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  1. uk420 says:

    This vendor in Tochka is the the best who sell bulk weed,(mary-jane) free to order to this vendor

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am still waiting for my coins back after numerous messages sent to support with no answer. I swear that market is full of scammers

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is anyone having login errors? I just deposited btc too!

  4. Anonymous says:

    What’s with their lack of support to buyers? Vendors get quick replies apparently.
    I Started a dispute 2 weeks ago, my bitcoins are supposed to be in escrow but no sign of them being refunded to my wallet, no reply from support, the vendor was helpful but still no support/help from Agartha.

  5. anon says:

    seems like shitty place

  6. L says:

    Given that there seems to be no main market anymore. These guys really need to sort their shit out and get rid of all the multiple item posts. Increase search features. It’s impossible to find what you’re looking for…..I hope we get back to the days of dream market.

  7. Anonymous says:

    is brucelean legit?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Warning!! scam market do not deposit your btc. I just got robbed 2400. Even the verified dealers are scam. you wount be able to login after deposit! Take my word.

  9. franky says:

    Same here, lost Bitcoins and no support. I smell Exit scam.

  10. alec says:

    baielythom and emeegaplugssupply is a big scam they both are same vendor and scamming people stay away.
    not shipping any order and now they are not replying as well.
    stay away…..

  11. alec says:

    both are level 8 vendor and still scamming

  12. Anonymous says:

    Berma na wo w> 3henfa

  13. Dont know says:

    Is this market real…?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Agartha is still one of the best market with a stable working system, no DDOS no threat of exiting scam and i really appreciate the come back of the admins and moderators working hard to make it the best

  15. FuckingAnnoyed says:

    This trader is a crook and scam artist : Damason


    Posts the goods, using some dodgy courier service :


    then message comes back that i have to pay £350 “refundable insurance”. He never told me any such fee was payable at the start.

    Then tries to con me by saying pay £100.

    Knew it by then he’s a scammer.

    Agartha is one big scam. They are in cahoots. The feedback on ALL of these vendors are fake. Look at the names of those that give feedback.. Most are the same. One buyer leaves feedback in chinese, and then same buyer leaves back feedback in english

    I miss the good old days with the REAL markets (now extinct) where the vendors were honest and delivered. Those days are gone !!

  16. Reality4_2Check says:

    ^this vendor is the place to go for coke, 3 different * categorized by price, very good stealth and pretty much always next day delivery! Uk only i think…

    • Hajeknfjd says:

      Ukcocaine1 is a scammer. I very nearly took this advice and ordered but the original is ukcocaine. Ordered from them and all came through today. They have copied their account and trying to pretend they are the real deal. Check the usernames on their feedback it’s mostly the same usernames leaving feedback. Lots of vendors passing off as legit vendors with similar usernames and cloned listings. Do not buy from them. The legit ones have registered months ago when the market wasn’t like this. Admins are not doing anything which is why scammers have moved in. Plenty of legit still on there but hard to find. I got lucky.

  17. Xdao says:

    i met 2 vendors and both are scammer!!!!!!

  18. Agfuckta says:

    Dodgiest dark net site I have ever visited. Heaps of scammers and admin sucks at following up

  19. gratefuldead200 says:


  20. neo says:

    any one knew any legit vendor on darkweb?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Just got scammed by joejoeus. If there are any real vendors on here their hidden in a sea of scammers, it aint worth it. Only reliable market was cryptonia which is gone now. Darknet is beat at this point, hopefully somebody steps up and things change in the next couple months .

  22. anon says:

    Tried to cop ket, got scammed by joejoeus. If there are any real vendors on here they’re hidden in a sea of scammers. Cryptonia was the only reliable market and now its gone. The dark net is beat rn, aint worth the risk. Hopefully somebody will step up in the next couple months and help us out.

  23. Anonymous says:

    You are right on that one.

  24. anan says:

    fuck this place with a passion , you got cunts out here trying to scam every dollar out of you , theyre probably assholes who are trying to ddos fucking empire out of business . pieces of shit agartha is , they seem legit but theyre not . nothing but scammers for sure on this site

  25. MIMA says:

    you can register here, I recommend this shop as the best atm…

  26. NEO says:

    scammers alert agartha market vendors
    movingtrain wikr: movingtrain111
    blocked by vendor after sending coins. everybody beaware and stay away from these vendors..
    dream boss
    eniplugssupply lvl 8 scam artist
    wicker legit12
    wicker: vandot123
    wicker: vasto420

  27. Dooey says:

    opened an account yesterday, deposited £10 max, gone to log in today and keep getting Login Problem Error Code 12240. and wont login? any ideas

  28. redwingcrowe says:

    Hello so i order some stuff…from king somebody on agar. Market im talking to him on wickr after i send him 250$ he ask for my email and phone# i ask why he says “because the agenices has questions about my package…im new at this did not even know that what i asked for is banned from agartha…not sure why it was on the market then….does anyone know what to do…how to report this

  29. NEO says:

    ANY one knew legit vendor ?

  30. NEO says:

    can anyone confirm this store APPLE Store are they legit?


  31. gogo says:

    @NEO On what market and for what?

    I think apollon is great, you can cancel your orders (you can’t on empire), and it’s very fast..
    Just had few orders, many vendors from other exited markets and empire are there and they have promo/free addons on orders!

    If you want, you can use my referall link (25% on all transactions), thank you in advance.

    Grey market also has referall program where you get 25% on all transactions, you can register here:

    Be safe and stay high guys. Please write what do you think about these markets…

  32. milchek says:

    mes frère c’est important ne plus aller sur agartha

  33. milchek says:

    we must turn cough green Apollon

  34. money25 says:

    Please is this vendor in Agartha legit or scammer /westernunionstore

  35. MPRRRRRR says:

    Did a BTC deposit yesterday, went to log in and now Im getting a login error 12240. Why is that? tried to go on their forum but its down.

    can anyone give me some info on this. Is agartha just a scam site.

    plus im tired of all the guys scamming. who wants to start a marketplace?

  36. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone worked with JET LOVE, wickr id – jason30594?
    I have a deal and have got tracking no. too, but the delivery site looks fake.
    any great vendors alive on Agartha or not? :'(

  37. XANAXLOVER says:

    Did a BTC deposit too around 24 hours ago, I can log in but the wallet is empty. What is going on?

  38. budd says:

    I can recommend tomandjerry, lidl, vanillasurf, heineken, heinekenexpress, theniceguys, thepostman…..

    Try Apollon. Empire is shitty with this not working mirrors…

    My referall link (25% on each order):


    Maybe it works for you. Maybe not. Good luck. Stay safe…..

    I need good vendor for ketamine and coke, do you have some recomendation?

  39. MR CCV says:

    Dont Buy This Vendor ( papylondon ) He is Scammer !I Will Pay 50$ But Do Not Give Me E Code . Now Tell me More Dollar send it .
    Dont Buy It Scammer …

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