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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t use Cryptonia Market they change the return address then cancel the order and your coins disappear. Selective scamming.Buyer Beware!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cryptonia is indeed scamming.

  3. BeWaryOfThisSite says:

    Nice how this one pops up straight after Nightmare happened

  4. user says:

    What are the markets that are still safe ??

  5. Anonymous says:

    i was scammed from the market for 2000 €, they changed the payment address. T Never get response from support.
    Placed one order, after 3 days they sent me back the money (the order was confirmed, and after 3 days was cancelled)).
    Placed again the order, order confirmed, Payd, order cancelled.
    Didn’t get back the money and the payment address was changed. This is a scam market

  6. ttt says:

    EXIT scam my money 3000$ FUCK all SCAM .
    all goy to Berlusconi Market one normal market .
    SCAM emperia
    scam NM

  7. Anonymous says:

    Where do I go to build a cpn number ?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I lost $500 to the “change of address” scam, not sure if it’s the market or something else happening. Beware for now, guys.

  9. Anonymous says:

    fuck that here…

  10. dims says:

    lost 0.03939730 bitcorns, they changed the address on me,, contacted support they said I was probably using a fake phishing mirror link

  11. Anonymous says:

    if you guys want weed:
    canazon, berlusconi & agartha is trustable
    (be carefull, ofc not every person is trustfull but the markets are legit)

  12. Sofiane Ait says:

    Ciao ragazzi sto cercando un bancomat dove posso trovare qualcuno fidabili

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hey guys take a look at Samsara Market. Its working propper and is the new version of dream market !!!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Yes, two different orders were confirmed but the order was cancelled with no return. Support is unreachable, definitely scamming.

  15. cls22 says:

    anyone recommend a good vendor for WU transfers, Cards, Passports and Fake Bills?

  16. Anonymous says:

    cls: not here

  17. Лена says:

    Не поняла как это так?

  18. Лена says:

    Не поняла как это так?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Anyone have trouble accessing cryptonia from tor/onion apps on iPad/iPhone?

  20. Anonymous says:

    Why is everyone saying its a scam? This has been a great site so far

  21. Anonymous says:

    So it looks like I have fallen for the Cryptonia scam. I sent funds, 2 seperate orders, both confirmed, an hour later both cancelled by support? no return of coins, coins went to the address provided by Crytopia.


    • anonymous says:

      I placed an order on crytonia, on 2019-08-28 11:19:19 order was CREATED, 2019-08-28 11:21:10 order CONFIRM, 2019-08-28 11:21:11 PROOF confirmed, 2019-08-29 00:23:46 CANCEL is this what is happening to you all – do we have any recourse?

  22. bb20191 says:

    Are here real vendors who can make real wu transfers, or sell prepaid cards? only using escrow though!

  23. zupiddu says:

    ihr redet Blödsinn…die warnen sogar vor pfishing ,würdet ihr ottos euch mal mit gpa verschlüsselung beschäftigen, wie es euch gesagt wird dann passiert das auch nicht…….wer nicht hören will muss spüren !

  24. snctym says:

    Got link to a fantastic market, trusted vendors, no scamming, escrow….
    I’ve been ordering for awhile with awesome results….
    My link.


  25. Anaon says:

    I’ve tried getting in contact with Support 3 times. No one seems to be there.
    Try it for yourself before you buy, because if you need an ESCROW issue sorted how can you trust it will be resolved?

  26. prin says:

    totally legitimate site checked by me

  27. anon says:

    i love this marketplace

  28. DrFeelGood says:

    Anyone need Prescription grade Liquid Morphine Sulfate? 400mg per bottle (5ml/20mg dosage). Reply here

  29. fuckyocouch says:

    i need heroin and cocaine please asap

  30. Anthony says:

    Everytime i try to access a url it says duckduckgo cannot open page, how the hell do i get on?

    • Clarrk Howard says:

      When you enter URL make sure it has Onion at the end and make sure to chose Visit this site not Search Duck Duck!

  31. Clark Howard says:

    I am seeking Bruce Lean since Berlusconi Market Exited I cannot find Bruce who is the Best Vendor anywhere!

  32. yeahboy says:

    how long is the site gonna be down

  33. Gmo says:

    I had placed an order with Wonka’s drug Factory on Burse Selene the day they shut down two Saturdays ago it was my first time on the market. Does anybody know where I can reach this vendor?

  34. Bobby Brown says:

    Hi, anyone know a coke for cash dealer round Weybridge, Surrey? Thanks

  35. Bobby Brown says:

    Or where to find one online?

  36. Bobby Brown says:

    Do these links not work on in iPhone?

