Apollon Market

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Scam ?

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Energy says:

    Can anyone give some feedback on this market?

  5. Anonymous says:

    dont trust this market !

  6. cls22 says:

    Does anyone recommend a good vendor for WU transfers, Cards, Passports and Fake Bills?

  7. Anonymous says:

    I was able to withdraw my money. I don’t see an issue…not that there may be one or not. Use at own discretion.

  8. bb20191 says:

    are here real vendors who can make real wu transfers, or sell prepaid cards? only using escrow though!

  9. snctym says:

    Got a link for a real legit market, no scamming
    Empire market
    Enjoy, best market by far, with escrow

  10. snctym says:

    Got link to a fantastic market, trusted vendors, no scamming, escrow….
    I’ve been ordering for awhile with awesome results….
    My link.


  11. bb20191 says:

    Are here real vendors who can make real wu transfers, or sell prepaid cards? only using escrow though! I need a good counterfeit vendor too!! Anybody can recommend one?

  12. Serpent says:

    Apollon Market is the most trusted online market currently.
    Have 8000 active listings but of 4790 drugs.
    HeinekenExpress / Ghostbusters /Going postal and many others reputable vendors vending here.
    Apollon Market have a super fast support,supporting English and Germanic lang.
    If you want to buy drugs come to Apollon.

    • ShiningStryke says:

      The Vendor Ghostbusterz is a fucking SCAMMER !!!!

      • dscklm says:


      • anonym says:

        why you think so? ordered for months and everytime it arrived in two day, quality was fine and testet with marquis reagent. everything fine. only one time he send the wrong stuff but give a full reship so i dont understand why he should be a sacmmer. pleas explain

      • Anonymous says:

        why you think so? never had problems with him

        • cdkmslsdcklm says:

          ordered. after 5 days of pending status i try to cancel, was not possible, started a debate. no reply. after four weeks “i only refund 50%”. now its 7 weeks, no refund, no reply no product, nothing…

  13. Join says:

    dont trust this site. scam. i found this trustworthy site that sells anything from drugs to credit cards for cheap plus your information is 100% protected empiremktxgjovhm.onion/

  14. Nino says:

    Forgiveme but,
    with the hellish mess on with the seller’s whith thousand of inaccessible listings, listings of $0 price to get free reviews, You are yet trusting in Empire market !??

    I don’t understand you

  15. Anonymous says:

    this market is beatiful

  16. ivanivan says:

    F** this.
    Just entered Empire, couse berlusconi doesn’t work, made my few first orders!

    Empire Market has an affiliate program where you can earn 20% of the profits every time your referral purchases anything on the market.

    My Referral Link: empiremktxgjovhm.onion/

    Send love. Regards and stay safe

  17. alcaeda says:


  18. Mortz says:

    how do you confirm the depositing of BTC? How does the deposit system work. Tell me pls

  19. wadoawkdwaokdwa says:

    is this market ok ?

    • Chinamanpjarmac says:

      I was on empire and sr 3.1 they both would steal my orders, hmu on protonmail for fakes, wu, h,c, lsd, pharmaceuticals

  20. ivanxxxx says:

    F** this.
    Empire Market has an affiliate program where you can earn 20% of the profits every time your referral purchases anything on the market.

    My Referral Link: empiremktxgjovhm.onion/

    Send love. Regards and stay safe

  21. Rop says:

    Anyone else problems with vendor rammstein?

  22. soldaat says:

    I ordered for over 400€ from mazzeltof aka vendor247 on wickr speed mdma amd ketamin i gave him the right adress nor ship or reship reach my adress i ordered this much because 200g orders where no problem i got no package lost a lot of money and vendor247 is not answering anymore selective scam is possible plus he has been banned on empire market too

    • mysteryland says:

      Mysteryland is the way to go bro i changed to from mazzeltof to mysteryland great vendor ans he offers on smaller orders tracking and of course you will get youre tracking number mysteryland is my way to go for speed mdma and pills.

  23. coolkids91 says:

    Atm withdrawal pins, debit/credit card dumps, ssn for low

  24. IOTroops says:

    undermarket 2.0 is a SCAM Watch out Guys

  25. Anonymous says:

    please i need links of trusted market sites

  26. Asa Metcalfe says:


  27. Anonymous says:

    which darknet market is NOT SCAM? seem that everywhere is scam


    Hello, all. just saying this market is good, just have had 1 issue with XMEN, they exicted on samsara, and now are banned on Apollon. Thanks for being quick on the ban mods, Get those assholes out of the rest of the markets.

  29. poiu says:

    I need help on where to buy bitcoin.
    I got kicked out of cash app and everything else seems like such a hassle.
    I need to buy now!

  30. anon says:

    I’m looking for my old supplier in UK, i think he called him self A1 Crack or something like that and sold alprazolam and etizolam in powder. Also looking for another vendor (cant recall the alias) who sold good blotters with etizolam from UK.

    Anyone knows where i can get in contact with anyone of those?

  31. S1cksh1t says:

    cash app is easily traceable if u dont know what u are doing u should already know that if ur on this site … do ur homework bud especially if you don’t know where to get big horns other than cash app get with the program

  32. MR Right says:

    is this site on maintenance

  33. FuckEmpire says:


    Better market than Empire Market, they just exit scammed.

