Dbay Market

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  1. Chaoablade says:

    Be careful of this site. Almost all sellers are asking to contact them on wicker Pm app

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey I’m new with this are there any ways to find sites that still work. I’m so lost is this entire thing dead or is there some I can find

      • Anonymous says:

        what you see here isnt even 1% of the legit markets on the tor network. Most people dont know how to dig deep but if you practice youll get better at finding legit sites. I just ordered 2 ounces of weed a couple weeks ago and i plan on ordering xanax next.

  2. Nico says:

    yeah so what? Do you trust those sites!?!? Et the end they will all scam you, look samsara, nightmare market, apollon market and much more markets. Better to do business with a vendor by wickr who you can trust as a market. Look Dream Alt market, if you have money in your wallet you can not witdraw your own money to your own wallet. So what you said is bullshit!!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I seem to have been scammed going to order from WhatsApp no communication for a day. I’ve heard of some using darkbay and having success. I guess use darkbay and find out. I don’t how else they get there ratings if there not making real deals.

  4. Goodguy says:

    I got scammed going off market and contacting vendor libertycaps on WhatsApp and paying them there.

  5. Anonymous says:

    DO NOT BUY FROM Dbay Market all cc vendedor are SCAM and MK TOO bc i try to contact support to DIPUTE they ignore all my msg..i lost $320 in this maqrket

  6. anon says:

    same, all coms usueless

  7. gret says:

    get active market link online

  8. josh says:

    where can i get dbay market discussion forums?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Dbay 2 vendors 2 scams enigma12, kenntisebent… people should know to watch out. Never do order directli from the guy truth wickr all af them is useing this allways use Dbay for order call vendor and do buy truth Dbay site.

  10. amn says:

    Landmark is a scammer POS he did the wicker scam on me gotr for alot fuck wish I would have read these comments last night fuckkk

  11. hi says:

    is this one of those creepy dark web websites

  12. Anonymous says:

    SCAM …scammers network.

  13. Anonymous says:

    TRY VERSUS mate for real 100% trust.

  14. Carlito says:

    I need good real LSD please help

  15. Brigante says:

    Who knows Lucy in the sky with diamonds?

  16. PORCO says:

    hello help me pls

  17. Kana says:

    kann mir jemand ein link geben zum darkbay?

  18. j.pinkman says:

    Somebody here can help me?

  19. Dark Fate says:

    hello guys…do anyone know how I can buy a fully registered avito.ru account…..i can not create a Russian avito account from outside the country…please I need help with this asap

  20. Anonymous says:

    Need meth please help

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