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  1. biggirlatl says:

    any legit xtc vendors usa?

  2. El Chappo says:

    has anyone bought any testosterone on this site?
    El Chappo

  3. diegocotazo says:

    vous pouvez me dire des vendeurs reglo mais pas de drogue et aussi leur nom svp

  4. SwipeTwice says:

    Apollon just shut down. All mirrors down. onion.live showed 3 remaining mirrors now they are all shut down. As soon ass i deposited my BTC. Maybe its just my lucc. SMH any good markets left?? Empire is gone too

  5. xxxtentacion11111111 says:

    When will apollon be available?

  6. aaaa says:

    Its on maintenance now

  7. life is not fair says:

    I am going to kill myself if this site exit scammed. Why is this world so cruel and fucked up? Yes I am an addict need some drugs to survive my neurotic problems. I feel already sick going to throw up seriously… please, come back! I need an honest site like everybody else.
    Dream, Nightmare, Berlusconi, Cryptonia, now this….. Come back please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every site is gone, I will be gone too with help of a needle. I dont want to live in this shit world anymore.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bro if you didn’t kill your self yet. Firzt of all try with methadone! Yes it hooks you more than heroin but give you opportunity to learn to live without heroin and if you follow strictly and change your home away from old buddies you will be fine!
      I did it!

  8. Escapecar says:

    Does anyone else have issues after depositing bitcoin into Apollon?
    1st Coinbase closed my account after 3 years after I made deposits there. Now again with another account.
    In hind sight I’m assuming I should’ve “washed” I think it’s called- the bitcoin somehow 1st?
    Admittedly, I should have done more research initially, especially considering I’m somewhat computer illiterate also.
    Any advice or tips on the best bitcoin process I’d appreciate it!

  9. Papa Fkn John Babyyy says:

    its back online yall lol whats wrong wit u guys goin crazy

  10. Anonymous says:

    How the fuck I get in the market and see wicked vids bro

  11. 444 says:

    Shut up you scam scum!! apollon is scam city stay away!!

  12. Muh says:

    Hello guys i want to ask about this vendor (canadianpharmacy) is there anyone who bought form him ?? is he safe or not

    • zizi says:

      It’s probably best you don’t name drop vendors… But I would just check his feedback, and only purchase in escrow if you’re not sure. If there’s a problem, just file a ticket.

  13. witcher39 says:

    Hi guys, can anyone tell me how to get into the market please? I’m new to all this… Thanks

  14. kyron says:

    havent been scammed by any vendor there but the staff itself do randomly steal deposits and fuck you over… Happened to me and a friend. Made 2 small deposits no problem, made an order, went back a week later deposited more – they ate it up and support only reply pure bullshit like they really dont care and are ready to leave. first reply was some copy paste thing about phishing listing the good urls, i replied telling them 1 of the urls they just mentioned as fine is the 1 i used, they then continued to pretend that was a scam url despite the proof of it not being in the same chat conversation spoken by them.

  15. Anonymous says:

    So ^-^ which store would you recommend for information about a person?

  16. Bill says:

    100% thieves stay away from them. I registered yesterday on Apollon Market and I researched for hours what I’ going to buy and I made my first deposit of 0.012btc (0.01btc minimum) to try it out. My bitcoin was supposed to show up on my wallet after 2 confirmations but it never did. At first I thought that it might be because of New Year’s Day but when the next day the funds were still missing I tried to reach support through the contact form but it was not working. Then I sent a message to the market and they replied to me that I probably got phished. I told them that this couldn’t be the case because I double-checked the link and also the wallet address was still the same after I got their messaged connected through that link and gave them transaction details to find out what happened. When I went to see what they said I was BANNED for no reason… This guys ripped me off even on my name day and on New Year’s Day.

