Dark Market

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  1. fvxdg says:

    can someone tell me how to make “legal”

  2. ButtSlut says:

    WTFU talking about?

  3. dad says:

    none of these links are working like wtf king of shit is this

  4. Anonymous says:

    best site

  5. Polter says:

    Exit scam?

  6. 123 says:

    Be careful! The vendor “Goodfellas” scams!! The first orders is all Good but when you order bigger amount they scam you. No communication.

  7. Dad says:

    Where do I buy the pepper spray

  8. Anonymous says:

    i just need a baguette and a brioche

  9. mxrtr27 says:

    Links darkmarket down ??

  10. mxrtr27 says:

    Dark market is down ?

  11. Gerad Lamo says:

    Can’t reach dark market, is it down?

  12. Guzman says:

    It’s darkmarket down?

  13. ukguy says:

    is sankhara a scammer ? seem like it

  14. boo34 says:

    sankhara he scammer ? seem like i keep hearing people say he play with trackings

  15. Anonym says:

    The Vendor “Goodfellas” is a scamer. At first he send your orders, but when you buy more or buy with FE, then he scam you. No communication, now answer, nothing.. Be carfull

  16. Anonymous says:

    this market is fucking trash.

  17. sninkydink says:

    this market is fucking garbage


    THIS MARKET FUCKING SUCKS DICK. SCAMS LEFT AND FUCKING RIGHT MAN IM SO FUCKING PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANT EVEN GET INFORMATION OVER THE WEB WITHOUT GETTING FUCKING SCAMMED. I HATE THIS SHIT. DARKWEB IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. survailenceplayer102042069noscopefcku says:

    what do you mean

  20. Anonymous says:

    How canni order

  21. WHMBuyerGuide says:

    White House Market Buyer Guide

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    Brucelean 99.00 % positive – Top WHM vendor specializes in Codeine and other prescription drugs.

    Amazone 100.00 % positive – Offer high-quality cocaine ships from Euro to worldwide (90%)

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  22. Jumpstarsatinshoes says:

    Great Martket! Not sure why people are giving this Market such as hard timed?If you are having problems with this Market, then at least tell us what the problems are!? Just saying this Market sucks doesnt leave much in the way of help, in knowing what to look out for! So far I have found this Market to be one of the very best for both the buyer and vendor. The ease of use and over all layout seems very user friendly! Escrow system works well and many of the old vendors have finally made their way to this Market.

  23. GOld miner says:

    h00ked is legit?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Pinocio is good vendor?

  25. judgedread says:

    I’ll tell you exactly why darkmarket sucks twice I’ve tried twice I’ve been scammed under different usernames opiate connect the guy with the clonazolam was it okay vendor… the problem is without a central wallet customers are screwed…. just like last time tonight I purchased 50 clonazolam bars from opiate connect someone who used to be a trusted vendor I pasted where I was the send the coin sent extra to make it sure that it went through…. after hours and hours and 6 confirmations there’s absolutely no record but I made any purchase at all… I need to get to the desktop usually most I could use my any market without a central wallet is already sketchy because that’s only good for the vendor…. all I know is I paid my money I will never trust opiate connect of the United States for clonazolam bars unless there is a central wallet he’s proven himself to be a selectively scammer on dark Market two times now… 6 hours ago or more and 6 confirmations there is no record that I made it any purchase and I was on the correct Market darkmarket is garbage…. I thought deep-sea was going to be a savior but they seem to be getting sketchy to I figured out there weird little shape thing but they changed it and will not let anyone in it seems lately dark Market has a lot of vendors but I’m not convinced they’re not a total phishing site… this is two times now I paid for something and it said no record of a purchase each time I went to support they talked about how every 4 hours they get all their sales together and some kind of group dark Market is garbage I advise everyone to stay away from it unless you’re a vendor who wants to rip people off…. mark my words you will send your coin to the correct address and it will be the right amount and then all of a sudden it’ll time you out and there will be no record of your purchase or any way to find it….. if you are a customer stay the hell away from this Market it is a scam if I’ve ever seen one… I want my damn $70 back but it was just another test because deep-sea got sketchy to… I think the dark web is officially dead but one thing I know for sure is any Market that does not have a central wallet stay the hell away from that’s only good for the vendor it’s the worst for the customer darkmarket is a scam it will take your money mark my words this is the second time I tested it out each time my purchase disappeared and my coin disappeared opiate connect u.s. sells clonazolam bars he’s on dark Market I say f*** him he’s the one I tested he used to be a good vendor I messaged him several times asking if he got the purchase he won’t answer I would never buy anything from that clown opiate connect again he’s a piece of s*** Ollie’s sales is clonazolam and now all he does is scam people on dark Market

  26. judgedread says:

    Because it’s an obvious scam Market and the same thing keeps happening to everybody not having a central wallet it is horrible for the customer….. because the two times I tried it I made a purchase from opiate connect with plenty of Bitcoin only for dark Market to have no record of a purchase darkmarket is good for one thing it’s either a phishing site for it’s a way for vendors to earn money back from exit scams by using dark mark at the scam others…l if you’re a regular customer don’t go there unless you feel like sending money to the wallet of vender only to have it disappear and there to be no record of the purchase….. after three confirmations it will still say not paid then all of a sudden it will time mad on you back in with a big green circle that everything is been confirmed on your end but there will be no record that you made any purchase on dark Market dark Market is an absolute scam stay away unless you like to just give money away and have your purchases disappear dark Market is possibly the worst Market I’ve ever come across and I’ve seen some bad ones at least with the exit scams I finalized early for vendors I trust and it shipped dark Market just straight-up steals your money

  27. Anonymous says:

    Any other dark web links please

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