Empire Market

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  1. reptar33 says:

    I will constantly be posting working mirrors due to the recent DDoS attacks.

    • darkangel says:

      Fckng perfect buddy! My hopes were beginning to fail with DM shutting down!

      • dissayens says:

        I can’t find a way to connect to empire market.
        Is anybody knows how to do it plz?

        • Softailcustomz says:

          I hope this goes to admin. Empiremarket has taken over 500 dollars from me and will not even answer a ticket and its almost been a week. Even the seller said he was going to contact support. My ACCOUNT is empty, no product and no SUPPORT at all.

          • Someguy says:

            Something is going on. The same thing has happened to me. I sent $200 to my account and nothing showed up after 2 days. No one replies to the support ticket. So I created a new account and sent $10 to it. Nothing has shown up in that account either.

            • Pistoff says:

              Hey bud same thing happen to me I sent $900 and it never showed up still hasn’t it’s been over a week now. Very fucking annoyed

    • EmpireDown says:

      where? no links working at all

    • Anonymous says:

      sorry but where we can find your links ? please

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s impossible to find the website under this links! I’m waiting for 3 weeks off my order!

  2. reptar33 says:

    Be sure to use pgp to make sure you are not on a fishing site

  3. dmvendor says:

    Why can’t withdraw funds? I have 5BTC deal buddy, isn’t fun at all

  4. chateau says:

    This market is not worth your pain, 7 days = 0% uptime, 0 of 6 deals finished successfully

  5. drifta says:

    anyone have an updated link the struggle to find one is unreal at the moment so frustrating

  6. Zeus says:

    fucking exit scam

  7. givemymoneyback says:

    where my deal is bro?? you kidding me?

  8. Anonymous says:

    can i get new empire links

  9. Anonymous says:

    please i need fresh links on empire market

  10. Drifta says:

    im assuming ddos attack…

  11. Fer says:

    i’m done go for another market
    this shit unstable af

    • Franz says:

      empire market owner? Had 5 weeks still 17 € on my account, then 200 € have been transferred is not arrived yet! Have a few days 120 € again transferred, has never arrived, instead of my last money (17 €) has also been deducted, which is a joke, and as if that was not enough, my password was also changed, so was I robbed and took over my account from whom else! Am pissed off right !! Support how do I get my money back and my account ????

  12. Drifta says:

    there all up the shit at the moment

  13. 'gogoingone says:

    can someone tell me if the Gamma Goblin shop link is working???? pls pls help

  14. socrates says:

    when I first came at this marketplace I was kinda damn, this shitty AB clone middling market couldn’t be good and it’s full of shit and irresponsible admins
    and look what i say to you know
    please do not hold the market if you can’t simply keep it online

  15. Amazing says:

    you broke my life bro, if you came up I withdraw all my funds immediately, there was a hope maybe 2 days, 4 days ago
    but now it all smells creepy
    I’d better not to work anymore than lose it all

  16. Anonymous says:

    please do you have the fresh links?

  17. smithacker says:

    i really need the new links, who got it?

  18. onceAgain says:

    no one got they links since they are all down, this damn
    man i’m really afraid
    give me my money back plzzz

  19. anon says:

    Is Empire Market dead?

  20. Drifta says:

    lets hope its just temporary

  21. fuk says:

    all mirrors down at once in one moment of time….
    they doing exitscam?
    isn’t this is dm or wsm 2.0 market

  22. Hello! says:

    I propose to all vendors to move on a good-stable marketplace

  23. damnit says:

    what is the point if the link don’t work, i guess there exitscam from admins

  24. stars says:

    hello, why can’t I withdraw my money out?
    Are you guys frauds?
    cannot visit any link, a day before withdraw don’t work, wtf?

  25. sickfuck says:

    cant visit

  26. AdamEve says:

    new not working at all mirrors congratulations to this guy!!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Down ??

  28. Anonymous says:

    yes, no longer working

  29. hi says:

    not working

  30. Anonymous says:


  31. asdasdas says:

    thats so funny no withdrawals are provided and no one working mirror at all!
    so that means actually that they’re doing big scam trying to put salt in our eyes

  32. Mary says:

    Help, what’s going on?

  33. ThomasAndrews says:

    that’s a fucking titanic hoe
    I had time to withdraw money off this fucking sinking boat

  34. OnionTail says:



  35. Socrates says:

    Our bitcoins and Monero’s are seemed to be finally gone, friends
    You’re not actually receiving them back, unfortunately.
    That’s a really creepy situation, for real.
    And the fact is that Admins are bullshit, truth.
    Let’s dance on this sinking ship, at least.

  36. ShittyTeenPills says:

    i knew this empire just a poop in a bag brothers, the good side is that I withdraw everything before it go down

  37. anon says:

    it’s working about 1 in 100 attempts but I got on and just withdrew funds no problem.

  38. face says:

    no work

  39. Osiris says:

    damn offline

  40. shitttt says:

    nearly had a withdrew but shit goes down

  41. Alex says:

    moving on another market, this one is always offline, fortunately I had not much deposited money there

  42. Anonymous says:

    I actually got it!

  43. ahah says:

    down fucking hoe, why you posting shitty mirrors, die

  44. yes! says:

    At last! All withdraw money from this shit

  45. Blazerr says:


  46. 420Plug says:

    We go in vacation mode
    we don’t trust

  47. Flow says:

    hate these scammers

  48. EBL93 says:

    All kosher for me logging on. No issues with deposits or purchases. Bitches who don’t understand DDOS attacks stfu. Can’t speak for withdrawals, but I’m ordering shit fine.

    • shutup says:

      shut the fuck up nigger, you don’t pay shit, I got 20k dep there that I cannot just simply withdraw because of all this downtime, retarded nigger, damn you and these admins

  49. Chakra1 says:

    Is this a scam lonk

  50. Anonymous says:

    i posted all the anon links, and you dicks who cant get in don’t deserve to get in. It’s runninbg like a dream you fuckwits. just keep checking links

    • Anonymous says:

      Works for me! Thanks 🙂

      • shutup says:

        posting a review itself, you’s a hoe and a bitch who completely don’t understand the situation about impossibility of withdrawing deposits out of this shitty market mirrors of which are always down, stupid nigger, shut your mouth out, god loves you, se you in hel

  51. cokecokecoke says:

    where new mirror bitches, can’t order my coke,need coke urdently
    new mirrors plzp lz plz
    are all down

  52. SAd says:

    Fuck this sucks! Come on get a working link!!

  53. rep says:

    You guys come in like 3 days later and complain the mirror isnt working GTFO

  54. Oki says:

    scam market!!!! running with my moneyz

  55. Codein says:


    BE AWARE!!!!

  56. Chakra1 says:

    These links are only working sometimes

  57. Shopper says:

    exit scam incoming, i can not withdraw

  58. shit says:

    fucking shit market on letting me get on.

    Fucking get a solution to this shit

  59. GUnna says:

    Why is this market down while all other markets are working??

    get your shit together and find a solutionn!

  60. Gandalf says:


  61. Dog says:

    Nightmare is working! Why not this one?

  62. HELP says:


  63. croation says:

    worthless shit market.

    I have deposited more than 1 btc in market, now i get on with mirror and they talk to me say withdrawal is blocked.

    Why scamming me? i buy with you since long time and now you scam me???

    i want money back fast so i go to ther market.

  64. Gamer420 says:

    sand links fast!!!!

  65. slurper says:

    yestarday i deposit bitcoin, today they are gone????

    Where is my coins????

  66. Anonymous says:

    please what is the new links

  67. FACE says:

    all you can order hjere is some shitty teen piillz
    not hq or decent serious stuff you can get fun from
    you can order like some 2-3 xanax and die like my friend
    your market is shit
    i’m not that caring for the for the friend like bout the money that are stuck there

  68. shitmarketEmpireNiggerowner says:

    not safe not working at all, die motherfucker

  69. PartySupply says:


    Here to inform you that we will stop selling on Empire because it is down all the time and we can not withdraw.

    You can find us on Tochka market!


  70. Glolo says:


  71. bitchesstolemymoney says:

    your name is fucker and surname is where is the money
    when we call you everybody’s saying fucker where is the money
    scumbag scammers of these markets

    • asdasdas says:

      fucking dog GIVE ME MY MONEY, can i just visit the market and finish with you empire any mod any admin reply me

  72. fuckyouddosers says:

    The links are correct, but the server refuses connections, im pretty sure about there is a new wave of DDoS

  73. CyberGhost says:

    Will the market be up and running again soon? IDC about my funds need to order my stuff…
    Has anyone actually got onto it in the last couple of days?

    • justastoner says:

      i was on for the past like 2 days but now this morning ive tried 100 or more times and nothing

  74. dardone says:

    THIS IS SOME BULL SHIT. It has been hard to get on this sight. Now this happens right after I deposite money i should have ordered right away. Is this a nothe fucking wall street

  75. help says:

    Have anyone got the latest link, I bought something that should be confirmed

    • Lucifer says:

      Why would not you buy it on Tochka or the Nightmare Market then?
      Why was you buying from such a bullshit and fake market like Empire 2.0 AB? Admit that the admins are kids, maybe you didn’t knew that, but now they’re going to scam all people on solid amounts.

  76. Anonymous says:

    Damn, there are so many retarded people writing on this site it actually funny.

  77. anonymous says:

    Even if this site goes online again (which I certainly hope cause I have 100 Euros on there), I’m done using this shitty market. I don’t trust. Go with Tochka instead, more reliable market.

    • lusy says:

      Actually Nightmare Market is a good one, I’ve been vendor there since almost a year
      Shotout to NNM admins

  78. Anonymous says:

    shitmarket without working mirrors
    die die die

  79. sobachiyperdej says:

    SUKa blyat where are all mirrors wokring
    no working mirror bitch
    pidarasi suka yobanie

  80. fur says:

    OK, got scammed by the admins for 50K eur, I’m end with this market

  81. Anonymous says:

    Cheers…link still working

  82. Anonymous says:

    The links are not working

  83. Pus says:

    yeah definitely exit-scam

  84. Donny says:

    Was just on and everything worked fine just heavy attack

  85. smithacker says:

    No new links yet?

  86. Clit_commander says:

    I got on yesterday placed an order fine was marked as shipped this morning should be here Tuesday

  87. smithacker says:

    All this link changing is affecting buyers

  88. Dog says:

    I got on a few mis ago and all looked ok. But within 5mis it was off again. Has to be those dicks doing DOS attacks? Just give it time.

    • Anonymous says:

      Which link did you use?

      • Dog says:

        I used one from above, from Chakra1 above, but like I said I got on and then within 5 mins it went down. Doubt you can get on it now, but I think it does prove it’s a DOS attack going after every link as fast as they can. So idk know what to do? Wait and hope Empire get’s it shit together and fixes this. For the time being I’m using Nightmare. Just be careful on there, use common sense and spot the scammers.

  89. Anonymous says:

    all withdraw for this shit market god damn can save your money

  90. Pidor says:

    where my money

  91. fk says:

    oops down

  92. Anonymous says:


  93. Anonymous says:


  94. Anonymous says:

    Thanks dnice working links at last

  95. Anony says:

    working links indeed!

  96. Anonymous says:

    Let all people withdraw money from this unstable market, so they can save it in case of nearest exit-scam

  97. rz0r says:

    I just poop on these mirrors real quick.
    You know my Jabber.

  98. Anonymous says:

    down again

  99. Anonymous says:

    Not working now

  100. Dog says:

    WTF! How does the DOS attack these new links so fast? Like I said I got on about 2 hrs ago but it went down in 5 mins. Do the vendors log on a separate link? I hope so.

