrong I don’t feel good! Scammer?

  353. jim says:

    kermit i am in the same sitution

  354. Igor says:

    My Order was cancelled by seller how can i get my Money back ?

  355. niyood says:

    can i get the new tor link to nightmare pls,all this link are not working ,kindly pls reply me direct to my email

  356. jm8 says:

    exit scam incoming! stay away!

  357. w31KxP7h4j says:

    Yes, it seems probable that they plot an exit scam. My last big deposit wasn’t show on my balance view and there is no support, currently. A fucking bad and sad world. The last market you could really trust was Dream Market!

    With no cocaine, a hard time is coming to me … 😀 … :'(

    • Anon192 says:

      same here, that’s going to be a hard week without my medicine :/
      Site is not down for me, some links are working so I made a deposit yesterday, already 80+ confirmations but still nothing showed up on my account…so sad..

    • GANGY4723 says:


  358. Anonymous says:

    same here I just fucking sent 1000 and it never showed up and no support.

  359. klaxtor says:

    people are dumb been using the same vendors from dream and money goes thru fast depending on what day and what time …it works stop bitching

  360. jjj says:

    klaxtor you are an idiot, deposits are not going through i made a £90 deposit on friday and it has still not shown up, have been told i will have it soon like 5 times

    • js65577 says:

      I would advise people to avoid this market, they are either planning an exit scam or the wallet system is a complete mess. Yes it may be working for some people but not for me, a bitcoin deposit i made Friday has not shown up and after countless tickets sent to the staff all I get is short one line answers. Reading the comments on this website and reading posts in dread forum (reddit like forum for darknet) many people seem to be having the same problem. So unless you want a high chance of losing coins. Avoid this market.

    • ZZZ says:

      I’ve made 6 deposits and made the same amount of orders this week. Not working? Better check your isp.

    • klaxtor says:

      i will show u any proof my orders are coming thru down the wire but i understand u could be having issues i fee bad for any1 of u having issues it is funny that there in maintenance but come on there kinda been doing a good job with the over market flow (coming from someone whos experiencing it working good) just trust there trying hard to make it work there so many people who want this gone so fighting them and LE is a 24/7 and making the money flow work correctly

  361. Clemens says:

    Works it for anybody?

  362. Ddddd says:

    Deposit btch not coming

  363. seaanonyme says:

    Was working last night… just long enough for me to make an order and now probably not long enough for the seller to see it. -.-

  364. fbprezzy says:

    Can somebody please tell me how to access nightmare market..?
    Everytime I try to access a link it says the connection was reset…but every other market loads perfectly fine

  365. jam says:

    has anyone thats btc was missing recived their coin yet i have been waiting over a week now still not bit coin wtf is going on

    • jfdfj says:

      nah no coins for me mate, sent a week ago now. Opened ticket after ticket and just get the same “the admits are working on this” stuff. I’m not convinced, don’t expect your coins any time soon.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yesterday i buyed coins and i get zhe coins 1h later. Nightmare ist the best

  366. Crawdaddy says:

    I’ve deposited several times this week and have had no latency issues.

    • Anond192 says:

      I’m still waiting for my deposit to show up (one week already). Opened ticket and got a answer that they know about the problem and working on it, I just have to wait…but I’m pretty sure the money is gone..

  367. Tim says:

    Anyone got a working link for nightmare? None seem to be working

  368. Tim says:

    Instead of just deleting my question why not just say the site is down for maintenance? Is that to much for a cunt like you!

  369. chicklets says:

    If it happens it happens but knock on my *** it hasnt yet. People gotta stop saying its an exit scam because it doesn’t do anyone any good. Its working so far just gotta have patience. If your worried be smart about it and only deposit in small increments that way if this happens it wont be a hard loss. Nightmare is so far one of the best markets I have come accross. Very efficient, I like how they are against dangerous stuff like fent, chomos etc and dont charge all that much for their services.

  370. Lfllflff says:

    I’ve got a deposit that hasn’t shown in my account yet, been over a week. However I don’t believe this market is a scam, I just think they’re having teething problems with the wallet system which I hope they will fix soon. Good to see it’s working fine for some people. However, that does not mean it’s working for everybody as a lot of people seem to be having the same issue as. Just need to be patient I suppose. Pretty remarkable the market is running at all considering all the ddos attacks. (Which need to do one)

  371. Daniel says:

    They don’t solve the dispute in a favor, stealing money in various ways now! Stay away and it’s getting pretty obvious when you check dread and how many users have been victims of this.

    • pkvyinv says:

      I’m not convinced I’ll ever see the coins I deposited into my nightmare wallet. Opened so many tickets now and just get the same response over and over again. Or, no response at all. I will never use this market again and I’d advise people to stay away. Current dnm situation is a mess at the moment.

  372. Steiner says:

    functional good and safe. just pro vendors and many trust 1newbies. no Scam. no exit. if you was unsure try multiseg wallets.

  373. f0 says:

    my deposits are going thru tbh. i only deposit like 100 at a time but never had problems. last deposit yesterday. btc came from blockchain and were on my account like 30 min later. exit scam still is possible..

  374. ow says:

    fuck this market been waiting over a week for my deposit and just keep getting told i will have it soon

  375. John says:

    Be care full with this market they have lots of transaction problems in and out. In last 24 hours they got over 300 tickets open. May be exit scam.

    • Fucked up! says:

      Yeah be really careful guys, unauthorized withdrawl from my bitcoin balance an hour after i had deposit coins….

  376. Kermit says:

    Still waitig for my bitcoins……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  377. Drirate says:

    I deposited .96 LTC into my wallet, which had been working fine for months, but now I have waited since yesterday, transaction has gotten over 50 confirmations, but it still hasn’t uploaded my balance.
    My ticket has now been escalated by some admin to a new “Unassigned” Leader.

  378. trunks says:

    I have deposit issues with LTC and DASH!

  379. Anonymous says:

    11:15am EDT nightmare market down due to maintenance

  380. Anonymous says:

    Servers are down for the time being.

  381. Joyceym8 says:


    • Sandman says:

      We are not exit scamming please check Dread for correct and latest info

      • LucySky says:

        Hey, i got faith Sandman – any idea when itll be accessible again?

