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  1. seeforyourself says:

    scammers or fakes to add:


    • John says:

      On 12/10/19 I ordered through Agartha Market from vendor ExpressScripts their terms on the site state how great they are and the basic fairly generic information. On the purchasing page it lists escrow as the conditions.

      Once I ordered they have another set of terms that they send which state that due to security issues your order will not be released until you FE the payment. Once they have confirmed payment, they advise that your order will be released that you give a 5/5 rating, then I would need to submit a written later.

      By basically forcing potential customers to give a false 5/5 rating is how ExpressScripts climbed so rapidly in their rating. Basically, they are not only stealing money but false rating claims to provide them with more opportunity to fraudulently rip people off.

      I sent the BTC, 0.038088, did as they requested. Checked the site the morning of 12/11/19 and the site confirmed payment and that the order was received.

      The night of 12/10/19 into 12/11/19 the site went down. I sent an IM to ExpressScripts and was advised that they had no way to verify my payment but if I sent $179.00 more that they would ship my purchase in its entirety, then if / when the site is back up they would recover the other half payment for the order. Then I was advised that the balance left could be used towards another order.

      Later on 12/11/19 they IM me stating that the BTC were never sent to their wallet, that if I like we can do the purchase via IM. They are claiming that the loss of BTC is a site issue. I highly suggested ExpressScripts to contact the admin, in case it is a scripting error or due to the site being down.

      During our IM’s while the site Agartha Market was down with the offers to send them even more money in my mind was out of the question. I knew I was being scammed and wasn’t about to let this trash steal anymore of my money.

      Scammer: ExpressScripts

      wickr name: Xscripts ( THIEF )

    • Anonymous says:

      Just learning about these dark webs. How can I PM someone to help me go to legit market and vendors??

  2. Anonymous says:

    I been waiting on a dispute since September 27 and still no reply after tumorous emails to support

  3. ice says:

    I been waiting on a resolution to a dispute since the end of september. They been just sitting on my money with no reply after I sent numerous emails

    • anonymous says:

      unfortunately, the admin here are crooks too who are participating in schemes/scams with vendors and also have their own buyer accounts as well…needless to say, you won’t be getting your dispute resolved..sorry…ost my share of coin at this phony market too..

    • geg dude says:

      Should I just fe and trust?

      • anonymous says:

        Are you serious..? Have you read nothing here about anything…? You shouldn’t FE at all….All FE means in agartha is (F)uck/Fraud (E)veryone..

  4. george kush says:

    Where is site support? I have dispute.
    Gotta help us out if you want us to keep using market.

  5. dispute says:

    No escrow. Even if they say yes your coin will just be tied up in dispute because vendors will refuse to send unless your dumb enough to FE. Stay away from MainShop and AmazingShop. Both scammers.

  6. george kush says:

    AmazingShop is a scam!
    Got $350 tied up in dispute will update…….

  7. anonymous says:

    people please read the valuable information here about agartha being a scam market and quit posting/asking dumb shit…FFS there are two huge lists of scammers above and many folks talking about being ripped off…read…and stop posting stupid shit and asking the same dumb questions….or you know..go trust this market, whatever…hell I’ll give you one of my wallets if you’re just wanting to donate some btc..bc thats all you’ll be doing in agartha!

  8. bebreezy says:

    i purchased first time and it all worked good for me

  9. Kelly says:

    Zulvinapills is a scam! Tried to sell me more than what I wanted. Then said my package was on hold at the mail place and I needed to pay 1000$ to insure it. Then tried to scare me to say cops would be on the way.

  10. samm says:

    wow i just got a reliable vendor in the agertha market.

  11. samm D says:

    wow i just got a legit vendor in the agartha market

  12. anonym says:

    i cant cancle a buy at agartha market

    the vendor said i push the FE button or he dont send the package

    Where’s my escrow security?
    is too insecure for me someone can help me

  13. anonym says:

    how do i get my money back from the escrow sirvis?

    how do I cancel ?
    i have already disputed
    Do I get my money back?

  14. linuxinside says:

    tried transfer Monero, to buy some LSD, but coins never got to my account, only test amount 0.0009 went through, rest of money never got there, … is the whole marketplace ONE BIG SCAM? no response from Support, 24 hours been waiting. sad :[[[

  15. xmrfistr says:

    Is the admin support active for this sight, I forgot my withdrawal pin and would really love to be able to get it back I can prove ownership

  16. Anonymous says:

    cryptocleric is legit, MARINATE and shops similar are all scammers.