  17. Jon says:

    I was cheated on Agharta and the support never answered me. I have the money stuck in a dispute and they never answered me, I wrote about 30 messages, 2 months have passed now. While on Apollon I wanted to ask if anyone knows MarleyMainMan and if he is a reliable seller. It has the benefit of the FE but I would like to be sure of what I do. Thank you

  18. ssss says:

    Same here, registered yesterday and deposited 0.02 BTC. All confirmations received but still No BTC added. Complete Scam…
    Stay away

  19. cracm says:

    I deposite 0,069 btc today and the amount got phished my vendor lost 25k dont deposit they are exit scamming

  20. STAY AWAY says:


  21. Bob says:

    Deposits on Apollon not showing up anymore, they are exit scamming. Stay away from Apollon. Empire is the only reliable market at the moment.

    • Kark Rainer says:

      These same reports on Empire too. Difficult to know what the truth is as it could be some false info from competing markets.. Just do really small orders, as i dont think either are 100%. Just did a small deposit on Apallon OK last night.

      • WALKS says:

        Same. I made a deposit to Apollon on the 5th, and it OK’d. My question is tho: how long does 3 day shipping actually mean

        • Kark Rainer says:

          dunno, it often means double. waiting on an order for close to a week. UK to UK. Think the vendors mark it shipped when they havent processed it.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Stay away from Apollon! They are definitely scamming. My deposit hasn’t showed up in 2 days and no response to my ticket.

  23. Eltoro says:

    First deposit never showed up, second arrived but was immediately “magically” withdrawn – stay away

  24. Kallala says:

    Cannazon FTW… Empire is goood but captcha sucks Hard.

  25. M says:

    Someone with a heart help a MF find a legit can hook-up

  26. malcolm says:

    Hello am new to this but how do you get in to apollo market please

  27. Alex3r says:


  28. Alex3r says:

    same for me , immediately withdrawl, it can only be apollon market the thieves !!!

  29. dub3340 says:

    Hi ,
    who knows a reliable market, now that Apollo and Empire are dead

  30. Cocop says:

    Les gars, je vends sur apollon depuis les premiers mois, tout fonctionne parfaitement, vérifiez les liens, oui et vous avez des doutes ou voulez des infos wikr: CocoParis

  31. Bibi says:

    Ils ont viré mes btc 1 min après qu’ils soient arrivés sur le site vers une adresse inconnue. Faites bien attention avec eux …

  32. johnny56 says:

    Hi, Apollon works fine, money comes and orders too.

  33. SwagBitch says:

    Venders keep saying they are sending medical bud when they are sending people shake and shit that has mold on it or dried the fuck out. STOP wasting your money on venders who are selling lies when you can spend half the price with Tegridy_Farms and GET REAL MEDICAL BUD. With no shake or stems. This Bud looks exactly the same bud I get in back home in Cali from the Dispensaries. Hands down my new plug for when im not at home in Cali. Thanks Tegridy_Farms

  34. whatever says:

    Deposited good amount of BTC 3 hours ago and it still hasnt shown up after 9 confirmations. The support is also not replying to my messages. I too wonder if this is an exit scam.

  35. pissed says:

    Deposit still hasnt showed up after 3 hours. I show 10 confirmations too!

  36. Pufi says:

    “APOLLON SCAM ME , DEPOSIT 0,058 BTC ANDONE MINUTE LATER , THEY WITHDRAWAL ALL MY BTC 0,0,6” Same here, be aware! I used verified URL but they keep telling me somebody phised me, that is true, them…

  37. Doglover22 says:

    Uh oh..

    Sent By xM53 On Jan 20, 2020 at 17:17

    There is a fault on our side.We are now working on it thank you for your patient and sorry for the inconvenience .

  38. go says:

    I use Apollon, never had problems with deposit, I always use ESCROW, and everything is fine for now! Apollon has affiliate program, to get 25% fee of referral transactions, just add this to SAFE Apollon link:
    ALWAYS find links on onion live, there’s bunch of phishing sites -be extra careful! I’ve been phished x2 and Apollon support helped me the same day! And guys, don’t use wicker vendors 🙁 Cheers!

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