Big Blue Market

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  1. helenna says:

    registered 3 days ago, deposit the same day and bought my weeds from german vendor, smooth transaction. btc came very fast, i think i was the fastest transfer on a market i ve ever seen. i like the design of that market, i will definitely buy from it again

  2. trumpisabitch says:

    I tried the market, I deposited $ 20, I withdrew, everything is fine. I then deposited $ 200 to buy hero form a reputable vendor, I received my orders 3 days later (same country). super quality! I will stay on this market, every time I try to connect I get there, the support responds in just a few hours, it’s the best market of the moment. i m looking for good coke right now, any advice for good vendors ??

  3. Nomorecry says:

    As a customer of Empire since months now, i will stay on bigblue starting now. really good market, i appreciate the fast an friendly support. solved one of my problem so quickly! i hope their will grow as they diserve

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