Yellow Brick Market

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  1. anonon says:

    Is this market worth of placing there orders?

  2. Anonon says:

    Anyone was trying on this market?

  3. Prof says:

    Registration is finished, login failed…anyone the same problem ?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yep same problem

  5. grussucceed says:

    evey day time out

  6. proxied says:

    one order to a vendor through there has them batting 1000 so far. (U.S. to U.s.).

  7. Anonymous says:

    same thing for over a week!

  8. azher says:

    Scam. Please stay away!

  9. Stevo says:

    Deposit confirmed, not showing up on my balance! Be careful looking like a scam, happened to a few people i know! Used this site a few times and never had a problem until now

  10. Stevo says:

    Problem with deposit sorted within 16 hours, opened a ticket and my account was credited with the correct amount! Very good service

  11. Stevo says:

    Problem sorted, opened a ticket and it was resolved

  12. lisaanne says:

    BE AWARE! This market is run by the same people behind Silkroad 3.1, if you want to get scammed keep using this place! you’ve been warned!

  13. D says:

    Was curious about this market too. Please keep providing user experiences when you receive them to help out newbies like me. Thank yoU!

  14. scamus says:

    Scam, you will see….

  15. FREDDIE says:


  16. divadasor says:

    Unable to login… for weeks. Not a good operation.

  17. FUCKYBR says:

    dont use this market they scammed me of $43 USD. Support even message me saying they would fix this and they deleted all my orders and took my money.

  18. YBRSucks says:

    Total scam! Order submitted, sent payment. Went back to check on it the next day and the order had been deleted. No trace of it. No refund. No help from them. AVOID THIS PLACE!

  19. CMONEY345 says:


  20. dkz75 says:

    Yellow brk going down watch out your goin to lose i just did payed 1400 on order never went through completely then disappeared ,, reading similar post now

  21. Anonymous says:

    you mean it is a trap market?

  22. Wonderer says:

    Markets fine. They may up and disappear someday but i have been impressed . Refunded me from a vendor who i never expected to get refunded from. I just wrote it and this site off, Since then not one problem.

  23. SHELLSHOCK says:


  24. The guy says:

    Just had the same issue
    Did this ever get resolved for anyone?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Seems that the site is under DDOS attack.

  26. Aurel says:

    I have a problem logging in, I cannot access any function of the site … I come across a page asking for the public key for the sellers and I cannot leave this page.
    after creating a new account I encounter the same problem

  27. Anonymous says:

    Hey how do you enable pgp 2 factor auth? I just logged in to Yellow Brick and it wouldn’t let me get past the first page. Said I need to upload my public pgp key.

  28. rickynibs says:

    What do you mean under dodos attack? Hackers? When I log on it says critical error. Bothered by this.

  29. Mord says:


  30. LongJohnSilver says:

    deal with caution. rumors are its run by exit scammer which ran SR.31

  31. muted_mulberry says:

    Any vendors

  32. Walcott 17 says:

    Market is down. Can’t access to withdraw

  33. Anonymous says:

    Yes I cant get passed the pgp 2 factor authentication. Either this marketplace is a scam or it just doesn’t work, but in the end what does it matter which, don’t use this site

  34. jadeachi says:

    I see every market being reviewed but never Undermarket 2.0. That is the biggest scam on the deep web and I have never read any bad feedbacks about them. I got ripped of $700. Placed order, given fake tracking, cancelled for a refund. Never received a refund. Administrator and sellers never respond. They keep giving themselves fake reviews and fake chats. Why does none ever report Undermarket 2.0. I never see them on any scam list. They are the biggest scammers on the deep web.

  35. shannonyoung says:

    Cannot log in. Just sends me back to URL list. Anyone have any info?

  36. jorgeforemanos11 says:

    cannot access site. keep getting “greyed out” page with other urls but none of them work, no option to log in. says they are still up. has anyone found a working link or way in?

  37. Anonymous says:

    is this Market still down? I haven’t been able to log in for the past 2 days

  38. Pedro says:

    Does anyone know what’s wrong with this market?