      • Pat says:

        Why would they ruin a good thing ?

      • frankt says:

        When are you back online ???

      • H says:

        when will the market get back up

      • therealplug says:

        How do we know if we can trust your market again I’m in the replica business and I have to have knock off Rolex patek philippe Cartier the works

      • Anonymous says:

        IS EXIT SCAM… when you have an open order, or an unrated one, please rate them bad an warn the other customers.
        “Dont order on Nightmare, they are exiting, more Info on Dread!”
        Just be creative and try to do your best.

        • FreddyKruger says:

          Why rate the vendors bad?common the vendors have hard work and you told other buyers to rate bad because nightmare make exit?

  382. hub says:

    i dont think so.
    they are only working on the market.

  383. Anonymous says:

    I hope theyre not exit scamming

  384. KohJ6Tha says:

    The exit scam was obvious. I lost a lot money. Fucking undignified bastards.

  385. lars says:

    nightmare is down now why ??

  386. hub says:

    why do you think they are exit scamming?

  387. Anonymous says:

    Nightmare is gone? what a nightmare.

  388. Ricky Lahey says:

    I don’t think they’re exit scamming, one of their admons cleared the air on dread. I have seen a lot of people spreading FUD about them exit scamming though

  389. G says:

    Nighter NM forum does not working

  390. A says:

    Never had an issue

  391. kkk says:

    pretty sure its not an exit scam.. just upgrade.. hopefully back online soon

  392. x says:

    Why dont work NM forum

  393. TheLizzzzardKing says:

    I dont think and hope the are scamming. I guess there is more benefit by keeping it running. However, could someone translate this “Dread” for me. Where do i get news ?

    “We are not exit scamming please check Dread for correct and latest info”

  394. JLROSSIER says:

    i ordered the 23 of July morning , will i receive it? when?

  395. Fernando says:

    Got a bad feeling it’s an exit scam. :/ really fucking sucks but gotta hope for the best

  396. Anonymous says:

    They are back <3

  397. razmoquette says:

    they are back <3

  398. razmoquette says:

    Upgrade again :/

  399. yo says:

    well, still not depositing into accounts

  400. rreet says:

    When are you online again“`??

  401. trippletakes says:

    i was able to deposit into my account when it was back up and running at 3pm, i was able to place 2 orders but what i wanna know is if youll be opening back up again tonight so people like me can withdraw our funds! thanks

  402. galactica says:

    Hi, I don’t mention the names of the moderators who are days that tell tales, too high amount, wallet security, fix payments, we are visuallizing all the data of every deposit manually etc … and then on dread this truth that the admin he was taking the money away.

    I believe that all staff is reduced to a maximum of 2 people or just one person (admin, moderator, staff members).
    I reiterate that they have told everyone that the btc paid and not in the portfolio are not
    With other markets it has not been thought but this round is known that in the deep other non-police forces but of paid professionals it is not known by whom but requested by the people to maintain a minimum certainty of security they are watching because the heads now jump.


  403. TRIPPLETAKES says:


  404. trippletakes says:

    DDoS not working tho

  405. trippletakes1 says:

    ddos not working now

  406. F8ck 8ff says:

    I have sent money to my nightmare account and been days and since has not been deposited. They refuse to answer my two open tickets about the issue. I have read much about “Exit Scam” seems most likely what they are doing. I have been on 9 other sites of people talking about there money not coming from withdrawals and deposits. If the issue is not fixed after this weekend I suggest we boycott this place. All those who say No to the boycott are only sellers so they can get bent and go sell somewhere else. For the rest of us we refuse to lose our hard earned money.

  407. shadaloo says:

    I can’t login as vendor. Forum link is not working. Does anyone know what is going on?

  408. Anonymous says:

    i dont think exit scam too.

  409. wilky says:

    just had a message from vendor nightmare is doing a exit scam apparently..

  410. Mick Swig says:

    I can;’t login to my account it just refreshes the login info – anyone else having this? I have a vendor account.

    I hope this isnt a scam as they are doing so well.

  411. Anonymous says:

    I have been waiting for a withdrawal for 3hours now

  412. Anonym says:

    Is there still a legit market with no fucking scammers???!!!

  413. Crusher says:

    I’m still waiting for my money….since 11. july ?

  414. Tinatom says:

    You might be right, I have a Vendor and a Buyer account, I can’t log in to the Vendor account but no issues with the Buyer account…Let’s hope it’s not bad news..

  415. marbellla says:

    im seller on nighmare and since 2 days , i cant log with the 2fa identification
    im the one ?

  416. MarquisDeLaWeed says:

    im seller on nighmare and since 2 days , i cant log with the 2fa identification
    im the one ?
    same problem here !!! screen just refreshes onto the same screen !!!

  417. salamander says:

    Same or me.. Since yesterday I can’t login into my store. Its very bad news I guess. Hope most of you sellers did not have too much crypto on there. I am very pissed 🙁

  418. ventorfromNM says:

    this is an exit scam. buyers can buy, they even made fake offers on the main page. nobody of the buyers knows, the forum is down. NM EXIT SCAMS. D O N T U S E.
    for the future: better FE your trusted ventors after 5 EXS.. you are the reason 4 that 😀

  419. dick tracy says:

    exit scam in place. market users are able to login, all vendors are locked out. vendors listings are being put up by the staff, users money is being stolen.


  420. Anonymous says:


  421. sue1255 says:

    Are there any markets still working? WTF!!

  422. Humding says:

    Defo and exit scam – the cunts stole my money as I can’t withdraw.

  423. Anonymous says:

    Think so cant get btc out urgh

  424. haha says:

    cryptopia market is awesome

  425. the best market says:

    Cryptonia Market

  426. FUCKHJKHD says:

    fucking shit!!!

    i bought my first thing on dark net and this happens?`???

  427. scammedover says:

    Vendors are all locked out, fake listings are being put up, buyers are still able to deposit but not withdraw. Seems like an exit scam to me. Lost $300. DO NOT USE

  428. CROWN THE EMPIRE says:


  429. Anonymous says:

    Vendors can Recovery the Account !!!!

