Cannazon Market

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  1. blackmice says:

    Page is not up?

  2. lola says:

    Yeah Page is offline for me for about 2 weeks

  3. yokaido says:

    doesnt working

  4. ds says:


  5. Dmnitcarl says:

    Are all the markets down

  6. Anonymous says:

    Becareful guys are scam… please dont do any deal on there, because you will get blocked after depositing coin..
    be safe Guys

  7. william says:

    that is the only real hacker on the dark web but sometimes dude can be annoying lol

  8. Kevint says:

    Good deals man.

  9. Bank says:

    Hey good

  10. kevinblake says:

    yes a total scammer

  11. DJ says:

    guys any legit seller shipping worldwide on cannazon?

  12. Anonymous says:

    I want 2.5 pounds bro

  13. Houston says:

    Anonymous come to me

  14. natalieblair says:

    avoid scam market bitcoin just vanished

  15. jam says:

    avoid scam here

  16. Anonymous says:

    I Cannazon market working properly? Scared to deposit here after losing huge amounts on Nightmare then Empire.
    Upcoming good markets/ vendor shops?

  17. Wickr is bank420 says:

    Cannazon is top

  18. Anonymous says:

    Any review concerning Cannazon?

  19. hANS AF says:

    Cannazon is legit i am not paid to sai that and i am not a bot its realy nice

  20. Anonymous says:

    Cannazon & Agartha are the real markets
    Never got problems

  21. Anonymous says:

    How do I buy dope online what pages are he’s

  22. FelixHansen says:

    Probably got scammed here.
    Support is also not trustable

  23. j says:

    if this is anything like agartha it is a scam just be careful

  24. Jack Hannah says:

    Cannazon is top

  25. MrBeast says:

    Made a few orders with these guys after following my guys from dream. Legit site, good prices.

  26. snctym says:

    Got link to a fantastic market, trusted vendors, no scamming, escrow….
    I’ve been ordering for awhile with awesome results….
    My link.


  27. Anonymous says:

    nice scam

  28. soldier says:

    i would like to be supplied with weed for sale in kenya.i would like to be regularly supplied with weed which i intend to sell for commission and send proceeds to the supplier once the stock is done.

  29. Nuuk says:

    Does anyone know if the vendor “thegreenbear” is legit on cannazon? Thanks

  30. got2be says:

    Always got what i ordered. cant complain here.

  31. itshim says:

    Anybody looking for lsd??

  32. need.weed says:

    anyone know any australian weed vendors?

  33. asdas says:

    best site ever

  34. BitcoinMan says:

    I am in Melbourne Aust if anyone on here who knows how to make a SAFE/order and is from Melb hit me up ill make it worth your while.
    I am not tech savvy / we can work something out.

  35. Buyer says:

    Cannazon is a really shitty marketplace with overpriced weed, shitty vendor and shitty support. Won’t use it anymore.

  36. Buyer says:

    The ratings on Cannazon are not legit. Many negative ratings of vendors get erased by the admin-team due to what ever reason. But where is the sense in ordering drugs through the darknet if the rating is not reliable…?!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Anyone ever get an error page not found when tryin to log in?

  38. Rkavoki says:

    I just did…not able to login dispite proper usernam and password …

  39. Anonymous says:

    I get one too, hope it will work again soon.

  40. MrNice says:

    I get one too, hope it will work again soon.

  41. tatitata says:

    same. a lot of accounts, I think

  42. Anonymous says:

    yea cannot login today either, hope it’s not going down got an order there

  43. V says:

    cannot log in either today nov14

  44. Doinb says:

    Still cant log in and can’t even get on dread for update

  45. Anonymous says:


  46. jc says:

    502 Bad Gateway ?????

  47. tt says:

    im having same problem

  48. tt says:

    getting 502 bad gateway aswell must be having issues

  49. zeddead says:

    Same, no idea whata going on

  50. M mat says:

    Hello do you speak french?