  37. wanzhu761 says:

    How does the Empire market trade? Which big god can tell me!

  38. Psychedelicaaaas says:

    Does any one made experince with the shop “DrugsMakeYouSmarter” from the Netherlands cuz theyre prices are very low are they safe or is it a scam?

  39. xxxxx says:

    HAS anyone orderd from the vendor CLabEE on here ?

  40. Tittaa says:

    Please send mail so I can contact you

  41. most says:

    thanks bro

  42. jorgitoporcelsito says:

    son unos proxeneteas

  43. Arthas says:

    Cryptonia urls not loading, can’t connect to servers. Anyone have a url that goes through?


  44. Anonymous says:

    Anyone looking for fraud deals EURO bills,dollar bills, prepaid cards , bank transfers and bank loading ,paypal, cash app, gift cards western union and money gram transfer live your email or wickr

  45. Wickr :james09 says:

    i need coke

  46. Theallstar223 says:

    Need scamming and ccv methods

  47. anon says:

    I’m looking for my old supplier in UK, i think he called him self A1 Crack or something like that and sold alprazolam and etizolam in powder. Also looking for another vendor (cant recall the alias) who sold good blotters with etizolam from UK.

    Anyone knows where i can get in contact with anyone of those?

  48. Ivena says:

    I need a gun.

  49. Billbob says:

    I need some xanax crypto just escrow please. If so I will be buying on the regular I have 5 people who would buy. Get in touch ppl. BB

  50. AgelGabriel says:

    I need cvv’s.Got ripped on Empire market.

  51. drns11 says:

    Need a physical card for ATM with high balance anyone ?

  52. wallerstaller says:

    Hello, i need 500g of hash send safely to sweden. Or from sweden!

    pls email me at if you can do this

  53. gold says:

    let me know credit card and drop account serius only

  54. creepthedog says:

    Where can 1 get a good Hacker for wire transfers ,Zelle , Any1 please

  55. creepthedog says:

    Was the order placed delivered ?

  56. Anonymous says:

    GOOD USD COUNTERFITS? Escrow… lemme know

  57. plug says:

    available bro send me your w1ckr or email so we deal

  58. hotshit23 says:

    looking for fraud deals USD bills,dollar bills, prepaid cards , bank transfers and bank loading ,paypal, cash app, gift cards western union and money gram transfer

  59. Standard says:

    Cant sign in on main account, was able to register new account and sign in. This looks like bad news.

  60. Standard says:

    Cant log into main account. Was able to register new account and sign in. This looks very bad. Possible exit scam, users beware.

  61. Pissed says:

    100 percent exit scamming. Can easily create and log in with a fresh new account. But am unable to log into my own default account. Support account hasnt logged in for a week either a d the forums are DEAD SILENT. The moderator reading this needs to mark this site as compromised before more people lose money.

  62. brad says:

    Looking for a good site to get some us cc/cvv to use to buy stuff woth

  63. fuckithard says:

    Main Account is not able to Login. with a new one you can Login …..
    Maybe its over …. ffs ….

  64. fuckithard says:

    Looks like everything is fine atm. Main Accounts are working

  65. stilldown says:

    looks like login issue is still happening immediately after placing new order.. exit scamming?

  66. anonmouse says:

    After purchasing cant log in.. exit scamming? still not logging in.

  67. Anonymous says:

    can’t login either

  68. bsav says:

    there is internal server error. exit is unlikely as there isnt much to gain. just keep optimistic. ive ordered many times before and luckily my vendor has accepted my order yesterday so i should recieve my stuff.

  69. stilldown says:

    All links are now currently down, can not log in at all. While hours ago the problem was not servers but accounts. Now it seems the market is possibly offline..? Anyone having these same issues still?

  70. james says:

    how soon you need?

  71. Anonymous says:

    3 days ago everything was perfect. currently i am not able to login. anybody alternative links?

  72. skennn says:

    not up for me either..let’s see after a while.

  73. Lion says:

    whats the best alternative now that this is down? I need a UK passport in the flesh not just a scan.

  74. Lion says:

    whats the best alternative now that this is down? I need a UK passport in the flesh not just a scan.

  75. Sucker#1 says:

    Agartha and empire are full of scams. Check the comments. They are all from similar so called customers and chances are the vast majority of them are from the same days. Unfortunately I didn’t figure that out until I lost a few hundred dollars.

  76. Sapper says:

    Looking for Speed to be delivered to the US. Paste or powder. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  77. ripkimbo says:

    dam, looks like these mfs exit scammed. aint no other secure markets

  78. bearpo says:

    still can’t login – internal server error. this looks very bad.

