Big Blue Market

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  1. Anonymous says:

    kica kralj pacova

  2. Anonymous says:

    has anyone already ordered from this market?

    • Anonymous says:

      Please try and stay away from this market. i opened an account everything went well i made a deposit and that’s the end i cant login into my account again.. infact only patronize any walletless market

  3. dida says:

    Exitscam also soon

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am urging people as much as possible to stay away from this market…
    i cant log into my account since i deposited bitcoin into my account…
    if you cant hear thats your business

  5. Biggggy says:

    Please stay away from this market, everything worked fine for me until i deposited bitcoin in my wallet and ordered for cc and thats the end i cant login into my account.. they deceived me with their deceptive security features

  6. Frank says:

    tested good market

  7. Anonymous says:

    Looking for DMT

  8. FBI-informant says:


  9. real says:

    ITS A SCAM. STAY AWAY. is behind this scam.

  10. frenchbuyer says:

    i did ordered twice from market and transfer btc , . i have placed ordered with alibaba, received in 2 days
    jai fait 2 commandes sur ce site et pas de soucis, recu commande alibaba en 48h.

  11. frenchbuyer says:

    first post does not show so i try again
    i have used this market twice to order from alibaba and i had no trouble transferring and receiving (48 hours). i had only one problem withdrawing but trouble was resolved after sending a ticket to moderator.
    j’ai utilise ce market 2 fois cette semaine et jai recu mes commandes ( vendeur alibaba) , pour l’instant pas de soucis.

    • Augustus says:

      Merci pour l’info. je cherche un marché qui fonctionne bien depuis la chute de silk road… J’ai tenté apolonia mais cela ne donne rien !!

  12. BlackPhillip says:

    This market IS skeezey! I tried to withdraw my BTC and they charged me 5 dollars and the order is in disput as we speak!!! BUNK= my experience with BigBlue is like when somebody passes you a cashed bowl and you get that gray taste’n carbon and ash toke…..BUNK!

  13. mick says:

    got scammed- stay away from this market- total bs

  14. updateman says:

    i am wondering why those bad comments,?
    did you really tried to order ?
    because i do not think iam the only one not having any trouble on this market. if you look at evaluation of vendors in the site itself , you will see that many orders went through and well . i transferred btc3 times , i ordered 3 times and i received my orders 3 times.
    of course it is possible that in 6 months or one year, like apollon, berlusconi , or other, that will end by an exit scam…but it is always like that . For now, i can tel you this market is working fine .

  15. bigworm says:

    Great market! ive been vending on here and support is legit the best and withdrawls runn so smooth

  16. happybuyer says:

    One of best market ever! really nice design, really good feature, very fast support. i buy my goods there since 1 month with no problem! keep the good work guys

  17. Kingkong says:

    Do money upload quick and fasts on site mate?

  18. almy says:

    one of the best market at the moment, they have fixed ddos issues, they have a forum, they are laso on i2p network ! i can deposit, withdraw, order, everything is perfect !

  19. Gary Currie says:


  20. NHSUK says:

    Good market. I have sold a lot of products and withdrawn over 4K BTC

  21. havoc69o says:

    How do I see what products are available? I can get to here but do not know how to look at the menu?

  22. onion says:

    Koristim Dark market, najbolji je..regija Balkan, di ste??
    Moj referral code : IZMBWN, prijavite se!

  23. Alchimy66 says:

    Really good market, fast and secure! i like it! the fastest support ever

  24. HC says:

    These market is a total scam my friends i can assure you this 100% you cant withdraw your finalized funds from your wallet

  25. dick says:

    Im guessing vendors (scammers) leave good comments only jsut to have some positives on here?

  26. Odeon says:

    Hash: SHA512

    To cut short to all the rumors and FUD’s :

    – – We have had to get rid of a bunch of scammers who are now turned to be haters posting FUDs everywhere ( a classical )
    – – We successfully mitigated the ongoing DDOS attacks for good with our new anti-DDOS protection: good by Parchezzi and Gustavo
    – – Stackz420 and Monoly are now trying to crush our reputation just as usual : when a markets is not solid enough, when a market seems weack or their marketing stragegy not on point, it’s usualyl what happens.

