Silk Road 3.1

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Is it offline?

  2. Anthony says:

    I need your services badly

  3. Anonymous says:

    ANyone Know if ItS LeGiT? \1337

  4. Anonymous says:

    Where can I find the link to silk?

  5. wikilick says:

    don’t buy on silkroad 3.1, made 4 orders, just 1 arrived and with poor quality. its a scam!!!

    • The guy I’m replying to is dumb says:

      First of all it’s a market with many TRUSTED VENDORS on it if you knew about TOR and the markets you would know the common most trustworthy names on their saying Silk Road as a whole is a scam is idiotic considering you ordered from 1-4 vendors out of thousands on there next time be sure to order small from vendor and then after receiving order bulk or whatever amount you’d want. Also most importantly there is a rating next to everyone’s user name make sure that rating is good with over700 sales and. A good amount of positive reviews

  6. abe99 says:

    After i sent money,,there always came a new pay address waiting for payment.
    Support ticket not possible due to not activated order!
    No response on request for help!
    I think its a spam…at least a selective one

    • S.Helve says:

      The exact same thing has happened to me and others i know!

      No response from the admins on these matters.

      Can’t stress enough how dodgy this is by essentially forcing you to move your money to their onsite wallet rather than perform direct transfers.

      My advice is to avoid!

  7. Me says:

    It’s definitely NO SCAM! In case you didn’t receive stuff then it depends on the vendor but if you chosen escrow then there shouldn’t be a problem at all coz you will be refunded.
    Did 3 orders from 3 different vendors, all for some hundred $ by escrow – 2 were international and 1 within Germany: all received after max. 5 working days, all GREAT stuff at unbeatable prices. Just find the correct vendors and you will be happy with Silkroad 3.1 – the stuff all together is worth more then 2k sold so good profit possible

    • John says:

      Ahh tu me rassure j’ai effectué une commande mais après j ai vu que tous le monde disaient que c était une arnaque je l ai prit en Escrow ca fait 3jours même si il disais 1 à 2jours car même pays sais peut être juste un retard je pensais m être fait arnaquer

      • Anonymous says:


        • Axam says:

          Très fiable même. Il suffit de choisir un vendeur réputer qui offre un service sécuriser (Escrow)! Le plus d’achat sous le nom d’un vendeur, le plus fiable.

    • Anonymous says:

      it is a scam. just lost 0.02btc — deposited into my account’s wallet and instantly my account was deleted. the site is exit scamming or something. made sure it was the right url.

    • Social says:

      What vendor can provide codein syrup ?

    • ANJUM KHAN says:

      Hi can you help get products on the Silk Road since you got first hand experience on it. Thank you

  8. flen says:

    Used 10 people now, all but 1 arrived, bash kings and diazipan UK are great

  9. VC9i3chVq says:

    yeah, same here. 3 orders paid, 100+confirmations by now on blockchain and all 3 orders were still ‘waiting for payment’. now 24 hours later and orders are gone and no way to contact anyone as I have no active order. No support ticket and no chat.
    Now ordered at nightmareocykhgs and empire all went well

  10. 3v3rlast88 says:

    Bitcoin didn’t arrive to Wallet, new bitcoin address for wallet when I check back, what’s going on?!?

  11. 3v3rlast88 says:

    How can I contact support as I dind’t receive my bitcoin to make a purchase ?

    • VC9i3chVq says:

      via SR > Inbox you can send an email to support.
      Came out that I had used silkroad[redacted].onion which is a fishing site. Bitcoins lost.. 🙁

      • 3v3rlast88 says:

        What was the fishing site? Any silk road link i use i can log into my account so i dont think i used a fishing site. But i dont see an option for support?

        • 3v3rlast88 says:

          Hi, but this isn’t the link I used. I used another link and set up an account via this link. So it should have been ‘legit’ so to speak. Bitcoin still not there, and it was quite a lot of money, is there anything I can do to figure this out?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the link to silk?

  13. wan says:

    hello, please any legit site where i can buy prepaid cc details?

  14. z says:

    Hi i need someone to help me make money

  15. raider says:

    Need usd any good place I can’t get them

  16. BIG JOX says:


  17. SamsonSimpson says:

    Silk Road 3.1 is scam. Used the official url. Payment wasn’t recognised and no way to contact support. In spite of escrow service I think the money was rinsed threw the toilette

  18. mnkimitl says:


  19. Jen says:

    Silkroal3.1 scammed I semt 150.00 us currency and sent 4 notices to the person who got the order as well 4 to the administraters no responce back.They suck I would like to bust the fuckers they been popped and shut down before

  20. Thelodger says:

    Its no scam find the vendors and you will not lose anything , these c***suckers saying it scam must be trying new vendors or cards or some shit like that. The drugs are great on SR. Escrow protect you, if you want try FE then do so at your own risk. Have bought many times from SR not 1 problem like 40-50 times and I agree with ME what they have said correct information ME.