  51. scam? says:


  52. Anonymous says:

    Just keep refreshing and it works. Not getting admin support over transaction and need me weed 🙁

  53. Niki says:

    hey is it possible that somebody can contact the admin over other websites?

  54. anonymous says:

    Can’t log in. Tried all mirrors. just saying can’t find server

  55. Anonymous says:

    Is it down :/ just made order

  56. Anonymous says:

    still down

  57. Anonymous says:

    Down now

  58. Anonymous says:

    Down for now

  59. Anonymous says:

    please i need good news. how is the chance thats just some technical issue?

  60. a says:

    anyone has the new onion mirrors shared via pgp by them?

  61. a says:

    Anyone has the new onion mirrors shared by them via pgp?

  62. a says:

    can open the url today to.. :/. wtf

  63. Anonymous says:

    And I think I lost $130…

  64. han says:

    still down

  65. Anonymous says:

    Ive just lost over 1000 this is fucking shit

  66. szebe says:

    exit scam, confirmed…

  67. Anonymous says:

    when is the urls likely to be working again? anyone know?

  68. anon says:

    this market and criptonia wtf

  69. banana says:

    i have an order in progress :/

  70. Anonymous says:

    will i get my grand back lol i cant eat

  71. tellmemore says:

    Dont panic, it’s a DDOS attack. There is an verified alternate link on the hub forums. Not gonna post here because you shouldn’t trust strangers 😉

  72. Anonymous says:

    exit scam or ddos attack? and why not posting this fucking alternate link?

  73. Anonymous says:

    I need $10,000 who knows where to go

  74. Anonymous says:

    How do you get onto sub forums

  75. Anonymous says:

    there is a working link to risky to post on here

  76. anonymous says:

    did the post informations tho? or scam link?

  77. blackwidow says:

    got my order to day but cant get in to finalize

  78. weedcat1312 says:

    i am waiting to get my money back and the server down i lose my money or what???

  79. Anonymous says:

    How do you get on the hub to find an alternative link?

  80. skunk77 says:

    Anyone can connect with an other link ?

  81. PcNnaBkyz says:

    Just wait guys.. Csnnazon is the best and super support.. Let them do their thang

  82. Bobby says:

    Oué attendez, a priori attaque ddos…! j’arrive à me connecter de façon aléatoire et ça fonctionne !

  83. valo says:

    comment ca ce passe si on avait une comande en cours ?

  84. CannaFreund says:

    CannaDepot we are looking for your log-in. Order is waiting for send acceptance.

  85. Dude says:

    Please delete this post asap. DDOS is ongoing.

  86. Anonymous says:

    yo someone delete that post for fuck sake fucking dumbass

  87. 42 says:

    Cannazon is WORKING!!! Use the link, that you get with PGP and DON’T share your link. Its only DDOS attacks! NO SCAM

  88. Anonymous says:

    please remove the link, he is not intended to be public. It’s not a hazard if they sent it crypted on pgp…

  89. georgie says:

    hello! how do i get the link on pgp???

  90. tt says:

    even my link isn’t working now

  91. t money says:

    I cant get past the stupid captcha, the image wont load. any suggestions?

  92. Hdhshhs says:

    Still down?

  93. Anonymous says:

    Well even the PGP onion link doesn’t work now. It was even shown on this site when you click on “Show URLs”. RIP

  94. soloboy says:

    server down :s

  95. pata says:

    2 order arrived googd market but for the moment don’t work i don’t no why

  96. tayzn says:

    You showed the secret url on the site good job now we can’t access the site.