    I understand Big Blue might trigger jaleasouy or fear: legit enough. Now if you thought Empire was solid, then you have seen nothing yet about us…



  27. doomsdays says:

    working well and fast on my side. top

  28. cybertruck says:

    as an established vendor, I just want to say I love Big Blue. Great layout

  29. Anonymous says:

    seen this exact same comment about another market…..

  30. Fluke98 says:

    Tramadol anyone?

  31. nimsara says:

    extremlly good market i tried it and its the best matket on earth

  32. GreyBrear says:

    Top market, a lot of new features totally new for a dark market!! the best support ever. i am very impressed by their anti ddos protection !! long life to bigblue

  33. PotLover says:

    New market but real good. i registred months ago, purchase a lot from different vendor, escrow and FE, everything work perfectly, i just withdraw my coins, came real fast. i recommend this market you would no be disappointed at all

  34. nimsara says:

    best on the earth

  35. DeadVamp says:

    i though this market was a scam according to all comment i see here and their, i can told you now guys, this market is solid, i buy from it every weeks, can withdraw coins any time i want to. i don t understand why people still critiquing them. take a look and try yourself.. ask to vendors

  36. anna says:

    nice market, looks like a new modern market

  37. BobnCie says:

    very interesting. the idea of ​​the trial account to test the functions of sellers is a great idea, very powerful market from what I could see

  38. BonnieAndClyde says:

    top market

  39. Anonymous says:

    market is not reachable since yesterday. server is down!

  40. helenna says:

    registered 3 days ago, deposit the same day and bought my weeds from german vendor, smooth transaction. btc came very fast, i think i was the fastest transfer on a market i ve ever seen. i like the design of that market, i will definitely buy from it again

  41. trumpisabitch says:

    I tried the market, I deposited $ 20, I withdrew, everything is fine. I then deposited $ 200 to buy hero form a reputable vendor, I received my orders 3 days later (same country). super quality! I will stay on this market, every time I try to connect I get there, the support responds in just a few hours, it’s the best market of the moment. i m looking for good coke right now, any advice for good vendors ??

  42. Nomorecry says:

    As a customer of Empire since months now, i will stay on bigblue starting now. really good market, i appreciate the fast an friendly support. solved one of my problem so quickly! i hope their will grow as they diserve

  43. basslineee says:

    best market of the moment, there is a good choice, not sooo much yet, but it is getting bigger!
    and the administrator is doing a good job to keep everything running smoothly despite attacks from competing sites! God save Big Blue !

  44. cassady33 says:

    wow neeew market? its legit boyz? nice nice ill reggie
    but will always be a empire guy

  45. Anonymous says:

    it doesn’t work !!!

  46. crazyfucked says:

    legit market, i used it since 2 weeks now, everything is perfect,
    they resist the attacks of the ddos ​​in reverse of empire… i can log in every day, every moment i want, that is so nice! i love this market, one of my favorite seller is on board, i hope all my other favorite vendor will jump ! glory for bigblue market 🙂

  47. scream178GA says:

    very good market, fast support, good design

  48. freud says:

    sehr gut, das Beste des Augenblicks. verlasse die anderen

  49. dark says:

    it seems died … exit scam?

  50. KetaKeta9 says:

    Nice job for the ddos. They came back stronger and more solid than before with new links. Check their sub-dread since the links haven’t been update here, Nice job

  51. Mlkingpin says:

    whats the url

  52. diane Benson says:

    What kind of market

  53. Anonymous says:

    How the hell do I get on tge actual site.. Expand window till website appears message

  54. Nico says:

    Great market ! It looks kind like Empire, but works smoothly. Support answer fast. I think it will be most popular dark market in year or so.

  55. Anonymous says:

    It’s been rough

  56. Noldik says:

    Great !

