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  1. Fred Twederman says:

    The Dread URLs are down. Anyone have a link?

  2. morsecode says:

    All of your links are DEAD

  3. Fred Tweakerman says:

    Links r down anyone got the new ones?

  4. murk says:

    why would you write this on here please enlighten me.

  5. breuth says:

    yeah wtf

  6. Anonymous says:

    yeah like all links on this site are down?

  7. Joker says:

    does anyone have a link to Dread? I have not come in since days.

  8. reptar33 says:

    Join the best Market on the DW Empire:
    I will constantly being posting working mirrors due to the recent DDos attacks.

  9. aquious says:

    can anyone get on berlesconi?

  10. reptar33 says:

    Working Empire mirror

  11. Socrates says:

    can we assume why this down while empire’s too
    are the admins the same?

  12. John says:

    Anyone got a working link to dread

  13. MF81the1st says:

    does anone have a working link for Empire? I`m not able to go in for days

  14. MF81the1st says:

    P.S.: the link on this guys site are working unlike other websites….. as you most likeley know!

  15. woundedghost says:

    The Empire link posted by reptar33 is not working. Does anyone else have one?

  16. J says:

    any working empire mirrors?

  17. buddles says:

    why dread is down

  18. AirVPN says:

    If anyone need a free AirVPN account, here you go.

  19. Anonymous says:

    is there anywhere i can buy my mom drugs today? Come on, DDOSers, its mothers day.

  20. Chakra1 says:

    I could put up 1more link

  21. John says:

    Anyone got a link to empire?

  22. John says:

    WTF is going on with the DDOSers,. Any working link to empire. Its like trying to find a needle up a cows arse

  23. Dmnitcarl says:

    Empire links are all dead as of 5/13 🙁

  24. mass says:

    Any one can PM a current link to empire please

  25. Anonymous says:

    Got any more? They’ve gone down…

  26. Anonymous says:

    has anyone onions for cryptonia?

    • anonymous says:

      Cryptonia Market does selective scam they change your return address to another address then support cancels the order. All you coins disappear Buyer Beware!

  27. Anonymous says:

    just got on empire. idk about withdrawing funds. some people say they’re having trouble and some arent

  28. Anonymous says:

    where is Mafia? someone please help , fuck

  29. Anonymous says:

    I feel the end is near

  30. Anonymous says:

    Je cherche un market français

  31. DeMiGod says:

    Anyone can please post on Berlusconi working links I cant live without Netflix please help 😛

  32. Butch Coolidge says:

    “Dreads’s dead baby. Dread’s dead”

  33. dwoh37 says:

    hi cant log my tor browser since one week could someone help me please

  34. kingofpotsince says:

    empire market working links please

  35. Shawn says:

    since wall street got shutdown the only marlet that works is nightmare and there selection is crap some needs to tell empire there alternatives and main don’t work and to fix them

  36. Snizzy says:

    empire market needs to get shit tog tried like 15 links and not one worked

  37. Snizzy says:

    someone needs to restart wall street market someone smart that actually know how to run site. They had great system there urls worked they had whatever you wanted and alot of it was cheap wall street market 2.0 =]]]]]]

  38. UrbanDecay says:

    Is anyone else having problems having btc deposits go through to nightmare? I’m concerned I got phished or some other shit!

  39. Anonymous says:


  40. ryduryury says:

    Admin are fuckers for not replying to tickets. 2000 quid down the drain and nothing to show used a verified link and full security settings. Deposit showed in my account and disappeared when i went to make an order. I can trace where the money went to but with all the information i have provided to the admin through tickets they still not tyoo keen on helping. EMPIRE SEEMS TO BE SELECTIVELY SCAMMING PEOPLE. AVOID AT ALL COSTS IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR MONEY

  41. global748hgh says:

    I made a deposit today yet it hasnt appeared in my account either.

  42. Peace_maker says:

    Empire links up

  43. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know where to buy lab apparatus ?

