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  1. dieeseel says:

    StraightfromNL and Drugzone do you have protonmail? Where can I get in contact with them? Ty guys

  2. Mrweedy says:

    is it ok to order frome this site now guys?

  3. gayboi23 says:

    anyone know what the fuck is going on with this market. havent been able to get on for 2 days now

  4. freddy says:

    [email protected]
    you can contact with me here

    • Drkwebreviews says:

      What is the current status..? Need to order a couple things asap but damn.. after seeing recent posts… I’m very leary bout adding $$ …only to lose it. So what’s the verdict here? This was the last legit place left that I know of… so now what? Uggggh…..

    • Ballinforkobe says:

      Is it still up?

  5. inspireukw says:

    I used empire market today to do my normal business, i transferred £1200 from my coinbase to my empire account, hss soon as it was confirmed, its immediately clear from my balance to my withdrawal and finalized with a second some authorizing incoming funds stole my money, ive contracted empire support and they just dont respond.

    • dan says:

      You needa set up pgp key

    • gatsby111 says:

      Same exact thing happened to me, never has before n never had a pgp issue either, something is going on, they are scamming, havent been replied to regarding my ticket in almost 48hrs.

      • Anonymous says:

        I just sent a deposit, used the PGP key verification, made sure the address was correct but the deposit never came. Have opened a ticked but I don’t have any hope. This is a scam.

      • S_C says:

        Just happened to me. THIS IS A SCAM, DO NOT DEPOSIT!

        Used PGP to verify bitcoin address, as well as onion site, and deposit never arrived. Bitcoin address has changed, no response to ticket.

      • JollyOldSloth says:

        I accdently transferred funds into the same address twice about 6 weeks ago. The “Empire FAQ” said it was an easy fix and to just write the admins, I gave up after writing them 10 times. Don’t trust the admins.

  6. Larry Ross says:

    This markets accessibility is a complete mess. It is near impossible to get to the site. Been like this for months now.

  7. dsm711 says:

    Had $24 in wallet. Logged in and now shows 42 cents. I got a bad feeling.

  8. cassady33 says:

    Empire up yet boyz? I just got one of my orders in the mail. 🙂 Thank to my vendor. ill be on soon to leave more feed back.

  9. Anonymous says:

    C’est impossible gros probleme avec se site en moment impossible de commander même de se connecter

  10. Anonymous says:

    Couldn’t connect to this market for days. Finally able to get to the login today and it says my username or password is incorrect. Fuck this market.

  11. admin12 says:

    Is there a excit scam?
    there are rumors about apollon and empire admin.

  12. Drkwebreviews says:

    Does anybody really know what is going on with Empire? It was still all fkd up a few hours ago… Is it still..? On several different forums it does now say that empire is back UP now .. but I’m still not trusting empires updated status info yet… any current or recent info from any of y’all who reading this would be welcomed

    • dsm711 says:

      Same here. Had money from my wallet go from $24 to 42 cents. No withdrawls or orders. Afraid to deposit any money. Only a mod could take money without pin.

  13. gatsby111 says:

    Put $80 into empire over the last 2 days, had same issue as inspireukw, money confirmed in wallet, I saw the balance, when I went to purchase said I had insufficient funds, my wallet was a 0btc. Money was stolen, my ticket hasn’t been responded to in what’s going on 48 hours. A separate transaction of $20 doesn’t even show up in confirmations, just gone. I have a bad feeling as well bout this one.

  14. Yababoom says:

    some one can tell me where can I find AlphaCVV?

  15. CoronaVirus says:

    I really dont know whats up with this thing? I transferred a couple hundred, i did my checks, closed onions i had a bad feeling about, kept my eye on the incoming deposit window, watched window and the when the bell went red i knew it was time to strike, i made my orders, checked the balance. happy with everything i logged out. I have now come back top see that my orders have been accepted and are processing, just like all the others..? i just dont get it..!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    i can not get on for few days now. i am a vendor and this is shit. costing me a lot of customers. i think i will need to do business old school again. anybody who wants something mssg me on wickr dreamstuff

  17. Country Mike says:

    Been trying for 2 days to log in still nothing. Had these problems over the last year and it was always blamed on “DDOS” attacks but we all know market places only have a finite lifespan before there’s either an exit scam or take down or both. Any feedback welcome. I would really like to be able to order some illicit shit

  18. Steelo says:

    So empire isnt worth a crap right now?

