Dark Market

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  1. me says:

    I’m really enjoying what this is offering

  2. diesel says:

    Again, another scam, Apollon is gone?? Dream, Silk, Berlusconi, Grey….what next? I’m f** disappointed, I’m loosing money, like all of us…vendors also?!

    I hope this is good market, I’m giving it a chance, it looks good, I just made first order. Guys, go to ONION LIVE and look for links, don’t get phished!

    Always use ESCROW when you can, don’t be fools.

    If you wanna, use my referal code for Dark market when sign up (20% of transaction fees): VB4IJX

    Good luck and stay safe!

  3. someletters says:

    Is there a way to choose the country of origin?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes go into search and then it gives otigin country and ships to etc, also lists the most popular products for your search

  4. letters says:

    Is there a way to pick the country of origin?

    • Sloth says:

      Sadly not I was hoping for that but I guess I’m gonna have to rely on good stealth

    • luckyplay says:

      What market do you use now I know a few but need better stealth and better market s that I can trust plz let me know thank you for your time

  5. BellesFleurs says:

    Yes there is, just click on search then all options are available

  6. Anonymous says:

    야 좋다 이거야 요기야요기 배민좆밥 요기요 좆밥

  7. Anonymous says:

    These darkweb markets have gone to shit. Where can you buy some good drugs or fraud nowadays without getting ripped

  8. xxxxxx says:

    StraightfromNL and Drugzone do you have protonmail? Where can I get in contact with them? Ty guys

  9. wowowowowow says:

    SCAM. I made an account, purchased an “instant delivery” item, and there was a blank grey square. I started a support ticket to which they responded very quickly saying the vendor did not properly fill out his section. They left a message in the chat (that the vendor could also apparently see) letting the vendor know to update their listing, and give me my item. I come back a day later and try to sign in and it says that my username does not exist. I have double/triple checked my username and I am 100 percent sure that was my user name. SCAM. (all for under $20 LOL)

  10. alen88 says:

    it will take about 7-10 days but you’ll get your money back don’t worry.
    i personally trust them because things happened to me and i got it all back.

  11. Gatsby111 says:

    I think im on my way to the same experience, blank autodispatch item, smh, $25….

  12. WhoKnows? says:

    At this rate it appears Dark Markets are a thing of the past, as all is currently ripping customers over right and left all over the dark web. What a fuckin’ shame.

  13. lost man says:

    How did I end up here

  14. james says:

    please where can i buy leads

  15. dahlia says:

    Can’t find a good market for benzos at all.. Any help is appreciated.

  16. scoubidoux says:

    Market shut down

  17. therunningman51 says:

    good market

  18. Anonymous says:


  19. GetOffMyGrass says:

    How can I find Hillary Clinton eating babies, because we all know she does…

  20. Mike Willoughby says:

    How do you get what you want and how can you pay with a card? Ir you have to set up some other way?

  21. ANONYMOUS says:

    Top !

  22. Anonymous says:

    how do you load your wallet

  23. Anonymous says:

    How can I get free valid buck emails online. search terms to follow will be appreciated

  24. Dio says:

    How can i scratch emails from google

  25. opioid man says:

    i need morfhine

  26. aa says:

    where can I find the vendor WhiteWallet?

  27. onion says:

    I just made 2 orders on this market, 400e 💪🏻 let’s give it a shot.
    It’s easy to use.
    My referral code : IZMBWN

    One question, what kind of wallets do yo use? I use local wallet, but I wanna try something new.

  28. James Minich says:


  29. Freddie says:

    Hello there wats doing every one does any VENDORS for NSW AUSTRALIA THANKS FREDDIE finger

  30. aaa says:

    refusing to pay back my coins after an order was cancelled by vendor. the scam goes on

  31. bl369 says:

    he’s spamming so people can use his referral code.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Need bars..anyone?

  33. Joy says:

    Has some one good MDMA XTC.

  34. astro says:

    i look for mdma?

  35. AC says:

    I have the same questiona

  36. CMONEY345 says:


  37. AlbyRaver23 says:

    how can I leave a review to a seller’s product?

  38. nightwingx says:

    Are all these markets scams ? I have just about tried every single one, and have always lost my bitcoin and no way of getting it back. Is there an actual working one out there ? Someone help a brother out

  39. John says:

    Can’t afford to to get ripped, where can I find some good drug site’s

  40. Curtbob says:

    can i buy H and how much? Can i pay credit card?

