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  1. sssss says:

    log in works

  2. Anonym1337 says:

    I`m looking for some german vendors, like MixedArbility, Chucky, Dr. Sommer and Combi, if you read this, just toss me ur wickr or something, would be great! And btw fuck those pricks from Apollon, greedy bastards. I hope they get raped or atleast busted. They´re making tons of money and have to scam the people, they could get way more money, if they would wait longer. Idiots!

  3. Pattaya says:

    Where is the admin ?
    I opened dispute from 1 week and not get any news !
    I withdraw funds but not get anything too. !!!
    What’s happen

    • neutralpessimist says:

      Not the only one I’ve been going crazy thinking it was only me the mods and vendors alike were ignoring. Lost over $400

  4. Anonymous says:

    Fragrantuntidy, where can I find you?

  5. N Ireland says:

    Any vendors in new Ireland cannabis connsentrate

  6. klem says:

    Apollon it’s a big scam, stay away, I lost my money 🙁

  7. pufi2 says:

    Guys have you coin on your account like me?

  8. LF says:

    If my usual benzo vendor EP is seein this, get in touch x

  9. SubbyDo says:

    McDonals where i can find you hello???????

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. Nottingham000 says:

    Same issue with others as bought product from a reputable seller (CHARLIE-UK) and nothing for 2 weeks. Opened disputes and no response from seller or admin.

  12. Kam... says:

    I need good supplier of xans

  13. Kam... says:

    Any benzo dealers get at me

  14. Gotti01 says:

    Hi all. I had orders the vendor accept and shipped but not arrived I contact with the vendor and he said cannot log in and can’t send. Any body idea or help. Thanks.

  15. ArminVanHell360 says:

    hello, i’m looking for beloron, pseudo had for sale, if someone can help

  16. Armagedon360 says:

    hello, i’m looking for a seller with nickname ,, berolon ,, had pseudoephedrine for apollon, maybe you know someone else?

  17. VaNuCCii says:

    Cant whit draw or dispute my money, its like my account is locked. if i want to buy something, it pushes me back to Start Page.
    Admin? Support?

  18. Mornis says:

    Not got a NDD in 7 days now

  19. hadenough says:

    It’s about time those of us who’ve been ripped off, especially to the point it’s affected our financial stability. Start finding out who’s involved in running the scam and leaving them blind, deaf, dumb and paralyzed, so they can’t feel, have no sense and can’t even kill themselves just to stop this keep happening. Obviously you need to be absolutely sure of their part or well just get people giving their ex’s new boyfriend and similar. But if we can be sure of the identity it’s exactly what these scum deserve they’re ruining lives. If you’re an addict just getting back together and you lose all your money where does that lead? Back to full blown self destruction…
    Pure scum, evil cowards running these scams. Sitting there laughing how clever they are. Am I the only one who would get great satisfaction knowing these peoples lives were over and all they have left is an existence of suffering unable to scam anyone again?

  20. update36 says:

    apollon has exitscam more than 2 weeks ago.
    i do not understand why some buyers still make orders??
    vendor cannot log in anylonger but buyers can!
    vendor do not receive orders , so if you transfer btc and make orders , even if it does says ” accepted and shipped” , it is a scam . not from vendor but from apollon itself.

    here some information about some vendors
    alibaba is now on big blue market. i have made orders this week and all went smooth.
    cocoparis and columbian drugz are on empire and on a their private market name kingdom market.
    tom and jerry is about everywhere versus market , dark market..

  21. realrap says:

    Dr. Sommer where are you? 🙁 Fuck this Apollon bastards!

  22. termspantheon says:

    Hi guys, anybody knows when I put 2 disputes for my scam orders – is it a chance to get BTC back? Is there some active admin working?

  23. Anonymous says:

    anyone know where topgearuk is

  24. escobar195 says:

    waou market really advised against 3 orders placed 2 not received and 1 not functional! frankly to avoid

  25. escobar195 says:

    waou market really advised against 3 orders placed 2 not received and 1 not functional! frankly avoid the seller heroine factory and mysteriland

  26. escobar says:

    fils de put de market de merde

  27. Anonymous says:

    hi everyone, is the market working ? i’ve got a comand but no answers since 2 weeks, it seem it doesnt work but comand work… so any guy knows something ?

  28. n3m3s1z says:

    …its under control of LE – pretty obvious.

  29. escobar says:

    fuck batars appolon market( bitch

  30. Coincoin124612 says:

    Always opened to buyers. Sellers still not connecting ?

  31. Red says:

    Where can i find Kontaktmann from Apollon now?

  32. SleepWhenYouDie says:

    I am with you Hadenough, I just lost 0ver 400 last week due to being away from the markets for a while and not researching which markets were legit and otherwise. You cannot go by if a market is up or even if the vendor replies and any other active market feature. These piece of shit assholes running scams have become very tricky deceitful and cunning. Please anyone looking to place an order go do some research on a reputable site like this one or onion.live and take the time to make sure the site is in good standing before ever sending any currency to them!!! You will thank yourself later I promise. On another note if anyone can pinpoint and locate any of these scammers locations I have lots of crazy friends that have lots and lots of guns and the means and money to go hunt them down and make them suffer and never steal from anyone ever again. I promise 🙂 Long Live the Darknet and the other Side Of things~

  33. Anonymous says:

    I just lost $700 on this site. Please somebody fuck these people at this site up

  34. heavy smoker says:

    this site stole of $700 from me

  35. termspantheon says:

    anybody know where youngbanger is operating? I found cocaleroo on empire market

  36. Anonymous says:

    Assholes, they can fucking go to hell! There’s just no one with a little tegridy anymore!

  37. spanishphuker says:

    they did it smart because they made it seem like the sellers was logging in everyday… where should we go for an european market?

  38. Klapkaak078 says:

    Maintenance lol

  39. Dibidal says:

    hello if you know of any place that is safe for purchases.
    Please tell me some address.
    The question that I have bought in Apollon before and if it has reached me

  40. whoKnows says:

    link is back online. weird

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