  21. Tosabo says:

    Offline ?

  22. DojoSmallz says:

    I’ve had 2 successful orders thus far.

  23. Anonymous says:

    fucking scam Empire is the only legit market atm

  24. Anonymous says:

    try to login , successfull , then shows page “/” thats it

  25. Anonymous says:

    I was a vendor on Silk Road 3.1 until they slow fucked $3000 out of me so shut ya face TheLodger, ya know nuttin!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Silk Road is the Best

  27. bubbles says:

    I cant access? I havent been on in about 2 weeks though, did it move again?

  28. Marrack says:

    When I sent bitcoin to the silk road address it never came through so silk road has essentially just stolen my money. Am I right? Is it an exit scam or have I made a mistake and can get my money back

  29. bluegalgal says:

    hi any1 on here know of a GOOD ealible source xno scam no messing about x

  30. Orion says:

    i dont get it they give there PGP SIGNATURE along with alt url to avoid pushing but i cant font there public keys anywhere?…….anyone?

  31. Lance says:

    Tried to open the market and first site I landed on was called “bka seizure” as the name of the tab and some “site not reachable” (don’t remember exactly) as the page content. Tried again and everything worked as it should, no problem to log in. Now I am deeply confused if its still safe, as BKA is a german police unit. Couldn’t find anything about a SR seizure on the net though.

  32. Anonymous says:

    what do u lot buy on it

  33. leondeikal says:

    Can’t login. Asks for CAPTCHA but when I type it in, the page times out. Anyone having similar issues? If so pls post mirror links.

    • mister MR says:

      Same here any updates?
      I had a few orders I was still finalizing and now I can’t get past captcha.. I hope it’s not another ddos attack.. I still have all the other links but none work either

      • Golden says:

        I’m having that issue today won’t let me log in at all says wrong password I have the correct link ??‍♂️

  34. Drac says:

    Keep getting a 504 gateway timeout when trying to enter capcha anybody no whats up?

  35. tupac says:

    fuck you all you motherfuckers tupac

  36. dont like it says:

    ya my link is tiiming out and saying its a bad gateway what the fuck

  37. Mpatch says:

    Can someone put on new link please ta!!

  38. dark alley says:

    Stolen £150 off me in Bitcoin with it generating the same code for every purchase and no response from support. I changed my account twice and it still did the same thing changed it to something totally different and that worked i have placed an order well I want my money back.

  39. EVIL88 says:

    Definetly not a scam use it all the time, the only issue is some parts of the day it wont let me connect to the site like its blocked it keeps running but doesnt connect then server times out, make sure you you are only on this address all others are fishers or .com at the end this is the only address you should see when logging onto the silk road 3.1 (silkroad7rn2puhjdotonion) always make shure cause there are alot of simmular addresses but they are cloned sites that you should not be directed to the site I wrote down is the correct silkroad site. Happy shopping everyone and remember always go with vendors that take escrow, your coins are safe there other wise you are not protected by the system if you dont.

  40. j says:

    anyone recommend a good vendor for WU transfers, Cards, Passports and Fake Bills? Wickr cls22 only using escrow though

  41. hdjsns says:

    Yo, having an issue logging in. Any updates?

    • Anonymous says:

      Haven’t been able to log in ether for a couple hours you have any luck yet

      • hdjsns says:

        No idea what’s going on, still can’t loggin. Damn, the DW markets are becoming unreachable one by one. Think I’m gonna try SamSara next.

  42. EVIL88 says:

    Try silkroad they have a section for what you are requesting.

  43. glizzy45 says:

    who got good cpns hmu asap

  44. Debf says:

    Is silkroad down? Get 504 error After captcha

  45. EVIL88 says:

    This shit is fucked always working on site especially frustrating when u put $1300 order in and you can’t log on the next day it his has been go in on since Sunday morning it has done this before what a stress full issue the site is down some parts was working yesterday for Mabe 1 HR enough to check my messages and orders some folks need and rely on this sire. It’s a reliable trust site when it’s WORKING I check constantly marking it seem like it’s my devise not theirs.

  46. Anonymous says:

    HI all, the site is back up again this morning, I’ve just been able to place an order, I got kicked off a couple of times, but then was able to log back in and finalise the order. All looks good now.

  47. Anonymous says:

    bullshit its not up and running. a few days ago i could do captcha to a 504 gateway, and now its going straight to a 404 server not found.

  48. Anonymous says:

    deadass this shit took my money

  49. Anonymous says:

    yeah im having the same problem, cannot get onto silkroad at all.

  50. Anonymous says:

    where else can i find legit benzos?

