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  1. fisherman420 says:

    is this website legit?i wanna order….but it kinda seems like a scam!Any opinions?

  2. samuel says:

    its legit i use this vendor

  3. DADAWG says:

    Can someone confirm recent pls? Is this site still OK?

  4. Lee Xang says:

    Sent him 330€ for a 3,5g two weeks ago with a destination in ireland and NOTHING showed up. He just took my weeks wages worth of money fuking scammer

  5. Alex says:

    Is that all you earn in a week and spend it all on that shit ???

  6. HazeDaSilva says:

    I ordered from him on Berusconi and it hsan’t arrived after 6 days. He’s telling me nothing can be done, just wait and that he’s got 4 other similar messages he thinks are people scamming…So he’s accused me of being one of them and is obviously not going to help. Fuck this prick. Ordered from Nightmare and arrived NDD same product also UK to UK.

  7. andyP says:

    Yeah this cunt scammed me too

    Dont trust

  8. bompiri says:

    Rude and never respond

  9. hewitt says:

    legit and pleasant.. i have been buying for a month now and did do a test buy of 0.3g first… very pleased with quality!! Charlie Has his own times but if your not impatient this is your go to guy

  10. Anonymous says:

    i want 3.5gm meth best quality only.have bitcoin .

  11. sandmanusa says:

    must say definitely impressed
    order 2 coke very nice indeed some of best out there
    1 crack 9/10 hard to come by
    .3g horse smoked good dark can get cheaper but defo qual

    order took 8 working day to usa but id try again with this lad

  12. joshuatravis25 says:

    mdma is lush i tested it first and marquis went black rite away.
    experience clean and highly loved up . Thanks for the free joint charles CALL ME A REG FROM NOW

  13. micheal schott says:


  14. snctym says:

    Got link to a fantastic market, trusted vendors, no scamming, escrow….
    I’ve been ordering for awhile with awesome results….
    My link.


  15. B says:

    Is that the site ? How do I check??

  16. Anonymous says:

    Is it legit

  17. yeal8r says:

    What pills u got?

  18. jkl2560c says:

    What do you offer

  19. DKNETMASTER says:

    best service at least it doesnt run away like sr3 have with my 500 dollars!!

  20. Userone says:

    Can I get a 5 kilo stash

  21. KinPin says:

    What did you purchase from there? Got any evidence to show us? The link you provided is a referral link. Get some job you shitty low life people. And stop scamming.

  22. Anonimo says:

    Avrei bisogno di un Po di coca

  23. Cowboy says:

    Were do I get subtecs at on here

  24. DevilsDust says:

    Is the coke any good

  25. Anonymous says:

    Any opidds here?

  26. George says:

    Anyone used these guys recently

  27. Harry Anos says:

    Still waiting for delivery a week later

  28. Graw says:

    Lookin for fentynol help. Ready to buy

  29. Anonymous says:

    Is this vender still up and working? order but communications are next to nothing, worried might get fucked?

  30. anon says:

    Is this site still ok? ordered but waiting, no confirmation of payment received?

  31. Kutter says:

    Is this vendor still ok, communication is low, but worried with the first order?

  32. Anonymous says:

    no replies from this on requested orders anyone else got same?

  33. Kc says:

    Is he legit people?

  34. k says:

    ordered 2 weeks ago, nothing has shown, not even letter from customs so selective scammer!!!

  35. k says:

    haha recieved it next day in the morning after posting it, stuff not tested till now

  36. Harry Anos says:

    Delivery took about 12 days however very good quality. Last good source on the dark web??

  37. SnowWhite says:

    They are not Scammer’s. This is a legit vendor been running for years, you can trust them! Never let me down. You should always use the legit website through Onion and always check your spam mail.

  38. Anonymous says:

    haha it comes next day in the morning, not tested yet

  39. A says:

    Have recent orders been arriving?

  40. Northviking says:

    Ligit vendor ! His stuff is very good but think it’s maybe cut with Mandy was pinging off my tits for hours and hours still good stuff thoe have to be patient with the guy but he always comes back with a reply

  41. jerryhancock says:

    3rd time ordering from here, never lets me down. Powder is powerful stuff! The weed is so feckin strong – perfect lockdown weed.
    p.s. be patient – I live in UK and it took 4 days from ordering to get here – not bad considering this current situation – Once you get that ‘confirmed’ message, then just sit tight, its on its way.

  42. Nothing comes says:

    First time I’ve ordered nothing has come through yet …. shame wont be making another order , back to finding a market site least the money is held till it turns up rather than just giving your money to scam merchants…. dont bother ! Go elsewhere

  43. Robett says:

    Hi Jerry could you advise a new user on how to pay easiest app I could download to pay via Bitcoin regards robert

  44. zigzag says:

    E-Mail seems not to be working! Anyone an alternative e-mail address?

  45. Anonymous says:

    any luck? nothing comes?

  46. BD says:

    Does this guy send confirmation emails? I ordered last night but haven’t got a response.

  47. Daddy says:

    Cash app ? I can bitcoin message ASAP

  48. Abcde says:

    Legit. Strong coke.

  49. shawn johnson says:

    7 weeks on the 0.3 sample Armageddon just to try it out still nothing,even said a reship was sent and 4 weeks on th and still nothing, wouldnt tht be enough time to get to the US

  50. shawn johnson says:

    7weeks nothing

  51. alis says:

    can some1 tell me is it legit? i see good comments and also bads one too, any 1 who’s ordered and received recently? with country please.

  52. jelly says:

    How do I get? Need some fire snow out here

  53. Billy bong Thornton says:

    Going to order from here tomorrow just 0.3 to test. If it comes I plan to be returning customer.

  54. Rintintin says:

    ordered. will let you know how it went and how legit the gear is#1

  55. Anonymous says:

    also anyone bitching about delivery… it’s lockdown time, mail is screwed! I;ve just had parcel turn up from 3 months ago. people need to chill TFO

  56. artkela says:

    i have ordered in july 01 and still waiting, 3 week 1 day passed, i’ll post here if it comes.

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