Agartha Market

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  1. BitMan says:

    Tell you the truth all the vendors and support team are scammers.The level and all their reviews are fake, they don’t allow you to write a reviews.The support team will never response when you try to contact them.All vendors ask you to contact them using wicker,what ups, and other method of communications, to deal with you and rip your money. Agratha is 100% scam site. I don;t understand the owner of added agartha to legit market,while the see many compliants about the market place.They might get paid by the market to advertise their market. All dirty scammers no one to trust in deepweb market.

  2. Guy says:

    Just got scammed by imperial market* pp account

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is the only darknet site where I was ever scammed. A vendor named Magic Mover is a huge scammer. He mentions himself as a German Buddist but he must have zero values. Don’t go near him!!

  4. Baby Smith says:

    Magic Mover is a con artist. Stay away. Worst site out there and full of scammers. It’s the only site i’ve ever been scammed in 7 years

  5. INSIDER333 says:


  6. mary says:

    I want Good money transfer site can help me any one please

  7. dslek says:

    be careful with this market!!

    got this when i tried to cash out:

    “Error validating withdrawl – Bad PIN or Withdraw amount is > available balance or Below minimum amount 0.0008”


    “Session timed out, Reload Page and try again.”

    >>Forum is offline. No support reply

  8. Anonymous says:

    anybody have experience with Zulvinapills?

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have just deposit BTC in the wallet, may I withdraw it back?

  10. juntre says:

    jorge y sus amigosss

  11. Simon says:

    Anyone now a trusted arms dealer on Agartha?

  12. Anonymous says:

    stay away from agartha, all vendors scam. never FE

  13. Za15666 says:

    Agartha is back to live, admins are active once more and they are doing a very good job as they are getting all the scammed vendors banned

  14. Anonymous says:

    HIGHWAY is a good vendor who keeps to he’s words.

  15. freed says:

    who can help me with a good market to purchase

  16. Anonymous says:

    Legitsupplier is a good and trusted vendor on agartha

  17. Macron says:

    Legitsupplier is a good and trusted vendor on agartha

  18. Saint James says:

    cokydoc is the best vendor on agartha. Some guy from the forum recommended him to me and since then, i have been working with him only and i have never had any complains. Please can anyone recommend a good market where i can buy crystal meths as its banned on Agartha

  19. Anito91 says:

    Does anyone know the vendor “CHEMONICS” has anyone made any experience with him?
    I wanted to buy Western Union Transfer from him.
    or do you know another good vendor who is selling this?
    You can also recommend another website

  20. mechelley says:

    Great communication. Decent product. Super convenient. vendor name, masterpills420 he is a life server.

  21. customer says:

    this market is a scam even the admin do not FE Dont sent crypto to this market period you will never get it back !!!! SCAMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

  22. customer says:

    this market is a scam even the admin do not FE Dont sent crypto to this market period you will never get it back !!!! SCAMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!! truth

  23. Anonymous says:

    thank you

  24. urmomma says:

    Anyone know how to get coke

  25. RAY says:

    WHAT MEAN FE Required

  26. rayan76 says:

    GETDONE vendor en argartha he is a scammer , he scammed with 100e , becareful with this vendor his name in wickr cryptoline. becareful he is a scammer

  27. Anonymous says:

    Sent funds, got enough confirmations and never got account credited. Forum is down. Always send a little amount first to test if they will actually appear.

  28. tyfrenchies says:

    For most of your transactions i recommend RIELS77 he is legit

  29. Anonymous says:

    The truth is though there are some dirty games played by by some vendors, they are still some very good vendors on agartha and other markets, some one gave me his info and ever since i came across him he has really been good and shipped my buds with really good stealth and it was really fast

  30. Anonymous says:


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