The Canadian HeadQuarters

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  1. hezek says:

    Got scammed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Got scammed

  3. Noscampls says:

    Got scammed when depositing btc

  4. Anonymous says:

    Good to know. Was going to try the site out

  5. mr2cent3 says:

    Recent scams on Canadian HQ!!!!!!!! 2 many scams on this market!!
    Beware this market has the biggest scammers around! Beware all!!!!

  6. w0rmy says:

    I had sent btc to my wallet within Canada HeadQuaters and the admin closed my account, I am out $300 🙁 This market is a SCAM!!!
    beware all

  7. i56uh9 says:

    web server keep going down because the admin does not know what they our doing!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wrong link thats why …

  9. Beebaboy says:

    Hmmm I’m reading all these comments like wtf so far I’ve been buying digital items from and I’ve been reciving them there was a time where someone sent me dead cc tho but he refunded me after I told him they were dead most u idiots don’t know how transfer money into a market place and your blaming it on the admins lol I think this market place is amazing for Canadians and btw I’ve only baught digital stuff such as account and they came in but I did not buy any drugs etc so idk if they scams or not be aware tho

  10. i56uh9 says:

    Alternative links and the main keep going down! something is going on in that market! only time

  11. mr2cent3 says:

    Beebaboy you must be in your 50s lol and I know how to transfer btc into a market!!! It’s the vendor cashout00 that never gave what I paid 4…… Beebaboy you must be old and the admin of Canadian headquarters???? Get my btc back pleaseeeeeeee

  12. Aqwerty2020 says:

    Scam, loaded deposit to wallet on Canadian headquarters, transaction confirmed, balance 0. Not phishing. Exitscam.

  13. Kevin Fedrick says:

    Is this a scam Market. Need your opinion

  14. barracksfordays says:

    I registered for an account and deposited bitcoin into it without any issues. If you’re familiar with Empire market then you will notice that a lot of Canadian based sellers in Empire are also active in Canadahq.

    I’ve bought and contacted sellers about the items and it always turned out well. I’m pretty sure that all of these comments saying “scam” are people from other marketplaces trying to badmouth this marketplace.

    The only bad thing is that I noticed that they only support BTC atm, and sometimes the server goes down for a few minutes, but the downtime is always usually short. Try depositing a few bucks in bitcoin to try out the wallet if you like. I never had any issues whatsoever.

  15. belzebreb says:

    Anydody try seller tacofino ?

  16. Is toe man says:

    Good market

  17. Anonymous says:

    What should I use for my Canadian sources and needs instead?

  18. Merlocs says:

    Canada hq has always been proper

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