  101. ddosfuckeriwillmeetuinhell says:

    add commas ,braCKETS DIFFERENT characters to url will make ddos life tiny bit harder

  102. Anonymous says:


  103. idiots says:

    however I got my money back, bye empire

  104. EmpireHasGone says:

    Empire has come to a logical end

  105. Anonymous says:

    i love the way empire and dream market works, that’s why i feel bad about this

  106. sdf says:

    puke market,not empire, at all

  107. Anonymous says:


  108. oh says:

    exit scammed

  109. Anonymous says:

    Is empire market completely gone this time?

  110. Anonymous says:

    Still no sign :/

  111. Anonymous says:

    what’s the new link

  112. adam says:

    hi wanted to buy ccv for UK bins any suggestions anyone reliable pls

  113. Dogshit99 says:

    Does this work

  114. xo says:

    link plz

  115. Anonymous says:


  116. Anonymous says:

    Cryptonia libertas night majestic and more are working

  117. Sun says:

    Nightmare Market seems a good place to go

  118. Chakra1 says:

    I have proper working links but I’m not posting public because they get screwed you can find links just get to reddit and look for me there

  119. Bitch! says:

    don’t working shit, please stop updating all this fucker offline links bitch, fuck your mother nigger, i dont like your face at all
    shut the fuck up my neighbour before got shutta face

    • 13BAP says:

      it just worked fine for me you dumb fuck these people are just trying to help us so be polite it works when it does stupid bitch.

  120. Hoe says:

    Fucked and useless, don’t like this market at all

  121. son of a bitch says:

    working fine for me,l m on it MF

  122. bitches says:

    Exit-scammed, they took all user’s money, all the fuckers who don’t withdrew in the time lost them, you’re motherfuckers I said before they gon exit-scam junkies, I go withdraw and have no complaints by the moment since I saved my funds and you’re not HAHAA motherfuckerz

  123. LilUzi says:

    what? wait? why down? AYY? WHY? AYY? why down? count down
    1 2 3

    bitch i’m a rapper

  124. baby says:

    just withdraw now 0.36BTC
    bithcea haha
    no exit scam

  125. ff says:

    so what we can claim here, definitely they putting shit at our ears just for the fact they did exit scam

  126. empire marketplace says:

    everyone just got fucked out of a whole lotta money, thanks fbi and ddosers u ruined my life.

  127. Omfg says:

    always posting unavailable links means that they got a plan on us, which is in stealing our money and time to check these all links till we lost it all

  128. dread says:

    l think you need to stop working on ALL market until we find a solution anti-DDOS

    • rz0r says:

      you know my jabber bruh

    • rz says:

      why all market available and yours both shits are always down bro, you can’t say for all if only you and empire has a shitty-bitched protections
      you know where to text me bro

  129. lusy says:

    Omg why are they ALWAYS constantly down!?
    I can’t access to get my deposit out of this fucking kabbalah hell

  130. dread says:

    available ?? haha ……….where?tochka?? no,under DDOS,nightmare too
    all re under DDos

  131. 123 says:

    oh my fucking god
    who will say to me, when empire go up and online?
    why can’t I just do productive work?

  132. razzzor says:

    same child could play with DDOS a a a

  133. meh says:

    so that’s the end?

  134. Rue says:

    I offer to everyone to move either on Tochka market or to Nightmare

    Berlusconi can’t trust enough those guys, there’s Majestic Garden but seemed not to be a market

  135. yes says:

    i just want to smoke some crack and shoot some heroin. i been tripping off acid all day and i feel like shit and want to die.

    • NM says:

      Nightmare we’re not about DDoS, just server issues, will come back shortly
      Would be glad to offer to visit our market, thanks.

  136. c says:

    Tochka market or to Nightmare didn t work

    • NM says:

      Nightmare we’re not about DDoS, just server issues, will come back shortly
      Would be glad to offer to visit our market, thanks.

  137. sucks says:

    that’s fucked whyyyy
    whyyy my money stuck there
    why couldn’t I notice this all shit before
    i hope there would be an opportunity to withdraw

  138. Anonymous says:


  139. commas says:

    fuck your momma

  140. I'LL SHOOT YOU BITCH says:

    Ok broooooooooooooo
    wheres my 1kg coke
    bro you fucking scammer hoe
    why gave you 5btc
    why fucking close the deal off

  141. xtc says:


    you need to work and stop your shit MF

    • shootyou says:

      you fucking nigga thinking itsfunny, you never had 5btc in your life, and i got them just to spend on coke, fucking kid get the fuck out

  142. vendor6 says:

    Lets move on a stable market which is called of course NightmareMarket
    I see it’s the only one that has available mirrors by now
    So yeah, lets do a business there instead

  143. x says:

    NightmareMarket stable???
    you re laughing
    its a shit
    with DDOS attack,the guy who could kill the DDOS will be Billionaire

  144. Judge says:

    shootyou you loos 5btc?
    you can kill you HAHAHAAA

  145. Mary says:

    Please can anyone show the latest working link?

  146. BigT says:

    nightmare works, lets go all for it

  147. FuckYouAll says:

    withdrew and go for night market, that’s fucked I got money back at last

  148. Elodie says:


    • FuckYou says:

      hmm, I was actually a vendor here on Empire, and on Nightmare too
      and what I can say
      nightmare admins aren’t kids, they doing great work against ddos attacks
      while empire shit market is down 5 times a day
      it’s your choice
      but they have exit-scammed
      and you a little piece of shit don’t know shit

  149. everythangsgucci says:

    ok I move there, seems work

  150. John says:

    Any empire working links…. Please for the love of god

  151. cf says:

    everybody knows that

  152. rz0r says:

    What does that mean? Do you think are you able to fix my ddos except the way that admins will talk to me personally?
    Jabber: [email protected]

  153. rz0r says:

    You stupid enough.

  154. Empire says:

    we don’t need yur ref

  155. Dog says:

    Just got on! FUCK YES! I’m not gonna kick the dog today!

  156. suckYes says:

    Oh yes got money back
    now I go to the Nightmare Market

  157. liar_detector says:

    it’s still not an exit scam, but a ddos attack

  158. dwoh37 says:

    hi i need a trusted western union, Money Gram, paypal transfert buyer or market place.

  159. Anonymous says:

    oh shit don’t working, damn you

  160. bloob says:

    dark sais empire is down

  161. Anonymous says:

    Empire – scam market

  162. g0d says:

    withdrawing off this fucking shitplace

  163. a_buyer says:

    Hey guys, I was able to login and withdrew my balance on empire of over 1k ( now in my wallet, it went through), I understand the paranoia, but it just seems that the market is under heavy DDoS attack. it is unlikely they will exit scam, if anyone is looking for mirrors and links, shoot me an email on matthew

  164. a_buyer says:

    Are you guys retarded. Anyways, you are welcome to believe I am a scammer. In fact, i found the working link here on this site, i just didnt want to serve the mirrors on a platter to the attackers. anyways I am in the clear, i withdrew my funds. while you guys are bitching about here Goodluck guys.

    • Anonymous says:

      yes we believe you hundred percent, we believe your hundred percent guarantees by 100%

  165. a_buyer says:

    what are you talking about bro? i never guaranteed anything… I don’t care if you believe me. Have fun guys… and good luck!!! most of you need it



  167. a_buyer says:

    but hey i am a scammer

  168. Shit! says:

    lets all withdraw, the unstable market don’t deserves our money, if we don’t withdraw it will come down again

  169. not a buyer says:

    yup got me but im poor so who gives a fuck

  170. nibba says:

    Not exitscammed – I was able to withdraw – anyone who states they’re exit scammed, just a fucking liar scammer, somebody really wants to send people to Nightmare but why? 😀

    • Hermes says:

      You are really retarded, this Empire been down for 10 days long – no one needs such market, just get the fuck out monkey.
      That’s why everybody talking about, withdraw all funds off this shit and don’t put anymore.
      We see there one reliable market at the moment which is Nightmare Market, they doing great work against these DDoS attacks and has more than 3k vendors, so why you fucking talking about?

      • 1 says:

        I have the right to talk, and I only noticed: stating that Empire has been exitscammed is a fucking lie, not more.

        • Hermes says:

          You have right, but better help best market than talking about died Empire-shitmarket-fullofbitches-down99.99%all-the-fucking-time DOG

  171. 1 says:

    They aren’t exit scammed, however somebody wants to force you to use an other market..use your brain, before you act.

    • Hermes says:

      uhmm all vendors go to nightmare market, empire is down by now, how would you talk then? what you offering us? go on tochka? what do you mean dog? shut up
      nightmare is best

  172. Stfu says:

    They are not exit-scamming, stop adverting Nightmare…

  173. end says:

    empire is always down and not seem to coming back again

  174. Anonymous says:

    We don’t need your ref! Go fuck kid!

  175. Lucerne says:

    They are exit-scammed people like DreamMarket, vendors were looking for some other available decent markets with many vendors placed and suitable system, and it’s the Nightmare Market, on which I’m personally vendor since almost a year

    If Empire go online at some time, just withdraw your funds off, “Empire”shitmarket – don’t worth your pain and time

  176. Cubensislensis says:

    Yep, it is down, i don’t know what do you guys mean with “exit-scammed” i was looking for some products on that market the i found out the web was down.

  177. Anonymous says:

    down and not working

  178. Big Dog says:

    Listen, anybody that posts a working link here to Empire immediately is seen by the dickhead DOS attacker and blocked. Go to reddit and look for someone to PM you a working Empire link. Do your own research on Reddit and find one. Not gonna post anything on how I got mine. I got one and it worked for over 3 hrs until of course it was attacked. It’s just some cocksucker or cocksuckers who are doing these DOS attacks. Outsmart them!

    • blahblahblah says:

      Tell me, who the fuck needs this shitty-Empire while there are so much markets available?
      For example 12 mirrors of Nightmare xD

    • FuckYouDog says:

      We don’t have to listen you Big Dog, you’re just a dog. You must be punished and listen to your owner.
      Stop telling us some ideas getting on Empire, we tired of this all
      We can find some other working mirror and don’t need this “Empire”, in quotes

      • Big Dog says:

        Fuck off then! I swear nothing but a bunch of assholes on here. All I was trying to do is help someone that needed to get their funds out of Empire. And yes I went to Nightmare also. I will fucking never try to help on here again. If I find a way to help next time I will keep it to myself. Fucking cocksuckers.

  179. Anonymous says:

    empire is working, since 3hrs now

    • Idiotlol says:

      who the fuck needs this empire tell me, no working mirrors at all
      all people must withdraw of this shit
      it’s useless and gonna exit-scam

  180. Anonymous says:

    thnx gon to have a poops on this

  181. working since today says:

    empire is not down, get your own dos link and enjoy

  182. Anonymous says:

    where the fuck did the empire go!

  183. Anonymous says:

    shit fake

  184. Anonymous says:

    die lil bitch 🙂

  185. user123 says:

    where to go?
    nightmare market?

  186. Pidoras says:

    Listen, if some nigga gonna pull up with new bunch of mirrors they risk to be punched immediately since I don’t have a real life and monitor everything 24/7

  187. Anonymous says:

    Need empire working links

  188. Pazbke says:

    Thanks for all people to put valid links

  189. Pazbke says:

    Thanks brooo you’re high person 🙂

  190. nappyRoots says:

    if pill-cosby is on another market besides empire please comment

  191. HugBunter says:

    Spam advertising for NMM, BE CAREFUL!
    Empire works fine, just get your own links and you will see that nobody leaves it, faster than NMM and nobody spam advertise Empire like NMM does here.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, Empire Works… Its only DDOS Attack.. maybe NMM… Fuck of this Nightmare Market. EMPIRE IS #1 😀

      • Plus says:

        Nightmare market is the best, you can’t deny it, Empire is never online and always offline.
        What market you’re talking about, if Empire don’t exists anymore?

