Cryptonia Market

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  1. Patrycja says:

    How can I dispute an order if I cannot login to the market and contact vendor?

  2. Anonymous says:

    how do i use this shit im new !!!!

  3. beckitogg says:

    Great! If that works: a big compliment and apology for my exaggerated reaction.

  4. dude4567 says:

    When will this happen? refunds?

  5. JamesBro says:

    Still doesn’t work.

  6. generalrilldo says:

    I just want my 3.1k refund i knew this risk but i went for it
    If anyone could help me out with that.

  7. none says:

    This was the best market shame it had to go down. Darknet is fucked no more trusted markets. Hopefully their return in 2020 will come to the rescue.

  8. helpful ,ololo says:

    Dont do it bro itll be okay

  9. NEO says:

    scammers alert agartha market vendors
    movingtrain wikr: movingtrain111
    blocked by vendor after sending coins. everybody beaware and stay away from these vendors..
    dream boss
    eniplugssupply lvl 8 scam artist
    wicker legit12
    wicker: vandot123
    wicker: vasto420

  10. asdasd says:

    helo alkl can help me plkz

  11. DigitalMafia says:

    My Cryptonia customers.
    DigitalMafia can be found on Apollon Market


    For all your Vicodin, Xanax, & Cannabis needs.

  12. anon says:

    admins make cryptonia red please. thx

  13. Dude4567 says:

    Well I have not seen anything, and In know I had $%500+ in the vendors never shipped, so coal in the stocking =s this year because the ray of hope email to not be true. Has anyone gotten any money back from Cryptonia? that would be a good sign of hope if you let us know, if not I will keep stick them with my voodoo dolls

  14. Dude4567 says:

    I guess my last comment was too edgy. Id anyone has actually got refunds back let us know so we have hope, no response from the site makes my feel down. it would be a miracle stroy if they actually followed though/ rare but hey hope is alive. please stay in tough and let’s see if they acyually have any kind of soul

  15. Dude4567 says:

    I don’t think you are refunding anything. You had the info, and no one is seeing anything. Just another crap market run by thieves. Thanks for the total inspiring email that had no substance behind it. You owe me about $700 from an order that was never accepted. I am sure many people got it much worse. Happy holidays. Can’t wait to see which xmas ghost visit you dec 24 scrouge

    • Dude4567 says:

      True true, no refunds, full of shit. Boycott heir next market out of principal. once a thief always a thief. 2020 is here and I can’t wait to mess with that market our of principal. bad reviews, false claims disputes. I hope you all join me in making them pay

  16. Dude4567 says:

    Still waiting for the coin to be returned you evil dishonest sammers there is a special place in hell for you. hwy take the time to write that explanation when you had no intention of doing anything. at least steal with tact like the other exit scammers. you POS. may you get hit by a train today while driving to church.

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