The Canadian HeadQuarters

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  1. jay says:

    got scammed.

  2. hezek says:

    Got scammed.

  3. Buyer says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Got scammed

  5. Noscampls says:

    Got scammed when depositing btc

    • Stack Hundos says:

      If you reset your Bitcoin address before money gets there you won’t get your money, because the address changed. I have purchased many times here. It’s legit

  6. Anonymous says:

    Good to know. Was going to try the site out

    • mk says:

      Site is good bro I buy from there many times

      • Jake Rakerson says:

        Hey man. I used them – I agree, was legit. But took over a week to get to me through mail. I’m in Toronto now.. any idea how I can receive an order right away (same day or next day). Say, with something like addy. Thanks man

  7. mr2cent3 says:

    Recent scams on Canadian HQ!!!!!!!! 2 many scams on this market!!
    Beware this market has the biggest scammers around! Beware all!!!!

  8. w0rmy says:

    I had sent btc to my wallet within Canada HeadQuaters and the admin closed my account, I am out $300 🙁 This market is a SCAM!!!
    beware all

  9. i56uh9 says:

    web server keep going down because the admin does not know what they our doing!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Wrong link thats why …

  11. Beebaboy says:

    Hmmm I’m reading all these comments like wtf so far I’ve been buying digital items from and I’ve been reciving them there was a time where someone sent me dead cc tho but he refunded me after I told him they were dead most u idiots don’t know how transfer money into a market place and your blaming it on the admins lol I think this market place is amazing for Canadians and btw I’ve only baught digital stuff such as account and they came in but I did not buy any drugs etc so idk if they scams or not be aware tho

  12. i56uh9 says:

    Alternative links and the main keep going down! something is going on in that market! only time

  13. mr2cent3 says:

    Beebaboy you must be in your 50s lol and I know how to transfer btc into a market!!! It’s the vendor cashout00 that never gave what I paid 4…… Beebaboy you must be old and the admin of Canadian headquarters???? Get my btc back pleaseeeeeeee

    • Getdakash485 says:

      well apprently not cuz u fucking dumb lol i bought on hq like 100 times im a real fucking dawg but if u are buying cc on hq thats cus u a fucking clown hahahahah

  14. Aqwerty2020 says:

    Scam, loaded deposit to wallet on Canadian headquarters, transaction confirmed, balance 0. Not phishing. Exitscam.

  15. Kevin Fedrick says:

    Is this a scam Market. Need your opinion

  16. barracksfordays says:

    I registered for an account and deposited bitcoin into it without any issues. If you’re familiar with Empire market then you will notice that a lot of Canadian based sellers in Empire are also active in Canadahq.

    I’ve bought and contacted sellers about the items and it always turned out well. I’m pretty sure that all of these comments saying “scam” are people from other marketplaces trying to badmouth this marketplace.

    The only bad thing is that I noticed that they only support BTC atm, and sometimes the server goes down for a few minutes, but the downtime is always usually short. Try depositing a few bucks in bitcoin to try out the wallet if you like. I never had any issues whatsoever.

  17. belzebreb says:

    Anydody try seller tacofino ?

  18. Is toe man says:

    Good market

  19. Anonymous says:

    What should I use for my Canadian sources and needs instead?

  20. Merlocs says:

    Canada hq has always been proper

  21. Anonymous says:

    site is down now

  22. kBG says:

    Fuck with the plug . i will fill all your drop

  23. Anonymous says:

    why is it not working

  24. Anonymous says:

    What happened to Canada hq is it down

  25. B says:

    What happened to Canada hq is it down

  26. rkzzzz says:

    deposited 300cad and its been 3 days hasnt gotten to my wallet, somethings fishy. i scanned barcode at btc atm so couldnt have been any mistakes

  27. co says:

    site down

  28. 9ahba says:

    I deposited once 150$ btc and i didn’t receive anything rhen i tried 5$ same thing happened my balance is still at 0 and tried again a third time for 20$ and still didn’t get anything in camadahq. Cam sm1 hel me to find out the problem please.