  97. 42 says:

    How can you be such a spastic? why are you sharing the secret link ?? soooo stupid …

  98. Oemi101010 says:

    Login successful

  99. Darklord says:

    Trying to login… Captcha “Landing Page” works but takes some time. Also loads the title “Cannazon – Home” but doesn’t show the login home page yet, takes very long to load even with new circuits and everything…
    Okay finally loaded… trying to login now will report further on my adventure back to cannazon 😀
    But let me tell you while it loads the login page… as soon as you get onto this market… be sure to order the hell out of it! Got my first two orders and gosh that stuff is amazing! They got really some good vendors there and the market itself is really amazing! I personally love it and the escrow service is real.
    Okay login worked… still loading very slow… I guess they’ve been hit pretty hard but anyways glad they’re back on. Let’s give them a day or two max and everything should work as usual…

    • Al H says:

      Cannazon is a dangerous market for your safety. I would recommend using other markets if possible. The market has been heavily infiltrated for a couple of months now and I can confirm at least 2 info dealers posing as vendors. Best avoided if you want to stay safe

  100. anon says:

    just stay carefull. some vendors seem gone. how could ppl rate their orders within the last days when everything was down? no information on any vendor description. none on the start page.

  101. Anonymous says:

    btw DONT SHARE PRIVATE LINKS FFS!!! YOU ARE NOT A URL HOSTER!!! you will get one when time is ready.

  102. anon2 says:


  103. anonymous says:

    Logged in ok, but running very slowly

  104. Weedkritiker says:

    hey guys i had a vendor on cannazon his name was something with “Dutch” (Dutch weed or dutch store) but he was sending out from germany… he had the netherland Flag on the Pictures with his buds! Anybody know who i mean and know where i can find him again?

  105. Anonymous says:

    Weis jemand wo sich der vendor greenroad noch rumtreibt ? Außer Empire und Cannazon

    • Anno5000 says:

      Warte auch seit letzen Dienstag auf mein Order, angeblich wurde alles Freitag verschickt….

      • Anonymous says:

        Greenroad ist ein vertrauenswürdiger Vendor bestelle schon seit über 2 Jahren bei ihn gab noch nie Problem schreib ihn einfach nochmal an

        • Jaklarname says:

          Hab auch noch eine Order offen vom 21.11. (22. send)
          Gehe schwer davon aus das es so klappt wie immer da sehr vertrauenswürdig. bestelle auch schon seit jahren bei greenroad – gab nie probleme. denke wenn es als verschickt markiert wurde, alle die sich angesammelt haben, muss es ja noch clever zur post gebracht werden. die wissen was sie machen! ich warte definitiv noch ab, bald wird cannazon hoffentlich stabil laufen. nach 2 wochen schreib ich dann mal falls noch nix da ist (wird zu 99,99% eh noch kommen) . vg

        • anno says:

          same here, aber akteull stellt er sich etwas tot, antwortet nicht mehr auf nachrichten. viele warten seit 7 tagen auf ihre order, selbst neue orders aus dieser woche kamen bei mir noch nicht an, obwohl das steath angeblich geändert worden ist. irgetwas kommisches geht grade vor, ich hoffe es ist kein exitscam und auch kein bust bei der post, aber eines von beiden muss es sein -.-

          • Anonymous says:

            Selbe Problem auch diese Woche Dienstag bestellt bis heute nix da hoffe er scamt nicht abwarten was bei anderen Kunden noch so raus kommt

            • jaklarname says:

              bei mir ebenso. noch nichts da. 21 order 22 send, bis heute nichts da. kann aktuell eh nicht einloggen. daher kein kontakt möglich. ich bleibe optimistisch

              • Anonymous says:

                Er scamt wurde mittlerweile von cannazon gebannt und antworten gibts auch nicht, schade über 1000€ Bestellung weg

        • anno12 says:

          er wurde heute officziel gebannt! Exitscam also, hätte ich von Ihm gedacht aber gehört zum guten Ton wenn man mit dem Busniess ausfhören will, leider

          • Anonymous says:

            Schade aber zum Glück gibts noch einige gute Vendors z.b. cannabisfreund, Greensupreme, Lenas Bioladen, just relax usw. haben alle gute Qualitäten und vertauensvoll sind sie auch

          • jaklarname says:

            Richtig assi wenn es stimmt. Vor allem da einer oben noch die “alles ok” nachricht bekommen hat.
            Naja, damit musste man (ich/wir) rechnen, das so etwas passieren kann. Aber trotzdem frech. Ich hoffe bei sowas immer dass das karma das irgendwann regelt 🙂 – danke für die infos hier

            • Nosta says:

              Hab ebenfalls am 24. geordert, 25 versendet. Letzte Woche nichts gekommen. Entweder abwarten oder es ist eben Futsch. Falls bei euch noch was ankommt, schreibt hier mal. Er war seit Samstag auch nicht mehr Online. Schade drum..