  44. bila says:

    what its this app ? its one of them run on background end steal bitcoint ?

  45. Jalck says:

    How can i buy bitcoins

  46. _darkvendor47_ says:

    When accessing the dark web or deep web should I use Ethernet or WiFi

  47. stvb says:

    Anyone thinking of purchasing from “localgear9” on Tochka be warned!
    He has scammed me out $1500, didn’t refund or fwd package…LMF
    Does anyone know of an oficial scammers list where I can register his name?

  48. trippletakes says:

    anyone else have issues geting on the dread site? none of the links are working

  49. CraigVadly says:

    You’ve got incredi ble report in this article.

  50. venomm says:

    Hi all!
    i wana buy some CCs dumpz, anyone sell?

  51. Hailey says:

    Deepbay is now on Openbazaar

  52. samuel says:

    people are saying empire and nightmare are exit scamming? if that is true then what market should we be using?? thanks

    • Travelgirl says:

      im pretty sure nightmare is exit scamming i have used one vendor for every order and hes usually super quick to respond and get my order out and wed night he never answered and now i also lost money tried to pull my money out quickly but i was to late also trying to find a reliable market too.

    • Jason says:

      Nightmare shut down it said

  53. trayvon says:

    is bersculoni legit? people are saying nightmare and empire are scams?? it seems like everything is scamming?? WTF

  54. Anonymous says:

    who know alot about hacking ?

  55. jacksons233 says:

    i think i have been scammed by a webiste called easycards has anyone ever heard of that what should i do?

  56. woundedghost says:

    Hey Dread, what is the point of you asking for comments if you are not publishing them?

  57. Dthegod says:

    Cant access dread as of 8/6/19 11:10 UTC. Anyone else having this issue?

  58. snace says:

    Empire’s link used to be the main Nightmare Market link. They are going to pull the same thing Nightmare did.

  59. Anonymous says:

    My experience on Aug 19,
    Empire market is a shit now, I bought 2 tutorials,and only one vendor send me the info. and in 24 hours, they steal my bitcoin balance.

    Deepmarket, don’t buy anything, I bought a giftcard, and never send anything,they stole my BTC.

    Amazon Giftcards, is ascam too, I was scam for this guys.

    Be careful, the mayority of websites are scam,there is no place right now that can fullfill an order

    • Capealava says:

      I just started using Empire Market. I ordered 5 times and got 2 of them. I never had problems like this with any other market before. My mail always comes. So I had to take 25% to call it even with monitor. I am going it one ore try and if I fail to get -I am moving on. But where ??

    • gfisher74 says:

      j’ai eu le meme probleme.
      je viens de demander le remboursement mais j’y crois peu.

  60. JamesmArce says:


  61. Anonymous says:

    iam searching 4 a list of secret events in east germany any 1 ?

  62. Anonymous says:

    Dread is up for a minute then gets a bad gateway. Any other good forum?

  63. suddervlees braden says:

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  64. r says:

    Is tor run by niggers now? Shit don’t load any .onion site, I’m pretty sure faggot pedo niggers are to blame

  65. Anonymous says:

    is anybody accessing to berlusconi?

  66. YonqMow says:

    Хак Форум Творческая Лаборатория DedicateT

  67. YonqMow says:

    Hacker Forum Творческая Лаборатория DedicateT

  68. Anonymous says:


  69. capeaalava says:

    My package from Liquidgold out of England did not arrive. Empire will not acknowledge my dispute. All quiet there. I was able to get it into dispute mode and stop payment, but moderator and Vender do not respond. Anything similar happening to others ?