  29. Bernie Lomax says:

    I have had an issue in dispute for a month today.. $1750
    Have been ordering for 3 months but in last few weeks they seem to be runnin shit goofy. I will come back and update my situation.
    I was able yank the remaining coin from my wallet so it hasn’t taken over wallets yet….
    Tread carefully…… I will return

  30. Rave says:

    This Market is a SCAM…no way of contacting their so called ”support”, no way of disputing a transaction, cannot cancel a purchase, vendors do not reply to messages, no way of leaving a negative feedback ….and of course they never ship the product! First time I resort to online markets…awesome

  31. YOmama says:

    Sacamme. Deposited BTC Acc. gone. BUNK

  32. hao.pp says:

    tried and got scammed for $1. scammed no coin in wallet

  33. Low says:

    I have used CH at least a dozen times with no problems. I always get what I paid for. The only market I still use.

  34. Jake says:

    Possible exit scam? Site is down on clear web and balance can’t be withdrawn using tor link

  35. Jeff says:

    I don’t know how everyone says they got scammed on Canada HQ. I’ve used this market since spring and I’ve had no issues at all. I’ve made many successful orders and added funds regularly without a problem. There was one time when I added funds and the server went down for half a day but I sent a message to support and they replied within an hour and had it fixed, my funds were there, problem solved. I’m not saying people are lying, I’m just adding my positive experience with this market.

  36. Gotti100k says:

    Anyone that says they been scammed by this is a fcking idiot lol

  37. Anonymous says:

    This website is down

  38. Gg says:

    I loud account from Coinbase I never got nothing on my wallet

  39. Jay says:

    I need close to perfect canadian plastic paper money if you got a link on it hit me up

  40. Ts Bandz says:

    You guys need to stop pressing new address it gonna change the address on your account and u would not get the funds

  41. cjay says:

    ive had zero issues with anything using this market. One of the best ive used

  42. Anonymous says:

    u guys are fucking stupid

  43. joseph says:

    Big scam, got scammed, avoid this shit, and those people who said in comments that is not a scam, surly you work on this scam , so you scammer you came here and you leave a good feedback to contribute for scam, you P***Y

  44. bronaron says:

    I also tried to transfer coin into my wallet have contacted my operator they have completed and confirmed it as of over 12 hours ago and i still have nothing in my wallet on HQ. If anybody has any suggestions or any insight please share. I have sent a message to support saying this same thing and i also have not hit new address since i got the address off of the previous.

  45. jim says:

    i tested it a week ago and my btc made it wallet no issue. have made solid connection with multiple sellers… one thing multiple vendors use exact same pics. kinda weird.

  46. Greywolf95 says:

    Lmao you’re probably right. Im super new to this while bitcoin purchasing on the deepweb and I had no problems transferring coins and making a purchase on here.

  47. joe says:

    first time using it, scammed. Deposited 170 worth of bitcoin, and it never made it to my account. I sent it to the right wallet, so what? The wallet somehow disappeared before confirmation?

  48. Steven says:

    Where else is good to find Canadian vendors

  49. dailyuser says:

    why do pleople say it’s a scam I deposited money multiple time from multiple platform. Everything went in and went out perfectly the admin is super nice. never got scammed. I think people saying it’s a scam probably are scammers. It’s a legit site based on feedback. I’ve seen the admin ban people just for making out of site transaction and others to minimize scam.
    This is actually the only site a trust for canadian ! don’t be scared !

  50. Thomas Davis says:

    canapost is scam when you deposit coins to your wallets will never show up guys be careful

  51. Jim says:

    Found this market on google and just got my coke!
    It’s super amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

  52. CanHQ fan i hope says:

    **click update balance to see funds***
    It is there but you need to click update balance and money will show up.

  53. r039b707 says:

    been down for a couple hours now

  54. Anonymous says:

    Dont forget to update balance or it wont show up in your account

  55. NoBody says:

    Got scammed outta $50, pricks got nothing else better to do. Gimme back my money

  56. CCRider says:

    did you contact support?

    I had a transaction / deposit that didn’t appear after multiple confirmations. I contact support with some evidence of my deposit and they fixed it up.

    Make sure you keep records… transaction id, wallet addresses involved.

    If you’re not doing that failure is on you.