          • bmak says:

            Rip :/ War ein super Händler hatte nie Probleme. Hast wohl leider recht das ein Exitscam einfach zu verlockend ist und man das Geschäft nicht für immer machen kann. Hoffe quasi das es ein Exit Scam war und er nicht aufgeflogen ist.

  106. Anonymous says:

    Do they work on the Page, any Informations?
    Fml … I Order, one day Later Page down..

  107. xximixx says:

    Still down for me (since 2 days, no access at all). Any updates? Is it down for good or will it come back? :/

  108. anon says:

    it works for me

  109. Anony says:

    is working with new secret url

  110. humbert says:

    Could you give me the secret url?

  111. Anonymous says:

    Dont post the link here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. Anonymous says:

    we cannot post the new url because of ddos. with this url, i did not have any issues in last 5 days, if bad gateway just press F5

  113. mota says:

    SCAM Market, with no URL not possible to ask for refund ..

  114. NEO says:

    scammers alert agartha market vendors
    movingtrain wikr: movingtrain111
    blocked by vendor after sending coins. everybody beaware and stay away from these vendors..
    dream boss
    eniplugssupply lvl 8 scam artist
    wicker legit12
    wicker: vandot123
    wicker: vasto420

    • rex88 says:

      yes but where can you order then? here they are all full of scams these sites, you may not be able to do continuous business

  115. fungi says:

    Hello guys does someone know US vendor with good weed?

  116. Anonymous says:

    Weiß jemand wo man den vendor fiiness findet ?

    • Anonymous says:

      Ist eigentlich jeden Tag einmal in Empire on obwohl account in Vacation ist musst nur auf sein Profil gehen und ihn mal schreiben

  117. Anonymous says:

    What are some really good and reliable vendors on cannazon ?

  118. skunk77 says:

    Down ?

  119. Anonymous says:

    Works fine

  120. Anonymous says:

    have anoyone ordered from cyberfreak card the world

    kindly reviews on hin is he legit or just scammer like others kindly reply with proof thanks

  121. Goblin says:

    I need some weed. How to get it from you, guys?

  122. Anonymous says:

    How to get weed, guys? I need some! How to pay and have it delivered around me!???

  123. Anonymous says:

    is the site downm?

  124. mysterio says:

    for now yes

  125. Devid says:

    Hey can I also earn money from this market

  126. Anonymous says:

    could you send it on the hub?
    my name is smokeyneedweed

  127. smokey says:

    Hi can somebody send me the priv link? everylink im using including the xpl… link gives me an error after typing in captcha, says an error occur the page you looking could not be found, can you guys access it? if ur gonna send me the link pls send it on the hub user: smokeyneedweed .

  128. anonymice says:

    ‘error occured cannot find page youre looking for’
    shows after enterring captcha

  129. WARNING says:

    Hey Leute,
    Mal eine Warnung an alle ehemaligen Käufer:
    Der Vendor ExpressDoctor, vorallem auf DreamMarket unterwegs, wurde im Januar 2019 verhaftet und sitzt seitdem im Knast. Er hatte eine Liste über alle Bestellungen inklusive der Namen und Adressen unverschlüsselt auf seinem PC gespeichert.

  130. fruits says:

    something wrong with this market

  131. Lala says:

    Always been good but beware, pgp not working last 2 days!!! So ur address will be visible… Dont order untill PGP is fixed..

