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  1. Veteren says:

    No go not wit ha 50 foot plow.

    Move to Ap*** market (only idiots cant figure it out). They are going to the MOON.

  2. doubix says:

    Hi Guys,

    same for me, made a deposit yesterday morning, steel nothing appear on my wallet, I was using DM before it goes down, never had to wait so long. I Opened a ticket, no answer from the Admins, the site is very unstable (ofen get 502 bad getway, accasionaly 504 gateway timeout…),.

    Compare to dream market, this website is a big bullish… I’m affraid I’m going to loose my coin, this really piss me off.

    • maks says:

      I have same problem

    • coolnigga says:

      yes bro same thing happend to me. done to deposit and non of them are showing in my wallet. and support are also not replying me

    • David says:

      I’ve had the same problem. Opened a few tickets on 9 December still no response. 0/10 🙁

      • Anonymous says:

        i had 500 bucks taken , verified links multiple times and checked with 2 computers . had a gut feeling something could go wrong, then admin responded immediately saying its gone

    • Anonymous says:

      so its not just me i see every time i log in i just had to do it again. got 2 possibly 3 bad products. then i got in again and it froze and sent me back to the log in screen. don’t understand why they are in such high regards. i feel cheated and cant

      • Lost my deposit says:

        didnt it occur to you that it might not be a good time to deposit if the site wasnt working correctly.
        If i log in and the site is a slightly bit glitchy i simply reboot everything and start again. To date i have lost zero due to sensible practice.

    • Anonymous says:

      Same here, not worth trying this site anymore. happened to many times now.

  3. dee says:

    Same here, at least it was a very small payment… sent on the 8th… two days so far.

  4. boomer says:

    Ok so did anyone get their money back if it didn’t show after 24h? Was anyone’s ticket about this issue answered? Is there anything else to do to get my money back when empire forum and dread are down?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am new here please how do I set up my profile with the public keys. I mean how do I get them?

  6. Paul says:

    Empire has been a rip off my past few experiences. First, the money I deposited magically was withdrawn, not by me. I added more money and made an order, the money was transferred from my account but to this day I have no buys under my profile. Of course no product ever arrived to my address. I am certain this is just a money stealing operation now. Stay away.

  7. Maxi says:

    i sent 0.3 litecoin, now shows i’ve never made any transfer to the site ever! wouldn’t trust this place anymore…

  8. UngerDunger says:

    There is no working link anymore, empire is down. Just yesterday i was browsing now sunday its dead. Is this the end? I dont wanna switch to appo**** Rip money

  9. Littlemissyu2 says:

    I change my password and PIN number each and every time right before I deposit coins..since I’ve been doing this my coins have been where they are supposed to be.

  10. szcz says:

    Some people on reddit saying they got their money back/ticket resolved after a month. Now with many people reporting this issue and possibly more tickets to solve, all of us whose deposits didn’t show will probably have to wait. :-/ For now I would not recommend to use Empire at least until they fix this issue.

  11. Conducted says:

    Problems continue with deposits that do not arrive even if they are confirmed in the shipment.

    When they solve the problem I will communicate it.
    Meanwhile I also recommend not using this market until it becomes stable again.

    Let’s see if it is solved quickly because until now it was practically the best market, a shame.


  12. medself says:

    i used this market for the 1st time.
    i ordred
    i paid
    and scammed
    thank you

  13. Anonymous says:

    Its cool

  14. anonyous says:

    Why is my safe personal phrase now say safe link empire… instead of the personal phrase i chose?

  15. dub3340 says:

    Hi ,
    who knows a reliable market, now that Apollo and Empire are dead

  16. squid says:

    yo do we need to put pin in at point of purchase with empire?

    • DeepOnionWeb says:

      Yes, Empire Market accounts have PIN for purchase enable by default.

      • GUnit says:

        No, you are not supposed to put in a pin! Make a side account and you will see it even says it during the setup. No PIN and No Meniminoc! You will eventually get bumped out and the pin request shows up. We have to wait a while until they get their shizzle together.

  17. gopro says:

    Empire was good, but disputes take a very long time to resolve.. you don’t have any support 🙁 I hope it get’s better..
    Now I use Apollon, always ESCROW, and everything is fine for now!
    Apollon has affiliate program, to get 25% fee of referral transactions, just add this to safe Apollon link:

    And find links on onion live, there’s bunch of phishing sites -be careful!


  18. SINALOA says:

    Where can a get good cocaine from?