  430. :D says:

    Vendors can recover the Accounts.. make an new acc and Open Ticket with vendor Name and [RECOVER]

  431. Wullie says:

    Withdrawals not working exit scam lost £500 avoid scamming bastards

  432. youwontlast says:

    you have to be kidding me?
    If this is also scammed, then I am done with this shit. I was just finding my way here, and now it falls already?

  433. vandal says:

    Yeah I’m fucked for about 650…fucked up but I guess that’s what we should expect fuckin with this type of shit

  434. bob jones says:

    Exit scam you can’t withdraw at all for a while now, and now the vendors have stopped selling. Unresponsive to support tickets Buyer beware. Vendors and buyers have lost thousands

  435. youwontlast says:

    Nightmare was really improving, had a lot of good features and security measurements. It was growing.
    It lasted a few weeks for me and now it falls apart because a bunch of cowboys couldnt resist to screw our legitimate business. Thanks again motherfckers! Hope you get backfired good.

  436. Anonymous says:

    Yep just checked my trusted vendors pgp on Nightmare and it’s not his pgp…total scam now…where you at UTOPIA???

  437. Anonymous says:

    yeah our product was supposed to be shipped on the weekend, has someone else taken over their account?

  438. 88 says:

    Exit Scam???

  439. A. says:

    Weird thing going on there now…. hope the market recovers since i have some money sitting in the wallet cant withdraw either it in pending for days….

    • Anonymous says:

      Same happening for me! Orders not arriving, disputes ignored and withdrawl pending! Im done!

    • eeeeee says:

      seems like theyre good now… they have support tickets for ppl with withdrawing problems, and support for getting any accounts back

  440. HARP says:

    I made 2 orders last sunday. Usually they should be processed within 1 day.
    They are waiting, nobody answering me.

  441. Anonymous says:

    WARNING looking Like another Exit Scam!!! Vendors stopped shipping or even seeing orders!! Massive shame was starting to look like a good market

  442. Anonymous says:

    …. U guys are amazing, talking alot of things, but wait is the asswer, if u are scamed ok , on this days darknet it is a place to be looking with another eyes, be more pacient.

  443. dude says:

    It’s exit scamming. Tickets not solved, deposits not going through, vendors accounts locked and obvious! Stay away guys

  444. dude says:

    Tickets not solved, vendors accounts locked and under their authority, deposits not going through! It’s an exit scam guys Stay away and keep your money safe.

  445. Anonymous says:

    Please dont use nightmare lost alot of money. dont use!!

  446. anon says:


  447. HARP says:

    Is it fuxxing easy writing like anti-scam shaman.
    If you really are more smart help to find a solution to help whom is scammed.
    This list, first of all, should warning buyers like me who lost 250€

  448. Anonymous says:


  449. Anonymous says:

    Same, I lost 100 €

  450. Anonymous says:

    It seems difficult to determine exactly when the administrators took over control of the site. I placed an order before the maintenance which was accepted but by whom? I still have not received anything and my money as a buyer is blocked.

  451. Anonymous says:

    Buyers can withdraw bitcoins or its block toi?

  452. Anonymous says:

    Buyers can withdraw bitcoins or its block toi? No

  453. vandal says:

    Yeah I placed an order 7/ was accepted and said shipped but it never came. Money is still in escrow And my balance is still in my wallet

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly the same thing! What is strange is that the comments are still coming every day. Some dating today mentions that they had their orders in two days. How is this possible since the sellers’ accounts are locked up ? Nightmare will make false comments to continue the scam as long as possible?

  454. user111111 says:

    Didn’t receive 3 different things from WillemVanOranje.

  455. Anonymous says:

    Placed an order 7/26 and nothing new since that day

  456. fred says:

    I am able to log in as a buyer and my orders are all waiting. Checking the vendor’s pages they have no new feedback since about July 29/30. I am able to cancel the orders and withdraw my balance. Now I wait with fingers crossed to see the confirmation in my wallet.
    I actually don’t think this is an exit scam, well, I really hope so anyway. So I have left one small-ish order in good faith that they will sort it out. We’ll see.

  457. johnyleejames says:


  458. vandal says:

    Yes they are putting fake reviews and changing the listings..there’s a whole timeline somewhere as to what is happening..some of you are late

  459. Anonymous says:

    What other site is safe at mo

  460. loccococococo says:

    is it safe????

  461. nightmare says:

    nightmare has been exit scamming for over a week, deeponionweb should put a warning on nightmare listing at least

    • Curry says:

      Lost $700 Fuvk nightmare if you want drugs your better off talking to people you live by…. these dark net markets are all scams eventually

  462. spspspsp says:

    i make a small deposit and looks good ! but my acc has a problem with security , somone try to hack my acc , but i have 100% security lvl now and looks ok

    • Jimmy says:

      Its not letting you withdraw money and people are canceling and not accepting orders as of last night

      • John says:

        Tried to withdraw yesterday afternoon and still pending. Kept BTC in there for ease of getting stuff when I want it. BIG MISTAKE! Sent a ticket and no reply. If they exit scam I hope it comes back to haunt them.

    • FritzFisch says:

      Of course you can make a deposit because they want your money

  463. Anonymous says:

    have had orders pending for a week and zero responses from anyone
    i guess everyone is having the same issues this is y i never have huge sums of money in at a time
    only have about 80 bucks in my account but im still pissed that my orders are still waiting

  464. spspspspsp says:

    im here to spend not to withdraw :)) …. fuck this meen….

  465. fuckme says:

    well fuck first bigger investement for me added 300$ yesterday because my salary came

  466. fgrdhu says:

    i’ve basically destroyed my whole future and life and drugs is my last choise and when i for once invest big i loose it all.. added all my btc 300 dollars yesterday.. unluck where ever i ago..

  467. mony says:

    I have ordered for over 1500 euro ware and have only what for 200 euro 1 month wait time and until now still has not happened
    please do not pay any money

  468. Ben says:

    Anyone used samsara market yet?

  469. cls22 says:

    looking for loaded credit cards, every vendor i speak to wants to either deal outside market or to finalize early. i just want a trusted vendor to deal with if anyone can recommend someone, thanks.