  41. curtbob says:

    Need a canada vendor.

    • RhinestxneCxwbxy says:

      Did you ever find one? need a vendor up in the great white north for Hard and or blow, down (H) fetty, car fetty etc, GHB, even some protection if you catch my drift that go bang bang.

  42. gunga says:

    let me know if you find a canadian vendor i need it to

  43. Olso says:

    I know one but he’s on Darkbay

  44. casssady33 says:

    BRo CREDIT CARD??? omfg noobs. no bro crypto only . research more

  45. mr. singh says:


  46. thuggedup says:

    Are there any leggit Carders on DW? Need regular pre-paids. Everyone is a scammer on here..

  47. Mr uk says:

    me to im also looking?

  48. yeet out says:

    I’m a yeet out

  49. Anonymous says:

    I want meth

  50. calmestviruses says:

    The servers don’t seem to respond…
    By any chance, does anyone have the contact of the vendor “franceboss” ?

  51. snakebite1 says:

    Credit card ??? R u fucking retarded

  52. thesunrarelyshines says:

    Can anyone assist in me accessing Empire Market?I have the correct VPN,virus blockers,tor browser.

  53. thesunrarelyshines says:

    Not even sure this is the right place for help.

  54. gasmaskkn says:

    Can i get in contact with people on this site ?

  55. Slammer says:

    Looking for an Aussie dealer

  56. Anonymous says:

    credit card, passport and social media accounts are taken

  57. Randy says:

    Estoy buscando transferencia de saldo a payeer

  58. diggha says:

    bro i wanna buy a Rolex for 400$ is that fake or not orginal ? and ist this site good too buy did some body buy form here ? i need info pls

  59. Anonymous says:

    Is there any market to buy cheap Ketamine HCL drug?

  60. bra says:

    when someone wants to buy something without worries looking for capo808

  61. poison says:

    Qualcuno sa consigliarmi dei venditori affidabili?

  62. poison says:

    good evening, could you recommend serious sellers

  63. babttyun says:

    i did not understand any thing

  64. tyholland says:

    Need A-PVP

  65. not very good says:

    i test it and 1 lvl 3 vendor is a scam.
    i test a lvl 7 ,i wait and said soon if too.

  66. LongJohnSilver says:

    nice market but based on eckmars which is not so cool.

  67. shane says:

    Me too, let.me know if you find.

  68. anon says:

    Exit scam?

  69. Inpsyde says:

    Down as of 5/20/20 🙁

  70. Bunububu says:

    Probably exit scamming…

  71. QDD says:

    trying to find a fraud lord !

  72. Cynthia says:

    This is a scam stay away from Dark Market. I opened a ticket because seller never sent my goods, heard back from no one and lost 150 bucks

  73. chucky says:

    its down…………….

  74. linksgambler says:

    I thought exit scam to but all my stuff has come ok. They have implemented DDOS protection and i cant get through it? no cars or obvious things to pick, Anyone else noticed this?

  75. Redfox says:

    Anyone know how solve new capcha?

  76. Anonymous says:

    hit me up

  77. john says:

    whats up with the new chess captcha test, how do you do it??

  78. Anonymous says:

    Find a market entry I offer money for whoever gives me a link

  79. Ron says:

    Hi, is there any market Ok and no scam for getting met?

  80. Briar says:

    After I login its making me verify and decript and I dont know how to do it. Any help?

  81. McPhee says:

    DAMNIT is there any market left that is up and running and NOT A SCAM?? Somebody please send me somewhere decent….

  82. menustme says:

    Dark market has the best support! Thank you guys!!!

  83. anonymous says:

    Got auspride for australia deals(i bought coke and meth). legit. type auspride in the vendor name search.

  84. alchemy says:

    We are alchemy-cd, which market is real now? (Not a liar market)

  85. Many says:

    i want to buy a gun

  86. Victor says:

    scusate ragazzi, una volta versato i bitcoin sopra come faccio a comprare o inviare denaro al venditore? dve accettare la richiesta?

  87. Victor says:

    mi potete spiegare come faccio una volta che ho fatto l ordine inviare denaro al venditore?

  88. Cndn says:

    What’s a good market

  89. Sam says:

    I did a lot of work to get here. First time brought me for cheap pills legitimately. Any help?