  79. Anonymous says:

    it run again

  80. CRYP MOD says:

    Market is being hit by the DDOS that affects the tor process. If the market becomes inaccessible, keep trying and you should be able to get in eventually. We’re gathering valuable data about the attack and will have a working solution to keep the market up in the next 24 hours.

    Until we have it fixed please be patient with Support responses, and also have patience with Vendors responding/handling orders. Delays will occur due to the issue at hand.

    Thank you everyone for taking part in our marketplace as a vendor or as a customer, and we appreciate your patience!

  81. Panda says:

    Can’t access any of the urls today. Checked all of the links against the Cryptonia alternative links listed here:

    When attempting to log in i receive the error, “Internal connection error. Please contact support.”
    Also get error saying, “Page expired. Please try again.” when trying to log in.

  82. Jeddsworth says:

    Servers are down???

  83. Dutch says:

    Thanks @CrytMod would be nice if you could update here again once the issues are resolved.

  84. ponyboycurtis says:

    I placed an order on Monday at a verified link(not worried about phishing), sent the funds to the proper address, and had my return address input correctly. My order never updated as paid, even after the transaction was complete. It was cancelled by support shortly after. I messaged support the same day regarding the issue, and now I’ve been trying to log in for 2 days and find the site is down.

    I’d say I’m fearing an exit scam, although I’d love it if this clears up and my funds are rightfully returned. Be patient! But if you do get through, I would not recommend placing any orders until receiving some type of update on the cause of these issues.

  85. Worldshot says:

    They are getting hit with a cyber attack like most other markets right now.. .
    give them a day or so to work it out.

    If you need stuff now then go on “APOLLON MARKET”, its the biggest still online market right now and works well.

    Stay safe

  86. Luke says:

    I’ve been trying to get in for 3 days… . an trying to be patient… Would be nice for update @cryp mod

  87. suicider says:

    always the same shit happens!!! Fuck life, internet, people, the whole fucking world! I am a fucked up addict and if I can not use this site asap, I will kill myself!!! My life is a disaster and the my only happiness a good, working, reliable market. Please make it work again because I am very close to end my life. Thanks

  88. beckitogg says:

    Don’t do that. You may be an addict. But these operators are scoundrels and crooks.

  89. rcjc0219 says:

    did anyone buy from doctorxanax??? Im pretty sure he is trying to scam me! Said he shipped last friday still nothing and nothing on informed delivery!!! SO FUCKING TIRED OF THESE BITCH ASS SCAMMERS

  90. SDB says:

    Cryptonia Forums just got downed; lot of useful information lost on there… Here’s the scoop:

    Dread went down and claimed it was an internal fatal error. This is where the Cryptonia staff make announcements. At the time the market went down posting on the forums opened to the public. Vendors in discussions were last saying that funds in escrow ARE STILL IN ESCROW. has posted on his site that, though he does not want to disclose why, he does not think anyone on the Dread team is trustworthy. Initially, the site went completely down but it has become clear that something is probably happening behind the scenes (indicated by the login page loading at all despite failing to advance). While some remain hopeful that this is evidence of Cryptonia coming back online, most are becoming alarmed by the fact that no Cryptonia staff has offered any word whatsoever on the situation.

    The common speculations are of two schools: either following rumors of an attack incited by another market or something (unfortunately someone else will need to recite the story about the guy that was supposedly going around shutting down darknet servers requesting like 80 XMR or something) or law enforcement have figured something out to crack into DNMs much faster, better, and/or generally at all (hence some of the more recent hits including Cryptonia). with what we know, it definitely does not look like Cryptonia is exit scamming. Personally, either of the theories could logically have happened but the fact that all the staff disappeared and are behaving in a way certainly not conducive to good business makes me think its law enforcement. I hope not but time will tell.

    Stay safe everyone.

  91. fleur says:

    courage go to the doctor if it’s not better

  92. ooosch says:

    when logging still problems, ….. it always comes with log in …. “Internal connection error. Please contact support.” ……

    When will it be completely online again?

  93. Anonymous says:

    I am having the same issue. Fingers crossed it will be back up and running soon

  94. theguy says:

    rcjc0219 I don’t think its a scammer, I ordered 3 times moda from 3 different vendors in Europe. Now two weeks past a nothing arrived yet.

  95. Luke says:

    How do you get shit happening on wickr,? I’ve no idea how to navigate

  96. X-men says:

    X-men is back!!!!!

    during the day there is new information.

    stay safe

  97. Ry Man says:

    yeah he finally posted an update on empire that he lost 67 packages and claims he will take care of everyone so we will see i guess, fingers crossed

  98. alec says:

    any legit vendor on this market???

