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  1. A guy says:

    Do I need a PGP key to place an order? It says that the “vendor’s PGP automatically encrypts the address” but I just wanted to make sure that I dont need one.

  2. onionguy says:

    Empire Market has an affiliate program where you can earn 20% of the profits every time your referral purchases anything on the market.

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    Always Escrow, don’t FE, stay safe.

  3. stonyg says:

    The best market i have ever come across on the Dark Web. Got some very good quality coke from Hovistea. BB keep on with the good work.

  4. Monk says:

    How do you register with this market place I see the login / register on top right corner but dosent work at all inactive just plain text it seems

  5. hatara says:

    exit scam?

  6. Caballo says:

    I think it means that when you send your address is already encrypted to the vendor PGP public key

  7. bobslogs says:

    got my orders today fine,NDD and tasty buds

  8. meerkat says:

    why is bitbazzar not working?

  9. Roller says:

    i placed an order at the start of May,yet have still received nothing. I never heard from the seller that it had been sent either.I can’t find my password at the moment to chase it up either.It is very frustrating.He was meant to be a trusted seller too! If only the compsny could help me find out if it was ever sent,or he kept the money

  10. zeuzcks says:

    hello what happen with thw website?, it’s off?

  11. Apolloguy says:

    Is website down now or is it just my computer i keep getting error 501 bad gateway page right after 1st capcha…. Anyone else?

  12. 502 baf gateaway says:

    I keep getting that fucking error all the time, I cant et past the captcha, anyone knows what is happening?

  13. Helle says:

    How do i order?

  14. mlamb says:

    sketchy. mods respond quickly, and claim to refund from scams – they made me a wallet on their site and supposedly xfered the BTC back to me.
    has been a day and haven’t seen a cent. not to mention how virtually all vendors are obvious scams.

  15. mlamb says:

    seems like an exit scam.
    mods refunded from a scam vendor and took the BTC from their site’s wallet, but never received the funds myself.

  16. 502 guy says:

    Everything is good. I updated my tails and I no longer get 502 errors.
    However this last day I can’t open my panel or contact support. Anyone has any idea?

  17. MastaSlapaHo says:

    @502guy what do you mean updated tails? I need to do that.

  18. candyX says:

    Will I get my money back from butbazaar it’s in escrow. I placed an order at 5am this morning and I haven’t been able to get back in it says error 502 bad gateway. I didn’t know what was going on and m. Someone please give me some advice cuz I’m obviously a newbie

  19. Doc says:

    Can anyone else even login? Or get to DDOS?

  20. stan says:

    how do you upgrade tails keep getting 502 error. new at this sry

  21. toretore says:

    Hi anyone has any news about bit bazaar, the page is not to be found

  22. toretore says:

    the site is closed??

  23. toretore says:

    do you know Mr Joint the best vendor in bit bazaar!?? do you know if he also sells in another market?

  24. toretore says:

    peccato era uno dei pochi siti che andava!! ho fatto diversi acquisti lì, Mr joint era meglio di amazon!!! avete certezza che il sito abbia chiuso definitivamente?

    too bad it was one of the few sites that was very very good!! I made several purchases there, Mr joint was better than amazon !!! are you sure that the site has closed permanently?

  25. bbz says:

    wtf there are three days i’m not able to enter in bitbazaar, all link are down. hope it come back online soon

  26. candy says:

    I know I just paid a vendor and then it gets shut down . Do u think I will receive my package,? What do I do

  27. MastaSlapaHo says:

    I hate when this happens. 2nd one Ive been a victim of. If anyone knows anything about the operators please share. If not for anything else other than principle, Ive got a flame thrower I recently added a couple of perf mods and Id sure as heck like to test it out on these chumps

  28. Personaluse says:

    These people got shut down

  29. Anonymous says:

    Would u rather b in their spot

  30. Personaluse says:

    What site R up 4 fenny

  31. FuckScammers says:

    This entire Dark Net is a scam, if you send money to anyone expect to lose it, they are all fucking criminals why do you think they are on here.

  32. Mr says:

    Cerco Mr Joint

  33. donster_prot says:

    I need Iphone in low cost,send me the link…..

  34. Lucky says:

    Im in need of a car title maker?

  35. sjfsdifsdjo says:

    i”ve been place orders on the website bitbazaar and i’ve recevied my commands 😉 not a scam, they just changed of url, open soon !

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