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  1. anaanihmus says:

    Just sent money to my wallet 2 hours ago, now the site and all the alts say “no such user”. As far as I can tell all the users except one on Agartha are scammers, and maybe that one too. Gues I’m going to have to go out and make friends again.

  2. anonhombre says:

    Same issue of Tochka saying “no such user” I have been awaiting an order that only says dispatched with no mail info. Not sure what is going on on both fronts but definitely frustrated. Anyone have any suggestions?

  3. age says:

    yesterday ive deposite money and make orders and today user not found…… Must i get sad now or can somebody answer to the quest so that everything is clear and nobody must ask again every 5 minutes on every day??

    • Shindekudasai says:

      I’m having the same problem with both my vendor account and my buyer account, this seem to be a recurrent thing and these good-for-nothing admins never addressed it.

  4. TochkaAdminGetCancerPlease says:

    Fix your fucking market pieces of shit, what’s with this “Error:No such user”, they know their market have problems but they never communicate about it or whatsover, bunch of good-for-nothing fucks, wasting our time.

    • xfactor says:

      What a fucking comment is this? Got cancer….? Really?? No niveau in public. I had never a problem with this admin. Contrary to your post I got always an answer and he helped always with fast and independent solutions. So you had bad experience, but I had only good deals on this market.

  5. henrygray says:

    Was looking forward to buy Hydrocodone 10/325mg can some one help me out ?

  6. SCAM says:


  7. cryptozone says:

    I got same issues: no user, no connection, no nothing, etc. but I have also used the place and has reliable vendors.

    I don´t think its any scam: this people are having issues with their database. Probable grew too fast in a very short time.

  8. anon1234 says:

    Currently up and running. For me a market with great service (Staff actually is very fast with answering tickets) and trustworthy vendors. Currently some technical issues, but hopefully not to worry.

  9. anon1234 says:

    For me a market with great service and helpful staff. Most vendors are reliable.
    ESCROW and drop service.
    Recently some technical issues but hopefully not to worry.

  10. victhim says:

    got scam by a seller , theres no support , returning to samsara

  11. Warning says:

    I believe its a bail out scam site… people need to pay heed but when you become complacent, then you will pay the ultimate price. For me if there is a site and admin want to write bold that they are not responsible for people who got scam, then you need to open your eyes or if you take the risk then live with it. All the loop holes and scam signs are in their policy T&C. take the time read, research. It will sure benefit your worth of screaming out scam. Any admin of any dark net site should hold its vendors accountable. Needless to say some forum site are recruiting workers who stand as vendors and reviewers – just take note take time, read and observed.

  12. bood420 says:

    This vendor in Tochka is the the best who sell bulk weed,(mary-jane) free to order to this vendor

  13. pie says:

    buy to this vendor in tochka mary-jane legit and quality

  14. Mesopotamian1 says:

    Am looking for Western Union transfers to the middle east. Can anyone point me in the right direction.

  15. Jack says:

    Takopp is ls pro in western union transfer

  16. duda says:

    This vendor in Tochka is the the best who sell bulk weed,(mary-jane) free to order to this vendor

  17. vendor says:

    tochka is shitty place, why you post links here. you will lose ur money

  18. N says:

    Got a no ship scam, I think this is another one that has taken a hit . Dropping like flies yo

  19. Inconath says:

    hey, help me pls, i dont have the invite code how should I do it??

  20. Anonymous says:

    How the fuck can I find drugs online it’s almost FUCKING impossible

  21. totorina says:

    another exit scam ?

  22. smn says:

    can’t connect to it. Yesterday everything was okay and now i’m trying to reach this site about 5 hours (tried mirrors too). Is Tochka alive?

  23. charlie67 says:

    Tochka was a good dnm but now they have (since 5-6 weeks not for about 3-4 days like some guys wrote here) always database errors, and i wouldn´t (and i was 2 years a costumer there) not deposit btc there like anonymous wrote here wright before They most vendors from tochka (also crack1 when somebody searching him) is now on apollon, and they are really good, and i´ve ordered 6th times with success. I´d never lost my deposit (and this is really important in this bad fuckin dnm times). I don´t like to post it here, but it´s better when we forget tochka in the future, cauz i think they will maybe will make a scam exit. I´m not sure, but also the admin are not sure how long tochka will exists anymore.

  24. Mace says:

    Does anyone know the reason for Tochka being down at this point in time?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Whats happened to Tochka? are we getting scammed?

  26. flat45fs92 says:

    Wanting to get top grade counterfeit usd notes. Anyone know an honest reliable vendor?

  27. Anonymous says:

    Any news on Tochka? Been down for over 24hrs

  28. NEO says:

    scammers alert agartha market vendors
    movingtrain wikr: movingtrain111
    blocked by vendor after sending coins. everybody beaware and stay away from these vendors..
    dream boss
    eniplugssupply lvl 8 scam artist
    wicker legit12
    wicker: vandot123
    wicker: vasto420

  29. fungi says:

    Hello guys does someone know US vendor with good weed?

