Big Blue Market

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  1. Anonymous says:

    kica kralj pacova

  2. Anonymous says:

    has anyone already ordered from this market?

    • Anonymous says:

      Please try and stay away from this market. i opened an account everything went well i made a deposit and that’s the end i cant login into my account again.. infact only patronize any walletless market

  3. dida says:

    Exitscam also soon

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am urging people as much as possible to stay away from this market…
    i cant log into my account since i deposited bitcoin into my account…
    if you cant hear thats your business

  5. Biggggy says:

    Please stay away from this market, everything worked fine for me until i deposited bitcoin in my wallet and ordered for cc and thats the end i cant login into my account.. they deceived me with their deceptive security features

  6. Frank says:

    tested good market

  7. Anonymous says:

    Looking for DMT

  8. FBI-informant says:


  9. real says:

    ITS A SCAM. STAY AWAY. is behind this scam.

  10. frenchbuyer says:

    i did ordered twice from market and transfer btc , . i have placed ordered with alibaba, received in 2 days
    jai fait 2 commandes sur ce site et pas de soucis, recu commande alibaba en 48h.

  11. frenchbuyer says:

    first post does not show so i try again
    i have used this market twice to order from alibaba and i had no trouble transferring and receiving (48 hours). i had only one problem withdrawing but trouble was resolved after sending a ticket to moderator.
    j’ai utilise ce market 2 fois cette semaine et jai recu mes commandes ( vendeur alibaba) , pour l’instant pas de soucis.

    • Augustus says:

      Merci pour l’info. je cherche un marché qui fonctionne bien depuis la chute de silk road… J’ai tenté apolonia mais cela ne donne rien !!

  12. BlackPhillip says:

    This market IS skeezey! I tried to withdraw my BTC and they charged me 5 dollars and the order is in disput as we speak!!! BUNK= my experience with BigBlue is like when somebody passes you a cashed bowl and you get that gray taste’n carbon and ash toke…..BUNK!

  13. mick says:

    got scammed- stay away from this market- total bs

  14. updateman says:

    i am wondering why those bad comments,?
    did you really tried to order ?
    because i do not think iam the only one not having any trouble on this market. if you look at evaluation of vendors in the site itself , you will see that many orders went through and well . i transferred btc3 times , i ordered 3 times and i received my orders 3 times.
    of course it is possible that in 6 months or one year, like apollon, berlusconi , or other, that will end by an exit scam…but it is always like that . For now, i can tel you this market is working fine .

  15. bigworm says:

    Great market! ive been vending on here and support is legit the best and withdrawls runn so smooth

  16. happybuyer says:

    One of best market ever! really nice design, really good feature, very fast support. i buy my goods there since 1 month with no problem! keep the good work guys

  17. Kingkong says:

    Do money upload quick and fasts on site mate?

  18. almy says:

    one of the best market at the moment, they have fixed ddos issues, they have a forum, they are laso on i2p network ! i can deposit, withdraw, order, everything is perfect !

  19. Gary Currie says:


  20. NHSUK says:

    Good market. I have sold a lot of products and withdrawn over 4K BTC

  21. havoc69o says:

    How do I see what products are available? I can get to here but do not know how to look at the menu?

  22. onion says:

    Koristim Dark market, najbolji je..regija Balkan, di ste??
    Moj referral code : IZMBWN, prijavite se!

  23. Alchimy66 says:

    Really good market, fast and secure! i like it! the fastest support ever

  24. HC says:

    These market is a total scam my friends i can assure you this 100% you cant withdraw your finalized funds from your wallet

  25. dick says:

    Im guessing vendors (scammers) leave good comments only jsut to have some positives on here?

  26. Odeon says:

    Hash: SHA512

    To cut short to all the rumors and FUD’s :

    – – We have had to get rid of a bunch of scammers who are now turned to be haters posting FUDs everywhere ( a classical )
    – – We successfully mitigated the ongoing DDOS attacks for good with our new anti-DDOS protection: good by Parchezzi and Gustavo
    – – Stackz420 and Monoly are now trying to crush our reputation just as usual : when a markets is not solid enough, when a market seems weack or their marketing stragegy not on point, it’s usualyl what happens.

    I understand Big Blue might trigger jaleasouy or fear: legit enough. Now if you thought Empire was solid, then you have seen nothing yet about us…



  27. doomsdays says:

    working well and fast on my side. top

  28. cybertruck says:

    as an established vendor, I just want to say I love Big Blue. Great layout

  29. Anonymous says:

    seen this exact same comment about another market…..

  30. Fluke98 says:

    Tramadol anyone?

  31. nimsara says:

    extremlly good market i tried it and its the best matket on earth

  32. GreyBrear says:

    Top market, a lot of new features totally new for a dark market!! the best support ever. i am very impressed by their anti ddos protection !! long life to bigblue

  33. PotLover says:

    New market but real good. i registred months ago, purchase a lot from different vendor, escrow and FE, everything work perfectly, i just withdraw my coins, came real fast. i recommend this market you would no be disappointed at all

  34. nimsara says:

    best on the earth

  35. DeadVamp says:

    i though this market was a scam according to all comment i see here and their, i can told you now guys, this market is solid, i buy from it every weeks, can withdraw coins any time i want to. i don t understand why people still critiquing them. take a look and try yourself.. ask to vendors

  36. anna says:

    nice market, looks like a new modern market

  37. BobnCie says:

    very interesting. the idea of ​​the trial account to test the functions of sellers is a great idea, very powerful market from what I could see

  38. BonnieAndClyde says:

    top market

  39. Anonymous says:

    market is not reachable since yesterday. server is down!

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