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  1. reef says:

    Is this site gone? I have links but when i log in I cant do anything

    • Dude says:

      The site is temporary closed

      • Anonymous says:

        any idea how long for? is it just temp maintenance? I would hate to lose this marketplace.

        out of curiosity is there any other markets with the same vendors? I was gonna check out Cannazon etc.

        • Anonymous says:

          Is closed because is recently closed by FBI. Cannazon is also down. Cgmc’s reddit page has been closed. I’m waiting for an order too and i can’t write to vendor. If everyone knows something (private url included), write here please

          • Anonymous says:

            This Cannazon url seems to be working for me cannazonceujdye but my CGMC private urls are not working.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I saved my private urls but they are not working either?
    are the private url’s updated? because i only took a note of them once a couple of weeks ago.

  3. Anonymous says:

    My private URLs are working but ist the same problem only shows the order site hope they only update the page and not closing it

  4. Anonymous says:

    same here; Order page only, and my order was finalized without me.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Are all the markets down or done? I cant log in to anyone of them…………..

  6. Brad says:

    Wow guys this looks like the end of CGMC…… i hate to say it been over a week and i haven’t been able to log in i’ve done everything in the book. The owner of a dread is a joke as well HugBunter? This dudes dread site has been down for almost 2 weeks as well he can’t run shit he is a brainless mongaloid Lol anyway bros i’m being honest with you looks like we’ve hit a hard ass wall the only thing i can recommend at the moment is Nightmare market i’ve ordered some pill recent and they just came in… I didn’t wanna order my weed on there cause there not that many good weed vendors or they are overpriced but looks like i’m gonna be forced to buy my weed here for a minute hopefully all you guys figure out whats going on as well. But i believe its the end of CGMC

  7. Speedy says:

    What can i do when i dont have the private link ? I have an acc an my last order was about 1 month

  8. ------------------ says:

    prices on lbs?

  9. Anonymous says:

    anybody know where i can find Chip Chipperson?

  10. bruh says:

    y’all just checking in to say that I still can’t access, private URLs work but only order page. I can view finalized orders and some other pages, but most links are broken and just link to the orders page

    please come back CGMC!!!!

  11. liamtompkins49 says:

    Anybody know where I can find vendor SilentGhost?

  12. saddnmuser says:

    Shame everything is down, I would love to keep in contact with treesntreats if any of you know his info.

  13. Anonymous2 says:

    I found my vendor @ Empire Market. Have you checked there?

  14. ryan says:

    The site and a bunch of others got shut down by the fbi thanks to Germany

  15. anonymous says:

    I have ordered from Littlefellas once on dream market

  16. nori says:

    hello do you now how can i find 298_Kelvin

  17. fungi says:

    Where the hell am I going to find doctor octopus and Gemini6969 this shit is all FUCKED up

  18. Lovecharas says:

    I need to find Raws4Life and or the herbaliser

  19. Cannaconnoisseur says:

    I also need Doctor Octopus!

  20. Noname420 says:

    I´m already a member, but i can´t login, why? i would like to become a vendor, does anybody knows, if ther´s a bond to be a vendor besides all the sales and positive feedbacks on other markets? appreciate some answer,

    Kind Regards

  21. MofoJones333 says:

    Outer Viscera! Where are you? I’m lost without you!

  22. Alboraia says:

    I’m Alboraia a client of Spanish Garden, anyone knows how to reach him? I sent you an email to the e-mail address on your PGP, please let me know how can I buy from you again. You can also send me a letter to my postal address or communicate by wickr. Thanx

  23. x says:

    Anyone have a direct email for the vendor “Valley Heat” from CGMC?

  24. Eezer says:

    Valley Heat and Mr Taffy please!

  25. thomas says:

    anyone with info on mr taffy please!!!!!!!!!

  26. Burly says:

    T_T I seriously felt lost without you guys! I’m soo glad you commented here. I’ll be senidng you a message once I figure out how to use wickr XP

  27. realler says:

    Any help on getting a legit MDMA vendor help out..with love from Kenya Africa

  28. Anonymous says:

    pfffff f$kin federals want their monopole on drugs

  29. FUNGIN8V1 says:

    Okay guys it’s fungi from cgmc, can anyone get me doctorOcto? Missy I can’t get you on that wickr please get back to me
    Also as of yesterday Mr_Taffy is now on empire market!

    • annony says:

      For real, iv made maybe 30 orders with them for LBs and missy didn’t seem to recognise me like I thought she would. Iv had good chat with missy and the team and they don’t seem to recognise me

      • Anonymous says:

        I sent my order encrypted and they replied back saying they lost their pgp key when the market shut down. Fuck, I still have my key even though the market shut down. DO NOT TRUST.