  132. Darkfuck123 says:

    Cant register
    Browser quits

  133. Deadfuck123 says:

    Cant Register
    Tor quits
    Please give a solution

  134. dextor says:

    reliable vendor for direct deals – coinforcebtc
    it is hard to access markets anymore for me and coinforcebtc has good sucess rate with top class A drugs and maybe weed.

  135. Stonystarkconmanhash says:

    WARNING do not buy hash from Tonystark total con man – its FAKE BUNK SHIT DISGUSTING

  136. Hank says:

    Can someone send me a link to order some good shit

  137. teemonyes says:

    site is down

  138. Anonymous says:

    Somebody know when Cannazon will get back up?

  139. Anonymous says:

    Somebody know when cannazon will be back up?

  140. Bozbek says:

    Grosse arnaque, n’achète surtout pas en gros !! Et surtout pas a TonyStark, il est certifié par le site mais c’est une arnaque, j’ai était blacklister du site après avoir payé 500euros !!

  141. daboba says:

    ein test ob die kommentare hier legit sind

  142. Anonymous says:

    looking for verifiable commercial driving license

  143. Anonymous says:

    lost actual url

  144. Anonymous says:

    This is the FBI we got your Ip adress you will receives a letter the next Days….

    Your D.J.Trump

  145. ? says:

    bunch of fucking retards everywhere i swear

  146. joka says:

    any legit sites cannabis uk

  147. Anonymous says:

    not too hard to build Lego walls while your country dies from the covid?

  148. Anonymous says:

    Ptin dur, j’ai visité le site et j’avoue Tonystarkweed il a plein de vente validé et tout. Il c’est passé quoi exactement ?

  149. Anonymous says:


    Quelqu’un pourrait me conseiller à un vendeur français fiable ?

  150. Anonymous says:

    Bonjour, Quelqu’un pourrait me conseiller à un vendeur français fiable ?

  151. blaaah says:

    guys just go to cannnazon and register and pgp and start marketing…

  152. Queen says:



  153. mySprizz says:

    lost link – can u hlp pls

  154. Anonymous says:

    how does one use this to get some weed man?

  155. Gerald says:

    Looking fa the green fellows a lb or two good prices shipping out

  156. LongJohnSilver says:

    one of the best looking markets around I only wish they wouldn’t have just weed.

  157. Pack says:

    How can I have some quality weed?

  158. ilona BENSUSSAN says:


  159. Loyal Customer says:

    Al Green is a scammer. Will steal your money, then Cannazon will delete your feedback.

    Cannazon is great with a trustworthy vendor – but if you get scammed, they will side with the vendor. Really cant trust the disputes system or vendors feedback.

    Top tip: Vendors with 0 negative feedback are the least trustworthy – they’re colluding with admins.

  160. Loyal Customer says:

    Al Green is a con artist. Selective scammer. Support deletes negative feedback he receives (I have many screenshots).

    Avoid Al Green – total scammer.

  161. RoyJonesJr says:

    Oui c’est vraiment fiable, 98% des paquets arrivent et les vendeurs remboursent tout ou partie si ce n’est pas le cas.
    Grenouille Bleue est fiable pour la weed en France, pour le hash mieux vaut aller voir du côté des vendeurs allemands qui proposent des produits d’excellente qualité.
    Ca met entre 3j et 1 mois pour arriver en ce moment.
    Il faut avoir un compte en bitcoin pour payer les transactions et s’inscrire sur Cannazon
    Les prix ont tendance à s’enflammer depuis le Covid et quelques vendeurs fuient avec la caisse ces derniers jours.
    Préférez les transactions « FE » pour lesquelles Cannazon gardent la somme du paiement jusqu’à ce que vous confirmiez la réception.

  162. perry says:

    Connection to Cannazon keeps closing….Astrill being a bitch?

  163. boursen says:

    Hello I have a little problem impossible to go to the cannazon I have an error message Hum, we cannot find this site.