  17. ano says:

    Salut tout le monde, vous connaissez un lien fiable pour le faux monnayage?
    merci la fafa

  18. anon says:

    all vendors suck

  19. linuxinside says:

    now all money on my account, happy to start order 😛

  20. linuxinside says:

    excuse me?

  21. Bagarre says:

    il mon carotte 30 e le paiment leur et bien arrivé , mais rien sur agartha qui apparait je n est pas était crédité gaff faite attention je commande plus dessus du coup !

    • Dries says:

      Tu es sûr que tu t’ai pas tromper sur l’adresse du wallet?
      J’ai mis 15euro sur le site hier et c’est passer sans problème..
      Mais maintenant je n’arrive plus a aller sur agartha sa me mets ( 502 Bad Gateway )
      J’ai même essayer les liens miroirs, mais rien ne marche…
      Si l’on peut m’aider au passage pour accédé de nouveau a Agartha je suis preneur

      • anonymous says:

        Nous ne sommes pas l’agartha admin ici..Personne ici ne peut vous aider…arrêtez de vous occuper de ça. c’est une grande arnaque..

      • Bagarre says:

        oui je pense que j ai fait la bonne manip car j avais deja posé dessu et commander et la rien et le site et mort depuis hier ? impossible a me connecter

    • Dries says:

      Tu sûr d’avoir fait les manip’ correctement? Perso j’ai envoyé 15 euro hier et ils sont bien arriver sur mon wallet sur Agartha
      mon seul problème est que quand j’essaye de me connecter il est écrit ( 502 Bad Gateway ) je sais pas trop ce qu’il se passe si on peut m’aider au passage ça serait cool

  22. Berg says:

    Whats up with agartha???

  23. alex says:

    where is this market gone, is it a scam

  24. paul says:

    network looks down, none of the links are working

    • anonymous says:

      This is probably a good thing for you because you keep fooling around in that market, you’re just waiting to be ripped off bruh.

  25. UruBoy says:

    All of Agartha vendors are scammers. They are all son of bitch, even admin too.

  26. X4mx1s says:

    TeetherBeattle is scammer, (WU transfer), all his feedback is fake.

  27. haze says:

    Est ce que le market est down?
    Je n’arrive plus a acceder au site

  28. roger says:

    ca ressemble a un scam exit non ?

  29. linuxinside says:

    interesting – Monero withdrawal didnt work, tried many times .. . and now site is down … eh . just wanted some LSD! 😀

  30. FeelsBadMan says:

    It’s a scam. Don’t bother with it. (And NEVER finalize early. Learned it the hard way.)

  31. Update says:

    Agartha exit scammed. Move on with your research.

  32. flipbills2020 says:

    Thanks for being trust worth enough Vendor Carrier. I have been ripped off many time but glory be for me to meet someone in this market like you.

    Best business regards

  33. anonymous says:

    Leave this horseshit on his feedback in that FAKE ass scam market…don’t bring that bullshit here.. He’s a SCAMMER too and either you’re him spamming here or one of his scam piece of shit buddies. Fuck off where you came from.

  34. thenewtomriddle says:

    stole $500 from me this week.

    I was stupid enough to trade off escrow so ohwell….

  35. Snoop says:

    Looks like everyone got scammed, No one got the money or products. Fuck my life

  36. sobored says:

    I was ripped off 200$ by KETAMSHOP they are scammers

  37. neautralpessimist says:

    I am just getting back in the loop since agora so few years and this was working fine for me several orders this week fine but up until 10 hours ago I deposited coin and now can’t get on to it. Twice this has happened to me now where I’ve deposited and the fucks have gone down

  38. anon1324 says:

    Got back on today the staff aren’t scamming if so certainly not all of them… As with the vendors most are scams but there are a few but like finding a needle in a haystack because the search is useless

  39. boobs4life says:

    Agartha is the best DNM for Europe, however there are issues when it comes to stateside and Asia

  40. oxyalion says:

    Kerrystore vendor is trustworthy just give him a try my order just arrived
    thanks buddy

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