  57. infowarrior says:

    need a market with a county select menu or at least some Canadian ones

  58. Chanty says:

    Need someone who actually knows what they’re doing to help me figure out how to use Canada deepweb markets

  59. Kyle says:

    I’m confused I was planning on adding Bitcoin to Canadian hq but all these people saying it never appeared has me worried big time

  60. target says:

    Please,i need someone that will help me,I need Canada Sim Card so as to be completing my deal on Canada hq,am from Africa.Thanks

    I noticed just now that i could not log in again on canada hq,it kept on repeating same error message —- ” Invalid username” and i entered everything correctly.I do not know what could have happened

  61. Stevoman says:

    Market down since last night! Keeps repeating error..invalid user…the user is correct.

  62. Chee says:

    Haven’t been able to login as it says invalid username but it lets me change my password with the exact user. Anybody else?

  63. Ali900 says:

    Hi when I try logging in, it’s asking me to decrypt a pgp message. I didn’t write down my private key to decrypt it. How do I get access to my account

  64. GUNPOINT says:

    The site is Biggest Fraud. i tried site now to login. have been a member for a month. I deposit 500$ last night to buy a lot of items which have saved to buy today. My account has been closed. i tried to rest and something. All i hear is invalid username. i tried to reset the same thing. i tried to register, but it says registration is closed. That is scam right there. Nothing more. The site is the best site i have seen. since am from Canada. Are you saying everything there is fake.? But i cant login, reset or register. and my $500USD is gone for-live? Time to hang my self. that’s the last money i had thinking i have seen a Canadian site to work with. THIS SITE IS NOTHING ELSE THAN A FRAUDULENT SITE…. ADMIN AND SELLERS ARE RIPPERS.

    • madcovid says:

      i got a pgp login and now currently cant register anymore i lost 100$

    • huey says:

      site down for everyone right???? please tell not exiting 🙁 pleaseee

    • cpt. ahab says:

      What a revelation …

    • yeezy9728 says:

      Site is beyond big time scammers. I deposited 200 on there just for registration fee but couldn’t get any access to vendors. It just kept redirecting me to the home page when I click on a category and now I can’t even logged back. I contacted support but no response after waiting a whole week just to withdraw my btc back. They say you gotta wait 5 days after registering an account for bitcoin withdrawal. I immediately knew that was bait and fishy b4 they were gonna shut my account down. I tried to log in the next day even from the mirror links but no success it keeps sending me to ” 502 gateway ” or ” invalid username “. THE SITE IS BIG TIME FRAUD SATY COMPLETELY AWAY FROM THEM AT ALL COST!! SERIOUSLY!!!

  65. GA721 says:

    i cant login to my account for days, always got message Invalid username

  66. stevoman says:

    Still down says “invalid user name” yet it used to work…cannot access the site for 2 weeks now…probably scamming…sadly…a Canadian site…would have been nice.

  67. johnny says:

    anybody have news on new subscriptions

  68. swiper says:

    cant register tf

  69. xany says:

    troube to register

  70. glasseyedcat says:

    usually if you deposit money, you have to go to the bitcoin part and refresh and you see your funds. HOWEVER, they are currently down. it says ‘bad gateway’ and the last big order that i made never came. so i’m wondering if something happened

  71. Jean says:

    is the server down ?

  72. Juicy says:


    i have been using canada HQ for the past two years, never had a single issue, all orders were received, high quality shit, super stealth, great vendors and quick shipping

    this is the best site specially of you are in canada

  73. Nick says:

    Hi! there,

    How do i find the address to transfer bit coin, there is qr code. Is there an actual address. Can someone please help

  74. Jean says:

    Is the site down?

  75. Kit fisto says:

    getting lots of 502 gateway errors, looks like site is down?

  76. User7458 says:

    Is it still down? I’m new to this site, I just opened an account today. I tried to buy but when I click on anything (except my profile, my balance and my inbox) I am redirected to the homepage.

    I tried to contact the support team but didn’t got any feedback yet. Does anyone have an explanation?

  77. HOLA says:

    I am always redirected to the homepage. Is the site still down?

  78. freddy says:

    ive been contacting support for a while now with no reply i justb want ,y account activated but in 7 days itll be closed is there any other way to contact?

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