  164. Ananoos says:

    Kennt jemand eine Alternative zu LenasBio?

  165. TRUST ME! says:

    MERRIAM WEBSTER keep away from this vendor sells bad quality goods ….DON’T ORDER FROM HIM


    MERRIAM WEBSTER keep away from this vendor sells bad quality goods ….DON’T ORDER FROM HIM

  167. Willisaccio says:

    Queenofcannabis is scam. I make an order and he didn’t send. No more answer in wickr.

  168. anon says:

    my payment not going through via edge

  169. TOP quality says:

    I have order many good s from MERRIAM WEBSTER all good I have received are top quality.

  170. jonny says:

    site is down, why?

  171. Chicken Man says:

    Santalblanc ist nicht schlecht

  172. HD says:


  173. Freetheweed4201 says:

    Site is down

  174. PA2ck says:

    Site DOWN 🙁

  175. aze says:

    Site is down for me, what about you?

  176. Juju1981 says:

    I ordered a small amount on Cannazon to try first . Good on me as i can’t reach the site Anymore since!
    I think the whole site is a scam ….

  177. Juju1981 says:

    Commande passée il y a deux jours. Heureusement pour un petit montant car je voulais tester d’abord ( moins de 100€) car depuis , impossible de se connecter… Je crois bien m’etre fait avoir …..

  178. DOWN... says:

    Impossible to reach the Site since days…

  179. jokair89 says:

    I just discover that one really good place for canna as well in Europe

  180. Blackface2face says:

    Can I know which market to buy good fullz

  181. Richiii says:

    Site is very slow. Seems to doesnt work anymore. Any good alternative?

  182. Need help says:

    I ve ordered here:

    is it a scam site or just mirror?

  183. woooblit says:

    hi, i am woo from Sweden and i want to explain any thing about “pandemic”. Please ask me 🙂

  184. gaz says:

    It’s been a good site for me so far, no bullshit just weed and cannabis products, no other crap or drugs like other market, 4/4 of my orders have come through, I only order from sellers in same country as me. 3 of the 4 orders have been good quality and 1 was not great but it was described as being a cheap budget weed so seller was straight up.

  185. Sam heezy says:

    Can anyone help me out?

  186. leo says:

    how do you post on here?

  187. polo says:

    I can’t open any URL

  188. kaluballa says:

    Looks like exit scam

  189. fffffffffuuuuu says:

    Unable to login

  190. MrDingus says:

    Anyone else having problems opening up the website? it hasn’t been up or working a while now. bruh.

  191. MrDingus says:

    Anyone else having problems opening up the website? it hasn’t been up or working a while now. bruh.

  192. bjmnv says:

    atm down?!

  193. hh says:

    never disappoints
    sometimes down, but will be up again usually within 12 h

  194. me says:

    why is it down?

  195. Pmloik says:

    cannazon is off ?

  196. naif says:

    Cannazon is down since last night “invalid URL”

  197. Bougie says:

    hi the site is down pls ?

    • Anonymous says:

      yeah for like 2weeks now
      surely a failure idk wtf is going on here
      i’m force to buy local from a clue at a fucking high p

  198. MIKE says:

    cannazon ne fonctionne plus ?

  199. CyanDreams says:

    Cannazon is down for like 2 weeks and I’m searching for the vendor “Boomers”.
    Does anyone know if he has any store or something?

  200. Baggedor says:

    Buyed for 125€, payment Not geht confirmed and no answer from Support and no refund available

  201. Tarryn says:

    Site down for everyone? Been trying for a while ;(

  202. 420wiz says:

    Typically the site goes offline after i order 2oz

  203. dam says:

    Is down forever ??!

    I buy 100 euros, i send bitcoin but is down …

  204. Daddydog123 says:

    £100 paid for 1 oz of thai, order disappeared, no refund paid and unable to raise a support ticket as when you fill it in and hit send it just disappears.
    Shame as had 10 good experiences with this market place and was hoping it was a good one, but looks like just the same as all the others

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