  34. pino says:

    do you know a good market that sells certified bars?
    999.9 fine gold?

  35. Kark Rainer says:

    Is there proof Empire exit scammed?

  36. Buddyj says:

    @soldaat i had issues with him on berlusconi… after a loooing period of time he decidet to resend.

    Insideabigwhale never did, don’t know his name…

    What about luckyy7, anyone? He’s od empire…don’t know if it’s selective scam or what…

    On Empire Market you can earn 20% of the profits every time your referral purchases anything on the market.

    I think it’s the best market, except support, there is none…if you finalize, you can’t open a dispute and you’re fucked… and tickets are bullshit!

  37. X-men says:

    X-men is back!!!!!

    during the day there is new information.

    stay safe

  38. Karl Rainer says:

    Is this a safe market to use? Leaving Empire behind as too many scares over missing deposits.. Any buyer / sellers commment please.

  39. X-men says:

    I have lost confidence in the markets, they have stolen a lot of money and therefore just write a message directly. I hope my loyal customers understand that.
    Your trust will be rewarded with the best quality.


  40. ivanivan says:

    @X-men i never got 1 order from you. And you din’t response.. it was fe’d and shipped (on berlusconi), with 1 more. Second smaller came and this one didn’t. You didn’t offer to check it out and berlusconi went off… All other orders were great and fast.. I have no faith in you, sorry…it’s important to me for vendor to response and offer refund/reship for faithful and trustworthy customers….
    And why are you BANNED from apollon?

  41. notfromthisworld says:

    X-men from berlusconi ,samsara and apollon was the same vendor then qualitychemist from empire , in empire his account show a seized picture,in his profil is ” this account is seized by the dutch national police ” !

    so i think it isnt the real xmen because it seems he busted,or explain it , xmen/qualitychemist

  42. win50percent says:

    do not trust apollo!!!!

    sent .24 btc this morning

    support claimed i was phised

    but i was using a valid mirror!~
    i confirmed the address PGP

    and instead of fixing the issue, they ban me!


  43. win50percent says:




  44. YOO says:


  45. eric says:

    i lost 2 btc on apollon market. What a scam this site is. Their support is a scam as well. They banned me as well after saying i got “phished” on my deposit. So this is how they are stealing money now!

  46. dende says:

    Is the market down??

  47. pino says:

    I look for a safe market where I can buy prepaid credit cards and certified fine gold bars 999.9
    can you help me?

  48. ivanivan says:

    One more good vendor!
    I love drugsUK, they are leaving Empire ‘couse it’s too slow (we should all leave I think). Now they are on Apollon drugsUK1, they have all you need for a weekend, combo party mix! Check them out, great free items, trustworthy vendor, one of a few! K is great, and mdma is so clean, love it!

    I’m thinking I should leave Empire, but it’s hard and sad, I’m hoping it will get better..what do you think guys??

    Apollon is fast and it has affiliate program, just like Empire. My Personal Referral URL:

    On Apollon you can earn 25% and on Empire 20% of the profits when your referral purchases anything on the market.

    Empire Referral Link:

    Or just add: ref/7607204 on working link.

    Stay safe and check phrase after login.

  49. SSSS says:

    Empire is preparing exit scam, have a disput open since weeks, vendors dont answer because they know what happen.

    I registered in apollon market , looks good will test it.

  50. NEO says:

    scammers alert agartha market vendors
    movingtrain wikr: movingtrain111
    blocked by vendor after sending coins. everybody beaware and stay away from these vendors..
    dream boss
    eniplugssupply lvl 8 scam artist
    wicker legit12
    wicker: vandot123
    wicker: vasto420

  51. Zach says:

    With Samsara being down (most likely permanently / ddos / exit scam / under LE control, does anyone know a good market to recommend? I liked Samsara (easy to use / found really good people ) but obviously cant use that anymore. Was going to try Apollon but wasn’t sure. Feel free to hmu if anyone is interested in pharmochemistry etc as is would be nice to chat with like minded individuals. (libertarian)

  52. Dj says:

    Neo is right….Agartha FULL of sorry ass thieves!
    And watch out, cause they all got 17 different Wickr ID’s!
    Miss USA
    All crooks and scammers!

  53. budd says:

    Best ketamine vendor? EU.

  54. Emil says:

    apollo market has saved my life. thx for this. the last trusted market

  55. Patrrn says:

    How to Register?

  56. dob says:

    how become darkweb? i has lots of hak skil

  57. tony says:

    seems like shitty place with all kinda of scammers

    • jOHN says:


  58. bitcoinman says:

    anyone dealt with ozconnection before on apollon?

  59. Anonymous says:

    Anyone ever dealt with WeareAmsterdam on apollon?

  60. elchappo says:

    any one know any trusted sellers that ship to aus?

  61. dooey says:

    trusted Uk sellers? need carts and edibles please

  62. NEO says:

    any one used bitcredence escrow service on dark web? are they legit or scam like others ?

  63. J says:

    Anyone know where I could get Testosterone?

  64. Anonymous says:

    have anoyone orderedfrom cyberfreak card the world

    kindly reviews on hin is he legit or just scammer like others kindly reply with proof thanks

  65. new says:

    what about Vendors:
    German Flakes
    Tom and Jerry
    anyone had problem with them?

  66. Bob says:

    I’ve ordered from two vendors on here. It’s been over a week – NOTHING. Might be a honeypot.