  90. Knobo says:

    need url for order drugs

  91. pablo42 says:

    how do i get into the dark market

  92. anonymous says:

    Where can I get an m16

  93. me says:

    BEWARE OF VENDOR “NeighborJimi” from the netherlands ….

    He takes video of him shipping your packages showing your full address etc as proof of shipment and 2 months after no package he posted the video as proof of shipment meaning he holds these videos. a major breech of security.. He posted a live link to a video with my address etc so i had to shut down my shipping address. Whats the point in encryption when a vendor stores your transaction on video?? SPREAD THE WORD!!! HE IS DOXXING PEOPLE AS PROOF OF SHIPMENT!!!

  94. anonymous says:

    At first i wanted to buy a gun but now i just hope for ecstazy. Any trusted vendor ?

  95. Anonymous says:

    can someone give me cool links

  96. SHAUNT says:


  97. shaunt says:

    “help please”

  98. shaunt says:

    how do i see or ask for the produckt i want?,,dont wanna say here as not sure if i should,cn u contact me pls guys thanks

  99. asgh says:

    can someone tell me how to make “legal”

  100. fvxdg says:

    can someone tell me how to make “legal”

  101. ButtSlut says:

    WTFU talking about?

  102. dad says:

    none of these links are working like wtf king of shit is this

  103. Anonymous says:

    best site

  104. Polter says:

    Exit scam?

    • Pete says:

      Nope still working just some scam vendors just like every other market. Do NOT release your escrow unless you have received and are happy with your item.

  105. 123 says:

    Be careful! The vendor “Goodfellas” scams!! The first orders is all Good but when you order bigger amount they scam you. No communication.

  106. Dad says:

    Where do I buy the pepper spray

  107. Anonymous says:

    i just need a baguette and a brioche

  108. mxrtr27 says:

    Links darkmarket down ??

  109. mxrtr27 says:

    Dark market is down ?

  110. Gerad Lamo says:

    Can’t reach dark market, is it down?

  111. Guzman says:

    It’s darkmarket down?

  112. ukguy says:

    is sankhara a scammer ? seem like it

  113. boo34 says:

    sankhara he scammer ? seem like i keep hearing people say he play with trackings

  114. Anonym says:

    The Vendor “Goodfellas” is a scamer. At first he send your orders, but when you buy more or buy with FE, then he scam you. No communication, now answer, nothing.. Be carfull

  115. Anonymous says:

    this market is fucking trash.

  116. sninkydink says:

    this market is fucking garbage


    THIS MARKET FUCKING SUCKS DICK. SCAMS LEFT AND FUCKING RIGHT MAN IM SO FUCKING PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANT EVEN GET INFORMATION OVER THE WEB WITHOUT GETTING FUCKING SCAMMED. I HATE THIS SHIT. DARKWEB IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. survailenceplayer102042069noscopefcku says:

    what do you mean

  119. Anonymous says:

    How canni order

  120. Jumpstarsatinshoes says:

    Great Martket! Not sure why people are giving this Market such as hard timed?If you are having problems with this Market, then at least tell us what the problems are!? Just saying this Market sucks doesnt leave much in the way of help, in knowing what to look out for! So far I have found this Market to be one of the very best for both the buyer and vendor. The ease of use and over all layout seems very user friendly! Escrow system works well and many of the old vendors have finally made their way to this Market.

  121. GOld miner says:

    h00ked is legit?

  122. Anonymous says:

    Pinocio is good vendor?

  123. Anonymous says:

    Any other dark web links please

  124. dark web fucking shits says:

    fucking scam i aM so pissed fuck you dark web

  125. Anonymous says:

    How do i purchase products on darkmarket using normal escrow? can someone please explain the process i am new to this

  126. Dr.DLC says:

    I sell invisible air

  127. Lycobs says:

    @judgedread All of those people are probably clicking on phishing links. I mean some are asking for links in the comment section.

    I’ve made plenty of orders on darkmarket, with one issue that resulted ina refund. Half the battle for most people is getting on a legit link.

  128. yeet says:

    anyone bought anything from underlinecoast

  129. Anonymous says:

    @judgedread Sorry why do you speak in general and do not mention the names of the sellers who have scammed you?

  130. Peck says:

    @judgedread Sorry why do you speak in general and do not mention the names of the sellers who have scammed you?

