Dream Market Admin Update

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  1. HulkHoden says:

    danke für dieses forum,

  2. VENDOR says:

    Yes, login and withdrawl your coins if your account hasn’t been banned from doing so!

    10k in escrow! If it was actually speedstepper, stop tip-toeing and re-enable the fucking withdrawals for all the vendors with serious money locked because fo your stupid rogue admins.

  3. Ace says:

    We kinda lose it all, NNM is a great place for vendors to go

  4. Dmnitcarl says:

    Nightmare Is down too

  5. buen says:

    I have a problem with closing my account. How to contact the dream market team?

  6. n3m3s1z says:

    Forget about Dream – keep far away and do not log into your account again! Smells that fishy, must be LE …

  7. No one says:

    Well I’m late

  8. Kyng says:

    Have u been able to get on???

  9. Moan says:

    Many markets going down made me look for a new cocaine provider. Ordered 6 gram from FlexxCocaine, haven’t done reagent test but it’s some pretty good quality.

  10. Anonymous says:

    How the fuck do you get on Empire, constantly closing links?

  11. Alf4 says:

    When Dream market reopen so do you guys know can i get My money from there? In last March i forget these in Dream Market. Maybe money is not there anymore??

  12. bigbabaausbln says:

    yes the honey pot comes for sure in august ^^

  13. Akinwale says:

    I need software or app to be used in cloning a sim card

  14. Sebastian says:

    What is happening when is the big opening?!

  15. Doesntmatter says:

    Been waiting for over a week for withdrawal from Nigthmare, I did get a reply from support a week after making the complaint and was simply told to wait. That is all no explanation as to why etc, but I did find empire again and I will give them another go and see what happens I would highly recommend not depositing to nightmare for not though also all orders i made there were auto canceled and some vendors even state on their page not to deposit as I guess their funds are also stuck. Time will tell if its a scam or not but bitcoin prices rising should make it easier to pay people back. I had only about 200 bucks but still I coulda turned that into 400-500 on cid easily as its rare here…anyway you have been warned if I get it the deposit then I retract my statement but so far nothing, and I really do not expect it either.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Dream Market is Back with a new Name

  17. Anonymous says:

    Dream Market is Back

  18. CaptainWeed says:

    Dream Market ist jetzt Samsara Market

    Viel spass Jungs

  19. CaptainWeed says:

    Dream Market ist jetzt Samsara Market

    Euer CaptainWeed

  20. invert says:

    samsara or dream alt?

  21. sheba says:


  22. hitler2.0 says:

    where can i buy a hit man?

  23. Anonymous says:


  24. Diana says:

    Can anyone please help me find a vender for crystal meth please

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