  30. FUNGIN8V1 says:

    Hey missy!
    Fungi here! Hope you and the team are well! Can you please give me a way to direct contact you
    Peace and love

  31. Munchies101 says:

    Where do you have your carts listed? I need some :C

  32. calipharm says:

    OMG THIS IS THE REAL DocOc i still cant believe he back god bless you!!!
    4DD to EU ♥♥♥

  33. Anonymous says:

    Okay, I’m not sure if you guys are the real deal anymore. I contacted cmmissy. They will give you a menu and bitcoin address to send to. I encrypted with their pgp key options I wanted. they said they lost their key when the market went down and couldn’t unencrypt it. I was a repeat customer enough to feel like they could remember me. I asked for some kind of verification that it was them but so far no reply. I will update but be careful of scammers everyone.

    • annon says:

      I was thinking the same thing.. was going to order a LB seems legit but can never be to careful..

  34. Anonymous says:

    Anyone can get select elite carts?

  35. Cannaconnoisser says:

    Can anyone confirm if this is Missy?

    • annony says:

      Nope:( iv had a menu drop but the chat seems to be heartless compared to there usual customer service

  36. fungi says:

    Thank you guys!!!
    How do I contact doctor Octo??? Protonmail??? And any news on Gemini??
    Thank you again!!
    Peace and love fungi

    • Harry says:

      Hey can you give me the email to doc octopus or Gemini too bro av ordered off them before been fkd for good stuff since market been down

  37. Anonymous says:

    guyz here you can find all cgmc vendors

  38. cgmc says:

    to contact dococ u must open a onoin mail. better torbox

  39. Anonymous says:

    Where is greenroad?

  40. Angel007 says:

    Where is rawsforlife?

  41. Angel007 says:

    Is CGMC up and running? I can’t seem to log on!

  42. Angel007 says:

    Hi do you know where I can find rawsforlife? Thanks in advance

  43. fungi says:

    Big order made off doctor octopus I’ll let you know on the outcome people

  44. fungi says:

    Still no reply from doctorOctopus since sending payment

  45. Cannaconnoisseur says:

    Fungi can you let me know if all comes through okay?

  46. fungi says:

    How can I get on TMG?? Long serving member and big spender on CGMC.. I need my new plug

  47. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this!! <3

  48. Anonymous says:

    Anyone know if this market is ever going to come back? Has this happened before for this long? I’ve only know it for almost 2 years so I don’t know. I really hope this is temporary..

  49. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t’ seen outerviscera on empire.

  50. Anon says:

    Does anyone know what happened to gemini6969? And has anyone got their original pop public key? I need to authenticate it and if I do then i would have found them. Please anyone, I need their public key.

  51. Anonymous says:

    UKCannaissuers IS CGMC UP AND RUNNING?

  52. weedmonster says:

    Guys, I just got on to pick up some product and NO CGMC!!! My go to was always DocOcto… what am I supposed to do now?

  53. Xdcmamjay says:


  54. Anonymous says:

    Fungi did you get your order?!

  55. Cheers says:

    I cannot get in touch with CalSource or Doc. Any other ideas?

  56. getdeletedbro says:

    BestCoastBud where are you

  57. Keith says:

    RAWFORLIFE where have you gone to need to order 🙂

  58. Britt says:

    Who do yall recommend for good thick real vapes?

  59. DEA says:

    police everone freeze!

  60. Fiz says:

    Looking for a vendor of weed in Europe

  61. Marquel says:

    Im new to this.. I need access to a market.
    Can someone help me

  62. Addicted to Weed says:

    where can i find alternative to CGMC
    i want the best !!

  63. Anonymous says:

    Raws4life is on Nightmare market

  64. snctym says:

    Got link to a fantastic market, trusted vendors, no scamming, escrow….
    I’ve been ordering for awhile with awesome results….
    My link.


  65. Anonymous says:

    Anyone know where thc_farms is? I’ve been looking everywhere for them!

  66. mecca says:

    need a good vendor 4 highgrade

  67. louber says:

    does anyone know where i can get lean

  68. jr boi says:

    West coast living here..lean loud all available

  69. jr boi says:

    Here on West coast with it all hit me up for number.

  70. Golden days says:

    I need a vendor pls

  71. gullysue says:

    CannaHome is CGMC 2.0

  72. Anonymous says:

    HI guys

  73. Daineman24 says:

    You can Access me on bitbaazar market my vendor name danksaver

  74. Daineman24 says:

    Visit the link to bitbaazar we supply shatter, wax and cannabis search my VENDOR name on bitbaazar (DANKSAVER) full escrow we dealing only with cannabis and nothing else see link below for bitbaazar search vendor DANKSAVER on bitbaazar if wanting a good supplier of wax shatter and flowers the flower we got strain available for wax and shatter

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