        Nightmare market is a great place for vendors to go

    • gorn says:

      Lol, everybody leaves it, NNM has 3k+ users income, everyone just withdrew from Empire

  192. blamed says:

    scam market 100^% by aware made a small whidraw furst it never came the 2e the dress chance the market is stealing it self
    by AWARE!

  193. Anonymous says:

    All withdraw from empire defective market

  194. Lucerne says:

    I propose to all vendors and buyers support my flow and move to the Nightmare Market!
    Admins doing greatest work.

  195. Anonymous says:

    don’t working shit and scamlinks with ref

  196. Anonymous says:

    don’t need your defective links scammer

  197. NM says:

    They are exit-scammed people like DreamMarket, vendors were looking for some other available decent markets with many vendors placed and suitable system, and it’s the Nightmare Market, on which I’m personally vendor since almost a year
    You can access it using one of the links below

    If Empire go online at some time, just withdraw your funds off, “Empire”shitmarket – don’t worth your pain and time

  198. sdfsdf says:

    couldn’t withdraw from empire, scammers, 1btc lost

  199. Anonymous says:

    if you guys cant seem to get to mirrors before they get DDosed Idk what to tell you. Stop bitching
    if you want go join Nightmare market. Empire is the #1 DNM and all you claiming you lost over 1btc stfu you guys know you are lying

    • Boss says:

      Nightmare is the best one at the moment, I invite all vendors to join it.

  200. Anonymous says:

    working as of May14, 08:55 and like the guy said above dont come complaing if you dont get here in time for a fresh mirror

  201. Anonymous says:

    Why do you posting offline mirrors, are we idiots?

  202. Lucerne says:

    Good quality and profitable mirrors of the Nightmare market where to move on, all vendors come to it/buyers too.

  203. BestMarket says:

    They are exit-scammed people like DreamMarket, vendors were looking for some other available decent markets with many vendors placed and suitable system, and it’s the Nightmare Market, on which I’m personally vendor since almost a year
    You can access it using one of the links below:
    tny4avpz5w7gkonz dot onion
    ykmwa3kkyvgzyipo dot onion
    lqehtjsjs3s3mf5b dot onion

    If Empire go online at some time, just withdraw your funds off, “Empire”shitmarket – don’t worth your pain and time

  204. anon says:

    Empire is working fine, was just heavy ddos. Though I’ve been using the same link for over 18 hours now. Have had no problems withdrawing funds.
    Stick around

  205. syn says:

    I dont know how you guys are having so many problems with Empire I’ve been on everyday no problem.

  206. t34 says:


    • lolz says:

      what for? for the unavailable links he posted? fuck him. lil nigga gon bite us to go this shitty market blah
      they left alone

  207. bino says:

    finally worked

  208. Anonymous says:

    all are down, my dog 🙂 you my dog and bitch

  209. anon says:

    ty so much

  210. luxury says:

    While Empire’s down all vendors and buyers go to the Nightmare Market?
    nightmareocykhgs dot onion

  211. ritz says:

    While Empire’s down all vendors and buyers go to the Nightmare Market?
    nightmareocykhgs dot onion

  212. BestMarketEver says:

    While Empire’s down all vendors and buyers go to the Nightmare Market?

  213. puke says:

    dont work shit, blablabla

  214. sosha90 says:

    nightmare has the ugliest layout compared to Empire

    • Bitch says:

      Nightmare has a great UI, what are you talking about kid?
      You seem not to be about business
      Nightmare has greater amount of vendors/buyers
      “Empire” – shitmarket has only Alphabay clone designs, shut the fuck up lol, you’re kid without a cent to deposit

  215. Anonymous says:

    all down

  216. Bern says:

    While Empire’s down all vendors and buyers go to the Nightmare Market?
    nightmareocykhgs dot onion

  217. Nah! says:

    shitlinks of empire, don’t post it, nightmare the best

  218. Anonymous says:

    what for you posting dat useless shit
    thats going down now

  219. Anonymous says:

    withdraw all from this useless shit till you lost all your money because of always downtime

  220. Anonymous says:

    all withdraw money from it and go to nightmare

  221. lel says:

    why you keep posting unavailable mirrors of shit “empire” market?
    it’s useless
    all go withdraw money from it and go other markets

  222. Hermes says:

    While Empire’s down all vendors and buyers go to the Nightmare Market?

  223. Anonymous says:

    let’s all withdraw from this and go for decent market until it not down again

  224. woundedghost says:

    confirmed that the above link is currently working. ddos not a scam. thanks vladimir.

  225. Lucerne says:

    They are exit-scammed people like DreamMarket, vendors were looking for some other available decent markets with many vendors placed and suitable system, and it’s the Nightmare Market, on which I’m personally vendor since almost a year
    You can access it using one of the links below:
    If Empire go online at some time, just withdraw your funds off, “Empire”shitmarket – don’t worth your pain and time

  226. LetsAllGoNightmare says:

    While Empire’s down all vendors and buyers go to the Nightmare Market?
    nightmareocykhgs dot onion

  227. Anonymous says:

    empire seized

  228. yep says:

    this nigga Anonymous keep posting broken links, damn him lol
    nightmare the best

  229. Lucerne says:

    While Empire’s down all vendors and buyers go to the Nightmare Market?
    nightmareocykhgs dot onion
    Admins doing greatest work against DDoS attacks and availability of its market

  230. Anonymous says:

    empire seized is fake news

  231. Anonymous says:

    empire are shit and scammers, lol, go to nightmare trust me
    they go up these days and there arrived about 3-4k new users and hundreds of vendors

  232. bitchaa says:

    you’re not team and fake, lol, you’re all fake

  233. bitches says:

    who needs these always not working mirrors, they being dropped in 5 mins after you post, lol, go fuck with your ShitScamMarket “empire”

  234. Anonymous says:

    all down, ty

  235. go says:

    They are exit-scammed people like DreamMarket, vendors were looking for some other available decent markets with many vendors placed and suitable system, and it’s the Nightmare Market, on which I’m personally vendor since almost a year
    You can access it using one of the links below:
    If Empire go online at some time, just withdraw your funds off, “Empire”shitmarket – don’t worth your pain and time

  236. John says:

    Anyone got a working link?

  237. Anonymous says:

    stop shitting with empire’s mirrors
    we’re all smoke on nightmare

  238. lolz says:

    withdraw from this shit till they gone

  239. BestMarketEver says:

    While Empire’s down all vendors and buyers go to the Nightmare Market?
    nightmareocykhgs dot onion

    Admins doing greatest work against DDoS attacks and availability of its market

  240. Anonymous says:


  241. Lucerne says:

    While Empire’s down all vendors and buyers go to the Nightmare Market?
    nightmareocykhgs dot onion

    Admins doing greatest work against DDoS attacks and availability of its market

  242. Bern says:

    While Empire’s down all vendors and buyers go to the Nightmare Market?
    nightmareocykhgs dot onion
    Admins doing greatest work against DDoS attacks and availability of its market

  243. BestMarket says:

    They are exit-scammed people like DreamMarket, vendors were looking for some other available decent markets with many vendors placed and suitable system, and it’s the Nightmare Market, on which I’m personally vendor since almost a year
    You can access it using one of the links below:

    If Empire go online at some time, just withdraw your funds off, “Empire”shitmarket – don’t worth your pain and time

  244. What? says:

    No second chance in this galaxy, empire raped and exit-scammed

  245. John says:

    Any new mirrors, those seem to be dead?

    • EasyMoneyOnNightmare says:

      New mirrors?
      What for you need this Empire?
      All vendors a long time ago moved to the Nightmare Market
      nightmareocykhgs dot onion

  246. Anonymous says:

    Top man !!!

  247. 0x69f8e says:

    shitz mirrors dant workeng plz send some news mirrors to didioes them start

  248. Bern says:

    While Empire’s down all vendors and buyers go to the Nightmare Market?
    nightmareocykhgs dot onion

    Admins doing greatest work against DDoS attacks and availability of its market

  249. Pidoraska says:


  250. Lucerne says:

    While Empire’s down all vendors and buyers go to the Nightmare Market?
    nightmareocykhgs dot onion

    Admins doing greatest work against DDoS attacks and availability of its market, be sure it’s reliable

  251. :P says:

    not working anymore

    • Anonymous says:

      i ddos this all lol stop, you’re really such a dumbass, your market going die i swear, i left you all ways of solving it but you refused, now suck

  252. Yeez says:

    who needs this bunch of fucked mirrors mane, isn’t serious at all, NIGHTMARE MARKET is working we all go for it

  253. Anonymous says:

    we don’t need your ref link pleb

  254. hustla says:

    whoever is ddossing empire should fucking stop

  255. hustla says:

    die bitch u fucking wit my money

  256. hustla says:


  257. lelzpuke says:

    We don’t need your ref
    And its down so suck dick

  258. greenmoney says:

    support it

  259. senso says:

    Just wait some fucking time and you will come online sooner or later – stop talking shit of exit scam its an obvious ddos. Or do you die not takin your drugs for some days?

  260. Johannes says:

    not always…i have made order two weeks before as is all began…i hoped the seller cancel it it was the last chance to payout…unfurtunatelly it was a clon from clawedfeats and for sure i clicked the shipped button…now i have make
    a dispute and hope in 1,5 days i can payout…really believing on that im not

  261. Johannes says:

    @ Anonymous

    Please write us to more days urls it would be great …Thank you for today

  262. Bodybuilder says:

    Hey bros
    Empire Market links please

    • Ruuhhh says:

      no links, empire is dead, won’t come back or will be downed shortly after coming back
      so if there would be any opportunity to withdraw off this shit, do it
      or you will lose way more


  263. Anonymous says:


  264. Anonymous says:

    Nightmare sucks and hired a hacker to ddos empire, PATHETIC

  265. Bodybuilder says:

    Hahahah realy ?

  266. sdfdsf says:

    all withdraw from this shit urgently, till ddoser not downed this back

  267. Anonymous says:

    yes bro lol

  268. shit says:

    I be not withdrawin this shit anyways since all mirrors are instantly downed by razorbladeddos

  269. Anonymous says:

    lmao fuck nightmare

    • lelkz says:

      all vendors advertising it since empire down 14 days long, wake from a stupor idiot they got scammed you and you keep talking shit, isn’t you empire’s admin?

  270. jony_walker says:

    someone know how can I find vendor UKwhite? :/

  271. Anonymous says:

    fuck u fuck nightmare nightmare is shit i just checked

  272. freddistar says:

    i just got on EM read a meassage went and made a cupa came back and its down again ffs

  273. hugbunt3r says:

    No exit, not down, only ddos and just a very strange actions from NM.
    Spam promoting every days for NM from the same team, hard push users to NM with fakes info, but they have their withdr problems also.
    Use your own links and DON’T share them here or they will be haunt by these manipulators.

  274. best says:

    So I propose to all vendors come to the Nightmare Market which is way more reliable, productive, fast.
    All vendors move to the Nightmare, it has 5k+ more users these days including buyers, so vendors it’s time for you to place your products on

  275. Lelza says:

    FUQQ this shit not working

  276. FakeMessiah says:

    Hello, let me introduce myself a little.
    The fact is that I want to tell you who I am really is.
    Actually I am fake messiah, but claim myself as the hugbunt3r
    I really want a dick in my ass
    Very love it.
    That’s it, end.
    All go to the Nightmare Market

  277. Anonymous says:

    PLEASE dont share links here, hacker will ddos

    • GreaterOne says:

      All these haters, commentators who posting Empire mirrors
      You still believe this market will stay alive?
      We’re all here to make business and money, and the most logical thing would be is to join Nightmare Market since it’s most reliable by now
      So I invite all vendors/buyers go for NM to make money together

      • dw says:

        why everyone wants to force empire users to join nightmare? helping without waiting for something in return is pretty uncommon and improbable in the deep web

    • Anonymous says:

      Where can we find links ?