  131. nkie007 says:

    DarkMarket SCAM ALERT – I was asked to pay 115$ to a particular btc wallet to which i did and i have also uploaded the screenshot of it as a proof, after which i waited for a day but got no confirmation after which i raised a ticket and wrote to the admin stating my problem and also shared the transaction id and the bitcoin wallet address, to which i was replied and told that they have not received any money from me and that also i may have sent the money to the wrong btc wallet address which is definitely not right as i had double checked and confirmed before sending the btc, anyways i realised i have been scammed and so i thought i should share it here so people could be aware and not use this site at all as its 100% a scam market.

  132. Anonymous says:

    No option to check order on dm??????help

  133. r4768 says:

    This website is trash, made a purchase that was didn’t work at all and was probably never going to work. Contacted the vednor and never got a response. Reached out to support and after putting in two support tickets, both of the tickets disappeared and I was left with still no product. This website is probably a scam

  134. Anonymous says:

    Judge dread stfu

  135. Anonymous says:

    This site just robbed you money then cancels the order STAY AWAY

  136. Anonymous says:

    Dark Market is currently the best replacement for Empire Market. There already many great vendors and much competition happening in drug prices.

  137. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, new here. what’s real then?

  138. akrapo says:

    is there any legit fuckin gun seller there

  139. beach516 says:

    can someone give me a damn markets or vendors that is legit for drugs and bills

  140. Anonymous says:

    Get out of here quickly !!! There are scammers here !!! I made 2 orders and paid for them and none of them came …. They only take your money here !!!! Get out of here and don’t come back !!! Scammers-scammers and scammers again !

  141. anonymous says:

    Close this smelly market !!!! Don’t let them steal from people !!!!

  142. Dante4190 says:

    anybody knows where to find a good trustworthy bud connect that actually ships out what u pay for?

  143. Mark says:

    Reliable Market, but above all a very simple and intuitive web page. I have already made several purchases, and I can assure you that the products arrive and are also of quality.

  144. Anonymous says:

    Agree very simple to use even as a first time user. Dark Market has simplified the buying process and made it much safer compared to Empire Market method of depositing on site wallet. Overall very pleased with the change.

  145. Anonymous says:

    Paradise420 is a selective scammer be aware. sells weed with no effect

  146. fucker says:

    I need hipes

  147. Anonymous says:

    PPL Need to learn it’s the vendors not the market who scam. If you see a vendor who only does small transactions (that are always identical) and has 5 stars, stay away. Make sure they have high volume and if it’s too good to be true, it is. Don’t trash the market bc you don’t know how to spot the scams. Also, never FE if they aren’t approved by market no matter what sob story they tell you and never rate before shipping; you will definitely get scammed if they want a 5 star rating and to mark as received before they even ship your item. Also, being on these markets is not illegal, and purchasing legal items does not suddenly make it illegal just because you are using these markets. Buy and ship safe and know your local and national laws.

  148. Anonymous says:

    I’m a little unclear how about address encryption. I want to encrypt my own information for OpSec reasons (obviously using the vendors PGP public key) but it seems like the site encrypts the address information by itself. Will it cause a problem if I encrypt my address myself? Will it encrypt my encrypted message? Or what’s the deal?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes. The person receiving the message will have to decrypt it twice on their end. I have never had a seller complain about having to do this, it’s 100% obvious someone encrypted it themselves then pasted the result into the site, which encrypts it again.

      That’s just good OpSec since you can’t guarantee the safety of the site forms.

  149. Armen Eghian says:

    Be prepared for all the markers showing exit scam arriving soon
    I have already opened an account in another market

    They also steal from vendor
    Be careful
    I’m A vendor there and inot sender out any more orders from there
    Simply because it is not certain that the money will reach me
    Just like they just took my money

  150. Anonymous says:

    Completed first order. Used XMR, used the address and amount provided, site confirmed funds received, seller shipped the next day, I got the product two days later and finalized.

    Works perfect. Make sure you are absolutely clear on the mechanics of the market and crypto wallets or you can end up hurting yourself, but if you get screwed over by a bad seller, the seller does not get paid. If you screw yourself, you just lose.

  151. linklink2020 says:

    be careful with DUTCHMAGIC he is a scammer don’t buy !!! scam on the face, I paid and he just takes your money !! don’t buy !!