  470. Anonymous says:

    i havnt read one comment saying anyting about law enforcement from u guys. i bet they took over the site and are figuring out the best way to bust the most people. good bye to my $250 🙁

  471. Maaagen says:

    hey this is on their page when you log in as a buyer::: We’ve gone through the ratrace and we are ready to recover your accounts. For vendors, please make a ticket with your Vendor name and [RECOVER] so we can recover your account. you will need to verify your PGP. Thankyou

  472. Anonymous says:

    anyone have ur acc vendor recovery?

  473. irrumatio says:

    Had two deliveries not arrive, then tried to order a few times since July 30 or so with the first vendor complaining of problems with their vendor account, then tried two others with zero vendor response, heard whispers of an exit scam so tried to withdraw about £200, but still Pending, looks like a loss. Damn shame as it had been great service since Dream Market died

  474. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully it will recover

  475. Someonewhoisntme says:

    I’m having the same problem. Tried a few different times to order, no acceptance or response to messages. Money sits in escrow. Will try to extract and move on.

  476. Someoneelsewhoisnt me says:

    i’m getting insufficient funds when i try to take the money out

  477. Doityourself says:

    I can say “Adios” to 180 euros.

  478. Anonymous says:

    im a vendor.
    ive messaged them several times about “recovering my account”

    they responded after a few days saying ‘they would forward my info to the relevant person and please have patience as this is a time consuming process”

    this is just them clearly buying time

    i just relocated my store over to wall street market

    i think thats where most vendors will go

    again… ive lost between 13-15k on nightmare market to these fucking thieves so guys maybe consider most yourselves lucky. 15k is a lot to me and has financially put me in a very difficult place to recover.

  479. Anonymous says:

    I have hundreds of dollars in there. last of my savbings to get myself back on my feet
    This is so low

  480. japbomber says:

    Looks like y’all been duped

  481. japbomber says:

    Y’all been duped

  482. Grower says:

    Do not make a deposit on the inner wallet.
    Until my money is refunded and I will write it off later

  483. Anonymous says:

    Why would you put money you can’t afford into drugs in the first place? I get everyone lost but drugs shouldn’t take precedence over food, bills and childcare get your priorities straight and when you have disposable income then buy drugs. I feel bad on you guys that say this… I lost 100 but always make sure rent and food are paid for before even thinking about recreation.

  484. Anonymous says:

    dream market was absolute king of all sites to exist. why the fuck they stopped it i dont know but i dont think the dark net for drugs will ever recover from the recent exit scams over the last year. i also got done by a rouge administrator on dream market that wanted 30% of my escrow money when dream market was falling apart.

    the dark net for drugs is dark days my friends. ive almost lost faith… trying wallstreet out from one last crack and then if that fucks me in the ass like dream market and nightmare well then im done i think the online scene for buying and selling drugs is truly finished.

    to the people that run nightmare market… if you are reading this i truly hope your fucking newborn babies get cancer and kunts get raped up the ass in jail… true fucking scum ripping off people across the world probably over 100 million dollars. i hope these guys get what they deserve

    karma is a bitch

  485. anon says:

    my account has been trying to get hacked by bruteforce for about 2 weeks. i have less money in my wallet than they allow to been withdrawn, about half. had some money in escrow, order was never accpeted, so i pulled those out. but im not gonna send in more money just to try to get what i have in the internal wallet there. i hope this is just a technical issue…. but it doesnt feel like it…

  486. anonim girl says:

    Fucking scammers!
    I transferred BTC on July 11 and I will not see them again!
    All the time, they are using soap bubbles to try to get it back.
    I do not believe them!

  487. Anonymous says:

    I think some vendors are having login issues and thats why people think its an exit scam because some people havent been on since 7/29/19 hopefully my order will complete rn in waiting to be accepted

  488. Anonymous says:

    transfered money on July 30, since then it’s impossible for an order to get accepted, vendors pgp key are wrong, and support is unresponsive, lost 75 euros that were transformed into 85 euros since bitcoin went up, a double disapointment.

  489. anom says:

    Whats best market for Uk buyers now?

  490. Anonymous says:

    Samsara market – dream is back

  491. bug says:

    Anyone have any success in withdrawing funds yet?

    • Nightmare Nightmare says:

      No, but apparently there is a support member “working on it” and I was offered assurances that it will be handled. Not saying I believe it, but good luck!

  492. Anonymous says:

    my deposit arrive , hours later, but it did arrive!

  493. Sypher says:

    Withdrawal Pending 24hrs and counting, w/ 2 tickets placed. Potential Exit Scam.

  494. Anonymous says:

    yes i am a vendor on empire market.

    i can withdrawl

  495. Anonymous says:

    Any update?

  496. Anonymous says:

    Withdrawal Pending nothing…

  497. Anonymous says:

    WARNING- Nightmare Market is exit scamming. Vendors can’t login and that’s why all escrow orders have been stuck on waiting. Withdrawals are stuck on pending and your BTC are gone. Was fairly obvious this was gonna be LE or scammers just by the name Nightmare.

  498. Cubensis says:

    I can’t make orders, they are not dispatching them out.

    Looks like an Exit Scam

  499. Jo says:

    Nightmare is a den of thief’s! STAY AWAY. DO NOT USE. My BTC is Pending limbo. No orders being filled. Thiefs taking all incoming and outgoing BTC.

  500. USERNAME says:

    Nightmare is a den of thiefs. *************DO NOT USE********************* BTC withdrawl sits in “pending”. SCAMMERS

  501. ano says:

    wtf for real i want my fucking money i cant acept this i fucking nought alot there and now they exit scamming wtf what a douch market fuck them what type should we use now i got over 300 usd there i now withdrawed cant fuckin be like this

  502. sd says:

    Its exit scam dont use it

  503. mimimi says:

    withdraw pending since august 4th. no reply on the ticket. any news please update us!!!

  504. king says:

    Nightmare was hacked just over a week ago and majority of there BTC was stolen, to regain what they have lost they are suspected to be exit scamming, there are a few news reporte about it

  505. Oniontears says:

    Does anybody could withdraw his money….?

  506. snace says:

    You are lying saying that you can withdraw on NIGHTMARE. I have submitted a withdraw issue ticket back on July 26 and it is still UNDER REVISION! You are not a vendor you piece of shit. You are part of the SCAM!!!!!! NO WITHDRAWS AT ALL OR EVER.