  278. Anonymous says:


  279. Anonymous says:

    Empire working KEEP LINKS PRIVATE thanks

  280. Anonymous says:

    Hacker will ddos if i post mirrors here bro

  281. Anonymous says:

    thankz will ddos it immediately

  282. gpower says:

    Nightmare is the best place to go
    Just being honest

  283. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone seen Mafia ? please help

  284. CYS says:

    Please be so kind, and send me a working empire link to cys at munich dot com if possible. Thanks.

  285. I'm not a sheep says:

    How strange, Nightmare is not attacked by the DDoSer, pretty suspicious, huh?

    • OMFG says:

      Why you fucker talking, everyone gets attacked by this fucking ddoser
      Why would you blame them just for the fact they’re being suggested here by vendors as a market to move on

  286. acedeisel says:

    whats the new mirror for emipreeeeee :/ hacker got me for 707$ for trying to log into a fake empire market onion im so sad :.(

  287. tractbeneficent says:

    PM me link to Empire please

  288. dardone says:

    I want to thank everyone that suplied empire links. the internet always surprizes me. more real people here than I can ever meet on the street.

  289. Anonymous says:

    If anyone has working Empire link please PM me…would be greatly appreciated

  290. CoolZero34 says:

    Can you someone please pm a mirror before i get scammed by a vendor.

  291. KiwiTorUser says:

    Can someone please dm a mirror, cheers in advance.

  292. Anonymous says:

    I’m on but I can’t get 2 or 3 clicks in with having another DDoS Catpcha test again that sends you back to the start, its like constantly being kicked back to the beginning and unable to actually get something accomplished.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ha! you must have posted this as I typed mine. I thinks it is a glitch hopefully for today. I sent support a message but I think they are trying to combat the ddos and this is a glitch they need to fix.

  293. Anonymous says:

    Anybody else experiencing a weird glitch? I tried to FE for a vendor because I don’t know when I’ll be able to get on again and it brings me to a captcha page. When I solve the captcha, it brings me to the homepage and when I try to finalize again it repeats. This also happens when I try to place an order. Does this happen to anybody else? Hopefully this is just a glitch for today.

  294. Anonymous says:

    I havnt had any problems

  295. Kifly says:

    There’s so many helpfull peeps here and that’s so very nice to see mates!

  296. Lolz says:

    so people who haven’t withdrew yesterday or tomorrow yet, you gonna lose your money now

  297. Anonymous says:

    no need your ref

  298. dsdsf says:

    no working mirrorerz at all

  299. retardedMind says:

    blah blah blah will be down just 5 mins needed, thx for new bunch of mirrors pleb

  300. Empire says:

    Anytime is down, just type is down and i will paste current mirror

  301. sda says:

    who needs dat shit, always going down after 15 available minutes

  302. Empire says:

    we re UNDER DDOS
    back soon MF

    • rz0r says:

      aHhahahaha what do you say?
      let me guess
      YOU WILL PREPARE NEW BIG MIRROR LIST like 5-6-7-8 new which would be instantly downed
      by the way I am not hereugoagain
      when the “bug” will be fixed? say me
      there’s no bug at all just highpowers

  303. Hermes says:

    So I propose to all vendors come to the Nightmare Market which is way more reliable, productive, fast.
    All vendors move to the Nightmare, it has 5k+ more users these days including buyers, so vendors it’s time for you to place your products on

  304. Doctorchakra1 says:

    Why is everyone crying about empire I was on here a couple of days ago got only 1 working link from here lol but I have been online ever since do shut the fuck you moaning bitches and like I said before get to reddit and you will find plenty of working links empire is by far the best market user friendly and all that nothing wrong with nightmare to but ye if you need links for empire go to reddit and 8m sure you will dry your eyes bitches

    • alegro says:

      Why should we use this Empire while there are so much available markets?
      You showing how its administration treat users just only by the fact that you are one of the administration
      Only you always moan:
      guys,guys, here you go, visit our links plz! new mirrors arrived! (while all mirrors are always down either unstable)
      This shit going end up with exit-scam
      Shut the fuck up and don’t talk shit if you don’t know one

  305. silvercrom says:

    one minute i was in another minute the links stopped working lol
    meanwhile anybody who deals with paypal to reply on this comment

    • Anonymous says:

      I was actually buying a drug
      And you know what? I just got dropped once the money sent
      This weird
      Not that big amount just 100 dollars

  306. amalius says:

    no down

  307. silvercrom says:

    it sucks

  308. dontmatter says:

    and what?

  309. John says:

    Anyone got a working empire url for me?

  310. Anonymous says:

    Any empire mirrors.. all the onions I’m find are dead

  311. DNM says:

    the only working link
    thanks hugbunt3er for attack NM.

  312. Anonymous says:

    Anyone else out there got a working empire mirrors, some shit finalize,

  313. Anonymous says:

    Empire is under attack. They are working hard to fix it.

  314. Anonymous says:

    Somebody, throw us a bone 🙂

  315. Anonymous says:

    Empire URL

  316. Anonymous says:

    down again

  317. Pussy says:

    Okay brothers
    I have a question
    Is Empire a drugs market?
    Why can’t I order drugs from there then?

  318. EmpireMarket says:

    use this official link, it works most of the time-

  319. EMPIRE MARKET says:

    i’m back online, empire is working 24/7 go and buy your DDOS link

    if you buy it the link is everlasting

  320. KEKZO says:

    so you’re a fake commenter damned bitch? why would you say thanks to the guy above then if you have links xDD?
    stop posting this fake shit

  321. 616 says:

    you gon die
    this links too
    i damned you, doomed and cursed lol

  322. Anonymous says:

    You really funniest person I have ever taken bite of

  323. Anonymous says:

    what’s the meaning if it will go down 2 mins

  324. Anonymous says:


  325. FuckGon says:

    stupid who needs your wickr, you’s a scammer and a hoe

  326. HAHAHAHAH says:

    pazbke trusting itself lol

  327. niggerz says:

    if Empire will ever come back online I just withdraw this shit I swear
    i lost my energy money and I WANT COKE
    and what i get of these three options
    i lose it all bitch
    fok you all

  328. erica says:

    made a deposit to empire wallet and nothing showing, has been about 2 hours. I did not use a phising site. ugh. im LOL because if I don’t I will scream

  329. Anonymous says:


  330. sid4 says:

    cheers m8

  331. silvercrom says:

    Any paypal vendor or anyone who can send paypal funds to hit me so that we make some real Money

  332. erica says:

    just placed an order on empire, all ok….so far. lol. this is nuts !

  333. Anonymous says:

    Good luck ! ^ I’ve been getting all my orders no problems

  334. :S says:

    Why would you use this shit market brothers? Isn’t it not relevant anymore?

  335. Mary says:

    Please can someone advise me the most recent working link

  336. silvercrom says:

    is Empire forum link working?? if yes can anybody give me a working link

  337. Candid says:

    Can someone post working mirros

  338. bro says:

    we have already told you about an exit-scam
    in the fact that empire admin keeps monitoring sites and will not post true information about the exit-scam of the Empire

  339. kiwitoruser says:

    can someone dm working links, cheers in advance.

  340. Idiots says:

    Your team are bunch of sperm cellars, always posting unavailable links. Stop this shit and let markets be available.

  341. my 2 cents says:

    I dont thyink empires server can handle the extra trafick since WSM and Dream went down. Its a great site. It is the easiest to navigate and I get on but it is a real fuckin hastle

  342. Anonymous says:

    down bitch

  343. hah says:

    no one in need of empire

  344. nolo says:

    Avoid site at all costs its a fucking scam they are just waiting for the right moment for a exit scam

  345. ops says:

    lets go all vendors nightmare?

  346. saad says:

    I will move to anther market

  347. bitch says:

    some mirrors with onions smell incredible

  348. shuttered says:

    i’m not kinda will endure this empire scammers anymore i go for other market bye bitch fucking creepy idiot owner
    i’m gonna break your bones

  349. Anonymous says:


  350. fff says:

    anyone noticed Dread can just blabla on reddit and doing of many unavailable mirrors which are pointless and he a probably broke pussy nigger boy? (6 y.o)

  351. socra says:

    Dread really pussyboy without a doubt

  352. DreadSuckerFucker says:

    Coins are being moved from the market wallet unfortunately, but you lost all your deposits or will in the nearest future 🙁

  353. georgius56 says:

    why cant login

  354. Attention! says:

    Let’s talk about Dread’s personality
    What he got?
    Empire Market with stolen design and source from Alphabay
    Dread darknet service with stolen design from Reddit
    its nickname, he stole it from a Dread Pirate Roberts,
    what can we find out of these three things?
    dread just a rat, a hoe and a pussyboy scammer who clearly don’t understand how to do profitable business. I bet he scam in the nearest future

  355. frank says:

    fuck dat shit boys i move

  356. Anonymous says:

    no working mirors

  357. fawl says:

    empire exit-scammed

  358. Steel54 says:

    Works fine again… Go for #1, Empire Market!

  359. Anonymous says:

    where my deposit at

  360. Anonymous says:

    any new links ?

  361. dsfsdf says:

    of course xD

  362. :( says:

    don’t worth market to go here they stole all my money

  363. Anonymous says:

    stole money too

  364. jldnfla says:

    Dread back online!

  365. hermes says:

    I propose to all good vendors with HQ stuff to move to an unddosable market which is called the Nightmare Market of course

  366. Anonymous says:

    who needs dat shit anyways

  367. Ahhahahha says:

    stfu lil bitch with broken mirrors, I damned you personally

  368. craigster says:

    OMG, can somebody PLEASE provide me with a couple of working URL’s for Empire? I have spend 4 hours trying EVERY single URL provided on this page and under the mirror URL’s for Empire and I can not find one. I just want to fianlize an order so the vendor gets his money quickly
    thx and god bless

  369. Rexy says:

    Does anyone have any working URL’s for any active markets? Tried all these and nothing works also tried all nightmares urls. Some help a brother out

  370. needoxy69 says:

    I have been able to get on Empire, Berlusconi, and nightmare using the URL’s on the Onion list and availity status. I am on empire now

    • ComeOnBro says:

      Nightmare is working perfectly, my friend, they the only market that has beaten the DDoS, and those others are just liars 🙂
      I’m vendor there since a year, welcome all to Nightmare.

  371. aps says:

    anybody got a working link for Tochka? seems like its down right now 🙁

  372. Anon says:

    I’m unable to open a support ticket for days. Anybody else having this problem? After submit, all I get is a blank page.

  373. anonno says:

    is empire down again ? can i please have a new link <3

  374. charlie says:

    Looks like empires server is down also the forum page.

  375. fred west says:

    it was working fine up untill around 9.30am uk time then nothing. just my luck made my first order £350 yesterday

  376. FuckYouAllEmpireBitchesGons says:

    Shit. Fuck you all. Empire scammed me for 50k$

  377. Anonymous says:

    aahhahahah you’s a downed hoe

  378. sc says:

    based on these comments:

    2 Shit. Fuck you all. Empire scammed me for 50k$

    May 22, 2019 at 6:05 pm

    bro the same I deposited 5k just for coke and some mod removed my money and stole it2

  379. Empire-Not Trusted says:

    This market is working 2-3 hours/day ! Only !