  67. nikk says:

    anyone found ant legit market or for carded items ???

  68. Anonymous says:

    someone who buy from germanflakes? he have a lot of positive feedback..

    • Anonymous says:

      I ordered from him in Monday late evening and he shipped Tuesday. I am in EU country 2000km from Germany so it is early to say anything. The guy looks legit. I really hope he is not scammer because now days is already full with scammers and if he scam me too I delete the tor browser and will no more spend my money to fill the pockets of deceived scammers!

      • Anonymous says:

        :)) me2 , i want to buy something from him ..

        • Germanflakes bitch says:

          I received the package from this bastard. I ordered 2 different products and 1 month later I received parcel with the products but when opened it turned that he sent me cjts for cocaine and cuts for heroin???? Wtf? After I tested I was sure. Beleive or not I throw them in the toilet this morning! Btw he is banned on Apollon already. What a shame. And he had so good review

      • Anonymous says:

        Und m

  69. Brandon says:

    anybody know what vendors that do cards or money transfers are legit?

    • cuntboy says:

      if your lookin for money transfers just stop wasting your time son. your gonna be looking for the rest of your natural born life

  70. Jesse says:

    Can you debate a finalize early order? I order something since last thursday. Joyinc has been very good with communication. But I still dont have my order yet.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Guys, give your opinion about 2 vendors who sell C and H:

  72. spunrackoon says:

    is the market down?

  73. Santa says:

    Its seems as if the idiots have moved to Apollon from Empire..!!

    Watch out for JaguarUK and Drugsuk1 … they are the same vendor and selectively scam… also Drugsforbitcoins…. dodgy…

    Dont say i didnt warn you…

  74. devil dust says:

    Where can I get good Charlie from

  75. Splash says:

    What is the best site to find people who sell btc by cash in the mail?

  76. Lucky says:

    Kann mir jemmand sagen ob germanflakes oder magicblue safe sind

    Can someone tell me whether german flakes or magic blue are safe

  77. ddd says:

    germanflakez legit?

  78. ghostlv7 says:

    Any legit vendors for dumps + pin?

  79. Anonymous says:

    Where can one find Iboga/ibogaine? Been searching with 0 success

  80. biggirlatl says:

    any legit xtc vendors usa?

  81. El Chappo says:

    has anyone bought any testosterone on this site?
    El Chappo

  82. diegocotazo says:

    vous pouvez me dire des vendeurs reglo mais pas de drogue et aussi leur nom svp

    • Azorahy says:

      Mec pour qu’elle raison à tu besoin des noms des vendeur surtout sans spécifier ce que tu recherche

      • DESPO01000 says:

        salut j’ai besoin d’un relevé de compte BANCAIRE en mon nom avec un fond disponible de 5000 euros,est ce possible pout toi de me le faire OU Ccnnait tu kelkun? merci,

      • touel says:

        salut vous n auriez pas un site francais ou il ya un peu de tout merci

  83. SwipeTwice says:

    Apollon just shut down. All mirrors down. onion.live showed 3 remaining mirrors now they are all shut down. As soon ass i deposited my BTC. Maybe its just my lucc. SMH any good markets left?? Empire is gone too

  84. X says:

    Apollon is out?

  85. xxxtentacion11111111 says:

    When will apollon be available?

  86. aaaa says:

    Its on maintenance now

  87. life is not fair says:

    I am going to kill myself if this site exit scammed. Why is this world so cruel and fucked up? Yes I am an addict need some drugs to survive my neurotic problems. I feel already sick going to throw up seriously… please, come back! I need an honest site like everybody else.
    Dream, Nightmare, Berlusconi, Cryptonia, now this….. Come back please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every site is gone, I will be gone too with help of a needle. I dont want to live in this shit world anymore.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bro if you didn’t kill your self yet. Firzt of all try with methadone! Yes it hooks you more than heroin but give you opportunity to learn to live without heroin and if you follow strictly and change your home away from old buddies you will be fine!
      I did it!

  88. Escapecar says:

    Does anyone else have issues after depositing bitcoin into Apollon?
    1st Coinbase closed my account after 3 years after I made deposits there. Now again with another account.
    In hind sight I’m assuming I should’ve “washed” I think it’s called- the bitcoin somehow 1st?
    Admittedly, I should have done more research initially, especially considering I’m somewhat computer illiterate also.
    Any advice or tips on the best bitcoin process I’d appreciate it!

  89. Papa Fkn John Babyyy says:

    its back online yall lol whats wrong wit u guys goin crazy

  90. Anonymous says:

    How the fuck I get in the market and see wicked vids bro

  91. 444 says:

    Shut up you scam scum!! apollon is scam city stay away!!

  92. Muh says:

    Hello guys i want to ask about this vendor (canadianpharmacy) is there anyone who bought form him ?? is he safe or not

    • zizi says:

      It’s probably best you don’t name drop vendors… But I would just check his feedback, and only purchase in escrow if you’re not sure. If there’s a problem, just file a ticket.