  507. JB says:

    I have $500 usd that I have tried to withdraw since 8/3. Still pending. I hope to get it back but at this point I’ll consider it a loss!

  508. anon says:

    hey guys i use samsara market now. its like the old dream market layout. im a vendor there and had to pay $1700 just for a vendor bond. so this allows only serious sellers

  509. Anonymous says:

    Withdraw pending since July 30th, same for ticket one closed, one pending…

  510. vw says:

    nightmare is done and dusted guys.

    samsara i think is the new dream market. looks pretty good. ill try my luck there buying


  511. Anonymous says:

    yeah we got fucked how this happened?

  512. Eric says:

    have had a few orders on nightmare. not being accepted or changing status in any way. what’s up?

  513. Anonymous says:

    If it’s a scam, why do certain vendors have feedback from 2-3 days ago?

  514. Cubensis says:

    Vendors get fake reviews they said, orders don’t change status because vendors can’t login on their accounts.

  515. Concerned says:

    Has anyone been able to withdraw funds yet

  516. USERNAME says:

    Active users: 142989 | Active vendors: 3905. Each vendor has at least $250 (what it cost to become a vendor). So If each vendor had average $400 and each user had $50 each. The math shows $400×3905 + $50×142989 = $8,387,450‬. Support the smaller markets!

  517. Anonymous says:

    Bullshit market. Withdraws not working – this is the reason vendors aren’t activie. Tried to withdraw to empire and no show.

  518. Anonymous says:

    Over 500 problem tickets being created per/day. Admins sit and wait for incoming deposits and intercept them as they arrive. EXIT SCAM!

  519. Anonymous says:

    i lost all my btc please donate to me my wallet address please rich help the poor 19UJ3aF9DRMY7dErKc9USGhttAWVNpDHQL

  520. oneofthescammedppl says:

    fuckin hell i had like 50$ on my account so i deposited 70$ yesterday to withdraw the last 50$… didnt read about the exit scam before today… it sucks pretty bad.. i recently lost my job and this was my last salary until i get a new one so i really was in need for those last 50$ then i fucking gets to loose 70$ of my salary.. i really hope the real admins gets arrested if they are standing behind this exit scam..

    • anon says:

      arrested? bruh you deposited money to a dark web market to buy illegal products, and u think they should be arrested?

      • Real Nigga says:

        They will get arrested eventually. Just like wall St admins. Youu cant run from the man forever. Unless youre dream market

        • VOODO says:

          Hay varios paises que es ¨legal comprar droga de donde sea..¨ pero si es para tu consumo, porque si es para venta si te cae una dura. QUEREMOS JUSTICIA Y QUE ENCACELEN A ESTOS HIJOS DE IUTA

  521. Anonymous says:

    I’ve lost £260 beefing for ages

  522. whitebeard says:

    @ oneofthescammedppl – I did the exact same thing, depositing just enough to withdraw and get the hell out of there and THEN, I read about them exiting… Thank god I’m only out $80 USD! I have filled out one of their new deposit/withdrawal issue report and also started a ticket 24 hours ago and am hearing nothing. Crap.

  523. XX Anonimo says:

    Eu estava pensando em comprar no NIGHTMARE exatamente agora, mas decidir pesquisar sobre, Vocês estão mesmo enfrentando problemas?

  524. DRUG FRIEND says:


  525. Anonymous says:

    fuck off mate

  526. Fuxmey0016 says:

    I’m a Vendor – Fxemy0016 on NihgtMare –
    There are still buyers going on but has a Sing;e VENDOR Got there account back..
    I want my Money Back, as I need it – Just like eeryone else…

  527. Alinou says:

    My bitcoins are still waiting to be transferred to the balance of my account.
    Three days they are blocked. Do you intend dishonestly to keep them for you?
    I’m starting to have serious doubts about your site.

  528. Blackgirl says:

    WARNING- Nightmare Market is exit scamming. Vendors can’t login and that’s why all escrow orders have been stuck on waiting. Withdrawals are stuck on pending and your BTC are gone. Was fairly obvious this was gonna be LE or scammers just by the name Nightmare.

  529. Anon says:

    Venders not responding to messages, order was waiting for 4 days… I think its fucked… there goes my BTC lmao

  530. Anonymous says:

    I was able to send Btc to 3rd party site without any troubles. Doesn’t seem like ES. I wont be sending any more funds there though

  531. Pornitisiguess says:

    Well then….guess I’m spending £150 on porn accounts. At least I’ll have something to do while waiting on Dread.

  532. LORdi says:

    it works 🙂

  533. Cubensis says:

    One of the most weird things is that vendors still get recent reviews.

  534. Kermit says:

    Hands off! Cheater! Still I’m waiting for my money …

  535. jonny says:

    I’m not getting into the market, someone with the same problem?

  536. tomas says:

    lost 150 USD fml

  537. abarqx says:

    Message at the site : We’ve gone through the ratrace and we are ready to recover your accounts. For vendors, please make a ticket with your Vendor name and [RECOVER] so we can recover your account. you will need to verify your PGP. Thankyou

    Deposit / Withdrawal issue report is now available in the SUPPORT tab. Everyone that needs to report withdrawal and deposit issue please submit the required details.


    • BushDid911_420 says:

      is the exit scam all a hoax? cause i spent over 600 for a order and i did not receive it

      • abarqx says:

        o fuck, but me too order over 300 $ and did not receive it but moderator writed to me “calm down and wait, we return ur cash”

      • Anonymous says:

        Weve got to give them a chance bro….what do we honestly have to lose. Just dont deposit anymore money

        • Cusbus says:

          Guys, just say bye bye to your invested money and all hopes. It is gone. Nightmare really exit scammed. I lost over $200 myself and it isn’t the first time this happen to me. I recognize exit scam when I see one. It is a bit sad as the Nightmare was just starting to be the mainstream darknet market, getting to the very top popularity-wise… But it is what it is… We all have to deal with it…

        • Anon says:

          Can you tell me how to make or buy a cpn number please

    • bbbhh says:

      sounds like spam to me mate, that message was a while back and no monies are coming back to anyone yet

  538. Anonymous says:

    Nightmare is Down. I hope those bastards burn in hell!! ITS A SCAM abarqx. How dense can you be?