  70. opioidsatisfier says:

    It seems marketplaces on the .onion network are under strict surveillance. Moderators and vendors are rigidly flaccid with response and being unable to oblige certain orders. I can help u in certain ways with some of ur orders. U can reach to me via the encrypted wickr app. Hit me on my wickr Id: opioidsatisfier

  71. BJPleese says:

    Ordered 2 shipments on Empire and put in dispute to stop auto finalize. 1 of the orders arrived and i attempted to take out of dispute and release funds to vendor but no responses from vendor or moderators.
    Moved over to Berlusconi and setup a profile but the site doesnt allow you to deposit. I wouldnt deposit or order until there was some confidence in the site built but nothing for a bit.
    Just giving some info to those that might be experiencing similar events.

  72. bb20191 says:

    Are here real vendors who can make real wu transfers, or sell prepaid cards? only using escrow though! I need a good counterfeit vendor too!! Anybody can recommend one?

  73. Jkl75 says:

    Does anyone know anything about the hi-ship company?

  74. chris20 says:

    Can someone please help me find a reliable Xanax vendor

    • goldenage says:

      Please I need a good vendor to buy Bank logins,
      Good credit cards with good balance,
      high score US Bank account with online access and full information.
      And I also need someone who can do MT103 jobs.
      Please treat as urgent, I really need it

  75. Slim silent says:

    Can anyone help me get a reliable Xanax vendor? Any help will be greatly appreciated and if it’s what u say it is I’ll throw u money just for hooking me up

  76. Sammo says:

    Anybody need viagra 100mg tabs pharm grade or ug cialis 20mg tabs?

  77. DIMMA11 says:


  78. Bowbow says:

    Need to acces dark web help

  79. silverstorm says:

    Are you looking for good and pure cocaine? then you are with me right you fidnest me in many markets! Berlusconi, Tchka, Apollo and Grey I have very good and constant quality for a good price!
    Your Silverstorm

  80. simonphil says:

    i need a good trusted vendor to do a long time business with for cc, wu transfers, bank transfer etc. hit me if you are here

  81. Jay Hughes says:

    Can someone please help me find a reliable Xanax vendor? Been trying for over a month now with not much luck. I’m talking consistent and not just once in while.

  82. BlueDragon says:

    Can someone please help me find a reliable Xanax vendor? Been trying for over a month now with not much luck. I’m talking consistent and not just once in while.

  83. xoxox says:

    looking for a legit blue punisher vendor !!

  84. AngelLips says:

    Im in the Dfw and need some green?! Pleased help me find a good 420 vendor.

  85. bb20191 says:

    anyone else has problems accessing dread?? I have been trying since yesterday with all links, it says bad gateway. its dread gone???

  86. es504 says:

    Looks like dread is dead again. Great.

  87. sebas says:

    Anyone selling dab carts mo fakes!!

  88. John says:

    Dread appears up but performing maintenance today. Make sure you’re accessing using TOR or it won’t load for you.

  89. ndjdjd says:

    Anyone got any up to date hacking forum onions please? Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  90. Anonymous says:

    Anyone know where I can get Percocet 30mg from

  91. Hunnybunnie562 says:

    Can anyone help I got so many profiles don’t know how to use them

  92. steven says:

    password login for pressreader?

  93. steve says:

    sounds to me that the deep and dark web is just bullshit and fake
    please tell us.

  94. benzoluv3r says:

    How come grey marketplace isn’t listed on this webpage? it has thousands of products for sale and hundreds of vendors

  95. Ryan says:

    Hey guys. I’m new to Dread so I apologize if this isn’t appropriate.

    I’m currently in possession of about 250 subutex 8mg pills in blisters. These are 100% real and prescribed by a doctor. I also have about 1000 buprenorphine patches. If anybody is interested in buying these then feel free to contact me on Kik or Wickr:- welshguy204

  96. THX says:

    I need Milo??

  97. JallaBalla says:

    anyone knows a good CC autoshop?

  98. Drugsinc13 says:

    Dear all, I have had contact with X-MEN, who are online on Apollon, and they asked to give this info to all customers of them on Berlusconi, that they are online and store open on Apollon! After all the problems with berlusconi and them also waiting for it to hopefully go back online, they asked to let all know they can be found on Apollon

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