  19. CREEK WATER says:


  20. Gene g says:

    Yes newbie! Couple great orders.. using a tor downloaded on iPhone from empire..
    Question… is it iPhone or is it just having issues? I could go buy a cheap laptop

  21. Gene says:

    And.. I noticed Granny (amazing vendor was not on anymore) please email me

  22. pufi2 says:

    I can log in but when I’m trying check my order status the site goes down. Yesterday my status was processing. I didn’t understand what is happening right now but I hope it will work soon.

  23. Hallo says:

    Why is this market offline and timing out so often.
    Not a single link working right now. I’ll just wait a day or 2. probably will get a working one soon.

  24. anonymous says:

    is this market exit scamming?

    • Anon says:

      Yes – I believe so. I never received my deposit. I used all the recommended security checks, such as PGP, yet my deposit never arrived. No response from mods as to why and the bitcoin address has changed (meant to last 7 days) since yesterday. It was the legitimate site, as they had my welcome phrase, and correct .onion site. Do not deposit, or do a test and see for yourself. I suspect comments of ‘it worked for me’ above are also bogus, trying to create a false sense of security so people use it.

  25. bourne says:

    wondering if anyone knows what happened to justice4all??? they’re not on emp anywhere and not answering messages? any info would be great. If need be, can be discussed thru temp.pm and/or private note.

  26. Angelos says:

    Mein Geld ist futsch…. 650 Euro, in 4 Tranchen, PGP key verwendet…. mühsam… Vendor mit protonmail? Direkt-Überweisung mit bitcoin Konto möglich? Germany to Germany?? habe keine Nerven mehr für dieses Schrott Empire…..danke und gruss

  27. flo says:

    This site is scamm i ordered 2 times never send..

  28. Anonymous says:

    Same same deposit and next day cant login

  29. Anonymous says:

    back in december i tried to deposit 365 from coinbase to empire

    got robbed as well

  30. spectr3 says:

    tried to deposit 365 from coinbase to empire

    got robbed as well

  31. Platte75 says:

    Does anyone know how to get a hold of tranquiltreats

  32. force says:

    reliable vendorfor directdeals – coinforcebtc
    it is hard to access markets anymore for me and coinforcebtc has good sucess rate with top class A drugs and maybe weed.

  33. Anonymous says:


  34. anon says:

    Have not been able to access empire for 2weeks now. They really need to sort their sxxt out. Im gunna give up soon waste of time.

  35. Don says:

    Lost 200 on empire

  36. CoronaVirus says:

    Are you lot serious??!?!??! .. . ..so yes all the mirrors are down, but i use one i know is tried and tested, Logged on in about 10seconds, pages were snappy, i had about 3 pages on the go, withdrew the $3.30 i had in there, i thought if it goes missing then something is definitely up ( no problems for me on Empire in the year i have been using it) I don’t mind losing a few $ if it proves the site is ES. 8minutes later i have unconfirmed deposit in my btc wallet. I firmly believe most people here that are trying to access Empire are inept at using computers.

  37. Mr. Big says:

    I abandoned empire bacl in Dec 2019. When the captcha actually worked from darkfail………. Just seing what folks still fooling w em. Bye

  38. Anonymous says:


  39. S_C says:

    I am logged into empire, correct onion address, has my phrase.
    I used empires PGP verification tool, which confirmed that I own the generated bitcoin address for deposits. Just used dark.fail to check the empire PGP proof of ownership message and IT IS FALSE! do not deposit!

  40. Anonymous says:

    idk what yall talking about.. dark.fail is good dont use their mirror tho i deposited over 600 and it was good ordered and the order was sent

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