  99. B says:

    Hash: SHA256

    Dear users,

    We sincerely apologize for the unexpected downtime. It was caused by a
    tamper protection on one of our servers which led to the shutdown of our
    backend. For opsec reasons we cannot disclose more. The important thing is
    that our security measures worked and all the funds on escrow are safe.

    The bad news is that we already had plans to close shop for a couple months
    due to being short-handed. Recent events have made matters worst. To bring the
    market back up safely we must migrate our entire infrastructure to new
    servers, that would mean at least a week before we can re-open.

    Instead we have decided to do our best to disburse the funds the their
    rightful owners as follows:

    * Unshipped orders will be refunded to buyers
    * Shipped orders will be finalized and paid to vendors
    * Disputed orders will be split 50/50

    We hope that this way most of the funds will go to their rightful owners, and
    we ask our users to do the right thing in the few cases where it doesn’t.
    After all payments are sent the market will re-open on “hiatus mode” to allow
    multisig users to get their tx hexes and profiles accessed. It will remain in
    hiatus mode until we re-open in 2020.

    We realize this is a huge inconvenience and we have done the best that we can
    under the circumstances. We wish you all a happy xmas and we hope to see you
    at our next market.


    The Cryptonia Market Team


    • dude4567 says:

      When will you be sending refunds? ETA so I can watch

      • dude4567 says:

        Still looking for an ETA as all my unshipped orders get totally taked by BTC volume sinking fast. Wait a bit longer and those refunds will be worse. Give us an ETA and please put that declining value BTC back in my wallet So i can go buy a pack of cigarettes with it

    • Dude4567 says:

      still waiting for that good will gesture of refunding us. is this a Christmas miracle? Send that shit back man, you have all the info. Get on it so we might use your new market rather than being like every other exit scammer. Give us some hope, or an update.

  100. Patrycja says:

    How can I dispute an order if I cannot login to the market and contact vendor?

  101. Anonymous says:

    how do i use this shit im new !!!!

  102. beckitogg says:

    Great! If that works: a big compliment and apology for my exaggerated reaction.

  103. dude4567 says:

    When will this happen? refunds?

  104. JamesBro says:

    Still doesn’t work.

  105. generalrilldo says:

    I just want my 3.1k refund i knew this risk but i went for it
    If anyone could help me out with that.

  106. none says:

    This was the best market shame it had to go down. Darknet is fucked no more trusted markets. Hopefully their return in 2020 will come to the rescue.

  107. helpful ,ololo says:

    Dont do it bro itll be okay

  108. NEO says:

    scammers alert agartha market vendors
    movingtrain wikr: movingtrain111
    blocked by vendor after sending coins. everybody beaware and stay away from these vendors..
    dream boss
    eniplugssupply lvl 8 scam artist
    wicker legit12
    wicker: vandot123
    wicker: vasto420

  109. asdasd says:

    helo alkl can help me plkz

  110. DigitalMafia says:

    My Cryptonia customers.
    DigitalMafia can be found on Apollon Market


    For all your Vicodin, Xanax, & Cannabis needs.

  111. anon says:

    admins make cryptonia red please. thx

  112. Dude4567 says:

    Well I have not seen anything, and In know I had $%500+ in the vendors never shipped, so coal in the stocking =s this year because the ray of hope email to not be true. Has anyone gotten any money back from Cryptonia? that would be a good sign of hope if you let us know, if not I will keep stick them with my voodoo dolls

  113. Dude4567 says:

    I guess my last comment was too edgy. Id anyone has actually got refunds back let us know so we have hope, no response from the site makes my feel down. it would be a miracle stroy if they actually followed though/ rare but hey hope is alive. please stay in tough and let’s see if they acyually have any kind of soul

  114. Dude4567 says:

    I don’t think you are refunding anything. You had the info, and no one is seeing anything. Just another crap market run by thieves. Thanks for the total inspiring email that had no substance behind it. You owe me about $700 from an order that was never accepted. I am sure many people got it much worse. Happy holidays. Can’t wait to see which xmas ghost visit you dec 24 scrouge

    • Dude4567 says:

      True true, no refunds, full of shit. Boycott heir next market out of principal. once a thief always a thief. 2020 is here and I can’t wait to mess with that market our of principal. bad reviews, false claims disputes. I hope you all join me in making them pay

  115. Dude4567 says:

    Still waiting for the coin to be returned you evil dishonest sammers there is a special place in hell for you. hwy take the time to write that explanation when you had no intention of doing anything. at least steal with tact like the other exit scammers. you POS. may you get hit by a train today while driving to church.

  116. thalysom sousa says:


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