  51. Anonymous says:

    Current message when attempting to access SR3.1

    We are performing upgrades and data migration to improve availability and functionality.
    The first stage of this will require the marketplace to be offline for an undetermined period of time. We will be back as soon as possible and all user funds are safe.

    We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience and will provide further updates within the next 48 hours.

  52. EVIL88 says:

    Thats bullshit the Road is a legit site, You probobly got address wrong any type o can cause your order to be lost, always double check before you hit send, I order frequently and never a issue and I orderfrom 5 different vendors, also order from someone inside your country not outside, U have customs ripping open everything, not safe route, All my vendors are always spot on.

  53. 666 says:

    Help!what market work now?

  54. Anonymous says:

    What is going on with SR 3.1?????

  55. Anonymous says:

    SR 3.1 wtf is going on???????????

  56. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully it comes back. I had about 400AUD worth of BTC on there from a recent refund. I was going to withdraw it the night before too, but I couldnt see straight to login to I left it till the next day, only to be greeted with this. Oh well, if it comes back it comes back, if its gone for good its gone for good. Can’t do much either way but hope.

  57. Anonymous says:

    It feels like wallstreet market

  58. Anonymous says:

    damn that shit gone for real. litterally 4 hours after i bought something. can i get a god damn f in chat

  59. Queenfredmerc says:

    are they like not coming back? i have orders on there still and funds…..i have the vendors other online market now but i prefer SR being as i can protect my funds…..can you guys let me know any news or what this does sound like…

  60. RD says:

    Is silk road closed for good? If so which is best market to join? Empire never works for me

  61. 666 says:


  62. EVIL88 says:

    This is nothing new I also Had over 1300 worth of orders on SR and it goes down, They say our funds are safe I have trust in them, The only issue is before you make adjustments to a site they should freeze only the ones who have not any active orders in and let them and the vendors take care of their buisness then freeze the site for adjustments, not have folks worry in limbo about their funds being held, They will eventually come back on, they were once compromised and then they built the 3.1 site and refunded the vendors and the buyers that had their funds hacked, what I think they are doing is making more security adjustments for the saftey of their vendors and customers and their funds as well, always make sure that this is the site you are on because there are links on here that look simular but are not the real road this is the correct link silkroad7rn2puhj.onion always make sure its showing this in your window. They will be back, when not sure but it wont be longer than a few days. They have done this before and always came through.

  63. queenfredmerc says:

    wow really this again? this is bullshit “oh updates within 48 hours” havent given us any updates since meanwhile vendors on the market won’t even answer me now when i have multiple orders through them., what is it with these people demanding more and more respect from buyers when it should be the other way around WERE the ones trusting THEM with our money…..

  64. BEN ZO says:

    Hey now Im in the US……….Ill check my inbox latter this evening lets talk.

  65. bymer says:

    like they said updates would be given for 48 hours and they havent said aword…..if anyone knows whats going on please do post a reply and does anyone else know reliable markets that dont act like nightmare market or other shitty ones? i created an account on there and deposited 604 dollars worth of bitcoin and the link WAS safe posted by them on DREAD and my funds didnt even show up and got phished and i told them and they said its not their fault when i used a fucking link they provided and said was safe …… i don’t understand why it’s so fucking hard to give people updates especially when they have funds on there ….ridiculous we need ROSS ulbricht back

  66. bymer says:

    if anyone has an idea whats goin on please answer and idk why they havent updated it’s been 48 hours and they said they would

  67. james says:

    is it possible to send a message to the staff of silkroad and ask whats going on ?

  68. Anonymous says:

    whats they new go to makret boys?

  69. anya says:

    How can i finalize payment for a package i got from a vendor. Does the payment automatically go through to the vendor after a couple of days? Last status was shipped and i haven’t been able to log back in to change the status to release the funds.

  70. ananymous says:

    Do the payments get automatically released to the vendor after a couple of days? Last order i got from vendor was left at shipped status and i haven’t been able to log back in to change the status and release the funds to them.

  71. bigpapadons says:

    Anyone know vendors with legit jungleboyz or dispensary packaged stuff? i need it sent to AUS

  72. Anonymous says:

    yeah after 14 days the payments automatically release to the vendor

  73. queenfredmerc says:

    i trust in them too but there is no reason why they shouldn’t be able to give updatees,

  74. Anin says:

    504 after captcha, whats going on 3 days?

  75. 666 says:

    Helpppp!!!what markets wprk now????

  76. big fat ballz says:

    Whoever is still not on empire is fucking retarded

  77. BEN ZO says:

    Simon I forgot to add 88 its privateservers88
    LMK I can get something out to you today, sorry for the hicup.

  78. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know about the updates of Silk Road? Any idea when the site will be online again?

  79. Paul says:

    So no one knows whats going on? How can we contact the staff?

  80. realzlife says:

    satri4bb5r56y253.onion/ Is the SR forum. Get on that and you’ll understand what is going I

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