Dark Market

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  1. Anonymous says:

    how do i even pay

  2. jerre says:

    Brauche kokain

  3. john says:

    The support not answer and my bitcoin never arrived after seven days. I think I had lost my money.

  4. Anonymous123 says:

    This site is full of scammers! Never finalize early….

    • Qwerty123 says:

      Yes for example the Vendor “Goodfellas” with escrow is a good, the first orders all good, but when you buy a bigger amount and FE than he scam you. Now Answer after weeks and a lot of messages from me to him and I am a good buyer from this vendor

  5. lulu23 says:

    be carefull the Vendor premiumxl from germany scams! He offers such bad stuff to a high price. His Meth is absolutely trash ! verry bad quality !

  6. Namastetheking says:

    Dark Market is a little slow today but still working. I placed an order today with NamasteLSD that should be coming in soon I hope.

  7. Dark_User_XY6UGP says:

    Hey Use My Referral please if making new account its XY6UGP
    just enter XY6UGP when signing up in referral
    help a brother out
    Dark market works fine just make sure to use your same trusted vendors and verify its actually them

  8. darkmarketbuyer says:

    Cannaland Vender legit he said he had broke his laptop losing the pgp key he had set up for the account so he needed to take sometime to recover it. That’s why any orders placed wasn’t sent out next day.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Is it down currently? cant acces to the side

  10. darkmatter says:

    It’s been down for 3 days now. It seems the updates they’re doing take longer than they thought.
    Anyone knows something about the vendor PrudntialFinancial? He has no reviews and asking a lot of money for his product.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Bank logz site

  12. Bonule says:

    Any body knows a really good udetectable counterfeit supernote vender which is the peruvian note the best of the best im tryna do business if you know where i can find a great vendor that has them that would be awsome.

  13. gigetto says:

    no one work

  14. kelven says:

    dark market fucking scam i have placed two orders and also there is no proper support team please dont waste money guys

  15. akak says:


    his fucker

  16. Rinss says:

    see good scores …. does it work?

  17. Rinss says:

    How does the escrow system work here?

  18. Cheers says:

    If you wanna, use my referal code for DARK MARKET when sign up (20% of transaction fees): VB4IJX

    Good luck and stay safe

  19. exitscammerverifyer says:

    this market is exit scamming as of 11/20 DO NOT USE

  20. crazyhorse says:

    How can I deposit money in my darkmarket account? normaly I have to go the ATM BT with the QR code associated to my account, now Do i need to have my own wallet?

  21. Cheroo says:

    The best site

  22. Uudiooo says:

    The best market

  23. Booom says:

    Use my referal code for DARK MARKET when sign up (20% of transaction fees): VB4IJX

    Good luck and stay safe!!!!

  24. JR says:

    I sent my payment 24 hours ago then a few hours after I sent it, my order was cancelled, and I have no idea why. I haven’t gotten my money back, and support has not answered me at all during the whole process. I’ve reached out about 5 times. Can someone please tell me what to do?

  25. katara says:

    does anyone know a good fullz or paypal vendor on this market?

  26. fredricogispachio says:

    I just had two transactions be cancelled and the money is gone. Same sotry as the above. I will NEVER be so foolish as to use this robbery market again! Straight up marketfront to steal your money! Don’t shop here!

  27. Ellie says:

    Does anyone know how to sell on here? Any advice would be free cos I’m a newbie

  28. Yes says:

    I’m a vendor and want to sell on here. Anyone know how? Good quality stuff if anyone is interested…

  29. Esscrows27 says:

    Has anyone had dealings with vendor ‘pureau’ on darkmarket, I paid for purchase last friday and it was marked as sent almost immediately and still nothing received 6 days later despite express post, he also managed to mark the purchase as received after 2 days releasing him the escrow somehow, I have sent numerous messages, no reply and his site says he is on vacation, sounds a bit suss and i have opened a support ticket and sill no response from them either, how the fuck can someone mark a purchase as received without my knowledge?

  30. John says:

    doesn’t let me log in / register. Just hangs.
    Anyone having the same issue ?

  31. Max says:

    Darkstoneisland scam scammer

  32. boon says:

    are you able to order right now?

  33. DarkMarketScam says:

    Dark Market is scam. They are doing scam exit.