  93. witcher39 says:

    Hi guys, can anyone tell me how to get into the market please? I’m new to all this… Thanks

  94. kyron says:

    havent been scammed by any vendor there but the staff itself do randomly steal deposits and fuck you over… Happened to me and a friend. Made 2 small deposits no problem, made an order, went back a week later deposited more – they ate it up and support only reply pure bullshit like they really dont care and are ready to leave. first reply was some copy paste thing about phishing listing the good urls, i replied telling them 1 of the urls they just mentioned as fine is the 1 i used, they then continued to pretend that was a scam url despite the proof of it not being in the same chat conversation spoken by them.

  95. Anonymous says:

    So ^-^ which store would you recommend for information about a person?

  96. Bill says:

    100% thieves stay away from them. I registered yesterday on Apollon Market and I researched for hours what I’ going to buy and I made my first deposit of 0.012btc (0.01btc minimum) to try it out. My bitcoin was supposed to show up on my wallet after 2 confirmations but it never did. At first I thought that it might be because of New Year’s Day but when the next day the funds were still missing I tried to reach support through the contact form but it was not working. Then I sent a message to the market and they replied to me that I probably got phished. I told them that this couldn’t be the case because I double-checked the link and also the wallet address was still the same after I got their messaged connected through that link and gave them transaction details to find out what happened. When I went to see what they said I was BANNED for no reason… This guys ripped me off even on my name day and on New Year’s Day.

    • abc says:

      sounds bad can you send proof?

    • Mw says:

      Look , am looking for a legit can connect and possibly other things. Trying to figure out how and where to go to for the best results and also someone to get a small amount before I take slot. Please hit me back

    • Sallysue69 says:

      It sounds like they don’t want to deal with someone who doesn’t know how to use the market haha

  97. Jon says:

    I was cheated on Agharta and the support never answered me. I have the money stuck in a dispute and they never answered me, I wrote about 30 messages, 2 months have passed now. While on Apollon I wanted to ask if anyone knows MarleyMainMan and if he is a reliable seller. It has the benefit of the FE but I would like to be sure of what I do. Thank you

  98. ssss says:

    Same here, registered yesterday and deposited 0.02 BTC. All confirmations received but still No BTC added. Complete Scam…
    Stay away

  99. cracm says:

    I deposite 0,069 btc today and the amount got phished my vendor lost 25k dont deposit they are exit scamming

  100. STAY AWAY says:


  101. Bob says:

    Deposits on Apollon not showing up anymore, they are exit scamming. Stay away from Apollon. Empire is the only reliable market at the moment.

    • Kark Rainer says:

      These same reports on Empire too. Difficult to know what the truth is as it could be some false info from competing markets.. Just do really small orders, as i dont think either are 100%. Just did a small deposit on Apallon OK last night.

      • WALKS says:

        Same. I made a deposit to Apollon on the 5th, and it OK’d. My question is tho: how long does 3 day shipping actually mean

        • Kark Rainer says:

          dunno, it often means double. waiting on an order for close to a week. UK to UK. Think the vendors mark it shipped when they havent processed it.

  102. Anonymous says:

    Stay away from Apollon! They are definitely scamming. My deposit hasn’t showed up in 2 days and no response to my ticket.

  103. Eltoro says:

    First deposit never showed up, second arrived but was immediately “magically” withdrawn – stay away

  104. Kallala says:

    Cannazon FTW… Empire is goood but captcha sucks Hard.

  105. M says:

    Someone with a heart help a MF find a legit can hook-up

  106. malcolm says:

    Hello am new to this but how do you get in to apollo market please

  107. Alex3r says:


  108. Alex3r says:

    same for me , immediately withdrawl, it can only be apollon market the thieves !!!

  109. dub3340 says:

    Hi ,
    who knows a reliable market, now that Apollo and Empire are dead

  110. Cocop says:

    Les gars, je vends sur apollon depuis les premiers mois, tout fonctionne parfaitement, vérifiez les liens, oui et vous avez des doutes ou voulez des infos wikr: CocoParis

  111. Bibi says:

    Ils ont viré mes btc 1 min après qu’ils soient arrivés sur le site vers une adresse inconnue. Faites bien attention avec eux …

  112. johnny56 says:

    Hi, Apollon works fine, money comes and orders too.

  113. SwagBitch says:

    Venders keep saying they are sending medical bud when they are sending people shake and shit that has mold on it or dried the fuck out. STOP wasting your money on venders who are selling lies when you can spend half the price with Tegridy_Farms and GET REAL MEDICAL BUD. With no shake or stems. This Bud looks exactly the same bud I get in back home in Cali from the Dispensaries. Hands down my new plug for when im not at home in Cali. Thanks Tegridy_Farms

  114. whatever says:

    Deposited good amount of BTC 3 hours ago and it still hasnt shown up after 9 confirmations. The support is also not replying to my messages. I too wonder if this is an exit scam.

  115. pissed says:

    Deposit still hasnt showed up after 3 hours. I show 10 confirmations too!

  116. Pufi says:

    “APOLLON SCAM ME , DEPOSIT 0,058 BTC ANDONE MINUTE LATER , THEY WITHDRAWAL ALL MY BTC 0,0,6” Same here, be aware! I used verified URL but they keep telling me somebody phised me, that is true, them…

  117. Doglover22 says:

    Uh oh..

    Sent By xM53 On Jan 20, 2020 at 17:17

    There is a fault on our side.We are now working on it thank you for your patient and sorry for the inconvenience .