  539. nevermind says:

    im finding samsara market good so far. looks like dream market a bit

  540. MasterofGau says:

    Why did not you shut down the shop long ago when it should be exit scam?

  541. Masterofgau says:

    Why did not you shut down the shop long ago when it should be exit scam?

  542. hackbarten says:

    My Vendors dosen´t reply, and one on a other market says it is a scam… my withdrawl ticket is pending, i keep inform..

  543. Anonymous says:

    Strange exit scam, surely they would close by now? Reviews and ratings going up that say “avoid – exit scam”
    Surely nobody is still depositing money?
    I only ‘lost’ £140 but the drugs were for a friends birthday.

  544. kupsko says:

    how to withdraw less than 0.01 BTC ???

  545. hackbarten says:

    Ok the fuckers delete my withdrawl ticket!! SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM !!! Those Fuckers

  546. Anonymous says:

    EXIT SCAM!!! Don´t send money to these fuckers

  547. BushDid911_420 says:

    so is this the end of markets or what? I have money in my account and its a lost?

  548. DeezNutz123 says:

    how long does withdraw takes cause i just withdrew 170$ and its still pending.

    • Jerry says:

      There is a Withdraw issue they are having no for a lot of users. They created a new support ticket tab JUST for this issue.

      If you log in again today it’ll be one of the notifications at the top.

  549. Anonymous says:

    links no longer work for me

  550. XeNoX says:

    NOOOOO MY 120€ are lost!!!! WHY WHYYYYY

  551. GT says:

    wonder how many money they ripped from scam

  552. Anonymous says:

    I’ve lot 300$ because nightmare is a SCAM

  553. Anonymous_X_10 says:

    Could someone please explain to me that if you had the 2 authentication factor enabled, where you are the only one to have the pvt key to decrypt the msg that is generated by your Public key on Nightmare – how is it possible for Nightmare to steal your btc, without being able to decrypt the msg ? I thought this was a foolproof way to protect anyone from entering your acc? Nightmare has everyone’s password but with the two factor authentication – you are the only one that can decrypt the PGP msg and enter your account – or so I thought?

    • Anonymous says:

      when you deposit your coins, you’re depositing them into a wallet that you do not have the privkeys for. Not your keys, not your coins.

    • Anonymous says:

      They control the wallets you deposit into. your pgp key is not you btc privKey

  554. Jerry says:

    So, I was one of the people with the deposit issue, I didn’t hear anything for 2 weeks, I was yelling Exit Scam too.

    BUT they fixed the issue, my coin showed up in my account, I ordered some adderall (From adderallprosource) and it came successfully.

    if you’re one of the people dealing with bitcoin issues on Nightmare, they appear to be legit, they are just slow as fuck with getting to these issues.

    If there’s a market that works, definitely use it over nightmare, my whole ordeal took 3 weeks before I could get my coin and place my order finally, fuck that shit.

    Also don’t order from adderallprosource, he stopped fulfilling orders out of nowhere.

    • Yuh says:

      Another big vendor stopped fulfilling orders out of no where as well… Seems to be common among the market right now.

  555. coinontario says:

    What do you mean down? I can log on just did, or is it not working

  556. BushDid911_420 says:


    • Anonymous says:

      I wanted to check this because changing the pgp keys would be a clear sign that it’s over. I logged in and of the 3 or 4 vendors I use frequently their pgp is the same as the ones I have imported into gnu. Some of these vendors do a lot of business so they’d def be the ones targeted. This isn’t the first time they’ve had problems and recovered, it’s just never been this bad. Time will tell….

  557. Anonymous says:

    Some of the mirrors still work, but none of my orders the past two weeks have been accepted and usually communicative vendors won’t respond to my inquiries. Had a withdrawal couple days ago, still in pending, made a couple more withdrawals today, over 1k at risk for me so fingers crossed it isn’t an exit scam… just when I was getting comfortable here too.

  558. dabber420 says:

    Nightmare withdrawl problems, currently 400$ at stake , everytime i try to withdrawl it says insufficent funds. Im really hoping they can atleast fix the withdrawl and shut down the site after that hacking fuckery that occured, someone update if you were suscessful to withdrawl and does anyone know a adderall vendor thats legit on njghtmare as i doubt anyone will accept orders when they cant even withdrawl…

  559. dabber420 says:

    cant withdrawl keeps saying insufficent funds is there anyone who was sucuessful with withdrawl yet…

    • Marco says:

      no man. same story here. When I try to withdraw my 40 dollars it says the funds earmarked for withdrawal are below the withdrawal limit. since when is 40 dollars considered change and non-withdraw-able?

  560. Mr. Smith says:

    I am able to login and see my orders. I also see that vendors have logged in Thursday and Friday. One of my orders is with one vendor that has logged in on Friday and has not sent it, so I am thinking whether it’s true that vendors don’t send out orders? Other than that everythinng is fine with my balance and orders, so I will wait untill monday to see if it will work or not. Maybe will lose $120 but that’s the risk we all take, no?

    • Marco says:

      I spoke to several straight Vendors and they all consistently deny that they are able to access their accounts. Yet people claim these vendors have been shown as “active” are marked as “logged-in” on Nightmare recently. I think this is a strategy on the part of Nightmare to create as much misinformation as possible and deflect blame to others.

  561. pios says:

    Did anyone successfully withdrew your btc from Nightmare market?

    (in the last day or so?)

    • Marco says:

      no man. When I try to withdraw my 40 dollars it says the funds earmarked for withdrawal are below the withdrawal limit. since when is 40 dollars considered change and non-withdraw-able?

  562. Marco says:

    One of my orders, about 350 USD worth, ended up in a dispute because of bad quality. Nightmare staff gladly opened the dispute but then simply refused to rule on it. For a while, they kept claiming that they were extremely busy and that they would tend to the dispute as soon as they had the time. After about a month, they simply stopped answering my queries about the status of the dispute. Looking back I wish I had never raised the dispute. This way the poor dealer would have gotten his money as opposed to Nightmare’s staff.

