Agartha Market

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  1. mamacita says:

    Hey mates i thanks you for recommending expressshop he’s a real pro when it comes to business. i just received my bills and they are quality ones.
    I said i should share this with you guys for us to stop losing money for nothing with fake vendors.
    So i fully recommend Expressshop ………

  2. Jake says:

    Beware of this seller :


    This is a scammer seller who pretends to not receive the coins and ask for more coins. Stay away from this market

  3. Anonymous says:

    guys please watch out soul a dude called (SOUPBOY1) he does western union… sent this dude 500 and never got anything back…. then i try to get my funds back and notonce i got my money back and i ended up getting texts from him saying he bought LSD with it…be ware of this dude!!

  4. seesp says:

    I am freed from Sydney and i bought good gear from stonerstuff420, you may thank me latter!

  5. Bette Midler says:



    I sent $2000 in BTC to my Agartha wallet only to never have anything load in my wallet. I have sent Agartha SEVERAL messages and they have not responded to a single message.

    Megashop….I sent $500 for my order and paid for overnight shipping, only to be told 3 days later that USPS wants an extra $100 for “discreet packaging”. Bullshit! All of the vendors that I have spoke with from Agartha sound exactly the same, like they be from Jamaica-mon!

  6. don says:

    Be aware of this market. A complete scam. All reviews and vendors are fake. It would be better to flush your bitcoin down the drain than give it to these mother fuckers. At least you won’t feel cheated.

  7. jellywiz says:

    watch out for druglord22 he is scammer he blocked me after i sent him $1200 in btc

  8. Jellywiz says:

    watch out for the scammer druglord22 he scammed me for $1200 in btc. it starts off with the original amount of the deal but then keeps demanding more money sent or the deal is off until he eventually blocks you.

  9. legitplug says:

    what do you need man?

  10. Lex says:

    Legitmed007 is a scammer do not send this liar anything he will take your money then ghost you

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