  34. Ajax says:

    Does anyone know where vendor UK White is? I can’t locate since Empire went down. Thx

  35. Anonymous says:

    Looking for a legitimate market or vendor for oxycodone 30mg not pressed with fetty need the real ones , will do great buisness any vendors on here or someone can tell me where to go , new to the web pages, been doing this for years and ready to give it a try no scammers please anyone serious let’s talk

  36. Jbarr73 says:

    Looking for a legitimate market or vendor for oxycodone 30mg not pressed with fetty need the real ones , will do great buisness any vendors on here or someone can tell me where to go , new to the web pages, been doing this for years and ready to give it a try no scammers please anyone serious let’s talk

    • LostInPain says:

      I would like to know as well, in legit pain been scammed $800 worth of btc I’m gonna lose my job without good pain meds.

  37. jono says:

    any one had good dealings with this market i was scammed first time

  38. Dawid says:

    how to register?

  39. darkmater says:

    I’m trying to buy a digital product at the price of $1500 from a vendor that doesn’t have any reviews and he’s not willing to offer a sample for less money ( it’s a quantity product -for $1500 you get X number of products) I wonder if escrow on this market will keep my money safe until I test the product and see if it works as the vendor says. An opinion? Does the escrow keeps my money safe?

  40. helpneedsupport says:

    how do you deposit?

  41. Tk says:

    Anyone know a good spot to buy benzos from?

  42. dede says:

    Is Dark Market gone? Been trying to access all day using every URL I can find and nothing works.

  43. XxCharschwixX says:

    Have sent the amount to the btc adress and vendor cancel the order.
    How the fuck do I get back my money ?

  44. Anonymous says:

    hmmm? Is the side down?

  45. waloulou says:

    hey peps can someone tell me how can i buy 50 tabs of LSD with no fucking scam please thank you brothers and sisters

  46. wanakablues says:

    Just wondering if anybody can point me in the direction of a hacker? No crazy business. Just need a white knight to retrieve an Instagram account for their rightful owner, haha.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Can someone tell me how to make purchasers?

  48. hitmanfame says:

    can u tell me how to purchase

  49. missy3114 says:

    can someone direct me to someone who works with identity fraud ?? i have a couple identities that im trying to use, i heard you can get credit cards, loans etc…. or maybe someone wants to buy them off me for a reasonable price

  50. gameleaf says:

    did you find out? because im still stuck.

  51. gameleaf says:

    someone please tell me how to make a purchase

  52. Acab says:

    Who is “Roumans”?! This guy is a Snitch, be careful. A unknown person send a package to my mailbox. I don’t know anything about this, but the police catched the person “Rouman” and he talk with the police! I don’t know who this guy is, but when you know him be carfull

  53. JoeCool says:

    DarkMarket, according the them, is a market that prides itself on customer service and fast resolution. I had an order canceled on me. I had sent the bitcoin. I have yet to receive my bitcoin after two weeks of opening a ticket with support. It’s driving me crazy.

  54. Uniflip says:

    Definitely pulling an exit scam, said I was phished which is BS. I am an experienced user. Def don’t trust.

  55. Bolf says:


  56. zigzag89 says:

    man fbi i gonna raid me,idk how the fuck i got here

  57. Anonymous says:

    Be careful, exit scam !

    Transactions do not to through and purchases fail to complete

  58. TT says:

    Be careful, exit scam !!!

    Transactions do not go through

  59. ch says:

    hey guys i need script 4 deepwab market

  60. rif says:

    Exit scam ?

  61. Chick jenner says:


  62. Prizzy Brown says:

    Need a good plug

  63. Fabian says:

    Does anyone know if any of these Marketplace sells loading tutorials and bank logs Whm,Darkmarket and Versus

  64. Anonymous says:

    Not good. Made a purchase on 12/27 sent full payment same day. Order showed as not paid and cancelled after 2 days. Contacted support never heard back.

  65. Anonymous says:

    why was my purchaces cancelled two times? and why is my money lost?

  66. vikram says:

    I want a tyupkin malware usb…if any can help so pls come nd reply and work with me on reasonable price

  67. john says:

    How can i get any ps3 games for free?

  68. ZACC0074 says:


  69. salfysoxy says:

    Main url is down at the moment.

  70. ScrewDarkMarket says:

    SCAM MARKET. Centralised market wallet address. They will take your money and close your support tickets.

  71. eyes? says:

    Is it just me or did the market just go down?

  72. Anonymous says:

    How do I make a purchase???

  73. Don’t ask says:

    Can anyone point me to card numbers?

  74. Anonymous says:

    Scam alert! Darkmarket sent a phishing link on an order and stole BTC then support told me to fuck myself! Good luck

  75. seth says:

    donr underatand

  76. DarkEnigma says:

    Idiots don’t ask these questions on this website use ur fcking brains

  77. Anonymous says:

    can you tell me how can we get the usename and the password

  78. Trizegeute says:

    I need help raising some money

  79. Anonymous says:

    Exit scam?

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