  39. Anonymous says:


  40. Freddy says:

    Exit scammer. I had 1 purchase and now no capcha when I open links.

  41. Rust says:

    Nothing but links listed. Cannot login. Is the site gone?

  42. Ste says:

    I got in briefly and can confirm they’re experiencing strong DDoS attacks accross all YB onion addresses. Not good but thankfully doesn’t seem like an exit scam.

  43. franklin saint says:


  44. anon says:

    This place is a scam. Fake accounts.

  45. Saferscrit says:

    Not a scam.. they had server issues i think if you read on dread they talk about it. but it is good now and all my money was still there…

  46. wonky says:

    been down for days now.

  47. tda2020 says:

    to prevent ddos ​​attacks they put Captcha impossible to solve: I can no longer log in !!!!

  48. blue says:

    captcha impossible to solve ???

  49. Sectori says:

    YB market is not scam.
    And yes, it is possible solve this new captcha, but it is hard, you must try it again and again. And there is manual, how you can solve this captcha, so read this manual and try solve it. It will works.

  50. averagenobody says:

    I’m a pro buyer there,,thought was 1 of the best markets, but now can’t get past captcha and no response from them on dread.

  51. clochette says:

    Unable to connect for 3 days always the same message 502 Bad Gateway that someone can tell me what’s going on

  52. ssssss says:

    Can’t take my money out and i also can’t buy with my balance. Anyone with the same problem ?

  53. Tim says:

    Stay away of this market my friend. they don’t help if you have any problem with your balance.

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  55. Paul says:

    STAY AWAY From this market. Fucking scam, i lost all money that i have there.

  56. QWERT000 says:

    Got scammed on this market. Placed order, immediately deleted after transferring BTC. Not safe. Don’t use.

  57. QWERT000 says:

    Got scammed on this market. Placed order, immediately deleted after transferring BTC. Not safe. Don’t use.

  58. pablo says:

    Not a scam, capcha doable if you take a moment to think about it, not well explained granted. Been using this mkt for about a year without issues, peeps need to be more careful where they get their URL from and who they buy from before they shout scam here. One of the best markets I’ve used.

  59. steve says:

    Had used them for a while no issues. Fired an order off today and as soon as I sent payment, order disappeared from all records. Made a couple more test orders (not paid) and they disappeared too. Looks like they’re scamming. Lots of similar stories on Dredd.

  60. Anonymous says:

    how do you solve captcha?

  61. YB scam says:

    Scam!!! Orders deleted immediately. I thought they were great too having a dozen or so orders completed but they’ll get you and won’t help you when it happens.

  62. BigM says:

    On YBR , I did get to register and wanted to see what they had, waiting for payday at the time, now I’m glad I didn’t order. Lately , using Dark Market, only ordered 2 small orders, just to see & the 1st one I didn’t receive but the 2nd one came just like it was supposed to. Seems like I’m always looking for new sites due to them all failing and cheating people. Has anyone ever heard of Lime Market? I found it the other day & did register but haven’t tried.

  63. akrapo says:

    where the fuckk can we find some gun

  64. Anonymous says:

    WTF… they got me for 100

  65. tututu says:

    they are not letting people withdraw their money

  66. myhrtbby2018 says:

    how long is the maintenance going to last?

  67. myhrtbby2018 says:

    what is going on with this site? Maintenance since yesterday.

  68. myhrtbby2018 says:

    do you know why this maintenance is going on so long?

  69. jksdjlfsakf; says:

    2 orders placed, 2 shipped

  70. DB says:

    I lost my $100 bucks, too.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Hey how can i buy credit card

  72. john says:

    this market is a scam they not paying vendors dont know shop here… go to torrez market = new best market

  73. Anonymous says:

    Site down ?

  74. Pacho says:

    How I go in this market or any other??
    Cos any link I open ends up on a page like this … just comments!!
    I can’t find nothing to see or buy…

  75. Dan says:

    Is it working?

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