  30. Back says:

    Cops are back to work today

  31. NEO says:

    agartha is only stable market for now will all scammers there so there is no market active right now

    movingtrain wikr: movingtrain111 (scammer with no brain)
    blocked by vendor after sending coins. everybody beaware and stay away from these vendors..
    dream boss
    eniplugssupply lvl 8 scam artist
    wicker legit12
    wicker: vandot123
    wicker: vasto420

  32. Anonymous says:

    And miss usa, and jennett44….crooks

  33. shinsta says:

    Why is Tchka down?

  34. digs says:

    i put a order in with a vendor a few days ago and the fucking website went down so im left out of pocket!!!.
    im well pissed off….
    any news?.

  35. charlie says:

    yep, the markets down for me too :/

  36. anon says:

    put in an order w trusted vendor then site went down so out of pocket. anyone from the market able to explain what’s going on… can see none of the money has moved out of escrow accounts so doesnt look like exit scam… any news????

    • bwolf says:

      yea happened to me to placed a few orders and now the site went down pretty pissed been about 9 days since i placed order thinking now im hit

  37. doctorwho says:

    This sucks!! Anybody knows anyone we can still get goodies from?Any contacts????!!!?!

  38. Eli.17 says:

    Placed an order on Tochka several days before it went down. Order was marked shipped. I do you think I will receive it?

  39. budd says:

    @doctorwho what items??

  40. Toaster389 says:

    Tochka seems to be down for now. Haven’t been able to access any of my accounts on that site for awhile. Currently moving my business to Apollon, I’d recommend that others do the same in the meantime. Who knows if tochka will still be safe once it’s back up, or if it’ll just be a honeypot like alphabay was after it came back up for a bit. Be wary.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Currently I have been able to access Apollon.

  42. koko says:

    I ordered from Ferrari vendor from Tochka and 8 days later still nothing.
    Does anyone know this guy and is it decent or just another scammer?

    • Anonymous says:

      ordered from him many times, sometimes delivery takes very long.

      • Koko says:

        Thank you bro!
        Hope I get it soon 😉
        I have bad experience with Dutch vendors because usually the shipment from Netherlands is checked often. Once my brother who love in Amsterdam sent me very nice coke from his friends from Suriname (which is great shit) and yet I didn’t receive it. Its my brother and it was gift so I am sure he didn’t scam me 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        i ordered also from ferrari, its 15 days and still nothing… shipping to czech rep. europe

    • deepweeber says:

      scammer ordered once from him and didn’t even bother to txt me back after 2 weeks , he just called me a cunt ….

    • Anonymous says:

      I have received each order from him

    • Anonymous says:

      I have received every order from him, expect the one which i ordered a day before tochka went down, also waiting.

    • ano says:

      first order with him came fast.
      second one still waiting for more than a week .. was marked shipped before market went down.. we’ll see

      • koko says:

        Hi bro,
        did you receive your 2nd order?
        It’s been already 15 days since my order was shipped and still nothing. I don’t know whether he scammed me or not because this spring I ordered seeds from Netherlands with priority shipment with track and trace and anyway I waited nearly 1 month. I am in BG in EU country and maybe would be faster if I would go with my bicycle to Netherlands to buy the seeds and come back to Bulgaria 🙂

  43. A. S. says:

    I placed an order with @dreathvendor and then the site went down. Haven’t received order. Does anyone know anything?

  44. punchmysterio says:

    yes it’s not only tochka! a lot of markets are down since severals days. the only one i can go was avaris market

  45. pissed buyer says:

    Guys this does NOT happen for first time!
    I suggest you to boykot Tochka! Lets all stop using this site. There are plenty of other trusted markets so would not be loss for us but loss for tochka staff!
    We must stop using this market until they start maintain this market more serious and get rid of the scammers!
    For example the guy who said he lost 400usd would not lose them if used Apollon or Empire, would he?

    • punchmysterio says:

      no man, tochka is not responsible of this down, many others markets are down like tochka. i don’t know why, maybe it’s just an update of tor?

      • anonymous says:

        how would u know if tochka market isn´t responsible? doesn´t matter. This can´t happening. they don´t have to wonder if noone trusts this market anymore.

        • koko says:

          That’s right bro! Tochka staff do not care about us and our losses! If they did care for their clients first thing they would not delete the bad feedbacks of the scammer vendors but they would just ban the vendors! Anyway doesn’t matter if the vendor is piece of shit or legit Tochka receives it’s piece of cake (aka fee)!
          Unfortunately after I did some research I just don’t see any good market left.
          Before I used to use only dream market and alphabay and I received absolutely every order I placed! Despite I was buying coke only with FE I wasn’t scammed even once!

  46. 16432564 says:

    i’ve placed a order with @expresspharma, somebody know other contact of this vendor?

  47. 13121887 says:

    i have a 1000€ order opened and the market went down why should i stop using it

  48. Doleri says:

    How do you create an account in apollon? I don’t understand the jabber or ICQ section, can anyone help me?

  49. Pawn says:

    Guys, you know if the Dutch salesman Christina from France is active in another market besides tochka?

  50. Vin says:

    Tochka is down please can someone help me on where to buy a live credit card?