  380. WhenLifeWasEasyWeSmokeWeedInTheBackseatOfTheYourCar says:

    what’s the problem admins, if there some problems I just quit and that’s it, why talking shit, where my money, where uptime
    shut the fuck up all
    I just gonna quit this silently

  381. IDoomyou says:

    what? are you idiot? this link is always down! Dread bitch! everyone know that he promote its own shit markets everywhere on dread and so on.

  382. Anonymous says:

    unfortunately but the messages above are clearly truth =(
    i deposited 600$ it appeared on the balance and then someone removed money back and I can’t get them back to me =((

  383. Poida says:

    So is it an exit scam or just down?

  384. Anonymous says:

    Empire is working just fine..i’m on it right now, stop with the exist scam bullshit

  385. Anonymous says:

    it is still down for me, so I don’t know if it ever had an uptime since yesterday early morning

  386. BinElendigeMistkröte789 says:

    it worked 1 hour ago now again not working ihr hurensöhne

  387. Anonymous says:


  388. Anonymous says:


  389. Poop says:

    shit market at all at all

  390. BeAware says:

    they just scamming people quietly slowly removing deposits back from the balance step by step :/

  391. fuck says:

    scam market dont buy any thing in it,you charge the money in btc,they will take it ,never give you . listen to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  392. KiwiTorUser says:

    Working links, cheers in advanced.

  393. Bnaej says:

    I ordered two times the past couple of days, balance was updated after 20 minutes, no scam, don’t believe what you’re reading here

  394. Dudes2405 says:

    For deposit, today, they give me a Fake BTC adress starting with 3Kg6a … ending … CY2V.
    Looks like this is the end of this market dudes

    • Dude2405 says:

      3Kg6aHLKJqEoGvSZokLivEWvn6APUdCY2V is the complete address, i let you check the transactions

      • patina55 says:

        Me too!! Deposited to the same exact address and it did not go into my wallet. Followed the chain it’s there over 7.5 BTC in there now. EXIT SCAM!!!

  395. hemm says:

    down again?

  396. Puf says:

    Just now?

  397. Anonymous says:

    DO NOT USE THIS MARKET! Reputable vendors on there, but when you deposit BTC, you will lose it!!! They gave us all that same BS address listed above. SHIT MARKET!!!

  398. LOLZO says:

    dread behind this he’ll never admit or update current information till they completely scam all people xDD, then he’ll promote his another shitmarket I swear

  399. bigladder says:

    Any working links for Empire , Please

  400. sam samuel says:

    i deposited coins today this morning and they did show up. site is just down guys be patient

  401. Anonymous says:

    what’s the point of using the market if it’s always down? and deposit coins to it..
    must withdraw

    • Nag says:

      these admins are really pressured due to nonstop ddos attacks, I’m afraid they gonna end up with exit-scam for real, including people above are talking about deposit problems

      • Sepp says:

        Ive spent 100€ and after 48h i wasnt oline, my money was gone! And then i wrote a support ticket! They always closed my tickets

  402. shit says:

    I check Onion.live and it’s always down

  403. KiwiTorUser says:

    anyone got working links?

  404. shit says:

    not work

  405. Anonymous says:

    this market never been online since I visited it on 13 may

  406. Anonymous says:

    If anyone Bitcoins have no arrived, it is because you used a Phising site, the real Empire has a red warning on the homepage and the BTC deposit page. I lost a deposit via a phising site 5 days ago, make sure every-time you go on the website that the red warning message appears.

    • hector says:

      What happens if you don’t deposit ?? I got caught by a phising site…I only entered my log in details but it never loaded up…I then used a correct url ( I think) and placed some orders with money already in my wallet….now I can’t log in at all ?? I have created a new account but fuck knows if my orders a live and how the fuck do they change your password with the phrase words??

  407. Anonymous says:

    Any new links, can’t find anything

  408. kazas says:

    Any working links for Empire Market, Please

  409. CL says:

    Not one single link is working…

  410. secrets says:

    whats going on with empire rn?

  411. Anonymous says:

    what’s your purpose of doin’ crashed links, shuttup nigge

  412. Anonymous says:

    wow that’s a good one. lets deposit

  413. Anonymous says:

    nah shit, that one’s stole my passwordz and 6000$ gone, shit.

  414. adolf says:

    cant log in my password has changed or something wtf

    • AHAHHAHHAA says:

      oh this velvet glove, I like it.

    • Gatekeeper says:

      Mine too, fucking gay. Placed an order and need to give buddy address

    • Gatekeeper says:

      Any luck retrieving your login information? I fucked myself and didn’t save my special code. Made a new account and opened a ticket, placed an order yesterday so hopefully I can get back in I think it was from clicking that stupid phishing link, logged in and now I’m locked out.

    • Hector says:

      Hello…did you get a resolution on this?? I have the same issue with a couple of orders sitting open?? whats happened or happening ??

  415. Anonymous says:

    why this market no available at all????

  416. Anonymous says:


  417. Anonymous says:

    Empire is Dead Go To Nightmare

  418. s says:

    thassa fucked act

  419. feer says:

    who still sit on empire are idiots I give you my word they gonna exit

  420. Anonymous says:

    It works yall just gotta chill

  421. Jibjab says:

    Anyone been on empire in the last 3 hours? This is ridiculous

  422. John316 says:

    Same bullshit link you keep posting, sounds fishy too me

  423. rez says:

    anyone succeed opening this market? please give me a link

  424. rez says:

    It is phishing. don’t use it.

  425. Jibjab says:

    Found one but when I keep trying to enter my login it says it’s incorrect like someone else mentioned.
    this one worked

  426. bunnyplug says:

    Go to silkroad 3.1 ive had no problems. and every deal is successful and its never down. its my new site

  427. Anonymous says:

    dont use link!!

  428. Anonymous says:

    use silkroad 3.1 this is an actual link.. itll confirm it on the website that its a real link

    • Anonymous says:

      also you dont have to deposit your money if you dont want to. you can just send it straight from your wallet like wallstreet. ive done both and been successful all times.
      alot of vendors from wsm are on there, but id like to see alot more

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey, thanks, this worked! Is it a new link then?

  429. s1x says:

    tread lightly on the 3b link I didn”t inspect it. Markets need better vendors

  430. Anonymous says:

    it’s a phishing link

  431. j pop says:

    actual empire link? Too many phishers and broken onions!

  432. Anonymouus says:

    Actual empire link??

  433. EMPIRE TEAM says:


  434. BITCH says:


  435. Anonymous says:

    I logged in earlier today and reloaded the page and the CAPTCHA changed each time so seemed legit, logged on and it had my personal phrase as well. went and deposited Bitcoin (£50 worth) with new link (I checked I had not used before).
    I logged on again a few hours now after a few unsucessful attempts i found the same link, logged on and my funds were not there? However the same Bitcoin Address was there. What has happened to my funds ? Are they just taking time?

  436. Aa says:

    Stop using Empire ist Not good amk

  437. Anonymous says:

    i think that was that a legit link to empire market tho cos the CAPTCHA was changing – can it take longer than 3 hours for my money to show up in my empire account ?

  438. Superbro says:

    Damn shit, I also tried the one without captcha changing… whats whe worst case now?

  439. kfz says:

    what is new url?? de market ist 90% offline!!

  440. Anonymous says:


  441. Anonymous says:

    working link??

  442. kiwiTorUser says:

    Desperate to get on, anyone with a link? cheers in advance

  443. Rainofarrows says:

    This is rediculous. Is there some other market that works fine at this time and has reputable vendors?

  444. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know why silkroad 3.1 is down today?

  445. Anonymous says:


  446. hector says:

    How is it a scam ? do they steal your log in details ?? I used it and now I can log into my account ???

  447. Anonymous says:

    Now the login screen loads but, when I try to login it doesn’t load

  448. Benjamin Franklin Commander of the Penisarmada says:


    Ive just recently, 5 days ago, created an account at empire market, after dream went dark sadly. Dream market was awesome, had like 20 smaller purchases and everything came through, great vendors good market. But empire is a broken thing. Its never online and nobody knows anything. Dunno what it is but I highly recommend any newcomers to stay far away from empire market even if it reopens. theyre just not realiable and thats an understatement. Dont go to empire. Sorry if any of you deposited big amounts of bitcoins. But empire is way too unreliable. Either they scammed all of us or theyre just not smart or good enough to prevent those massive ddos attacks or theyre just stupid but whoever runs empire is incompetent and doesnt deserve your trust and money. Stay away from it. I placed two orders on the 23. One actually came through, vedor shipped very quickly. The second one was still ‘processing’ on the 24th and I think the vendor simply couldnt get online anymore just like the rest of us. No link is working, no matter what kind of link you choose, you try to login and then nothing ever happens. This market sux. Ill never go back to it ever again in this life. This is not a place where you can buy your weed.

  449. 317INDIANAPOLIS317 says:

    i was literally just on empire and it shut down icontacted all my top of the line vendors and asked them for all of there contact info such as other markets and there names on them and if they have a wickr acoount such as names/address.. empire been totally far to me never been fucked over everything came as described everything is perfect except the FUCKEN DDOS ATTACKS IS RUINING EVERYTHING THIS IS LIETERALLY MY ONLY JOB i been infatuated with dark markets since i was 14 first time watching the movie Dope i finally learned how to do the shit a couple months ago im just tryna get rich man fr fuck poverty

  450. Legit Buyer says:

    Fuk only knows why empire is constantly bouncing their mirrors. Probably freaked post alpha etc…

    Anyway this link works for now. This forum seems like a good place to keep upto date. Any other sites people would recommend.

  451. Legit Buyer says:

    Although can’t get past log on (face slap)

    Any other bright ideas?

  452. trying hard says:

    now nothing is working

  453. No says:

    Any links that ain’t phishing.

  454. Anonymous says:

    working fine!
    for real though, where those non-phish links at??

  455. charlie says:

    any one got some real urls ???? need to get on the market asap cheers

  456. Shango says:

    are we scammed?

  457. ACCCGOTHACKED says:


    • Legit (not that one) says:

      Sorry dude – wrong guy. Just a casual buyer. Sorry someone ripped you.

      Genuinely trying to help people find links that work. Just picked the wrong handle.

  458. Anonymous says:

    This link is also a phishing link :))

  459. man_on_fire says:

    it was working fine yesterday with the last set of links dark posted, now it’s down again. new links dark?

  460. Anonymous says:

    Anyone have the current mirror links for today?

  461. dark says:

    to slow legit you prick.

    Guys when you do log in add pgp to your login.

  462. Anonymous says:

    Cant get any link to work and the one I can get to work I suspect it’s a phishing link which is fucking wack cant get past the login screen. I feel horrible for anyone who has lost any BTC fuck this market. I suggest people contact there vendors and ask for there different markets wickr ect. This ship is sunk

  463. dadaa says:

    and the btc addresses are being rerouted from the real wallet addresses so not phishing links is empire,i lost btc yesterday and one of the addresses exact same but ended up in another one.cunts

  464. dadaa says:

    3AtnhMUcy7D3WfDd3gJRHFcLJ3j1ukT8m4 this one

  465. Anonymous says:

    Anyone get on Empire market? or any new links that work, nothing works

  466. Anonymous says:

    I figured it was a phishing site. Same captcha everytime. I need a legit link that is working so I can safely change my password nothing Is working I have gone through tons

  467. Anonymous says:

    Been trying for 7hrs can’t get on any links thought empire was t new dream, anyone been successfully yet

  468. Anonymous says:

    I’m right there with you I have been up all night trying new links looking for new markets that vendors I can trust are on I’m miss dream.