  118. go says:

    I use Apollon, never had problems with deposit, I always use ESCROW, and everything is fine for now! Apollon has affiliate program, to get 25% fee of referral transactions, just add this to SAFE Apollon link:
    ALWAYS find links on onion live, there’s bunch of phishing sites -be extra careful! I’ve been phished x2 and Apollon support helped me the same day! And guys, don’t use wicker vendors 🙁 Cheers!

  119. Anon says:

    Deposited BTC and it appeared on my account after 1 ½ hours, it was at 5 confirmations at that point. Seems to be fine as of right now, just a bit slow

  120. Donway says:

    I deposited btc into my apollon account 12 hours ago and it’s still not showing. Should I call it a loss or is there something I can do?

  121. Superdog says:

    I won’t good market
    Hallp me

  122. PPVS says:

    Hi we’re PPVS team vendor from APPOLON we tried to connect our account today but impossible and we sended our btc from our account but we didn’t yet receive WATCH OUT don’t smell good don’t make order or deposit crypto at this moment

  123. freshman says:

    Suddenly can’t access my account. Smells fishy, exit scam?

  124. GOD says:


  125. freshman says:

    Yeah sadly it is true… they are exit scamming. can login with a buyers account, but not any more with my vendors account. All my listings are still active though and even the ones that I deactivated were activated again. Sent out last package just this noon to some lucky guy. Hope karma pays back these Apollon fuckups one day.

    • Drkwebreviews says:

      Freshman… Are u… or will you be setting up again at another market..? Hope you’ll still be around somewhere. Update would be appreciated. Well anyways…. any legit markets and/ or legit vendors left out there..?

  126. Tissue says:

    Stop crying about being scammed.
    You go to these markets, what you are buying is illegal, and you expect everything to go as expected?!?
    In case you were born last night, dark net markets 99.1% of the time exit scam.
    Either be prepared for this, or do not use them.
    It is really just that simple.
    No one wants to hear your sob stories.
    You ought to be happy that this type of service is available to you.
    Would you rather no markets at all?
    Maybe attempt to find your drug of choice on the streets.
    Then you can cry about how horrible the quality of the product is.

    • Apollo says:

      I’m crying as I sit constipated on the crapper. Would you like to hear my sob story about Mexican food?

  127. Apollo Creed says:

    Well kiss my ass and call me apollo!! Those sons of bitches pulled a fast one!! Hope the food they eat clogs up their intestines and they choke to death on their own TURDS!! Bastards!!

  128. Apollo says:

    I’m crying as I sit constipated on the crapper. Would you like to hear my sob story about Mexican food?

  129. 5uckMyD1ckTi55ue says:

    damn bro just kys already lmao you’re so mad

  130. DarkWay says:

    Dear friends party finished, apollon is now confirmed exit scam . confirmed by 6 legitime vendors in our forum DarkWay ..
    Stay Away , Stay Safe .
    Thanks news servers for professional Work in scam alerts !

    DarkMarket is now relevant market. Empire is great market but work very slow .
    but better use quality vendorshop , marketplaces is risky.
    Apollon is Marketplace by hugbounter team(Dread) , Dread is creator of more exitScams (Nightmare etc) . now dread have online alternative markets (avaris,cannahome,whitehourse market,versus ) .. Dread paying DDOS to all alternative markets or forums, all relevant markets is under ddos only apollon,avaris,versus never have any problems with ddos 🙂

    BTW our database is Dumped by Dread Gang , no stress all user data is encrypted and hashed in RSA and Bcrypt 🙂

    BTW our forum DarkWay is under massive DDOS atacky by dread gang if our links does not work plese try it later

    Regards DarkWay .

    #FuckDreadSpamGang #StayAwayFromDreadMarkets #Avaris #NightMare #Shitpollon #Apollon



  131. wo bist says:

    ich suche shorestore

  132. Apollon says:

    HA HA thanx fer the coin

  133. soldaat says:

    Its a Shame im Happy that i have a Lot vendors on my wickr account 🙂

  134. Maxxweeeelll says:

    exit scam

  135. Anonymous says:

    Apollo you are dead

  136. Hermes says:

    Ich suche Keta in Frankfurt am Main

  137. MrSoSa says:

    For all my regular customers and new that had enjoyed my market and I are trying I found on Big Blue ,
    not revenue more in Apollon because the site to change the password of the sellers to make scam and steal money … i lost 600$ but are happy to have satisfied my customers thanks and see you soon

    • Drkwebreviews says:

      …Big Blue..? Unfamiliar with this one. Is this a market..? Lol! Legit..? Since Apollon turned to scam who can u really trust to be legit..? So how does one find you now..?

  138. diesel says:

    Again, another scam, Apollon is gone?? Dream, Silk, Berlusconi, Grey….what next? Where to go, Empire is slow?

    I hope DARK MARKET is good market, I’m giving it a chance, it looks good, I just made first order. Guys, go to ONION LIVE and look for links, don’t get phished!

    Always use ESCROW when you can, don’t be fools.

    If you wanna, use my referal code for Dark market when sign up (20% of transaction fees): VB4IJX

    Good luck and stay safe!

  139. bam says:

    i sent 700$ worth of btc to my account yesterday in they never came threw was my first time trying to order off the dark web i made a dumb mistake by going to duck duck go and typing in apollo market url dose any one have any other easy markets to use like this one was ??

