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  1. Loyal Customer says:

    Al Green is a scammer. Will steal your money, then Cannazon will delete your feedback.

    Cannazon is great with a trustworthy vendor – but if you get scammed, they will side with the vendor. Really cant trust the disputes system or vendors feedback.

    Top tip: Vendors with 0 negative feedback are the least trustworthy – they’re colluding with admins.

  2. Loyal Customer says:

    Al Green is a con artist. Selective scammer. Support deletes negative feedback he receives (I have many screenshots).

    Avoid Al Green – total scammer.

  3. RoyJonesJr says:

    Oui c’est vraiment fiable, 98% des paquets arrivent et les vendeurs remboursent tout ou partie si ce n’est pas le cas.
    Grenouille Bleue est fiable pour la weed en France, pour le hash mieux vaut aller voir du côté des vendeurs allemands qui proposent des produits d’excellente qualité.
    Ca met entre 3j et 1 mois pour arriver en ce moment.
    Il faut avoir un compte en bitcoin pour payer les transactions et s’inscrire sur Cannazon
    Les prix ont tendance à s’enflammer depuis le Covid et quelques vendeurs fuient avec la caisse ces derniers jours.
    Préférez les transactions « FE » pour lesquelles Cannazon gardent la somme du paiement jusqu’à ce que vous confirmiez la réception.

  4. perry says:

    Connection to Cannazon keeps closing….Astrill being a bitch?

  5. boursen says:

    Hello I have a little problem impossible to go to the cannazon I have an error message Hum, we cannot find this site.

  6. Ananoos says:

    Kennt jemand eine Alternative zu LenasBio?

  7. TRUST ME! says:

    MERRIAM WEBSTER keep away from this vendor sells bad quality goods ….DON’T ORDER FROM HIM


    MERRIAM WEBSTER keep away from this vendor sells bad quality goods ….DON’T ORDER FROM HIM

  9. Willisaccio says:

    Queenofcannabis is scam. I make an order and he didn’t send. No more answer in wickr.

  10. anon says:

    my payment not going through via edge

  11. TOP quality says:

    I have order many good s from MERRIAM WEBSTER all good I have received are top quality.

  12. jonny says:

    site is down, why?

  13. Chicken Man says:

    Santalblanc ist nicht schlecht

  14. HD says:


  15. Freetheweed4201 says:

    Site is down

  16. PA2ck says:

    Site DOWN 🙁

  17. aze says:

    Site is down for me, what about you?

  18. Juju1981 says:

    I ordered a small amount on Cannazon to try first . Good on me as i can’t reach the site Anymore since!
    I think the whole site is a scam ….

  19. Juju1981 says:

    Commande passée il y a deux jours. Heureusement pour un petit montant car je voulais tester d’abord ( moins de 100€) car depuis , impossible de se connecter… Je crois bien m’etre fait avoir …..

  20. DOWN... says:

    Impossible to reach the Site since days…

  21. jokair89 says:

    I just discover that one really good place for canna as well in Europe

  22. Blackface2face says:

    Can I know which market to buy good fullz

  23. Richiii says:

    Site is very slow. Seems to doesnt work anymore. Any good alternative?

  24. Need help says:

    I ve ordered here:

    is it a scam site or just mirror?

  25. woooblit says:

    hi, i am woo from Sweden and i want to explain any thing about “pandemic”. Please ask me 🙂

  26. gaz says:

    It’s been a good site for me so far, no bullshit just weed and cannabis products, no other crap or drugs like other market, 4/4 of my orders have come through, I only order from sellers in same country as me. 3 of the 4 orders have been good quality and 1 was not great but it was described as being a cheap budget weed so seller was straight up.

  27. Sam heezy says:

    Can anyone help me out?

  28. leo says:

    how do you post on here?

  29. polo says:

    I can’t open any URL

  30. kaluballa says:

    Looks like exit scam

  31. fffffffffuuuuu says:

    Unable to login

  32. MrDingus says:

    Anyone else having problems opening up the website? it hasn’t been up or working a while now. bruh.

  33. MrDingus says:

    Anyone else having problems opening up the website? it hasn’t been up or working a while now. bruh.

  34. bjmnv says:

    atm down?!

  35. hh says:

    never disappoints
    sometimes down, but will be up again usually within 12 h

  36. me says:

    why is it down?

  37. Pmloik says:

    cannazon is off ?

  38. naif says:

    Cannazon is down since last night “invalid URL”

  39. Bougie says:

    hi the site is down pls ?

    • Anonymous says:

      yeah for like 2weeks now
      surely a failure idk wtf is going on here
      i’m force to buy local from a clue at a fucking high p

  40. MIKE says:

    cannazon ne fonctionne plus ?

  41. CyanDreams says:

    Cannazon is down for like 2 weeks and I’m searching for the vendor “Boomers”.
    Does anyone know if he has any store or something?

  42. Baggedor says:

    Buyed for 125€, payment Not geht confirmed and no answer from Support and no refund available

  43. Tarryn says:

    Site down for everyone? Been trying for a while ;(

  44. 420wiz says:

    Typically the site goes offline after i order 2oz

  45. dam says:

    Is down forever ??!

    I buy 100 euros, i send bitcoin but is down …

  46. Daddydog123 says:

    £100 paid for 1 oz of thai, order disappeared, no refund paid and unable to raise a support ticket as when you fill it in and hit send it just disappears.
    Shame as had 10 good experiences with this market place and was hoping it was a good one, but looks like just the same as all the others

  47. killTed says:

    Como se llamo esto i am from SPAIN.

    I registered a lot time ago. Can i see this web without adblocer?

    thanks )

  48. Dan says:

    Not working for me

  49. 7liwa says:

    Bonjour je suis un fornisseur de Hash Marocain je cherche quelqun avec moi en travaille ensemble on fait une boutique en ligne

  50. K says:

    Its down?

  51. mino says:

    exit scam!!!

  52. Tinmar says:

    Down …

  53. Ted says:

    Been down for 24 hours on all links i have

  54. iwantmyweed says:

    cant reach the site, whats going on

  55. Anonymous says:

    down 🙁

  56. Cap says:

    Site Down ? How about you !?

  57. downer says:

    Currently down for me.

  58. jokasmoka says:

    I can’t access the site from any of the links

  59. CLAETHUS says:

    impossible to go on V3 cannazon link on the V2 homepage not work …

  60. Cert says:

    is it down now? i cant use any links

  61. DanabBack says:

    have been on site a week ago. since thia week its impossible to access.. somebody any suggestions?

  62. Pete says:

    The whole day Cannazon is down, no link works…

  63. trolololol says:

    down since days on every link

  64. . says:

    Still down? ffs

  65. Tommy says:

    They retired 🙁
    But did so gracefully & honestly.
    A very good market, sad to see them go, but they left decently.

  66. blacky says:

    hey hat jemand eine alternative wen die seite down ist

  67. Bill says:

    Down, again. Suppose this is the game we play.

  68. Tobi says:

    Down forever! It is no exit scam, they just retired.

  69. Yamaho says:

    down since 3 december…

  70. Q says:

    All Links dead

  71. TerpDoctor says:

    HMU if you need a Cali plug

  72. Businessman says:

    Ounces og top shelf and premium 100 dollars a Ounce

  73. arobaz says:

    hi guy i need buy some identity

  74. Anonymous says:

    Monero instead of more private coin like Pirate Chain? Funny xd

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