Cannazon Market

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  1. blackmice says:

    Page is not up?

  2. lola says:

    Yeah Page is offline for me for about 2 weeks

  3. yokaido says:

    doesnt working

  4. Dmnitcarl says:

    Are all the markets down

  5. Anonymous says:

    Becareful guys are scam… please dont do any deal on there, because you will get blocked after depositing coin..
    be safe Guys

  6. william says:

    that is the only real hacker on the dark web but sometimes dude can be annoying lol

  7. Kevint says:

    Good deals man.

  8. kevinblake says:

    yes a total scammer

  9. DJ says:

    guys any legit seller shipping worldwide on cannazon?

  10. Anonymous says:

    I want 2.5 pounds bro

  11. Houston says:

    Anonymous come to me

  12. natalieblair says:

    avoid scam market bitcoin just vanished

  13. jam says:

    avoid scam here

  14. Anonymous says:

    I Cannazon market working properly? Scared to deposit here after losing huge amounts on Nightmare then Empire.
    Upcoming good markets/ vendor shops?

  15. Wickr is bank420 says:

    Cannazon is top

  16. Anonymous says:

    Any review concerning Cannazon?

  17. hANS AF says:

    Cannazon is legit i am not paid to sai that and i am not a bot its realy nice

  18. Anonymous says:

    Cannazon & Agartha are the real markets
    Never got problems

  19. Anonymous says:

    How do I buy dope online what pages are he’s

  20. FelixHansen says:

    Probably got scammed here.
    Support is also not trustable

  21. j says:

    if this is anything like agartha it is a scam just be careful

  22. Jack Hannah says:

    Cannazon is top

  23. MrBeast says:

    Made a few orders with these guys after following my guys from dream. Legit site, good prices.

  24. snctym says:

    Got link to a fantastic market, trusted vendors, no scamming, escrow….
    I’ve been ordering for awhile with awesome results….
    My link.


  25. Anonymous says:

    nice scam

  26. soldier says:

    i would like to be supplied with weed for sale in kenya.i would like to be regularly supplied with weed which i intend to sell for commission and send proceeds to the supplier once the stock is done.

  27. Nuuk says:

    Does anyone know if the vendor “thegreenbear” is legit on cannazon? Thanks

  28. got2be says:

    Always got what i ordered. cant complain here.

  29. itshim says:

    Anybody looking for lsd??

  30. need.weed says:

    anyone know any australian weed vendors?

  31. asdas says:

    best site ever

  32. BitcoinMan says:

    I am in Melbourne Aust if anyone on here who knows how to make a SAFE/order and is from Melb hit me up ill make it worth your while.
    I am not tech savvy / we can work something out.

  33. Buyer says:

    Cannazon is a really shitty marketplace with overpriced weed, shitty vendor and shitty support. Won’t use it anymore.

  34. Buyer says:

    The ratings on Cannazon are not legit. Many negative ratings of vendors get erased by the admin-team due to what ever reason. But where is the sense in ordering drugs through the darknet if the rating is not reliable…?!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Anyone ever get an error page not found when tryin to log in?

  36. Rkavoki says:

    I just did…not able to login dispite proper usernam and password …

  37. Anonymous says:

    I get one too, hope it will work again soon.

  38. MrNice says:

    I get one too, hope it will work again soon.

  39. tatitata says:

    same. a lot of accounts, I think

  40. Anonymous says:

    yea cannot login today either, hope it’s not going down got an order there

  41. V says:

    cannot log in either today nov14

  42. Doinb says:

    Still cant log in and can’t even get on dread for update

  43. Anonymous says:


  44. jc says:

    502 Bad Gateway ?????

  45. tt says:

    im having same problem

  46. tt says:

    getting 502 bad gateway aswell must be having issues

  47. zeddead says:

    Same, no idea whata going on

  48. M mat says:

    Hello do you speak french?

  49. Anonymous says:

    Just keep refreshing and it works. Not getting admin support over transaction and need me weed 🙁

  50. Niki says:

    hey is it possible that somebody can contact the admin over other websites?

  51. anonymous says:

    Can’t log in. Tried all mirrors. just saying can’t find server

  52. Anonymous says:

    Is it down :/ just made order

  53. Anonymous says:

    still down

  54. Anonymous says:

    Down now

  55. Anonymous says:

    Down for now

  56. Anonymous says:

    please i need good news. how is the chance thats just some technical issue?

  57. a says:

    anyone has the new onion mirrors shared via pgp by them?

  58. a says:

    Anyone has the new onion mirrors shared by them via pgp?

  59. a says:

    can open the url today to.. :/. wtf

  60. Anonymous says:

    And I think I lost $130…

  61. Anonymous says:

    Ive just lost over 1000 this is fucking shit

  62. szebe says:

    exit scam, confirmed…

  63. Anonymous says:

    when is the urls likely to be working again? anyone know?

  64. anon says:

    this market and criptonia wtf

  65. banana says:

    i have an order in progress :/

  66. Anonymous says:

    will i get my grand back lol i cant eat

  67. tellmemore says:

    Dont panic, it’s a DDOS attack. There is an verified alternate link on the hub forums. Not gonna post here because you shouldn’t trust strangers 😉

  68. Anonymous says:

    exit scam or ddos attack? and why not posting this fucking alternate link?

  69. Anonymous says:

    I need $10,000 who knows where to go

  70. Anonymous says:

    How do you get onto sub forums

  71. Anonymous says:

    there is a working link to risky to post on here

  72. anonymous says:

    did the post informations tho? or scam link?

  73. blackwidow says:

    got my order to day but cant get in to finalize

  74. weedcat1312 says:

    i am waiting to get my money back and the server down i lose my money or what???

  75. Anonymous says:

    How do you get on the hub to find an alternative link?

  76. skunk77 says:

    Anyone can connect with an other link ?

  77. PcNnaBkyz says:

    Just wait guys.. Csnnazon is the best and super support.. Let them do their thang

  78. Bobby says:

    Oué attendez, a priori attaque ddos…! j’arrive à me connecter de façon aléatoire et ça fonctionne !

  79. valo says:

    comment ca ce passe si on avait une comande en cours ?

  80. CannaFreund says:

    CannaDepot we are looking for your log-in. Order is waiting for send acceptance.

  81. Dude says:

    Please delete this post asap. DDOS is ongoing.

  82. Anonymous says:

    yo someone delete that post for fuck sake fucking dumbass

  83. 42 says:

    Cannazon is WORKING!!! Use the link, that you get with PGP and DON’T share your link. Its only DDOS attacks! NO SCAM

  84. Anonymous says:

    please remove the link, he is not intended to be public. It’s not a hazard if they sent it crypted on pgp…

  85. georgie says:

    hello! how do i get the link on pgp???

  86. tt says:

    even my link isn’t working now

  87. t money says:

    I cant get past the stupid captcha, the image wont load. any suggestions?

  88. Hdhshhs says:

    Still down?

  89. Anonymous says:

    Well even the PGP onion link doesn’t work now. It was even shown on this site when you click on “Show URLs”. RIP

  90. soloboy says:

    server down :s

  91. pata says:

    2 order arrived googd market but for the moment don’t work i don’t no why

  92. tayzn says:

    You showed the secret url on the site good job now we can’t access the site.

  93. 42 says:

    How can you be such a spastic? why are you sharing the secret link ?? soooo stupid …

  94. Oemi101010 says:

    Login successful

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