  57. Anonymous says:

    Cant complete captcha

  58. Mano says:

    Working fast, no probs.

  59. pissed off says:

    Cant complete captcha

  60. Anonymous says:

    Is the market down? Seems like my account has dissappeared or is it a Captcha issue with login screen ?

  61. badsnot says:

    Noob going to give it a shot, I’ll report back when I find out if I should’ve just bent over and grabbed my ankles or what.

  62. derkönig says:

    Need desperately a woring Market!
    Sam help here?

  63. Joserip says:

    Hi, I can’t register me in the big blue market because I can’t resolve the captcha of the beginning. What ‘ s solution?? Thanks

  64. alchemy says:

    We are alchemy-cd, which market is real now? (Not a liar market)

  65. QuickDarkUser says:

    top market, best of the moment for sure. they have : LiveChat, Swapper, Multi crypto etc
    i use it since 3 months now, every thing is perfect

  66. mmmm says:


  67. Joserip says:

    How can I complete the captcha?.

  68. lllll says:

    The links bigblueonef5sf26.onion doesn’t work, what is the problem ?

  69. cocochanel1313 says:

    Si tenéis problemas para entrar al mercado podemos hablar por wickr

  70. DDQG says:

    does this work for anyone as of 7/20/2020?

  71. silentz says:

    Click through is not working atm
    Onionsite Not Found

    The most likely cause is that the onionsite is offline. Contact the onionsite administrator.

    Details: 0xF0 — The requested onion service descriptor can’t be found on the hashring and therefore the service is not reachable by the client.


  72. me says:

    BEWARE OF VENDOR “NeighborJimi” from the netherlands ….

    He takes video of him shipping your packages showing your full address etc as proof of shipment and 2 months after no package he posted the video as proof of shipment meaning he holds these videos. a major breech of security.. He posted a live link to a video with my address etc so i had to shut down my shipping address. Whats the point in encryption when a vendor stores your transaction on video?? SPREAD THE WORD!!! HE IS DOXXING PEOPLE AS PROOF OF SHIPMENT!!!

  73. Anonymous says:

    Nothing but scams on here

  74. Anonymous says:


  75. Anonymous says:

    Somebody explain how the register captcha works goddamn!

  76. thomas says:

    I need valium ,diazepam can someone hook me up please get me on facebook thomas dot ohalloran cheers or email n we can organise something coz everything on glasgows streets is shit so i will take a tray or two n build trust then take thous n five,ten packs if can supply,?hit me on email thanks

  77. blue says:

    How does the captcha work?????????????????????? I cannot register

  78. IlovePizzaCClover says:

    please how the fcking new captcha work ” use the slider until…”

  79. Instadrugs says:

    check deepsea market the vendor Instadrugs. the best coffeshop weed from germany

  80. Anonymous says:

    site is down down

  81. blue says:

    Fuucking Captcha??????????????????????
    where does this fuucking arrow stop????????

  82. Anonymous says:


  83. Worst Market says:

    this must be the worst market ever made.
    the front end is very heavy.
    looks and feels very unprofessional.
    stay away!

  84. fuckingEmpire says:

    comment marche ce putain de captcha ????

  85. Anonymous says:

    Captcha works by lining up the slider with a very small arrow in the picture

  86. Wiz says:

    So annoying, no answer and I dont get it

  87. Matan says:

    Site is bad….it looks good but its is there and thats all…after u deposit money u cant go on the site anymore…stay awai from it

  88. RoyD says:

    Can’t access site using countless URLs. Why? trying to finalize a delivered product.

  89. Anonymous says:

    You want to position the arrow below the little arrow that is on the screen. It can be difficult to see and you have to get them perfectly aligned.

  90. BIGBLUECOCK says:


  91. anonymous says:

    You just drag the slider until the triangle it lines up with the downwards facing triangle in the image above. It can take a few tries before getting it right.

  92. V says:

    Bigworm, I want to order crack. Any ideas?

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