  152. linklink2020 says:

    be careful with DUTCHMAGIC he is a scammer I don’t recommend !! he will only take the money so much !! I paid and that’s all he took my money simply. fuck you rag

  153. anon says:

    I made deposit to vendor and it didn’t show confirmation on my account. I raised a ticket and then logged out. Came back later and literally can not access the site anymore.

    • judas says:

      Dark Market is reliable as fuck, i don’t know why there are so many negative reviews. I use it religiously, i’ve only had to put one dispute in and it was sorted within 3 hours. Don’t blame the market for scam vendors!

      When you buy it can take up to 2 hours for the bitcoin to transfer – you just need to be patient and always double check you’ve copied the correct wallet.

  154. nine says:

    cheapboost vendor on dark market is reliable?

  155. Yourtop says:

    smart666tiger is a fucking scammer!!!! First experience with him and screws over for 10 bucks hahaha imagine for a 1000

  156. Blake says:

    This site is showing many signs of an exit scam. Be careful. I have already lost money.

  157. Kurt says:

    Can I get cc

  158. chapitox890Dark says:

    Hi I would like to know why I can no longer access the Dark Market site?
    Are they closing ???

  159. fjdsaklfjaewefwoai says:

    ANYONE KNOW IF “TheWolf” is a scammer? I have received no communication whatsoever and the vendor guarantees communication within 12 hours.

  160. Anonymous says:

    how do i even pay

  161. jerre says:

    Brauche kokain

  162. john says:

    The support not answer and my bitcoin never arrived after seven days. I think I had lost my money.

  163. Anonymous123 says:

    This site is full of scammers! Never finalize early….

    • Qwerty123 says:

      Yes for example the Vendor “Goodfellas” with escrow is a good, the first orders all good, but when you buy a bigger amount and FE than he scam you. Now Answer after weeks and a lot of messages from me to him and I am a good buyer from this vendor

  164. lulu23 says:

    be carefull the Vendor premiumxl from germany scams! He offers such bad stuff to a high price. His Meth is absolutely trash ! verry bad quality !

  165. Namastetheking says:

    Dark Market is a little slow today but still working. I placed an order today with NamasteLSD that should be coming in soon I hope.

  166. Dark_User_XY6UGP says:

    Hey Use My Referral please if making new account its XY6UGP
    just enter XY6UGP when signing up in referral
    help a brother out
    Dark market works fine just make sure to use your same trusted vendors and verify its actually them

  167. darkmarketbuyer says:

    Cannaland Vender legit he said he had broke his laptop losing the pgp key he had set up for the account so he needed to take sometime to recover it. That’s why any orders placed wasn’t sent out next day.

  168. Anonymous says:

    Is it down currently? cant acces to the side

  169. darkmatter says:

    It’s been down for 3 days now. It seems the updates they’re doing take longer than they thought.
    Anyone knows something about the vendor PrudntialFinancial? He has no reviews and asking a lot of money for his product.

  170. Anonymous says:

    Bank logz site

  171. Bonule says:

    Any body knows a really good udetectable counterfeit supernote vender which is the peruvian note the best of the best im tryna do business if you know where i can find a great vendor that has them that would be awsome.

  172. gigetto says:

    no one work

  173. kelven says:

    dark market fucking scam i have placed two orders and also there is no proper support team please dont waste money guys

  174. akak says:


    his fucker

  175. Rinss says:

    see good scores …. does it work?

  176. Rinss says:

    How does the escrow system work here?

  177. Cheers says:

    If you wanna, use my referal code for DARK MARKET when sign up (20% of transaction fees): VB4IJX

    Good luck and stay safe

  178. exitscammerverifyer says:

    this market is exit scamming as of 11/20 DO NOT USE

  179. crazyhorse says:

    How can I deposit money in my darkmarket account? normaly I have to go the ATM BT with the QR code associated to my account, now Do i need to have my own wallet?

  180. Cheroo says:

    The best site

  181. Uudiooo says:

    The best market

  182. Booom says:

    Use my referal code for DARK MARKET when sign up (20% of transaction fees): VB4IJX

    Good luck and stay safe!!!!

  183. JR says:

    I sent my payment 24 hours ago then a few hours after I sent it, my order was cancelled, and I have no idea why. I haven’t gotten my money back, and support has not answered me at all during the whole process. I’ve reached out about 5 times. Can someone please tell me what to do?

  184. katara says:

    does anyone know a good fullz or paypal vendor on this market?

