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  1. D-MAC says:

    I’m looking for printed Checks wit acct number on them wuz good and the acct number must be real for this to work

  2. yjan says:

    stevemeds90 is a legit vendor keeping it on the low

  3. combi says:

    A little warning here: I’ve had really bad experiences on Tochka. After two undelivered orders at the same vendor I lost 150 € and Tochka staff removed bad ratings for the vendor. Various bad ratings for a single vendor and after a week Tochka staff deleted all negative ratings from all users/customers. I wouldn’t order here anymore…

  4. Ggod says:

    How can I sell debit card info…all card info included?

  5. Bitcoinman says:

    anyone from Melb Aust who knows how to make a SAFE/order hit me up ill make it worth your while.

  6. sdawdsa says:

    is tochka ok to buy ? i mean they are not scamming or something ?

  7. Vivian says:

    anyone can help me purchase some weed and coke??

  8. sparkyt77 says:

    Cant return to the site. Just bought a bunch and keep getting “502 bad gateway”

  9. EER says:

    maryjane is a very good vendor you can order in tochka

  10. anonymous says:

    Tochka keeps telling “no such user”, when trying to log in. Anyone else got this problem?

  11. MS says:

    The site seemed to have some database issues a few days ago, and I freaked out when I got an error that my account did not exist. Fortunately later that day on 10/25 everything seems to be resolved, all my information was there and I’ve no issues since. Love Tochka “when its working”

  12. blt459 says:

    Seems down again. Or is it just me?

  13. florolf says:

    i cant log into my account, “no such user”…

  14. anaanihmus says:

    Just sent money to my wallet 2 hours ago, now the site and all the alts say “no such user”. As far as I can tell all the users except one on Agartha are scammers, and maybe that one too. Gues I’m going to have to go out and make friends again.

  15. anonhombre says:

    Same issue of Tochka saying “no such user” I have been awaiting an order that only says dispatched with no mail info. Not sure what is going on on both fronts but definitely frustrated. Anyone have any suggestions?

  16. age says:

    yesterday ive deposite money and make orders and today user not found…… Must i get sad now or can somebody answer to the quest so that everything is clear and nobody must ask again every 5 minutes on every day??

    • Shindekudasai says:

      I’m having the same problem with both my vendor account and my buyer account, this seem to be a recurrent thing and these good-for-nothing admins never addressed it.

  17. TochkaAdminGetCancerPlease says:

    Fix your fucking market pieces of shit, what’s with this “Error:No such user”, they know their market have problems but they never communicate about it or whatsover, bunch of good-for-nothing fucks, wasting our time.

  18. henrygray says:

    Was looking forward to buy Hydrocodone 10/325mg can some one help me out ?

  19. SCAM says:


  20. cryptozone says:

    I got same issues: no user, no connection, no nothing, etc. but I have also used the place and has reliable vendors.

    I don´t think its any scam: this people are having issues with their database. Probable grew too fast in a very short time.

  21. anon1234 says:

    Currently up and running. For me a market with great service (Staff actually is very fast with answering tickets) and trustworthy vendors. Currently some technical issues, but hopefully not to worry.

  22. anon1234 says:

    For me a market with great service and helpful staff. Most vendors are reliable.
    ESCROW and drop service.
    Recently some technical issues but hopefully not to worry.

  23. victhim says:

    got scam by a seller , theres no support , returning to samsara

  24. Warning says:

    I believe its a bail out scam site… people need to pay heed but when you become complacent, then you will pay the ultimate price. For me if there is a site and admin want to write bold that they are not responsible for people who got scam, then you need to open your eyes or if you take the risk then live with it. All the loop holes and scam signs are in their policy T&C. take the time read, research. It will sure benefit your worth of screaming out scam. Any admin of any dark net site should hold its vendors accountable. Needless to say some forum site are recruiting workers who stand as vendors and reviewers – just take note take time, read and observed.

  25. bood420 says:

    This vendor in Tochka is the the best who sell bulk weed,(mary-jane) free to order to this vendor

  26. pie says:

    buy to this vendor in tochka mary-jane legit and quality

  27. Mesopotamian1 says:

    Am looking for Western Union transfers to the middle east. Can anyone point me in the right direction.

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