  140. Dread says:

    Guys, karma is bitch! Dread will also be caught and will be jailed for life or will strangle in his cell! Both sound familiar?

  141. DarkWay says:

    ::::I have an entertaining message on behalf of the DarkWay team(About appollon gang).:::

    Today we received a private message in DarkWay with an “interesting offer”. 🙂

    First, the person laughed at us that he was shutdown the forum using DDOS. Then we got an interesting offer from the same person.

    specifically, they offered to stop us from shutting downing , of course not for free .They didn’t ask for money ransom.

    what did they want from us? :”
    1.)First Delete Apollon Scam Allert Official Thread in our forum DarkWay .
    2)Create Official thread for Avaris with name “Avaris Most Trusted Marketplace 2020 – Reccomended By DarkWay”
    3)Create official Thread for Versus with name:”Versus – New alternative Market – main thread”
    4)Add Banners to Header and footer for Avaris,whitehourse and versus markets and Dread Forum banner.”

    Of course, we have strongly rejected this offer ! then we received a paid promotion offer : “1000$/mo” we also declined this offer . he has not signed anything yet, of course we have given BAN to the user.

    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Make your own opinion,, what do you think about it ?::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    Regards DarkWay Forum – administrator .

  142. ak says:

    I have lost 890 dollors fuck i am fucked up

  143. PPVS says:

    Salut ne finalisez pas les commandes que vous avez reçu de notre part il faut les faire galérer c FDP mais si ça ne va faire changer grand chose pour eux mais bon sinon retrouvez nous Big Blue Market 😉

  144. gevor_999 says:

    we can buy now from apollon or no?

  145. I must be stupid says:

    I knew something was weird this week when two orders which I had received and finalized a week ago moved back on to the ‘shipped’ section… I’ve got 1 pending order which was shipped on the 27th Jan but has not arrived… I doubt this will arrive now. I lost £40 in ‘change’ in my wallet, £75 in total.

    • Pff says:

      Do you think this was started 27.01?
      I ordered 2 orders on 27.01 from f1rstclass and I should have it by Friday but didn’t so probably I won’t get anything

      • Lul says:

        Yea me to i placed an Order on jan 28
        It was marked shiped but never arrived… so i lost about 200 money
        The funny thing is that all the information like the adress are whiped by the market

    • Anonymous says:

      I ordered at noon 27th and afternoon were marked shipped and today I received one of them which made me happy I didn’t lose money

    • SHUG says:

      Did u recieve your item mate ? I ordered on Friday before i knew any of this crap lol, it says shipped but i doubt its gny arrive

  146. diesel says:

    @Darkway, wow, this is good info! So, there isn’t one good market guys. Stay safe

  147. bilboquet666 says:

    salut les mecs, jai perdu mes commandes avec cocoparis apres exitscam avec appolo,; je le cherche sur les autres markets, impossible de me co sur empire..si quelqu’un sait ou ils sont. cocoparis ou colombiandrugz.

    • MerciMonsieur says:

      Même problème que toi. Dernière commande du 27 janvier jamais reçue. Je regrette de ne pas avoir noté leur e-mail. Si tu trouves comment les joindre, hésite pas à le dire ici.

      • Anonymous says:

        alors ya un vendeur sur argatha qui se nomme pareil, si tu fais la recherche cocoparis dans barre de recherche tu tombes dessus mais il repond pas aux messages
        sur apolon il y a ladresse xabber de cocoparis mais je connais pas bien . je vais me pencher dessus

  148. Ouch says:

    Looks like a lot of you took it up the ass from this market.
    Seriously though, how does it feel?

  149. dieeseel says:

    StraightfromNL and Drugzone do you have protonmail? Where can I get in contact with them? Ty guys

  150. hwuwjwi says:

    Ottomarket contact?

  151. pandaaaaaaapoooooooop says:

    the market is back on does that mean the deposit i’ve made a few days ago before the scam / crash will still arrive?????

  152. Stan says:

    I can login now, hopefully save my funds

  153. LowerExpectations says:

    Every vendor, every single one, even the ones that banned, are currently online at Apollon. How does that happen? What a fucking coincidence. I tried tried to extract the few pesos left in my wallet, and happily obliged me so my balance is now zero on that site. I just wonder where the money ACTUALLY went. I certainly don’t think it’s really coming here. I sort of figured this might happen so i mapped that out. They might get a few tacos, but no pain and suffering here on their account.

  154. Anonymous says:

    Dear community, APOLLON HAS FALLEN! – sad but true 🙁 better check VERSUS market which starting to be quite good place for shopping

  155. anon says:

    Dear community, APOLLON HAS FALLEN! sad but true 🙁 Better check VERSUS market which starting to be quite good place for shopping

  156. anon says:

    moved my shop to square market i dont trust empire nowadays

  157. anon says:

    moved my shop to square market check it out

  158. sssss says:

    log in works

  159. Anonym1337 says:

    I`m looking for some german vendors, like MixedArbility, Chucky, Dr. Sommer and Combi, if you read this, just toss me ur wickr or something, would be great! And btw fuck those pricks from Apollon, greedy bastards. I hope they get raped or atleast busted. They´re making tons of money and have to scam the people, they could get way more money, if they would wait longer. Idiots!