  185. fredricogispachio says:

    I just had two transactions be cancelled and the money is gone. Same sotry as the above. I will NEVER be so foolish as to use this robbery market again! Straight up marketfront to steal your money! Don’t shop here!

  186. Ellie says:

    Does anyone know how to sell on here? Any advice would be free cos I’m a newbie

  187. Yes says:

    I’m a vendor and want to sell on here. Anyone know how? Good quality stuff if anyone is interested…

  188. Esscrows27 says:

    Has anyone had dealings with vendor ‘pureau’ on darkmarket, I paid for purchase last friday and it was marked as sent almost immediately and still nothing received 6 days later despite express post, he also managed to mark the purchase as received after 2 days releasing him the escrow somehow, I have sent numerous messages, no reply and his site says he is on vacation, sounds a bit suss and i have opened a support ticket and sill no response from them either, how the fuck can someone mark a purchase as received without my knowledge?

  189. John says:

    doesn’t let me log in / register. Just hangs.
    Anyone having the same issue ?

  190. Max says:

    Darkstoneisland scam scammer

  191. boon says:

    are you able to order right now?

  192. DarkMarketScam says:

    Dark Market is scam. They are doing scam exit.

  193. Ajax says:

    Does anyone know where vendor UK White is? I can’t locate since Empire went down. Thx

  194. Anonymous says:

    Looking for a legitimate market or vendor for oxycodone 30mg not pressed with fetty need the real ones , will do great buisness any vendors on here or someone can tell me where to go , new to the web pages, been doing this for years and ready to give it a try no scammers please anyone serious let’s talk

  195. Jbarr73 says:

    Looking for a legitimate market or vendor for oxycodone 30mg not pressed with fetty need the real ones , will do great buisness any vendors on here or someone can tell me where to go , new to the web pages, been doing this for years and ready to give it a try no scammers please anyone serious let’s talk

    • LostInPain says:

      I would like to know as well, in legit pain been scammed $800 worth of btc I’m gonna lose my job without good pain meds.

  196. jono says:

    any one had good dealings with this market i was scammed first time

  197. Dawid says:

    how to register?

  198. darkmater says:

    I’m trying to buy a digital product at the price of $1500 from a vendor that doesn’t have any reviews and he’s not willing to offer a sample for less money ( it’s a quantity product -for $1500 you get X number of products) I wonder if escrow on this market will keep my money safe until I test the product and see if it works as the vendor says. An opinion? Does the escrow keeps my money safe?

  199. helpneedsupport says:

    how do you deposit?

  200. Tk says:

    Anyone know a good spot to buy benzos from?

  201. dede says:

    Is Dark Market gone? Been trying to access all day using every URL I can find and nothing works.

  202. XxCharschwixX says:

    Have sent the amount to the btc adress and vendor cancel the order.
    How the fuck do I get back my money ?

  203. Anonymous says:

    hmmm? Is the side down?

  204. waloulou says:

    hey peps can someone tell me how can i buy 50 tabs of LSD with no fucking scam please thank you brothers and sisters

  205. wanakablues says:

    Just wondering if anybody can point me in the direction of a hacker? No crazy business. Just need a white knight to retrieve an Instagram account for their rightful owner, haha.

  206. Anonymous says:

    Can someone tell me how to make purchasers?

  207. hitmanfame says:

    can u tell me how to purchase

  208. missy3114 says:

    can someone direct me to someone who works with identity fraud ?? i have a couple identities that im trying to use, i heard you can get credit cards, loans etc…. or maybe someone wants to buy them off me for a reasonable price

  209. gameleaf says:

    did you find out? because im still stuck.

  210. gameleaf says:

    someone please tell me how to make a purchase

  211. Acab says:

    Who is “Roumans”?! This guy is a Snitch, be careful. A unknown person send a package to my mailbox. I don’t know anything about this, but the police catched the person “Rouman” and he talk with the police! I don’t know who this guy is, but when you know him be carfull

  212. JoeCool says:

    DarkMarket, according the them, is a market that prides itself on customer service and fast resolution. I had an order canceled on me. I had sent the bitcoin. I have yet to receive my bitcoin after two weeks of opening a ticket with support. It’s driving me crazy.

  213. Uniflip says:

    Definitely pulling an exit scam, said I was phished which is BS. I am an experienced user. Def don’t trust.

  214. Bolf says:


  215. zigzag89 says:

    man fbi i gonna raid me,idk how the fuck i got here

  216. Anonymous says:

    Be careful, exit scam !

