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  1. ASERT111 says:


  2. Bless says:

    Do like me guys got scammed too many times from markets even agar that w escrow! Find a direct link from posts on here and take a shot, so much easier and better and quicker fuck markets w their commissions and bad service

  3. anon says:

    I’m looking for my old supplier in UK, i think he called him self A1 Crack or something like that and sold alprazolam and etizolam in powder. Also looking for another vendor (cant recall the alias) who sold good blotters with etizolam from UK.

    Anyone knows where i can get in contact with anyone of those?

  4. Bob says:

    Just made a deposit to Empire after a couple of small test amounts. With two hours when I went back to purchase, my balance is zero and a pending withdrawal of the lot is in process. Empire admin is stealing the money or giving access to someone who is. Fuckers.

  5. KK says:

    This vendor in Tochka is the the best who sell bulk weed,(mary-jane) free to order to this vendor

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Chase94 says:

    Does any one no of any good direct links to honest vendors out of market in the United states

  8. Happy customer says:

    I continue to use this market without any issues. I even did a test withdrawal to be sure they would give me coin back & it worked without delay ($50.00). I hardly ever send more than $50 tho.

  9. ar says:

    Can you help me with empire?

  10. katia says:

    My deposit is unconfirmed since more 8 hours ! Why ?
    I look my deposit but it’s written unconfirmed !
    Empire steal my bitcoins ?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Empire Took my deposit now!!!

  12. simpqueen says:

    empire market vendor says shipped, usps says shipping label created usps awaiting arrival of item, but itโ€™s said that since Saturday. ????? do i just have to wait the time to dispute it or

  13. Roton says:

    I Need In Clorofrom medicin .

  14. quan says:

    The cc autoshop is a scam doesnt give u the option to check if ccs are live even though the site itself claims too

  15. Anonymous says:

    Anybody give me a vendor that has whole thc carts. Preferably dank carts

  16. RICHY says:

    I made deposit and empire market took my money and not replying to my ticket be carful they start scming ppl don’t make deposit in empire market

  17. anonymous14 says:

    Empire market didn’t give me my money back after a dispute.
    This market is a disgrace.
    Does anyone have any idea what you can do? They don’t respond to a ticket I opened.
    Can someone tell me how to get my money back now?

  18. anonymous15 says:

    This market is garbage. They only burn you. Make sure your money’s not gone. They are scammers. You can make a dispute but your money is still gone.

  19. lilchris says:

    Can anyone here give me direct link to any reputable vendor for transfers?

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