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  1. gagniebla says:

    Hola me gustaría poder opinar

  2. Ripped_off says:

    Scam site, don’t bother. All my orders cancelled and btc withdrawn from my account. Nothing good to say about this place.

  3. riff says:

    10/15 mnts

  4. snx says:

    DO NOT BUY FROM THIS MARKET its bullshit and you will never get what you want.
    its a SCAM because most of vendors will give you dead cc/pp account
    ive been scammed like 3 times because moreover it will take like 2 weeks to have a vendor that actually answser to your message. i assume that SOME vendors are trustful but its not worth the money et the time you have to put in this fck peace of shit darknet market so i would recommend to RUN if you see this
    the funniest thing is that they ask you to leave a positive feedback which you CANNOT change so your fucked even if they give you wrong creds or anything like that lmaoooo
    and the dispute take FOR EVER to be finished and most of the time youll loose.
    have a good day anyway 🙂

  5. whoami71 says:

    I made deposit 4 days ago and nothing has been deposited in my account yet.. I am new is it supposes tontake that long??

  6. Krugy says:

    Hi there ! Empire seems to be down since a few days ? any infos ?

  7. joeb says:

    What is the story with Empire Market? The website wont load for me.

  8. sharkrens says:

    hey how do i contact this person and how long dose it take?

  9. Maritn says:

    2 confirmations

  10. Alex says:

    empire market is experiencing ddos attacks at the moment.
    I been using for a few months. some sellers scam and some dont.. do your research.

  11. J says:

    I’m having trouble logging in since the DDOS attack, the hyperlink must be copied and the space taken out obviously, but am I missing something else?
    It says status is online and the alternate links up, but I still cant get in. Any help would be appreciated.

  12. Your mother says:

    They stole money twice 95 once and 250 the other time. Scumbags are exiting slowly by taking small amounts. This is how dream did it. Stay far far away from this site. And it’s down look at this shit. Fuck them!

  13. Anonymous says:


  14. Steve says:

    Sites been down for a few days now. Haven’t been able to log on since the end of last week.

  15. jackfrost421 says:

    I am looking for a vendor by the name of “eastcoastbulk”. Can anyone help me contact them or let me know what market I can find them on or if they have a wickr acct?

  16. Pishing link says:

    This is a phising link do not use this I repeat do not use this link

  17. veto says:

    I need to find eastcoastbulk also. Any other sites they are on? Anyone please help. Thanks!

  18. veto says:

    Does anyone know a vendor on yellow brick that’s in USA who has good coke and good shipping speed.

  19. Dark Web is ALL Crooks says:

    This entire Dark Web is an elaborate scam to rip off money from people. They always seem to have some issues in order to justify stealing our money, and we are fucking fools to keep falling for their bullshit so I guess we really deserve getting fucked over because we keep sending these fucking crooks our money.

  20. Fuck Empire Market says:

    Empire is a exit scam just like all others, they stole $154.00 that I had in my account. Stay away from these fucking cocksuckers. Empire Market FUCK YOU!!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    The Empire strikes back

  22. snowey says:

    Empire came down faster than any other market, once a site full of happy vendors and customers, now all that’s left is phishing sites. EXIT SCAM!!!

  23. Anonymous says:

    I need a market to buy cc

  24. AIKON says:

    Coincidence Market goes down every time Bitcoin reaches a High mark, dont think so, Honest vendors also loose money and become crooks. Like Dark Market System you deposit on escrow what you buy, no deposit in Market itself, pity search engine sucks.

  25. Anonymous says:

    i should not have left my bitcoin on the site and should have ordered before it went down. does anyone know a site/vendor i can buy fent from?

  26. Anonymous says:

    I’m looking for CCseller!

  27. dick says:


  28. Anonymous says:

    whats best after empire market?? just tried blue market looks shady

  29. juliulk says:


    Does anyone know another market safe ??

  30. Ray says:

    Who leaves 154k in a market account? Blame your own stupidity.

  31. dogman says:

    Too bad about Empire. I heard Elite market was good but they dont cancel non shipped orders for 14 days and some vendors dont ship and just leave u hanging for that time. That would suck!

  32. The Tor Goddess says:

    Hello! Of course all links that you can publicly find on the regular web will lead you to marketplaces full of mostly scammers. It is not the sites that scam, it is usually the vendor. I actually conduct business on a darkknet marketplace that is not even listed on here, its extra underground, usually only hackers can obtain the onion url link, they have escrow service, a star rating for all vendors, pgp encryption, reviews posted by buyers, and they show you the date the vendor started selling along with the number of sales and a percentage of trust(meaning the percent of sales that go through without any complaints) Of course, you must always do your homework first and always fuck with ESCROW. You need to know how to spot red flags and be wary of anyone still in Level 1, Level 2 or 3. They also categorize vendors under a Level System. The higher the level, the higher the trust meaning the higher number of good business they have conducted. This site also keeps many extra security policies, such as providing mirror urls so the site will never be down for your use. If one link is down, you just go ahead and copy n paste another mirror link. Beware! There are many scam sites pretending to be the marketplace I am promoting. Please email me privately so I can send you the link. I really should be selling this information but I am part of a referral program, so this site also offers a chance to be an affiliate for them paying the highest percentage per new client I have seen so far, that you refer with your own unique link. You get a unique link assigned after registration, if you are looking into making some type of residual income.

  33. cassady33 says:

    This completly sucks a fat one. i knew i should hav made made more orders i seen this coming but its happenin TO EVERYONE! guys . I hope they come back. BEST market hands down. i hav been a supporter since the beginning. But i heard IT MAY NOT come back guys. super pissed and sad @ the same time. SE7EN please we need answers

  34. Juice Money` says:

    DONT ORDER this site is exit scamming and will steal your money. That is if you can even get on the site.

  35. snowey1 says:

    make it go to scam markets

  36. fucked my order says:

    blazeitf bm empire

  37. jdog7 says:

    Ive been in the Web for 3 years, through Dream and Veteran of Empire I believe the new Rise is Icarus Market its a 50/50, but for now, its home.

  38. DuckConverse says:

    Need to get hold of VanilaSurf. PLEASE AND THANK YOU, please comment and I’ll check back,

  39. bialadama says:

    Alternative to empire ?

  40. weed1963 says:

    Can someone please help me out with some markets that r ok thanks

  41. filter says:

    Exit scammed. Sent $200 for an order and then it disappeared, tried to place another order and before I could even pay that disappeared also. AVOID!!!!

  42. fixnumgummy says:

    I have to find a seller called bluer

  43. fixnumgummy says:

    there is someone who knows where i can find bluer
    thank you

  44. Veto(PigFace) says:

    Veto is a fat donut eating pig.

  45. Anonymous says:

    do you know of any working market

  46. Anonymous says:

    Someone interested

  47. hsisheb says:

    Can someone tell me how to use it or buy products from this market?

  48. Adam says:


  49. Anonymous says:

    Whatchu finna need?

  50. Anonymous says:

    does anyone know where bluer is?

  51. Shahid kk says:

    Nice 👍👍

  52. claudia wedding says:

    me too i want this vendor do you have his contact , let me know you know something about bluer please


  53. Anonymous says:

    please where can i get a good usa bank log

  54. immagh says:

    im also looking for bluer D:

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