  563. Jack says:

    i said in april -may-june ” NM is scam ” …….i said …..”what starts bad ends bad”

    you didn’t believe me

  564. Matthew Ives says:

    I’ve got ( GBP 29.67)
    But it says Minimum possible withdraw is: 0.01 BTC (about GBP 83)
    Does that mean I can’t get my 0.00359743 BTC out ?

  565. Anonymous says:

    i’ve messaged over 10 vendors with no reply for the last week, 3 orders never turned up from trusted vendors as well and now my BTC is stuck in the market….is admin just gone on holidays?!

  566. tictac says:

    yes-if anyone is successful withdrawing funds please let us know

  567. CarlosGomes420 says:

    I ordered july 27 it says its coming in, in 3 days do you think I will receive the order.

  568. Happynewyear2019 says:

    No luck on withdrawal. Vendors didn’t respond to orders or messages, so cancelled and tried to withdraw funds. Withdrawal has been showing pending for a week now. Support Tickets have gone unanswered. Scamming – do not go anywhere near Nightmare

  569. Anonymous says:

    Ordered and had an empty envelope arrive (still sealed) with a note saying the market is now closed…. Odd.

  570. cls22 says:

    does anyone know a trusted vendor that does prepaid cards? everyone wants to deal outwith market and scam me. its getting to the point im ready to give up on this.

  571. thegame says:

    yes dm me

  572. Jimmy says:

    Aug 5 they escalated my ticket and my buddy lut east about a week ago said that they replyed to him saying that it will take a while before anyone gets their funds back and to file multiple tickets do try and be ome of the firsts to get his money back ot dosnt sound like somthing someone would want to say file more tickets but I know hes not lying

  573. FreeLars says:

    lost all my bitcoins there
    same now as empire market
    dont trust both..

    agartha + canazon are nice

  574. An says:

    moj sprzedawca po miesiacu wyslal mi paczke, i napisal ze otrzymal pieniadze, co o tym myslicie ?

  575. ann says:

    Is it worth putting depositing extra to get a withdrawal, i need to put in another $80 to get $160 out. Based on the climate of this site, is it worth the risk putting in extra to get my coin out?

  576. Slow says:

    I do not understand why this market worked very well, but lately the open tickets do not respond and nobody buys at destination. It’s already the second purchase that I don’t get at home and I completely lost my money. So BEWARE OF NIGHTMARE

  577. Yx says:

    after a month my seller sent me a package and wrote that he received the money, what do you think about it?

  578. Tx says:

    I dont Belive to when i see the pack, im Real

  579. ocw says:

    SCAM!! Do NOT deposit ANY FUNDS here!! I’ve been waiting on my withdraw for well over 2 weeks now. $900 stolen by those greedy mongrels

  580. rom says:

    eh is there any chance to find some decent market i lost too but not that much as u guys this time..

  581. Anonymous says:

    Me too wtf is happening. Dream market going down really screwed me up. I can’t find any lsd vendors let alone any good weed vendor. Just stay away from these scambags at nightmare market..

  582. cls22 says:

    not letting me DM you, my wickr is my name if you want to contact me

  583. Spauldi says:

    I search the Vendor Team Sonic 🙁

  584. Anonymous says:

    who got xtc pills

  585. Anonymous says:

    Ive made a large order ($450 so I contacted support in hopes of helping me as I already paid and my vendor was locked out (assuming he was locked out) I put a dispute (actually 6 but they either close them or ignore them) This market is fucking dead and even if they recover, fuck them. FUCK YOU SANDMAN YOU CUNT haha, I hope you get a visit from angel of death. Regardless, bad service and how could anyone trust them. Lets just be glad the addresses of of the orders were not also posted (Those dumb C&NTS dont encrypt internal shit between admins, allowing anyone on the team to access anything. Here is some advice for my brothers and sister, let this ship sink and move on to other markets (I don’t care what market you do, just be safe)

    • Voodoo says:

      Entonces es imposible que te respondan? Que paso exactamente? Yo hice un pedido pequeño de 20 pavetes en hash hace 5 dias y el hijo de su madre tdavia no responde… lo peor es que se ve cuando estan en online y luego se desconectan. Al principio no me habia enterado de los problrmas de esta pagina de venta de droguis, porque sino es que ni me creo algo en esa pagina… Le envio mil mensajes y nada que responde. estoy que averiguo donde vive para darle sus buenas cllegas por hacerme esperar. MALDITAS MAFIAS QUE NO SON SERIAS.

      • Anonymous says:

        My sorry friend as my Spanish is bad haha. But do not blame the vendors (most are bad but many are good) This is the fault of the market itself. DO no spend anymore money on this market.

    • Joe Wagon says:

      Is withdrawing btc disabled?

  586. Hannibal says:

    Agartha Market it s a big scam…i paid 280 euro in bitcoins and the wallet it s emty…they don t anawer for messages.I ve checked them and they are not existing anymore ..they only take the money

  587. Anonymous says:

    complete EXIT SCAM.

  588. Voodoo says:

    Muy buenas. Queria que me aconsejaran sobre esto problemas que tiene la web. Tengo esperando 5 dias por un pedido, pero es que el vededor ni siquiera lo a aceptado. O se que me dinero esta en espera de ser aceptado, pero le escribo y nada. QUE HAGO? TENGO LA OPCION DE CANCELAR, PERO NO SE SI SE ME VUELVA EL DINERO. GRACIAS

    • Cuben says:

      Hola VooDoo, dificilmente nos será devuelto algún dinero puesto que varios usuarios avalan la teoría de que es una “Exit Scam”. Esto se refiere a que unos hackers se han hecho de la página y todas las finanzas están bajo su control, por tanto, no hay pedidos despachados ni ordenes aceptadas.

  589. Tong YEU says:

    I’m sorry guys these people have ripped you off but there’s vendors who’ve lost well over $10,000 with this scam. I’m lucky I’ve lost $800 ish – it sucks but COULD of been worse.

    • VOODOO says:

      100 scam? confirm 100%?

      • Tong Yeu says:

        Yeah I’d say so because if it wasn’t a scam they would be hear explaining everything..

        Also I didn’t mention my password on my nightmare and was Empire was the same and they logged into my Empire (nothing on there, new account) and I cant get on.