  19. uksmoker says:

    i read all the comments on here
    this morning about Empire as i hadn’t used it for a few months so went on tried a small deposit to see what would happen everything was fine i just done 3 orders spent £200+ and everything was fine no issues with bitcoin or vendors
    so fingers crossed Empire wont scam us like every other market seems to in the end

  20. austin says:

    does anyone know how to extend the escrow more then once on empire

  21. QUEENSREALTY says:

    I used them many times with no problems. But in the last two weeks Ive made 4 deposits and none of them showed up in my Empire Market account. They turned into a scam! Dont use Them. I am now looking for a safe site to buy opioids and cocaine

  22. Wsm says:

    All this scam talk is bullsh**. You must be using the wrong links that’s why your having problems with deposits. I did three separate deposits this week, all appeared very quickly, all orders car fine and ok. The site is unstable in terms of ddos but as long as you don’t leave loads in wallet you’ll be fine. Had a problem with an old order, raised support ticket Tuesday and they responded the next day. If you do your home work and use site correctly then empire is still the best out there.

  23. Pleaseread... says:

    I just want to add my peace because these comments are mostly ridiculous, i really don’t know what all these complaints are for and they are incredibly annoying. Constantly spouting garbage… Ive used this Empire for 3 months now never a single problem… People that are having issues are either so dumb they cant click on a verified link instead of a phishing link, they are lying, they cant read, or they have done no research on the Vendor themselves and get scammed. ALL OF THE ABOVE ARE YOUR PROBLEM NOT THE SITE! I REPEAT YOUR PROBLEM, YOUR FAULT, ALLLL YOU!!! IF YOU CANT USE THIS MARKET STOP COMING ON HERE AND PUTTING OTHER PEOPLE OFF AS ITS YOUR DAMMMN FAAAAULLLT!

  24. sc4mm3dgeneration says:

    After 40 days, the ticket was not closed by the administrators.
    The money, deposited in escrow, is gone for now

  25. LadyA says:

    Seriously, does no one use 2FA or make sure they are using verified links?
    Dumb people making the site look bad because they are obviously not following the steps to avoid being phished. Do you really think the moderators on Empire want to deal with your dumb ass moaning that your BTC didn’t come because you used a phishing site? I’m sure they have better things to do than tell you for the 10000th time that you need to verify your BTC addresses EVERY TIME, avoid using any unverified mirrors and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ENABLE 2FA!

  26. LadyA says:

    I have been using Empire for about 8 months and I have never had any issues. It’s slow because there’s almost constant DDOS attacks but as long as you educate yourself about PGP and 2 step verification (2FA) you will have little to no problems. Do not use random mirrors, only verified LEGIT mirrors and NEVER SEND MONEY TO AN ACCOUNT THAT DOES NOT HAVE 2FA ENABLED!

    I’ll repeat that for the people in the back, NEVER SEND MONEY TO AN ACCOUNT THAT DOES NOT HAVE 2FA ENABLED!

    Also, never release any BTC until you receive the item. Empire is filled with people complaining their items never came and their money was never refunded. This is the purpose of escrow. You defeat the entire point of it if you finalise early or leave it until it auto finalises.
    Happy shopping and, remember, use your brain!

  27. jioli says:

    I will definitively think that any WU and paypal transfer are scam ! please anyone have already tried a WU on empire market ?

  28. cheeze says:

    Guzman on Empire is a scam. Steals money. Tries getting you to use wickr for purchase. Guzman66. Know others that recieved fake product.

  29. mannie lopez says:

    Check out new store DrPurple! uk – uk lean!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Somebody tell me how this works

  31. Devin Williams says:

    Don’t fuck with empire market at all waisted 75 dollars in bitcoin I sent which got confirmed but not added to my account don’t waste

  32. PrivateGoat says:

    I need a new shop for bank logs, Chase & Discover Primarily, anybody have one, empire sucks, sanwells down & i dont know any new ones

  33. TUPIROL says:

    What if someone received the vendor’s package but presses “DISPUTE’ and says he hasn’t received anything and want the money back or a resend. What happens ??

  34. Jeo says:

    What’s really happening igolder not responding buyers can’t access the market pls do something ASAP

  35. S66 says:

    I logged in for the fist time in two weeks. Before I last logged in I had 0.02 BTC in my wallet, now there’s nothing in there. Has anyone else had that happen? How could it possibly happen? Any tips to resolve it?

  36. Heroin in need says:

    I need to get some 🐝

  37. black1943 says:

    I don’t know why empire is in such high regards, after having to log in 10 million times only to have to log in again. and getting not so stellar
    items. After i finally got in after a million more attempts it logged me out again. although seems like they make good on there word. I cant get back in to find out so it is at this point to me it is going to be a total loss and they probably going to keep the change.

  38. Anonymous says:

    just stay away from empire market use silkroad or something else.. there is to many fishing sites now online lost alot of btc… by the wai the links on this site.. omg not 1 is working gj

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