    Transactions do not to through and purchases fail to complete

  217. TT says:

    Be careful, exit scam !!!

    Transactions do not go through

  218. ch says:

    hey guys i need script 4 deepwab market

  219. rif says:

    Exit scam ?

  220. Chick jenner says:


  221. Prizzy Brown says:

    Need a good plug

  222. Fabian says:

    Does anyone know if any of these Marketplace sells loading tutorials and bank logs Whm,Darkmarket and Versus

  223. Anonymous says:

    Not good. Made a purchase on 12/27 sent full payment same day. Order showed as not paid and cancelled after 2 days. Contacted support never heard back.

  224. Anonymous says:

    why was my purchaces cancelled two times? and why is my money lost?

  225. vikram says:

    I want a tyupkin malware usb…if any can help so pls come nd reply and work with me on reasonable price

  226. john says:

    How can i get any ps3 games for free?

  227. ZACC0074 says:


  228. salfysoxy says:

    Main url is down at the moment.

  229. ScrewDarkMarket says:

    SCAM MARKET. Centralised market wallet address. They will take your money and close your support tickets.

  230. eyes? says:

    Is it just me or did the market just go down?

  231. Anonymous says:

    How do I make a purchase???

  232. Don’t ask says:

    Can anyone point me to card numbers?

  233. Anonymous says:

    Scam alert! Darkmarket sent a phishing link on an order and stole BTC then support told me to fuck myself! Good luck

  234. seth says:

    donr underatand

  235. DarkEnigma says:

    Idiots don’t ask these questions on this website use ur fcking brains

  236. Anonymous says:

    can you tell me how can we get the usename and the password

  237. Trizegeute says:

    I need help raising some money

  238. Anonymous says:

    Exit scam?

  239. Caolboy says:

    I placed three orders and transferred the coins across, only to have three orders cancelled, is it a scam?, I have messaged admin moderators, but no reply yet??

  240. Dreamteam says:

    Can someone show me where to purchase cvv dumps that actually work

  241. cash says:

    How can I contact you.

  242. anon says:

    Website is down, maybe exit scam going on

  243. Anonymous says:

    you need to make a payment through an annoymous wallet, so download an app to convert your cash to bitcoin and then send it too another wallet, electrum is a good annoymous wallet

  244. Anonymous says:

    Down ?

  245. hotstuff888 says:

    Whats up with is witzig the DarkMarket i dont come in!!

  246. Tof says:


  247. Tomeu123 says:

    has this site been taken down

  248. Starscream999 says:

    Darknet Market, all its mirrors and forum is currently down.

  249. R says:

    what is going on with this Market?

  250. R says:

    wtf is going on?

  251. October says:

    can someone tell me how this ish works???

  252. AnthonyR says:

    Did they exit scam?

  253. HALLO? says:


  254. RalfNadar says:

    Hello DarkMarket, this is Houston do you copy? Houston, do you receive? “Lock the doors” Nah, Houston here DarkMarket will be online today and everythign will be settled.

  255. Ace1mill says:

    I need top grade ice heroin

  256. Sub says:

    Is anyone else unable to access Darkmarket in the past few days? Seems to be down…

  257. Curious says:

    Is the markett down?

  258. fatboe says:

    Can sumone tell me how tobuy

  259. Anonymous says:

    SEIZED !!!

  260. anon says:

    SEIZED !!!

  261. hotstuff888 says:

    Danke Market is offline. Police have arrested the owner of dark market. what the fuck!!!

  262. Arjun says:

    Can I find any thing on mount kailash

  263. darkmatter says:

    is it down?

  264. Bob Dunsack says:

    Need someone whos good w venmo I need my money back from someone.

  265. Anonymous says:

    Need someone to take my money back on venmo

  266. JohnCrow says:


  267. Anonymous says:

    Any alternative?

  268. 420420 says:

    in the words of D J KALED, “ANOTHER ONE”

    fuck sake , looking for another site uk 2 uk, anyone help me out was using empire , dark

  269. califas187 says:

    Big Blue Market

  270. Pj says:

    How do I get signed up

  271. p says:

    whats the best one for fent

  272. moli says:

    RIP dark market :,(

  273. malone1960 says:

    How do i get PGP key

  274. Anonymous says:

    damn this shit is a scam fr

  275. Thiago Zeta says:


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