  160. Pattaya says:

    Where is the admin ?
    I opened dispute from 1 week and not get any news !
    I withdraw funds but not get anything too. !!!
    What’s happen

    • neutralpessimist says:

      Not the only one I’ve been going crazy thinking it was only me the mods and vendors alike were ignoring. Lost over $400

  161. Anonymous says:

    Fragrantuntidy, where can I find you?

  162. N Ireland says:

    Any vendors in new Ireland cannabis connsentrate

  163. klem says:

    Apollon it’s a big scam, stay away, I lost my money 🙁

  164. pufi2 says:

    Guys have you coin on your account like me?

  165. LF says:

    If my usual benzo vendor EP is seein this, get in touch x

  166. SubbyDo says:

    McDonals where i can find you hello???????

  167. Anonymous says:


  168. Nottingham000 says:

    Same issue with others as bought product from a reputable seller (CHARLIE-UK) and nothing for 2 weeks. Opened disputes and no response from seller or admin.

  169. Kam... says:

    I need good supplier of xans

  170. Kam... says:

    Any benzo dealers get at me

  171. Gotti01 says:

    Hi all. I had orders the vendor accept and shipped but not arrived I contact with the vendor and he said cannot log in and can’t send. Any body idea or help. Thanks.

  172. ArminVanHell360 says:

    hello, i’m looking for beloron, pseudo had for sale, if someone can help

  173. Armagedon360 says:

    hello, i’m looking for a seller with nickname ,, berolon ,, had pseudoephedrine for apollon, maybe you know someone else?

  174. VaNuCCii says:

    Cant whit draw or dispute my money, its like my account is locked. if i want to buy something, it pushes me back to Start Page.
    Admin? Support?

  175. Mornis says:

    Not got a NDD in 7 days now

  176. hadenough says:

    It’s about time those of us who’ve been ripped off, especially to the point it’s affected our financial stability. Start finding out who’s involved in running the scam and leaving them blind, deaf, dumb and paralyzed, so they can’t feel, have no sense and can’t even kill themselves just to stop this keep happening. Obviously you need to be absolutely sure of their part or well just get people giving their ex’s new boyfriend and similar. But if we can be sure of the identity it’s exactly what these scum deserve they’re ruining lives. If you’re an addict just getting back together and you lose all your money where does that lead? Back to full blown self destruction…
    Pure scum, evil cowards running these scams. Sitting there laughing how clever they are. Am I the only one who would get great satisfaction knowing these peoples lives were over and all they have left is an existence of suffering unable to scam anyone again?

  177. update36 says:

    apollon has exitscam more than 2 weeks ago.
    i do not understand why some buyers still make orders??
    vendor cannot log in anylonger but buyers can!
    vendor do not receive orders , so if you transfer btc and make orders , even if it does says ” accepted and shipped” , it is a scam . not from vendor but from apollon itself.

    here some information about some vendors
    alibaba is now on big blue market. i have made orders this week and all went smooth.
    cocoparis and columbian drugz are on empire and on a their private market name kingdom market.
    tom and jerry is about everywhere versus market , dark market..

  178. realrap says:

    Dr. Sommer where are you? 🙁 Fuck this Apollon bastards!

  179. termspantheon says:

    Hi guys, anybody knows when I put 2 disputes for my scam orders – is it a chance to get BTC back? Is there some active admin working?

  180. Anonymous says:

    anyone know where topgearuk is

  181. escobar195 says:

    waou market really advised against 3 orders placed 2 not received and 1 not functional! frankly to avoid

  182. escobar195 says:

    waou market really advised against 3 orders placed 2 not received and 1 not functional! frankly avoid the seller heroine factory and mysteriland

  183. escobar says:

    fils de put de market de merde

  184. Anonymous says:

    hi everyone, is the market working ? i’ve got a comand but no answers since 2 weeks, it seem it doesnt work but comand work… so any guy knows something ?

  185. n3m3s1z says:

    …its under control of LE – pretty obvious.

  186. escobar says:

    fuck batars appolon market( bitch

  187. Coincoin124612 says:

    Always opened to buyers. Sellers still not connecting ?

  188. Red says:

    Where can i find Kontaktmann from Apollon now?

  189. SleepWhenYouDie says:

    I am with you Hadenough, I just lost 0ver 400 last week due to being away from the markets for a while and not researching which markets were legit and otherwise. You cannot go by if a market is up or even if the vendor replies and any other active market feature. These piece of shit assholes running scams have become very tricky deceitful and cunning. Please anyone looking to place an order go do some research on a reputable site like this one or onion.live and take the time to make sure the site is in good standing before ever sending any currency to them!!! You will thank yourself later I promise. On another note if anyone can pinpoint and locate any of these scammers locations I have lots of crazy friends that have lots and lots of guns and the means and money to go hunt them down and make them suffer and never steal from anyone ever again. I promise 🙂 Long Live the Darknet and the other Side Of things~

  190. Anonymous says:

    I just lost $700 on this site. Please somebody fuck these people at this site up

  191. heavy smoker says:

    this site stole of $700 from me

  192. termspantheon says:

    anybody know where youngbanger is operating? I found cocaleroo on empire market

  193. Anonymous says:

    Assholes, they can fucking go to hell! There’s just no one with a little tegridy anymore!

  194. spanishphuker says:

    they did it smart because they made it seem like the sellers was logging in everyday… where should we go for an european market?