  469. Anonymous says:

    i was able to log in and out easily up until the 27/05. then i made a transaction have since been only able to log in once on the 28/05. and not since then.

    Any luck for anyone? Is it over for us?

  470. Anonymous says:

    Been using t same vendor since dream then onto empire, finding someone reliable is difficult, is there any other way to contact your vendor direct

  471. Anonymous says:

    Anyone had any luck getting any links that work

  472. daada says:

    i got on last night but not since

  473. Anonymous says:

    Nothing so far still not working.

  474. Commander of the penisarmada says:

    Nope, like somebody mentioned, I was also able to login for just a few brief minutes yesterday, on the 28. But 5 clicks later the site was unavailable and you cant login. Empire is gone an even if it comes back online, who would ever risk putting any bitcoins in their accounts, when the market can just vanish any second and has been vanishing apparently throughout all of may. It seems the ddos attackers are just way too powerful and can dictate their will and the markets simply dont have the tools to do anything about it or were being scammed by the market. Either way, the market is way too unreliable. If you can ever login again, get your bitcoins out and dont ever deposit anything again or youll most certainly loose it all.

  475. Anonymous says:

    Any reliable links from different sites nothing to do with empire or dream

  476. dark says:


  477. dark says:

    I got that from https://onion.live/

    And its the only link that works.

  478. woundedghost says:

    or you can try accessing it via tors home page as i have just done. good luck

  479. dadda says:

    go to onion.live will give you list of trusted links not phishing ones

  480. dfasdfasfd says:

    Yeah, this legit buyer guy got into my account as well. I was dumb enough to follow his link and he placed an order with my account with a vendor called zamani which is prolly this legit buyer fucking dickweed.

    • not that dickweed says:

      Mate as per above I was trying to help people out – if it wasn’t for Anonymous pointing out the link I posted was a fake I would have also been nailed. Hence my immediate response stating if you followed it change yr password.

      Links at the bottom of the page appear to be working for now. Sorry that someone took advantage. Appreciate this probably means nothing as who the am I but I’m not that dickweed.

      • notelling says:

        Happened to me yesterday someone got into my account and tried to cancel my order-luckily it had been sent so he couldn’t use my funds- password changed, watch out fellas

  481. No says:

    Phishing link dont go

  482. Anonymous says:


  483. Anonymous says:


  484. Anonymous says:

    Watch out there be some cunts about

  485. Nooneimportant says:

    Same here, looks like this might be the new way to take our money.

  486. Anonymous says:

    any good mirrors for today?

  487. daddaa says:

    have left empire a ticket as deposited money and it never turned up has went into another wallet,is there anything they can do refund me etc or will they even reply?

    • Bob Dover says:

      I”ve had the exact same issue, I think they’re exit scamming. I lost 0.012 BTC because of this

  488. Anonymous says:

    Why can I not login to my empire account I changed passwords. But now I cannot enter it no more?

  489. Dimi says:

    Why can’t I login to my account I changed passwords and it just don’t work no more

  490. Anonymous says:

    Becareful guys Russiancarders.se are scam… please dont do any deal on there, because you will get blocked after depositing coin..
    be safe Guys

  491. Anon says:

    anyone know how long it usually takes an admin to respond on empire? i’m a noob..registered an account the other day and enabled 2fa, fucked it up somehow and now I can’t login to my account. pgp returns a no key found error. registered another account and opened a ticket yesterday, haven’t heard back

  492. Anon says:

    why not just use onion.live for updated links?

  493. Anonymous says:

    be careful a phising link.. i wasted you “phisher” 🙂 check in future google what i will upload from your things..

  494. Anonymous says:

    be careful a phising link.. i wasted you “phisher” ? check in future google what i will upload from your things..

  495. rinchua says:

    any working links?

  496. Dmnitcarl says:

    Goodness this is crazy how are they still attacking empire! I was online this morning. now no links work.. can anyone post callicannabis wickr?

  497. Anonymous says:

    is this still down?

  498. NickGrs says:

    why yall always askin if the site is down and for links???? check onion.live

  499. Anonymous says:

    phising links be careful 🙂

  500. agat says:

    pishing !

  501. nibbles says:

    if they only post 1 mirror link its a scam I lost 1k. just wait for the main sites to come back on

  502. nibbles says:

    makre sure u set up 2nd verification also that u must decrypt a message after u log in it helps save your btc !

  503. BONNER says:

    are the links on onion.live legit?

  504. stanlee says:

    Went to darkfail and the first link I tried worked?
    captcha changes with refresh, 2FA, and personal phrase are correct… seems legit? logged in now

  505. Anonymous says:


  506. chank says:

    whats the best market for greens?

  507. Anonymous says:

    u have other link all dont work thx

  508. allah says:

    how long is this bullshit going to continue? Every fooking day looking for new links, until those dont work either. What kind of sick game is this?

  509. allah akhbar says:

    he FBI, Interpol, FSB who ever you are. Can you go rot in hell you facking piggs? You are not good and you are not doing good work. You are worthless, fake, lying cowards who have nothing better to do. Go do something about real crime, you losers. You are not making p-eople healthy, but BANKRUPT. Thats what you do. Think about your stupid law enforcement. I dont believe in your laws. FU!!!

  510. BubbaHunt says:

    maaaaaaaan I wish one of the admins on em would respond to my ticket…still locked out of my account cause im a noob and fucked my pgp key up. get a no key found error, not sure what i did. guessing they probably just don’t respond on weekends, hopefully they will today

  511. Anonymous says:

    Anyone got any working links?

  512. Anonymous says:

    someone has got to have a link somewhere!! driving me insane

  513. Anonymous says:

    Nope 🙁

  514. anonymous says:

    anyone have any working links

  515. Anonymous says:

    any other links…. it’s so hard to get on!

  516. Anonymous says:

    Made a deposit and still not showing after hours of waiting

  517. Anonymous says:

    any news on empire market? Got any links that are real?

  518. Mindapproach says:

    any current empire market links?

  519. Mindapproach says:

    not working anymore

  520. Jack says:

    not accepting my password. Is this happening to anyone else? No, I don’t have the mnemonic. Am I scwooed?

  521. jacktrip says:

    u guys need to relax and stop clicking phishing links…ONLY USE LINKS ON ONION.LIVE its not hard

  522. Anonymous says:

    fishing link

  523. WeareLEGION says:

    phishing mf piece of sh#t ME NOW

  524. Sassy says:

    Can anyone tell me why its not working?

  525. JKLE n HYDE says:

    wats happend with it?

  526. Random says:

    any working links?

  527. Anonymous says:

    nothing works….

  528. Furax3 says:

    Any working links empire market ??

  529. Anonymous says:

    every day we must wait for new links, its always impossible to connect …. damn, i found the words for what i’m feeling, so as i speak french, it will be easyer like this : putain de merde, chaque jour c’est la misere pas possible pour se connecter sur empire, faut courir partout pour trouver les bons liens … dommage pour eux, moi comme surement beaucoup d’autres, et ben je me tire … vraiment dommage

  530. Anonymous says:


  531. WishfulThinking says:

    Waiting on magicdragoon as they have links yesterday that worked

  532. SnowFlake says:

    Oke guys deposit money 5 days ago, definetly nto phsing link. sure about it. Now there is msg, u been credited. But no money on ballance. Empire gone?

  533. philo says:

    Impossible to connect me with my usename and password! He tell me wrong password or username……..really empire its the hell. Oh i miss u so much DM

  534. Anonymous says:

    Can not login with my username and password
    what to do

  535. Very Important P. says:

    Hi. If I can advise to be sure you are depositing to a real site always make deposit of very little 0.000 whatever after just really a minimum and wait if it reaches and reflects on your account. It’s doesn’t take long. About 15 minutes on average. And if it does show on your balance only after you send more. Get it?

    • bitcoinstolen says:

      Would have been nice to read this before last night, yep DONT FUCKING TRUST this shit sent 900 worth of coin and it never appeared, this all worked for me 5 weeks ago and nothing now so advise people be very carful.

  536. wank says:


  537. philo says:

    WTF i can’t connect me to my account again wrong username or password!!!!! Whats happend….i pass 3 orders yesterday i just want confirmation! What can i do?

  538. philo says:

    Yeah the links go on login page…..BUT IMPOSSIBLE TO LOG ME becuase he told me wrong password or usename!!!! Whats happend i lose my account?!? I lose my MOney?!

  539. philo says:

    really i try under ll links and it doesnt work so i create a new account to contact the vendor! Ok i’ll try again and again to see if i can log me! How many times u try before u logged pls?

  540. philo says:

    thx i’ll try…..under other i try more tha 50 times for NOTHING hope will work i tell u

  541. philo says:

    F*** nothing works i try over 10 times on the 3 links and everytime the same! U think Police erase my account?!

  542. spielesammlung says:

    this 3 links are direct from the empire market homepage!

  543. Anonymous says:

    i have the same problem, does anyone have a fix?

  544. Anonymous says:

    i anyone getting in it all, it is just saying my username and password is incorrect?

    • longabeach33 says:

      Me too, I dépositaire it’s ok and I placed order but no Accepted and now impossible to login he say my username or password is not good on my account !!!

  545. Anonymous says:

    This EMPIRE MARKET is a total scam, be carreful everybody.
    Moderators don’t answer messages. Disputes remain unsolved.
    I don’t trust the administrators of this market as they seem to be dodgy.

  546. Sadmarket says:

    i have deposited but nothing my money is gone

  547. SHADOWWATCH says:


    • SHADOWWATCH says:



  548. SHADOWWATCH says:


  549. Anonymous says:

    SCAM BE CAREFUL OF HIS POSTS!! This guys a scam

  550. Anna says:

    I deposited by BTC 15 hours ago but still nothing. Can anyone help?

    • Maybe says:

      check your bitcoin adress on blockchain when there is more than 1 transaction you was on a phishing Site

  551. Sadmarket says:


  552. Néo says:

    to deposit money, nothing! change password check all the links is despite the change of address BTC on each link, the accounts look OK or so All wrong because the phising does not work (wrong password on other links so all related !!!)
    send admin message
    open ticket !!!
    send message to the sellers !!!
    waiting for an answer !!!
    Actually ANONYMOUS it smells L’arnarque because in addition I followed the transactions in the Block Chain and suspicious transfers to an account with 38 transaction set 2 BTC cashed in 24 Hours!
    I cross my fingers for a Bug because of DDOS attack !!!!
    Buffering !!!

  553. nateplate says:

    maybe empire has been seized and has been taken over by le? why aren’t the admins responding to any messages? maybe they’re planning a exit scam. how do u just ignore customer messages…….

  554. Néo says:

    No acces Forum by Site …????

  555. Sadmarket says:

    no this are phishing links dont deposit on this adresses

  556. Anna says:

    How do I know which link is legit and I can deposit funds? I deposited about 0.019 BTC last night, but nothing shows in balance

  557. Fucker says:

    phishing links!!!!!!!!! Fuck you fucking fuck

  558. Dark says:

    May 28, 2019
    Bitcoin deposit function improved significantly. ”

    Unfortunately after deposit on May 29, 2019 my transaction never appeared on balance but had chance to see it on website, after ticket yesterday. Empire market removed transaction confirmation from website aswell. Like we see they are just stealing money to exit from the market. Only market I can remmember exit properly was DM and we dont have to wait same from empire.

    • NIGHT says:

      there is no exit scam, you just was on a phishing link

      • Dark says:

        Been on main empire mirror even same as yesterday and what is the reason my transaction was deleted after ticket :-))) its not the first market who fcks up. They ignore all users like i understand. So gg.