  51. bita says:

    Does anyone know the contact for @yourfinest

  52. AS says:

    I put in an order with @dreathvendor and never received my order yet. That was 2 weeks ago! Anyone know this vendor?!!! Down $450!!!

  53. Thazz says:

    I have an ongoing dispute over Tochka following an order never delivered, how to solve now?

  54. 1312 says:

    any1 know how to contact Octopus from Tochka?

  55. w//takopp says:

    so if i got all these meds and tochka is down ,how will iv sell them ?

  56. rik says:

    how can I contact Ferrari store? Wickr usernamename?

  57. Artur says:

    کسی می تواند مرا وصل کند و مهندس کامپیوتر نباشم

  58. koko says:

    Didn’t receive your order?

  59. kill the dealer says:

    bro, I just contacted him. You can find him in EMpire market with same name. I asked him for track and trace and where is my order now and he answered “bro I can not help you, tochka scammed us too”
    To me this means that I should not even expect my order.
    He “shipped” the order at least 3-4 days before tochka went down so if he answser me this then he didn’t send anything and with few words he just told me to go fuck myself

  60. crazy says:

    Ok. 2 years ago we used to buy real shit on alphabay. Now days there are only scammers and scam markets. These piece of shits ruined the dark market. Ordered 2 shipments in Tochka and received one big NOTHING! Registered in Apollon and after making deposit I didn’t receive my funds.
    And even if I received the btc most likely I would be scammed by some fake shit vendor. So better is to go to my local dealer and get what he has. It is better to pay 60eur for 1g coke 40-50% than paying 200eur for promises for PURE, UNCUT, 90%, TOP GRADE, FISH SCALE, RIGHT of THE BRICK A+++and then get scammed like idiot

  61. mysterio says:

    anyone know where candabis have shops?

  62. mangofusion says:

    xcandy_shopx on Apollon sells the best ketamine

  63. hatescammer says:

    So, at all, means it’s an exitscam now?

  64. Ferrari says:

    NEVER ORDER FROM FERRARI!!! He is selective scammer. If you order from him is like you play lottery and hoping “will I get me order or not”. You can receive one order and get scammed on the next and if is bigger order then you WILL BE SCAMMED!!!
    Just move on to another vendor he is decent and not this shit without dignity

  65. rik says:

    tockha do you think is Down momentarily or has he surely already got the money from the accounts and made exit scam?

  66. rik says:

    Empire market Is Down

  67. acidmath says:

    Anyone use dutchplug1 on point market?

  68. earth says:

    Placed $400 order with this vendor November 24th. Then Tochka went down. Have not received order and my money has been taken. Anyone know anything about this vendor? @dreathvendor

  69. HollowOne says:

    Any one scammed by jamero823?? Found his info on tochka and made a deal. hHe even sent me fake tracking from and it looks legit. Now he wants to meet in person for a “better” deal.???

    • medsfactory says:

      if meet in real he to stupid nobody who sell here want to meet in real so not beleave take your lost and look for an good seller

  70. viuRau says:

    Does anybody know vendor from tochka who shipped in funny packaged weed?
    got mine in swat car xD need to find him on other markets. great stuff for cheap money and fast delivery

  71. omero says:

    estoy enojado pues ice un pedido con hollandic y mi pedido nunca llego no c que a pasado pero aun no lo tengo y la pagina tocha no abre no esta operatiba quien me da solucion

  72. Anonymous says:

    any infos? what with escrow money????

  73. Jrock says:

    Looking for green or yellow ladders cheap

  74. Anonymous says:

    From Tochka Admin

    “Admin: Tochka is now offline due to massive DDoS Attack. Until it is down, you can go to our Empire Market and buy some stuff here”

  75. HollowOne says:

    Any one scammed by jamero823?? Found his info on tochka.
    trying to get us notes

  76. daineman says:

    Hey guy eversince tochka has been offline made an order with ferrari 570$ but 2 weeks no packaged received but made this vendor on darkbay order heroin 10 grams came within 5 days so i was good and product quality awesome vendor name billtrader or we had once talk though wickr id (mark10) sells good heroin and coke with opoid pills as well.

  77. TORNADO135 says:


  78. Anonymous says:

    This is the FBI we Got your Ip Adress you will receive a letter the next days

    Your D.J.Trump

  79. Update says:

    Tochka exit scammed. Move on with your research.

  80. Anonymous says:

    lol all fucking markets only scamming cocksuckers left dont use your money ob anysite specialle agarthaa only scammers and admin works with verifed vendors

  81. ddededed says:

    dont use your money on agarthaaa admin works with verifed vendors

  82. AdminChangeToRED says:

    Exit scammed, please change this to red to inform others. Thank you.

  83. jonesbanes says:

    Any one know of the best market now to shop will like to know since all market seems scam everywhere

  84. Torinunus says:

    Do u know how get back my btc wallet ?

  85. Anonymous says:

    Fuck all

  86. LongJohnSilver says:

    Even before the exit it was FULL of scammer…

  87. fuck them all says:

    this is such fucked up shit …. u could never know any real shit in this fucking dark fuck shit fuck them all

  88. WHMBuyerGuide says:

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