        Also they were logging into people’s accounts or making them look online so people would deposit more money and order more

        Eventually they’ll disappear the reason the site works is because people are probably still depositing more money.

  590. VOODOO says:

    100 scam? confirm 100%?

  591. Somebody says:

    Tried to withdraw money 3 weeks ago, created withdraw issue tickets and contacted support.
    No reply or any sign of help.
    Scammer – 100%

  592. Somebody_2 says:

    Tried to withdraw my btc 3 weeks ago, opened withdraw issue tickets and contacted nightmare-market support.
    No reply or any sign of help.
    100% Scam – exit

  593. SOS Hackers says:

    With as many people who supposedly having hacking skills. Why aren’t they putting their skills to good use and helping us out?? Thanks in advance.

    • Anonymous says:

      a lot of people have lost big and would be more then happy to pay a hacker to get in and find out who is running it and where they live

  594. DARK MARKET says:


  595. Anonymous says:

    all we can do is to give them a chance who knows, i lost some aswell.

  596. Cadillac Aczion says:

    scam withdraw pening wtf ! do not make any order here i hope this guy recieve bad bad bad karma

  597. MrPoopieButthole says:

    I lost 500 USD fucking SCAM!!
    Does anyone know an actually honest market?

  598. MrPoopieButthole says:

    Does anyone know of any good market? I lost 500 USD because this is a fucking SCAM

    • Froppy says:

      Berlusconi seems good right now. A lot of my vendors that were on Nightmare seemed to have migrated over there. A lot of people have been recommending Empire, but I don’t really agree with that. A few months ago Empire was having some issues where it’s servers were down 99% of the time and a lot of people were getting phished.

  599. Shamus says:

    Theperculator3…withdraw attempt been sat in a pending state since 26.07.19 for large amount of btc 0.08888. Opened several tickets got one reply from STARLORD Now i am being ignored. Was a good customer and always got reply but now totally ignored. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE ABSOLUTE RUTHLESS CON ARTISTS PRAYING ON REGULAR HONEST CUSTOMERS.

  600. the faceless one says:

    i lost 1300€.. fucking admins, im regular buyer i want to make one time bigger order and i enden with no money and no fucking nothing !!! pray for suffer for that foking scammers

  601. usda69 says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Likely an exit scam. Hackers have taken over the site and have suspended all transactions and taken money for their own. Vendors are locked out too. Not anyone’s fault. Just the hackers

  602. HazeHunter says:

    Lost 1k too, fuck this market. Will go to Berlusconi and hope… I still could cry that DM is down. -.-

  603. domhain says:

    Do any of you guys know where i can get DMT or Mimosa root bark in the UK?
    Nightmare has fucked me and empire seems a bit scarce?

  604. hazelnut says:

    Order still on WAITING list. Nothing happend. I’ve tried to withdraw my BTC but still proceed since 15.08.
    Leave this market alone!

  605. allegiancehands says:

    Nightmare market is a fucking joke, I don’t blame the vendors at all. They got hacked a while back and still reeling from it. I tried to withdraw a measly $250 and it’s still in pending mode. They won’t respond to my ticket requests. I’m assuming that i’m never going to see my money. I hope the owners and operators of Nightmare go to jail and hang themselves. Fricking Pigs.

    • KimiTheCat says:

      its the same like me, i make a withdraw 8 days ago, still on pending. This fuucking market sucks.
      300 Euros there

  606. robdubber says:

    i want a vendor, BRtrafica, contact plis

  607. MDF420 says:

    Need weed can anybody help me?

  608. j says:

    anyone recommend a good vendor for WU transfers, Cards, Passports and Fake Bills? Wickr cls22 only using escrow though

  609. invert says:

    MDF420 i buy weed low price amazing quality to tereifer 100% I think just sent in EU

  610. robdubber says:

    i need nmbome blotter

  611. Happynewyear says:

    Nightmare is definitely scamming. Same as others – tried to get my funds out when a sale didn’t finalize, and has now been pending for three weeks. No sign of the money. Messaged a couple of vendors known from other platforms – no response from them – presuming they are locked out. Definitely stay away.

  612. Jazzplayer says:

    Stay away from this market. Tried to withdraw 275 euros on august 16th ,with the transfer pending after 2 days, reported the issue twice and an extra ticket after 3 but they never answered. So I got fucked for 275 euros. Beware!

  613. brtrafica says:

    i need nmbome blotter

    Hey mand im here what do you need im BRtrafica, but im dont know how we conect , here its the same

  614. robdubber says:

    brtrafica passme you nick of wickr plis

  615. Samii says:

    Heyyyy how do I order?

  616. EdgeMan says:

    TOTAL SCAM.. Ive had pending withdrawal for 3 weeks, posted multiple support tickets… ALL IGNORED!!!… It was only $300 but still…. FUCK NIGHTMARE!

  617. sensimensi says:

    i am looking for dopeboy?! does anybody knows him???

  618. sensimensi says:

    i am looking for dopeboy, does anbody know him???

  619. brtrafica says:

    HEy rebdubber try to add me on wickr with the email on the site im link above, is a onion just look you will see

  620. Kush says:

    They definitely exit scammed. I was unfortunate enough that SR3 was down and I thought nightmare was still ok. There’s very few vendors there and I haven’t been able to withdraw my BTC. It’s just stuck in pending and their POS devs don’t respond to support tickets.

  621. Tu madre says:


  622. SOYDIVA says:


  623. PORN HUM says:


  624. sheik says:

    i need ssn number first name , last name , city , state , zip code , current address and passport copy , driving license proof , and other proof for login purpose = note : usa details only

  625. KimiTheCat says:

    Knows someone a good Amphetamine Dealer? I need a little bit 🙂

  626. sid says:

    Are all the markets still scams at the moment, or us there a legit one out there now.

  627. Tandy says:

    Admin is no help on this site. Ive been waiting more than a month to get my btc back from escrow deal that didnt come through and opened numerous tickets without any support from admind i have no btc..Nightmare…avoid

  628. Anonymous says:


  629. snctym says:

    Got link to a fantastic market, trusted vendors, no scamming, escrow….
    I’ve been ordering for awhile with awesome results….
    My link.


    • keszap