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  1. koko says:

    Didn’t receive your order?

  2. kill the dealer says:

    bro, I just contacted him. You can find him in EMpire market with same name. I asked him for track and trace and where is my order now and he answered “bro I can not help you, tochka scammed us too”
    To me this means that I should not even expect my order.
    He “shipped” the order at least 3-4 days before tochka went down so if he answser me this then he didn’t send anything and with few words he just told me to go fuck myself

  3. crazy says:

    Ok. 2 years ago we used to buy real shit on alphabay. Now days there are only scammers and scam markets. These piece of shits ruined the dark market. Ordered 2 shipments in Tochka and received one big NOTHING! Registered in Apollon and after making deposit I didn’t receive my funds.
    And even if I received the btc most likely I would be scammed by some fake shit vendor. So better is to go to my local dealer and get what he has. It is better to pay 60eur for 1g coke 40-50% than paying 200eur for promises for PURE, UNCUT, 90%, TOP GRADE, FISH SCALE, RIGHT of THE BRICK A+++and then get scammed like idiot

  4. mysterio says:

    anyone know where candabis have shops?

  5. mangofusion says:

    xcandy_shopx on Apollon sells the best ketamine

  6. hatescammer says:

    So, at all, means it’s an exitscam now?

  7. Ferrari says:

    NEVER ORDER FROM FERRARI!!! He is selective scammer. If you order from him is like you play lottery and hoping “will I get me order or not”. You can receive one order and get scammed on the next and if is bigger order then you WILL BE SCAMMED!!!
    Just move on to another vendor he is decent and not this shit without dignity

  8. rik says:

    tockha do you think is Down momentarily or has he surely already got the money from the accounts and made exit scam?

  9. rik says:

    Empire market Is Down

  10. acidmath says:

    Anyone use dutchplug1 on point market?

  11. earth says:

    Placed $400 order with this vendor November 24th. Then Tochka went down. Have not received order and my money has been taken. Anyone know anything about this vendor? @dreathvendor

  12. HollowOne says:

    Any one scammed by jamero823?? Found his info on tochka and made a deal. hHe even sent me fake tracking from and it looks legit. Now he wants to meet in person for a “better” deal.???

    • medsfactory says:

      if meet in real he to stupid nobody who sell here want to meet in real so not beleave take your lost and look for an good seller

  13. viuRau says:

    Does anybody know vendor from tochka who shipped in funny packaged weed?
    got mine in swat car xD need to find him on other markets. great stuff for cheap money and fast delivery

  14. omero says:

    estoy enojado pues ice un pedido con hollandic y mi pedido nunca llego no c que a pasado pero aun no lo tengo y la pagina tocha no abre no esta operatiba quien me da solucion

  15. Anonymous says:

    any infos? what with escrow money????

  16. Jrock says:

    Looking for green or yellow ladders cheap

  17. Anonymous says:

    From Tochka Admin

    “Admin: Tochka is now offline due to massive DDoS Attack. Until it is down, you can go to our Empire Market and buy some stuff here”

  18. HollowOne says:

    Any one scammed by jamero823?? Found his info on tochka.
    trying to get us notes

  19. daineman says:

    Hey guy eversince tochka has been offline made an order with ferrari 570$ but 2 weeks no packaged received but made this vendor on darkbay order heroin 10 grams came within 5 days so i was good and product quality awesome vendor name billtrader or we had once talk though wickr id (mark10) sells good heroin and coke with opoid pills as well.

  20. TORNADO135 says:


  21. Anonymous says:

    This is the FBI we Got your Ip Adress you will receive a letter the next days

    Your D.J.Trump

  22. Update says:

    Tochka exit scammed. Move on with your research.

  23. Anonymous says:

    lol all fucking markets only scamming cocksuckers left dont use your money ob anysite specialle agarthaa only scammers and admin works with verifed vendors

  24. ddededed says:

    dont use your money on agarthaaa admin works with verifed vendors

  25. AdminChangeToRED says:

    Exit scammed, please change this to red to inform others. Thank you.

  26. jonesbanes says:

    Any one know of the best market now to shop will like to know since all market seems scam everywhere

  27. Torinunus says:

    Do u know how get back my btc wallet ?

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