    • neo says:

      That’s what I thought, they will flee, I hope they catch them in this case, it’s not Buisness that, it’s theft! ; (((

    • lc says:

      same exact thing happened to me. it showed up on my transaction history and everything, then i messaged support about it and the history was cleared. i got a very vague message back from support, haven’t heard from them since

  559. tripper says:

    Any working links empire market ? please

  560. acid says:

    working for me thx!!

  561. Kcoj says:

    Thanks, empire links worked for me.

  562. neo says:

    more than 400 tickets open to support in 24 hours …!?!

  563. Anonymous says:

    Real Empire Market = Scam – Stay away !!

  564. longabeach33 says:

    I want to reset my password because my account is scammer but I can’t do it even though I register the good memmomnic when I validate it tells me that my username or my memmomnic is not good I do not understand anything anymore.
    It seemed to me that it was not possible to change usurname.
    Can someone help me get my account back or is that impossible?

  565. Anonymous says:

    its a scam

  566. fuck says:

    scam steals my money fucker

  567. Dark Fail is scammin says:

    dark fail is a scam. I sent 180 to empire market with the wallet code starting with a 3 (like the disclaimer said) and FUCK FUCK FUCK no BTC credited. Address was correct.

  568. tex says:

    dark.fail isn’t a scam , I think empire is scamming on their own. or they were taken over by le. i would stay away for the time being. something shady is definitely going on with them.

  569. acid says:

    I was just on empire, this link work
    a little slow but ok. always verifey people then there is no problem!

  570. fuck says:

    Me too i deposit yesterday with the wallet code starting with a 3 at this adresse 3Mv5YN1RpxsJYV6Rjin4t75vhrV7Wc94GS (like the disclaimer said) and no BTC credited.
    I see this adresse on blockchain and they are 47 transactions with me
    We are scammed ?

  571. philo says:

    Hi dont trust link from acid is a pshish everytime the same captch! Me i can’t connect me or reset my password….f*** again money lost! EM only problems! To get connected etc etc…..better find an other market

  572. trent says:

    i recommend nightmare…solid for me so far

  573. !!!!!!!! says:

    No site, including dark.fail, is immune to listing phishing links. All links, regardless of where obtained, should be distrusted by default, unless and until, a PGP-signed mirror verification message is obtained, then validated, for that link.

  574. wtf says:

    i have a problem with deposit in empiremarket , after +10h btc don’t appear in my empiremarket wallet . Users on nightmare market have same problems WTF!

    • Rich says:

      Same problem here. 3 days now since my bitcoin deposit vanished and no reply from their support people.
      I think that money has gone.

  575. Anonymous says:

    3 tickets + 2 disputes for more than 2 weeks – 0 response from any moderator !!
    Carreful everybody !! This sounds like a scam market !!

  576. pop says:

    how to verify a link ? i am new pls help

  577. jackkk says:

    thanks mate you are a hero 😀

  578. JR says:


  579. Anonymous says:

    Empire isn’t a scam market but tbh i think its starting to die because everyone used to message and talk and your orders would be quick but now all my orders dont work anymore or they are really slow and dont respond anymore

  580. Anthony3011 says:

    Il y a encore quelques temps c’était le top mais maintenant en 3 jours un virement de 200 € n’est pas arrivé sur mon compte aujourd’hui je l’ai fait un nouveau virement de 170 € empire Market a bloqué mon compte je ne peux même plus y accéder je n’ai aucune réponse du support je pense qu’il y a un réel problème il faut à tout prix fermer cette plate-forme grosse arnaque

    • longabeach33 says:

      Salut man,
      C’est la merde on c fait scammer en beauté, j’ai réussi à recevoir mon argent j’ai placé 2 commandes et 3h après plus accès à mon compte même en faisant style que j’ai perdu mon password, en tapant le memmonnic que nous avons enregistré lors de l’inscription, on me réponds que mon username ou que mon memmonnic ne sont pas bon, je pense que c username qui a changer car moi seul est la bonne série de mot 9 en ce qui me concerne..
      Donc je pense que le connard qui m’a hacker à du annuler mes 2 commandes auprès des vendeurs pour récupérer l’argent et le virer sur son compte….
      Voilà fin de l’histoire, je pense que toi aussi c la même mon ami, apparemment ça craint sur NM aussi idem avec les wallet …
      Bon courage mon ami, à plus

  581. Anthony3011 says:

    Some time ago it was the top but now in 3 days a transfer of € 200 has not arrived on my account today I made a new transfer of € 170 Empire Market has blocked my account I can not even access it I have no answer support I think there is a real problem it is necessary to close this platform big scam

    • BEEN SCAMMED says:

      Exactly the same has happened to me £400 gone account closed no reply from moderators .. 100% verified site so INSIDE SCAM JOB ??

  582. neo says:

    check that you have the same wallet address on several links !!!

  583. neo says:

    depot ok 80 €

  584. !!!!!!! says:

    No site, including dark.fail, is immune to listing phishing links. All links, regardless of where obtained, should be distrusted by default, unless and until, a PGP-signed mirror verification message is obtained, then validated, for that link.

  585. Anonymous says:

    this work for the moment, probably just 10 minutes because empire switch al the time :s

  586. Anthony3011 says:

    My account has disappeared I can not log in anymore my name no longer exists so if I’m looking for Empire Market my profile still exists someone would have an explanation please?

  587. neo says:

    fait 2 dépots, passé 2 commandes et déconnecter du site et impossible de me reconnecter avec mes identifiants …???

    • neo says:

      impossible sur aucun liens de me connecter donc soit c’est un vrai site et j’arriverais a me connecter à nouveau ou alors c’est un fake et du scam et dans ce cas je vous préviendrais ici si j’ai € bien reçu mes commandes et si il m’on rembourses mes 250 € que j’ai envoyer jamais reçu sur mon portefeuille ;()

  588. neo says:

    impossible sur aucun liens de me connecter donc soit c’est un vrai site et j’arriverais a me connecter à nouveau ou alors c’est un fake et du scam et dans ce cas je vous préviendrais ici si j’ai € bien reçu mes commandes et si il m’on rembourses mes 250 € que j’ai envoyer jamais reçu sur mon portefeuille ;()

    • longabeach33 says:

      salut néo,
      Idem pour moi après avoir passé 2 commandes plus accès à mon compte…
      Je pense que c un fake ou que les hackeurs annulent nos commandes et se font rembourser par les vendeurs les commandes et récupère les thunes…!
      J’ai ouvert un new account et envoyé 2 messages aux vendeurs et ceux ci ne répondent pas je leurs ai dis que ma femme avait changé mon password et que du coup c pour ça que je leur envoyé un message pour savoir si mes commandes ont été envoyés avec un nouveau compte..
      Mais bon ça pu, je crois que les vendeurs ont compris et ils ont pas envisageable de se faire avoir eux aussi, j’espère encore un peu recevoir mes commandes samedi ou mardi au plus tard..
      On se tiens au jus mon ami..

  589. not telling says:

    Still have one dispute open with no answer from moderator!! Money slowly leaving account? I starting to question this site and some of the vendors!! waiting for new DM to open in August cause these markets now can’t even touch the old DM!!

  590. Anthony3011 says:

    Exactement pareil impossible de me connecter sur mon compte après avoir fait de virement et des commandes je me suis créé un nouveau compte pour discuter avec les menteurs tout fonctionne normalement mon profil et bien présents sur empire Market mais je ne peux pas me connecter

  591. longabeach33 says:

    je comprends pas comment tu fais pour voir ton profil puisque tu as un nouveau compte ?
    As tu envoyé des messages aux vendeurs à qui tu as commandé ?

  592. longabeach says:

    And the others markets NM, Berlusconi, is exit scam too .

  593. A says:

    how is nm a scam ?

  594. Anthony3011 says:

    Pour voir mon compte je tape mon identifiant dans la barre de recherche et je me trouve

  595. Anthony3011 says:

    Pour info toujours pas accès à mon compte mes il et toujours présent sur empire market si une personne a une response à me fournir je suis preneur !!!!

    • longabeach33 says:

      idem, comme toi j’arrive plus à me connecter…
      Même en mettant les 9 mots Mnémonic qui nous ont été donnes au moment de l’inscription et en inscrivant mon username la réponse est que l’un des 2 n’est pas conforme…alors que mon username est toujours actif sur Empire…
      Je pense que c’est mort maintenant, mais regarde le mec Empire_vétéran/ Anonymous est leurs supers liens qui fonctionnent mais à ne pas utiliser car à chaque fois que tu te sers de ce lien c’est le même catchpa 24416 Lol !!! et ce lien est un bon exemple de l’arnaque …
      Bonne continuation

  596. longabeach says:

    No, because it’s the same catchpa same time 19416…… scam link it’s sure !
    Hé work perfect but is not good, Good lucky bro !

  597. Anonymous says:

    be careful for phishing links guys, allways verify miror

  598. Anonymous says:


    Working + safe

  599. Angel007 says:

    Does anyone know where I can find rawsforlife? I can’t log on to CGMC anymore. Thanks in advance

  600. all2313 says:

    j ai ete pirater aussi ! le temps de recuperer mon compte 15 min a peu pret ! une commande de 52 euros de GHB a ete passer chez DutchDopeCrew et finaliser !!! Tres rapide quant meme ,impossible d envoyer et de receptionner une commande en si peu de temps ! je pence qu on rentre nos identifient sur fausse page que l on trouve ici ! et que ce vendeur et peu etre d autres se font des commandes avec notre compte !

  601. Doctorchakra1 says:

    Do not use any links from darkfail they are phishing sites been phished for 55pounds fuck you darkfail scumbags

  602. Doctorchakra1 says:


  603. anan says:

    I am £400 missing

  604. ???? says:

    whats wrong with empire fucking phiching links

  605. Anonymous says:

    pls give me a normal good working link!!!!!!!

  606. attention says:

    No site, including dark.fail, is immune to listing phishing links. All links, regardless of where obtained, should be distrusted by default, unless and until, a PGP-signed mirror verification message is obtained, then validated, for that link.

  607. Anonymous says:


  608. Anonymous says:

    you make my day mister

  609. darkgirl says:

    need fresh linkl

  610. GUTTED says:


  611. SCAMMERS says:


  612. Fuck says:

    Have lost my account password was wrong

  613. Anonymous says:

    every day we must wait for new links, its always impossible to connect 🙁

  614. blabla says:

    Do not use any links from darkfail they are phishing sites been phished for 55pounds fuck you darkfail scumbags

  615. .... says:

    same problem, fucking scammers

  616. 2F4U says:

    any links please..

    whats the reasson for changing links every time?
    it sucks….

    Need links pls.

  617. German says:

    Official site delete account

  618. piE says:


  619. lsk says:

    Dont think so all mirrors seem to down now

  620. lsk says:

    No is not its just slow but verify is ok today all empire links are very slow

  621. Anonymous says:

    One of the links posted here yesterday was a scam. Someone got into my account and transferred out the last of the bitcoin I had in it. It was only $20 or so, but be careful everyone.

  622. Anonymous says:

    ALWAYS use the verify function on the link 🙂

  623. Anonymous says:

    my account was hacked…how do I get the money out of escrow

  624. Stolen says:

    My btc stolen account delete no deposit there

  625. Anonymous says:

    Account deleted after depositing money. EMPIRE MARKET IS PLANNING A EXIT SCAM IT LOOKS LIKE…..STAY AWAY!

