Samsara Market

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  1. zizi says:

    I placed 2 orders on this site and I did not receive anything

  2. HumbleLion says:

    I wish this site would come back.The only market I’ve found with legit vedors. Do Not use Dream Alt, I’ve been scammed 5 times now, although I’ve won each dispute. They take some of the coin when you win a dispute, so you’re still f—ed out of money. PLEASE COME BACK SAMSARA!

  3. charlie67 says:

    No this market is ok, the most vendors are honest, and what i´ve heard was that this market will be back in a few days. Altough the had hard ddos attacks in the last days. I hope it really that they will come back!

  4. steven says:

    so its true its down for the minute

  5. faceache says:

    I have succeeded and failed on this site too. The site is frequently down and when shipping the gear is A okay.


  6. loulou says:

    Hi, since the market is down does anyone have a reliable uk contact for op based painkillers (dihycod, cod, tram etc)?

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