  195. Klapkaak078 says:

    Maintenance lol

  196. Dibidal says:

    hello if you know of any place that is safe for purchases.
    Please tell me some address.
    The question that I have bought in Apollon before and if it has reached me

  197. whoKnows says:

    link is back online. weird

  198. Werner123 says:

    A good alternative market for tilidin and another

  199. Werner123 says:

    A good alternative for tilidin ?

  200. Fuck u says:

    Ive send some money in, becouse there was no info about scamm on this websites. Fucking useless fuckers.

  201. Useless website says:

    This website is useless. Ive send some money to Apollo few days ago, becouse there were no info here about scam. After few week of exit scam ! Useless idiots !

  202. nicolascompany says:

    comment me connecter sur appolon

  203. john says:

    Bonjour je souhaiterais me connecté a appolon svp un liens qui fonctionne merci

  204. magmazinc says:

    Éssaye sà!!

  205. gigi says:

    its scammed me 50 euro, Apollon market is only scam

  206. xavea says:

    But the vendors are still logging in, or is that admin logging into vendors account? I made orders on 15th Feb and ive messaged vendor a few times, no answer but i logged in just now, and vendor shows online? I also still have some btc showing in my account which im about to try withdrawing….

  207. junklee says:

    PEOPLE DO NOT USE APOLLON> every order is prety much auto send and they get your money where actual vendors cant even login to their account. also they delete negative reviews so people keep ordering. stay awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  208. Anonymous says:

    i lost 400 fuckkkkkk

  209. Anonymous says:

    SCAM dont send money

  210. dd says:

    SCAM dont send money

  211. aa says:

    scam they steal your deposit

  212. Annonymous says:

    Bullshit. Top market on list and usable links but barely nothing stating exit scam. Big loss of 100 dollars stay Away and beware!

  213. NA SON says:

    lost $325… do not send your money!!

  214. Anonymous says:

    scammed me 340€

    I should have checked this site before.. is worked so many times so i thought they work fine. fuckl fuck fuck

  215. neitschel says:

    Have used the page a few times and was satisfied but that has now changed. Lost $ 350.00, orders will not be shipped, neither seller nor admins respond. Hands off

  216. annon says:

    I felt the same way ……. lost 350 …… real crap right now, can anyone recommend a marketplace?

  217. Anonymous says:

    scammmmm scammmm scammm scammm scammm

  218. jT says:

    I lost money too. I could kick my own ass right now.

  219. bob says:

    Scam i lost 100 £

  220. Anonymous says:

    Lost $200; I contacted vendor from another site an they couldn’t login to site. I’ve sent emails to Apollon with no answer.

  221. Anonymous says:

    exit scam

  222. zion says:

    scammed me 100 euros im very angry and when i read previous comment. better close this platform

  223. killer says:

    fuck off, i could kill this fuckig piece of shit.

  224. Anonymous says:

    very bad moment for an exit scam. shit people.

  225. jon999 says:

    where can I find the seller combi

  226. meetime says:

    Lost 400€ to these asholes.

    Is anybody tracing those dogs down, i would contribute to catch them and tell them a lesson.

  227. JBL04 says:

    Dont use this market place, it is over !!

  228. wezleysnipes says:

    Scam – stole deposited money

  229. dazi says:

    horrible this site just facade transfer money to there fell in the account … thankfully it was little ..

  230. dazi says:

    horrible this site just facade transfer money to there fell in the account … thankfully it was little ..

  231. johndope says:

    Lost $400 to these bastards. I even saw on the blockchain records where they transferred the money from the site wallet I sent it to. Do not use them!

  232. anon says:

    biggest scam ever was a trusted site at one point but now it is not

  233. Sigh says:


  234. amsterdamexpress says:

    200scammed bullshit market!

  235. hawserlawyer says:

    1000 euro fucking scam I would like to agree with the sellers not to lose everything

  236. hgat says:

    Transfered money in March, logged in today after a few months and suddenly it was there… managed to place an order but not sure what to expect

  237. kutakizukari88 says:


  238. Instadrugs says:

    Check INSTADRUGS on DEEPSEA MARKET. The best weed from Germany. finest coffeshop haze

  239. purple dream says:

    please how do i get connected on appolon

  240. Anonymous says:

    What sure are up and running with minimum scams

  241. Hisbandindyash says:

    Purple u r my d cum two true just not yetregular english.

  242. Husband4 says:

    You are my purple dream cumming soon2.

  243. eizepse says:

    Anyone else only gets Error 1 message when trying to get connected to apollon

  244. Anonymous says:

    Yep, Error 1 for any of the URL’s listed. Well, hopefully the exit is complete and the scamming is over!

  245. Julius2 says:

    Yep, Error 1 for any of the URLs listed. Well, hopefully thats the exit completed and the scamming is over!

  246. Lolo says:

    Is online

  247. Anonymous says:

    i lost 1300

  248. Blackmartiscam says:

    Don’t send your Bitcoin to black Mart in deepweb links they will fuck u up Rob u and ignore your message WARNING SCAM BLACK MART

  249. Anonymous says:

    I got proof and everything the black Mart fake card fake PayPal fake Warning I got burned but lucky That’s just 60$ they took from me I spent that everyday in breakfast I put this message here because some people working hard for money and I’m looking for real vendors real site pls

  250. Wilko says:

    Bro did any one find a trusted vendor yet?

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