  626. Anonymous says:

    Impossible to find a real working link.. I think Empire is dead

  627. Fuck empire says:

    I have daposit 30 eur to a new account that I was created it was delete.. Fuck z

  628. empire_king says:

    just deposited and spent my money no issues what so ever

  629. Userempire says:

    False link phising warning

  630. Anonymous says:

    impossible!! there are no current links empire links change all the time.
    you are a SCAMMER

  631. fuck off says:


  632. dead to scammers says:

    DREAM MARKET: the good old day’s 🙁

  633. Anonymous says:

    No site, including dark.fail, is immune to listing phishing links. All links, regardless of where obtained, should be distrusted by default, unless and until, a PGP-signed mirror verification message is obtained, then validated, for that link.

  634. Doctorchakra1 says:

    Remember to phishing sites won’t have your personal greeting

  635. Anonymous says:

    get a life piece of shit

  636. BTC says:

    whats the reasson for changing links every time?
    it sucks….

  637. Anonymous says:

    dude get a life ist a fucking scam link

  638. Anonymous says:

    how long is this bullshit going to continue? Every focking day looking for new links, until those dont work either.

  639. Hello says:

    Hey Guys, a queastion:

    Is it possible to hack my account if I have a 2FA?

  640. Anonymous says:

    I;ve deposit 2 day ago and got nothing. Is it normal to take a long time on Empire?

  641. Doctorchakra1 says:

    That doesnt absolutely mean fuck all I have been phished before and the depositing address started with 3 don’t be fooled people always check to see 8f you can see your login phrase aswell

    • Anonymous says:

      Yup got done with an address that started with a 3. Also had 2FA login, which must have been replicated along with the login phrase was also correct. Site replication ? otherwise someone hacked or admins are scammers. ?

  642. Robin Hood says:

    anyone got a working link please been trying for hours

  643. fuck you phisher says:


  644. Anonymous says:

    verified link working always check verify

  645. GUI says:


  646. Anonymous says:

    can you pls stop? fucking pric.
    people ist a scammer don’t use this link

  647. Moron avoider says:

    My God there are so many fucking idiots here.

  648. WTF says:

    does empire market even work anymore?

  649. WTF says:

    who else got scammed by empire market ???

  650. Montague says:

    Transferred a substantial amount of BTC to my Empire account on 3rd June….made triple sure I wasn’t phished….Empire address was bona fide….money never appeared and several support tickets later no response from the support team. I don’t think I’ll see my money again. Exit scam?

    • User says:

      You say that and your first link is a phishing link lmao, i don’t know for the other link, always control pgp key before write your password

  651. Anonymous says:

    These are the correct links as listed on homepage

  652. LC says:

    Same exact shit happened to me. I deposited to a legitimate empire link, it started with a 3 – i waited 24 hours, the transfer said “completed” but no bitcoin. i got a half hearted response from support “where did you send it” and when i replied that it was definitely a legit link, and showed the transfer on my balance page, they deleted the transfer and still haven’t answered (this was on may 22). i screenshotted it suspecting something was up – i think it’s an exit scam.

  653. z says:

    need link please

  654. Anonymous says:

    sam link

  655. Anonymous says:

    empire is a scam

  656. Anonymous says:

    It’s maddening that Empire doesn’t respond to support tickets.

    “You will be replied within 24 hours. Please have patience.”

    5 days later…

  657. Ritualist dad says:

    @JOSH JAY if you use your link to scam me or my friends you will die cause over here thats what we specialize in,there is no harm in trying though….be warn

  658. Anonymous says:

    whats wrong whit empire today? its hard to find a working link 🙁

  659. Poor man says:

    Welldone @josh jay pls free those acct ,pls lets help each other not scam each other

  660. correct guy says:

    To know a phising empire link check the icons they always disapper and appear and try putting in false info first,also url has some php extension in it, stay safe …..josh jay welldone send my greets to grandpa

  661. Anonymous says:

    fuck off scam link

  662. Anonymous says:


  663. Anonymous says:

    not working dude

  664. Anonymous says:


  665. Anonymous says:

    working links pls….

  666. Dd1290 says:

    I clicked on the scam link and tried logging in and now my passsword doesn’t work, have to make a new account, it’d be great if someone can post some legit links

  667. Anonymous says:

    it’s possible so always check /verify page!
    Its called darkweb for a reason

  668. fucked in the ass by scamers : says:

    I am wondering the same unfortunately for the same reason… and truly my hope is small, created new account and made ticket no response. and get working link is becoming impossible.. Unless its due to true admins, BTC or whatever should be in escrow , and order should be send… nah fuck loosing my hope..shit..

  669. fucked in the ass by scammers, not anymore says:

    I am not realy crying for being tricked. just want my stuff i paid for and also reply from admins which they claim to be within 24 hours… would be nice… Why the hack I can not restore my account whay all these secure prahses and pins… and getting no response… sucks…thats all..

  670. Anonymous says:

    don’t use this market its a scam

  671. Anonymous says:

    Deposit slow as fuck today

  672. Mindapproach says:

    Working links/invites? TY

  673. Mindapproach says:

    None of these are working for me. Any others? TY

  674. dondon says:

    deposited money but not in my account 24 hours later. seems support tickets are useless as admin never respond. forum link also never works…

    • Anonymous says:

      Same here mate deposited 100 and nothing in account after 24 hours yet. May just be slow fingers crossed

      • Anonymous says:

        Nope. Deposited 350 USD into my account with a mirror verified with PGP, my welcome message and my address started with a 3. Almost 5 days since I opened a ticket and no response. Empire is dead

  675. tc says:

    SOME DAYS I REALLY GET PISSED OFF , i get a few e,s and a bit of smoke because i dont have much money , live in a shit town with no jobs , and those that are available are low paid and humiliating , i have a whining wife and no real prospects , and then my account is hijacked , and im praying they dont cancel my orders ,
    but really i want to say you little twats who post all the scam links , karma will catch you up one day , and you wont even have a friend to visit you in hospital , youll be all alone with that worthless money that wont help you at all , you black souled human parasite ,

  676. Anonymous says:

    need link

  677. Anonymous says:

    this guy is a real piece of shit, hope you die with a lot of pain

  678. dondon says:

    how do i get in touch with admin the forum link does not work at all

  679. Got scammed says:

    Got scammed, somebody accessed my account, set an auto-purchase and as soon as I deposited the money it made an autopurchase of an empty item. What the actual fuck

    • Got scammed says:

      Seller; DutchDopeCrew
      Item: Sample combolist private

      Avoid those motherfuckers its an empty item and just transfers money

  680. get rekt says:

    same here wtf is that, order archived and it says THIS IS A TEST in the seller notes… the listing was made today and already 21 sold, hit me for 240usd

  681. Anonymous says:

    24 hrs after deposit, verified link and wallet beginning with a 3. No sign of coins.

  682. Bnaej says:

    Thanks bro

  683. Anonymous says:

    When was the last time anyone had a support ticket get responded to?

  684. ryan says:

    Hello, I went on a link the other day and deposited fine, also ordered something with a vendor and my btc went down. now cant seem to get on to the site and nothing has arrived. have i been scammed?

  685. empire_oldskool_fan says:

    working just deposited and bought my dope, all works perfect!

  686. youwontlast says:

    so we going to need to look for new links, EVERY SINGLE DAY?
    This is totally unacceptable and unreliable. Unless there is some other way, not gonna throw another 50 euros to some lazy homo gay losers who had a bad childhood. That wont happen 1 more time I am certain.

  687. EmpireExitScam says:

    Doesn´t matter if you deposit to a scam link or an authentic link.
    Scammer will rip your money, empire market will also do.

    A vendor wrote a message that he won´t ship unless he get his money from Empire. They don´t allow to withdrawl and catch his money.

  688. Anonymous says:

    Hey guys
    Deposited money to an adress
    Logged out of my empire and back in
    Link had changed and have a balance of 0 after 3 DAYS!!!!
    Presuming my money is in the other adress does anyone know if it is possible / how to acces it
    Have raised 4 tickets but admin has clearly given up
    I’m going to lose a lot of money ??

    • Anonymous says:

      Same thing happened to me, and then it switched back to the original address. Get prepared for an exit scam, people have been complaining that their support tickets haven’t been answered. They took 350 USD from me and havent answered a ticket in 4 days.

  689. Nunnya says:

    ^^ Same here. Deposit BTC, logged out while waiting for confirmations. It took me over 24 hours to be able to get back on, somehow my password was changed. When I finally got back on all but 11 cents was gone.. Hundreds. I have submitted 4 tickets, and no response! BEWARE OF EMPIRE MARKET!! SKAMMIN MOTHER FUCKERS!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Ahh mate sucks to hear it’s happened to someone else . I guess we just have to hope that empire admins reply soon and sort everyone’s problems out

  690. svitopir says:

    Just to give some good news… I deposited some bitcoins few days ago and made an order. It is shipped and it all worked fine for me. I used one of the addresses posted on 10th June.

  691. MrNown says:

    Ty, helped me so much!

  692. link says:

    need working links :/

  693. Anonymous says:

    anybody have any working links?

  694. Anonymous says:

    anyone have the legit pgp certificate of empire?

  695. youwontlast says:

    this market is completely wasted.
    Every link goes down, every day.
    I don’t get replies anymore from vendors i dont even know if it is sent or not, nor did I remember I left positive feedback yet…but someone is using my account as it seems. I am not gonna buy 0,000 nothing anymore with that account.

    • alphawolf says:

      Why don’t you have 2FA enabled? That’s the first thing you need to do when creating an account. Even if someone phished your username and password, they can’t decrypt the pgp message. There is a reason why vendors are required to have that enabled. It is for your protection.

  696. Anonymous says:

    so apparently now empire isn’t releasing buyer funds to vendors? anyone have any more info on this? has it happened before? is it likely a scam?

  697. Anonymous says:

    fuck you, em

  698. robo says:

    lost my money, everyone lost it, now may I appeal to all the dumbass people that are claimed it’s temporary

  699. Anonymous says:

    working links anyone?

  700. port says:

    Someone said this, is this true or no. should i enter BTC in empire. is it safe
    “Empire is exit scamming or just stealing. Proof is here. I deposited roughly 1.5k in btc last night and there was nothing even telling me the deposit started. It is now fully confirmed and my deposit address is the exact same. If you access the forums you will find a link that automatically generates the newest links, dark.fail
    Form there I pgp’d into my account again to find the same deposit address. Do not deposit coins under any circumstance”

  701. Anonymous says:

    Steer clear from Empire the bastards are on the fiddle.

  702. Anonymous says:

    Thanks bro
    Links are working, thats the current mirrors on empire.

  703. Anonymous says:

    So far no delivery. No response from DutchDopeCrew about my order. I think probably his account his hacked as well as probably many others. I’m going to leave this market ))) that is over. If i dont get my order.

  704. youwontlast says:

    I assume we can all take off now from here? It’s obviously a big scam/hack and yet another market gone. I dont trust it anymore. I think a lot of vendors were hacked as well. I assume this because they don’t respond.

  705. Anonymous says:

    need url

  706. port says:

    need the new mirror links. empire changes them every 15 minutes so they cant get DDOS, but how true is this whole exit scam thing??? shold i not put money into empire?

  707. Anonymous says:


  708. Anonymous says:


  709. Anonymous says:

    3 days no response from vendor, no product received yet. Status of order was “finalized” and feedback left. “I didn’t leave no feedback yet….? This is b.S
    I aint buyin a damn thing here only throwing money away with these markets. I think Nightmare or Tochka is an alternative.

  710. Anonymous says:

    need new link urgent

  711. port says:

    I need the mirror links asap also, but the reason nobodys posting it here like normal is because everyones having trouble get